Top Chainsaw Brands in 2024 that are Market Leaders

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Chainsaws are more prevalent than ever in recent times. The ax and heavy-duty wood-cutting machines are now replaced by compact and powerful chainsaws that are quite effective in getting the job done out in the middle.

We will be exploring the top chainsaw brands that are leading this niche market. While many of them are close to completing their century of existence, some brands have also gained a strong market presence in much lesser time. Let’s know about these chainsaw brands in brief detail.

Top Chainsaw Brands Covering Most of The Market in 2024

Greenworks – Best Battery-Powered Brand

A brand founded by the parent company Globe Tools Group in 2007 and has gained a great market share for battery-powered outdoor tools. The equipment manufactured and provided by Greenworks come with substantial power and effectiveness while ensuring the environment friendliness.

The pioneer Chainsaw Company Stihl has also invested in the shares of Greenworks so you have an idea that they are doing pretty well in this domain. Lithium-ion battery-powered products are their specialty and with strong E-Commerce presence in the United States, you can always rely on them for Quality Assured outdoor mechanical tools.


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Husqvarna – Best Brand for Gasoline Chainsaws

Husqvarna Chainsaw Brand

The Husqvarna Group has its existential roots in Sweden and they specialize within the niche of garden and lawn tools. This company has been existing since the 1600s for a variety of products and entered with full force in the Chainsaws niche in 1959. Now they are dealing specifically in the garden and forestry-related outdoor tools.

With such long company origins history, they have always tried to live upto their brand expectations. Husqvarna chainsaws are known for their ergonomic designs and reliability of engine performance. The cutting blades are also super effective and you have always enjoyed remarkable reviews and feedback from their users.

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Makita – Best Japanese Chainsaw Brand

A Japanese Chainsaw company existing since 1915 and they are certainly one of the market leaders when you talking about high battery-powered outdoor tools. They provide a remarkable and extremely reliable cordless power technology and their chainsaws have always lived upto this selling proposition.

As you are aware of the amazing power Makita tools provide, they also charge a bit high with no compromise in performance delivery. Makita has also acquired a Dolmar company that was known to produce highly efficient gas-powered chainsaws. With this kind of market positioning with dual brands at their disposal, they are doing quite well in the lawn tools industry.

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Black & Decker – Affordable and Reliable Chainsaw Brand

Black and Decker Chainsaw Brand

Their history has been quite vague when they originally started manufacturing chainsaws although they are present in the market since 1910. They are particularly famous for electric hand drills and certainly, their electric chainsaws are doing well also. They offer quite a user-friendliness while remaining budget-friendly also in the chainsaw industry.

Not only that, but Black and Decker have got a complete range to advertise a family of tools needed for outdoor gardening. If you own Black & Decker several products, then you can be using the same batteries for multiple tools. The battery performance also remains perfectly reliable and if you have got one, they also offer the luxury of buying tools only to experience a reduction in cost price.


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Stihl – Top-of-the-line Chainsaw Brand

Stihl Chainsaw Brand

They rightly claim themselves the top-selling chainsaws brand and they are considered the pioneer in this industry. When you want to truly unleash your cutting potential out there in the middle and own an industry-leading tool, then Stihl is a go-to brand. It was founded by Andreas Stihl and the company still belongs to the descendants of his family.

The best thing about various models of Stihl chainsaws is that they come with vast powerful common features. The technology deployed ensures that engine performance remains powerful and environment friendly, the design is also loved by the users with great weight balance, and anti-vibration handle technology provides extra user comfort. If you have the right budget then you can’t miss out on a Stihl chainsaw.

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DEWALT – Best Brushless Chainsaw Brand

Dewalt Chainsaw Brand

When you have to deal with the tough and professional job, then Dewalt chainsaws come quite handy in this regard. It is also the pioneer brand in the market competing with Stihl since 1924, so they always try to out beat each other in terms of technology up-gradation and features provided to the chainsaw users.

