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Recently, I was trying to find out an extremely small and compact battery operated chainsaw to help me with some cleaning work.

I checked out the Milwaukee M18 and then the likes of Makita 36v chainsaws and both of them were up to the mark. However, both chainsaws were bulky and not up to my expectations.

Hence, I continued my hassle and was able to find a chainsaw that I must admit is the smallest of them all.

Greenworks 40v features a 12” bar, a compact and portable body, and uses a 40v battery to cut down tree branches, wood logs, and firewood materials.

That said, today’s of our Greenworks 40v chainsaw review involves the same routine. That is, what makes it a standout, my personal experience on using it, some customer ratings, and of course the expert opinions.

Let us get right into the detailed discussion without any further ado:

What Makes Greenworks 40v Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

Compared to the likes of Makita and Milwaukee battery chainsaws, Greenworks has done a splendid job making its 40v saw as compact as possible.

More than that, it uses a 40V powerful battery output, which yet again ensures more power confined in a small package.

Other than that, the ergonomics are all up to the mark, thanks to the padded multi-angle handle.

Apart from all these features, I loved cleaning some large wood logs with the chainsaw. Plus, its quiet operation helped me keep up with the task for a longer time.

So, that’s what makes this compact battery chainsaw worth a try in 2024.

Our Greenworks 40V Chainsaw Review in 2024

Got the chainsaw right outside my door from an online retailer and it was packaged into a nice durable box. Greenworks 40V cordless chainsaw

So, I opened the box and everything was preassembled. Took out the chainsaw, held it for a few minutes and I felt that it was light in weight.

Well, I also received a 2.0Ah battery along with a Greenworks battery charger. I plugged in it and started charging the battery in my garage.

Meanwhile, I checked out the chainsaw thoroughly. It had a nice touch with powered finish coating. The green/black color combo was aesthetic enough.

Furthermore, I checked out the quality of bar and chain and it was well up to the mark.

While the battery was getting charged, I opened the oil box lid to add some oil. In here, you must note that never pour oil into the chainsaw directly. Use a funnel instead.

Don’t want to degrade Greenworks, but the oil opening was way too small than I thought. I ended up spilling some oil on the chainsaw but it spread sideways, so everything worked out well in the end.

Moving forward, I unplugged the charger and tucked the battery inside the chainsaw. Used the variable speed trigger and it started working just fine.

Kept it operational for around a minute. Then, took it directly to the testing phase where I had a long enough and bushy wood log waiting for me to be cleaned.

I started cutting smaller branches and the chainsaw didn’t disappoint me. It cut every branch within a few seconds.

Secondly, I tested it out on a medium wood log and I must say that it did struggle a bit and took quite some time. But I ended up cutting the log into half and that’s what mattered the most.

Even with a smaller bar and chain mechanics than that of Makita or Milwaukee M18, the chainsaw was able to cut right through a tough wood trunk. It simply left me in an aww. Though the chain did get dull after a few days but luckily I had the best chainsaw sharpener available to sharpen it properly.

Finally, the ergonomics were good enough as I didn’t feel any issue while handling the chainsaw. A great piece of work from Greenworks as this chainsaw didn’t disappoint me at all.

That was all about my first impressions and experience with the Greenworks cordless chainsaw.

Heading towards the technical features now, where we’ll see what makes it such a powerful cutting machine in the market.

Major Technical Features Greenworks 40v Cordless Chainsaw Offers in 2024

Have a look at some of the features in today’s Greenworks 40v chainsaw review:

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Starting right off the bat with the bar and chain mechanics. Greenworks chainsaw features a 12” robust stainless steel bar. It’s durable, resistant to corrosion, and rugged enough to get deep inside different wood materials. You can also adjust a 14″ bar on it for cutting small trees easily.

Talking of the chain, it doesn’t need any maintenance. The tool-less tension adjustment works like a charm as it helps to keep the chain tight enough.

Overall, the bar and chain mechanics seems powerful enough. The performance of bar and chain combo was good enough to cut and slice through medium and thick firewood.

So, that’s that!

Automatic Oiler:

To keep the chainsaw away from wear and tear, the manufacturer uses a special automatic oiler in it.

