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Our Story – Chainsaw Guru (Your #1 Solution to 99 Chainsaw Problems)


Richard here to tell you the story of how I started Chainsaw Guru with my other half Diana and how we intend to get forward with it in near future!

I’ll get started with myself first:

Falling in love with chainsaws was one of the reasons I became devoted to running Chainsaw Guru.

It all started back when I and my Pops (Arthur McMann) used to clean out our backyard from trees using traditional tools like axes, etc.

Time flew away and with the technological advancements, I along with my father got indulged in using chainsaws.

One of the reasons to shift was the ease of use and reliability. The time we took to take down one tree with an ax was cut to half when we used a chainsaw.

Since then I’ve indulged myself in using different chainsaw brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Greenworks, Poulan Pro, etc.

With a vast knowledge and experience of these miraculous cutting tools, I decided to kickstart Chainsaw Guru because it was the need of time. Richard McMann - Chainsaw Guru Owner and Founder

My sole reason behind this initiative was to help the homeowners make the right decision when choosing a tool like a chainsaw.

My wife Diana along with my daughter Rudy help me a lot in running this blog as I cannot manage it all on my own.

Both Diana and Rudy are avid users of the tools, especially the battery-powered saws and they do have a vast knowledge of how things work at Chainsaw Guru.

All in all, this blog is for all those who want to explore how to get started with using a chainsaw.

Not only that, but I have also focused on coming up with solutions that beginners might face regarding the tool. These knowledgeable posts are of great help to my readers.

As age is catching up with me already, I now tend to focus on using chainsaws and describing my experience.

My daughter as well as my wife tend to jot down my thoughts in a creative manner for my audience.

I am also the author of Free Chainsaw Manual for Beginners and Homeowners E-Book that offers general help to the homeowners looking to get started with their chainsaws.

How the Review Process Takes Place at Chainsaw Guru?

Considering the authority of the blog, it’s important to highlight how I focus on making buying guides, reviewing products, and ranking them.

So, here’s the roadmap for review process:

Overview of Reviewing Chainsaws and Relevant Accessories

Here, I try my best to deliver in-depth information about chainsaws so that everything is clear before the audience.

My buying guides not only include product reviews, but you will also get helpful info about things to consider before you purchase a chainsaw of a different category.

Besides, I also focus on getting the best out of the chainsaws and try closing the guides with some frequently asked questions and my own takeaways.

Ranking Chainsaw Products

At Chainsaw Guru, I do not rank chainsaw products just because they are manufactured by a famous brand.

Too many features go into the thought process and that may include the cutting ability of the chainsaw, its engine performance, its bar and chain mechanics, how thick and deep it can cut, and what could differentiate it from other products.

Bear in your mind that I do not rely on my experience only. I do keep what my chainsaw fellows suggest and recommend a specific model. Along with that, I always read what the actual customers have got to say about a specific chainsaw.

Testing Methodology

Well, testing almost every chainsaw is not everyone’s cup of tea even though I try my best to check the tool myself because I simply love using them.

Diana and Rudy are of great help in the testing phase. Not only do they help me test a chainsaw from different angles, but they also reach out to the actual customers, my fellows, and other acquaintances to know their thoughts after using a specific product.

While keeping factors like performance, cutting efficiency, engine power, oiling mechanism, ease of use, durability, and ergonomics in mind, it takes me around 5 to 10 hours to carve authentic information about the chainsaws.

Taking this much time not only helps me improve myself but also offers me a sense of satisfaction as I thrive to deliver the most authentic information to my audience.

  • To break it down the testing methodology goes like this:
  • Choosing the best chainsaws from dozens of products.
  • Ranking them based on factors like performance, cutting efficiency, price range, etc.
  • Considering the POV of actual customers and testers about chainsaws.
  • Compiling all information with a proper outline before publishing it.

Future Goals for Chainsaw Guru

I was not expecting this much love from homeowners while starting this venture with my wife.

However, as push comes to shove, I do want to dedicate all my time to Chainsaw Guru now that I have this responsibility on my weak shoulders.

  • No one knows what the future holds. However, I’ll tend to:
  • Explore more ways to improve this website from different angles.
  • Test contemporary chainsaw models and review them one by one.
  • Keep my audience updated with daily-life chainsaw problems and their solutions.
  • Improve user experience and user interface so it gets easier for a beginner to navigate Chainsaw Guru.

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My Beloved Team

Diana Richard

Diana here! Rudy Richard is Richard's wife and an active worker at Chainsaw Guru

Hope all of you are doing fine. I have made my peace with the fact that my husband loves chainsaws more than me (Pun Intended) but matter of fact is that I love working with these tools as much as him. I try my level best to help out my husband while he works hard to keep this blog alive and to keep his audience engaged. I’m good at using lightweight chainsaws (battery-powered, cordless, and electric mostly). Not only that, but I have a grasp on finding out what other testers and customers are saying about models. I mainly am the right hand of my husband but sometimes I’m also active in managing and uploading content on Chainsaw Guru.

Rudy Richard Rudy Richard is Richard's daughter and she helps him out in managing site's content.

It seems like love for chainsaws runs in the McMann’s bloodline and being a McMann I can acknowledge this fact. Being a graduate of English literature from The University of Chicago, I have now all the time in the world to help out my parents in improving this venture of theirs. Not only do I actively update the content on Chainsaw Guru, but I’m also responsible for providing an easy user interface and experience to the audience. Hoping to spend my leisure time understanding the basics as well as the in-depth use of chainsaws.

Patrick McMann

Patrick McMann is the latest addition to the Chainsaw Guru team. The nephew of Richard McMann has got an eye for the latest chainsaw trends in the market and has tested multiple tools and accessories available on different marketplaces. Together with Richard, Patrick is of the view that readers at Chainsaw Guru should always stay acknowledged of some of the best brands and tools available in the market. He has worked ruthlessly not only to learn from the likes of Richard and his family, but also to curate and carve the guides on his own. Considering the age and health of Richard these days, you will see many posts authored by Patrick to serve the readers at Chainsaw Guru in the best possible way. Patrick McMann - Chainsaw Guru

In his own words, “As soon as my uncle told me to get on board as an author and editor for Chainsaw Guru, I accepted without even hesitation. I know it’s burdening responsibility for me to keep up with the experience and love my uncle has for these beastly tools, however, I will try my best to replicate this experience and quality in my blogs. Hoping to have one hell of a ride with all the Chainsawers in near future!”

Regarding academic qualifications, Patrick is a graduate of the University of Chicago. Though his area of expertise lies in Business Management, he has been working on chainsaws and their relevant accessories for quite some time.

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Hope so you’ll get the info you are looking for on this blog.

Best Regards,

Richard McMann – Owner at Chainsaw Guru!

Richard McMann