They are quite prevalent in the chainsaw retail industry and always have an attractive outlook to the tools provided. The engine power consumption optimization and sharp performing blades have been a convincing selling proposition for the customers. With compact sizes, you also have the versatility to try them out for various positions and angles.


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Echo – Best Commercial Brand of Chainsaws

Echo Chainsaw Brand

While Echo chainsaws were existing in the market since 1963 introduced by Kioritz Corporation, a merger occurred with Yamabiko Corporation in 2008. Echo is a Japanese Chainsaw brand and has maintained a decent presence in the chainsaw industry. Their engine capacity has been in matching with the top 0 chainsaw models available with other brands.

The Echo chainsaws have always proved to be a long term solution and their parts don’t get worn out easily. The quality of saws and their sharpness effectiveness remains optimized and with the backing of a powerful engine, you can deal with the toughest of woodcutting jobs conveniently.


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Poulan Pro – Affordable Gasoline Tools Brand

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Brand

A famous chainsaw brand prevalent in North America owned by another leading Chainsaw company Husqvarna. Poulan Pro comes with various similar technologies deployed in Husqvarna chainsaws, but they are much price friendlier than their parent company. You can also easily buy their spare parts and accessories if something goes out of order.

While you require the best value of money and get versatile features, Poulan Pro would be the recommended brand. Their outdoor tools list have always seemed to target low to mid-level market and they have strong retail presence all over the USA. It is an ideal home garden solution where you require a bit of technique rather than rigorous mechanical power.

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Remington – Competitive Brand Against Greenworks

Remington Chainsaw Brand

Remington is a brand that has been existing for 200 years and you never have to raise your eyebrows while operating their tools. The machines and equipment manufactured by Remington ticks all the boxes of high-quality standards providing much-needed reliability to its customers. The chainsaw was launched in 1954 by them and since then they haven’t looked back.

The kind of technology regarding the engine and chain bar operation mechanism deployed within Remington chainsaws helped to revolutionize the industry. It created a bit more competitiveness within the chainsaw industry and triggered the companies to be more adaptive towards technological trends.

WORX – Most Reliable Chinese Brand

Worx Chainsaw Brand

Worx is an industry-recognized Chinese brand operating since 1994. They are specifically focused to manufacture and supply electric and battery-powered chainsaws that are compact, portable, and lightweight. They are ideal for small-mid sized lawns and gardens either home or commercial and provide great mechanical parts reliability.

The technology used in Worx chainsaws matches the competing brands and you would be always tempted to buy this chainsaw due to its ergonomic design and optimized performance. It is an ideal solution for fallen branches and limbs, the price on-offer remains slightly above average, but you can always count on this brand for operational reliability out in the middle.


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Craftsman – Brand for Professional Chainsawers

Craftsman chainsaw brand

The brand loved by most of the professional woodcutters as it comes with extra utility features that make space for versatile operations. It has just recently been acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 and they have improved the chainsaw quality quite a bit. Various other gardening tools are also being sold under this Brand shelf so you can be completing your tool needs with a single company’s products.

These are lightweight chainsaws and the cutting performance is quite commendable. It is used for professional woodcutting and it rips through in time with the backing of reliable engine performance. You would see Craftsman quite prevalently in Tools shop so don’t hesitate to check them out whenever they come across.

These were the most popular brands associated with Chainsaws manufacturing and they have all gathered a decent market share for themselves. Each one of them comes with their own quality of materials and technology that is deployed. Still, they get the job done what they are intended to do, you can always buy from any one of them based on your personal preferences.


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Final Takeaways: Top Chainsaw Brands 

That was all about some of the most popular chainsaw brands available in 2024. Some other honorable mentions include the likes of Oregon as well as some Chinese brands such as DEREAL and WEMARS, etc.

Hope you have now got yourself acknowledged with the brands that can help you cut trees on the ground with their powerful chainsaws without any hassle.

For more info and reviews, jump to Chainsaw Guru and explore our trending guides if you want to select the best chainsaw for your home in 2024.


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