It helps the chain lubricated enough without getting slipped.

What you have to do is to just make sure that the oil box is full, before you start cutting down shrubs, limbs, and wood logs, etc.


The dilemma with most of the compact battery operated chainsaws is that you cannot handle them properly.

However, it wasn’t the case with Greenworks 12 inch 40v chainsaw. It comes with a padded handle, which is quite easy to hold.

Furthermore, the multi-angle design of the handle is what made me fall in love with the chainsaw.

Most of the time, I kept handling the chainsaw vertically while I was cleaning out the wood log from limbs and branches.

Although I must admit that the comfort of handling wasn’t as superior as I experienced with Milwaukee M18 or Makita 36v chainsaws, it was still worth it.

Light in Weight:

You’d be surprised to hear that Greenworks 40v chainsaw weighs not more than 6 lbs. only.

This lightweight body will enable you to keep on working with it for a long time without facing any hurdle.

To be really honest here, I kept it in my hands for like an hour while cleaning out some necessary stuff and it didn’t disappoint me even once.

Battery and Charger

Last but not least, the whole package includes a 40v, 2.0Ah battery, which offers enough power to the chainsaw for a long time. It, in fact, offers up to 75 cuts on one full charge, which is quite amazing.

Not to mention, the lithium-ion battery could work for a longer time if you charge it on the special Greenworks prebuilt charger.

It will not only keep the battery away from getting overloaded but will make sure that it gets charged without facing any problem.

Well, that’s all with the major technical features.

Let’s now head towards some of the positives and negatives that this cordless chainsaw offers:


  • Extremely compact and lightweight design.
  • Ergonomic multi-angle padded handle.
  • Offers cutting limbs, shrubs, and medium wood logs.
  • 12” rugged stainless steel bar with extremely sharp chain.
  • Tool-less chain adjusting feature.
  • Perfect for small wood cutting tasks.
  • Comes with instant chain brake.
  • Variable Speed Trigger included.
  • Affordable price tag.


  • Oil box has a small opening. (Better use a funnel)
  • Bar cannot penetrate from one side easily.
  • Takes a lot of time cutting tough wood logs and trunks.

What Do You Get with the Greenworks 40v Chainsaw in 2024?

The box includes a fully assembled chainsaw and it’s fully wrapped at the same time.

Other than that, you’ll receive a 2.0 Ah battery along with an all-purpose Greenworks charger.

A user manual is also available along with some minor maintenance tools. Refer to the instructions manual, if you want to keep the chainsaw maintained for a long time.

User Ratings: (Out of 10)

Homeowners have also given their verdict about the compact and lightweight chainsaw. The ratings are, therefore, as follows:

Maneuverability: 9.6/10

Ease of Use: 9.7/10

Battery Power: 9.4/10

Lightweight: 9.6/10

Value for the money: 9.5/10

Overall Ratings: 9.5/10

Expert Opinions:

Jerome from Jerome Bee Farm & Homestead recently tested this chainsaw and he’s got some views about it. “It felt nice in my hands. Had some issues filling up the oil box and even spilled some oil due to a smaller opening, but it is what it is. Cleaned out some shrubs and limbs off a wood log and the chainsaw felt solid. Tested it on a thick log and it took a while, but the chainsaw was able to cut it through and through. A solid performance from Greenworks compared to Makita and Dewalt chainsaw.”

Eric Bethard, on the other hand, says that “Using the Greenworks 40v chainsaw, I was able to cut down a tree that recently fell over my fence and the machine didn’t disappoint me. Plus I got it without the battery and it cost me less than $100. Proved its worth when I needed it the most.”

Why Purchase the Greenworks 40V Chainsaw in 2024?

Two reasons: “Ease of Use” and “Lightweight design”.

If you cannot use a gas-powered chainsaw every day in and out for smaller tasks, I suggest you give a chance to the Greenworks 40v chainsaw.

This model is extremely light in weight, offers a powerful cutting performance, and could help you maintain your garden or backyard for a long time.

Check it out as the chainsaw is available at a discounted price right now with all the peripherals included.

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