Top 11 Best Mini Chainsaws for Pruning Trees Tested [2023]

best mini and small chainsaws testedMini chainsaws are already taking the world by storm and I, for one, am a great admirer of these reliable tools.

Whether it is compactness, reliability, cutting power, or longevity, getting the best mini chainsaw will only make things easier for you in 2023.

Thankfully, I’ve been testing dozens of the best small chainsaws over the past few months and I gotta say, I had a hard time compiling my best picks.

Anything for my fellow chainsawers though! Here is a list of my top 11 mini/small chainsaws that I’ve chosen after hours of testing, cutting, and pruning my yard:

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Top 11 Best Mini and Small Chainsaws in 2023 Tested and Compared

Mini/Small Chainsaw
Bar Length
Price Check
1. Saker Mini Chainsaw [Editor's Pick]
2.4 pounds
2. RLSOO 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw [Best for Money]
2.4 pounds
3. Bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw
0.7 KG
4. POTENCO Mini Chainsaw
1.65 pounds
5. MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw
2 pounds
6. Dewalt DCCS620B [#1 Small Saw]
9 pounds
7. Gekufa 25CC Gas Chainsaw
9.78 pounds
8. Makita XCU06Z Small Chainsaw
7.2 pounds
9. Ryobi P546 Small Chainsaw
5.8 pounds
10. Greenworks 24V Small Chainsaw
6 pounds
11. WORX WG322 Small Chainsaw
6.19 pounds

1. Saker Mini Chainsaw—Overall the Best Mini Chainsaw 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 20 Volts | Weight: 2.4 Pounds | Batteries Included: 1 

1. Saker Mini Electric Chainsaw - Best Mini Chainsaw

When looking for the best mini chainsaw in 2023, you cannot find a better option than Saker Mini Chainsaw.

Saker might not be a popular brand, but they have the most professional designers and operation teams that are devoted to bringing convenience, efficiency, and safety to modern tools.

A portable cordless 4-inch electric chainsaw tool that is ideal for household and gardening applications. The Saker mini chainsaw is packed with highly efficient features.

It comes with a strong dynamic system, lightweight and portable design, pure copper motor, overload protection, superfast cutting speed, high capacity rechargeable battery, and much more.

Even in a small and compact design, the tool is packed with a very powerful, high-efficiency pure copper motor which ensures faster and smoother cutting.

To further enhance the smooth cutting performance, the chainsaw uses a high-quality guide bar and chain that has undergone a quenching process.

A 20V 1500mAh rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting cutting performance. You can use the chainsaw for a long time on a single charge.

To avoid any accidents, the tool also features a security switch that prevents the chainsaw from going off on its own.

Adding to this, an efficient heat dissipation design ensures overload protection. You can use the chainsaw for long hours without worrying about the motor burning out. The effective ventilation design dissipates the heat efficiently.

Moreover, when sawing, pruning, or trimming, you don’t have to worry about sawdust splashing toward you. The splash guard prevents that from happening.

Without a doubt, the best feature, which I also loved, is the extremely lightweight design of the mini chainsaw. Even with the battery, it only weighs 1.1kg, which ensures long-term use without feeling any strain on your wrist or arm.

I felt most comfortable using this mini chainsaw to trim the top branches of a tree while standing on a ladder. There was absolutely no issue of balance or stability.

The only downside is that this mini chainsaw doesn’t come fully assembled. You will have to take a few minutes to get the equipment out of the box and assemble it.

Other than it, it’s the absolute best.

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What We Like

  • Strong Dynamic System
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • High-Quality Chain and Bar
  • Safety Button
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Carrying Case

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come fully assembled
  • Only 1 Battery Included

Why Consider Saker Mini Chainsaw?

Saker focuses on improving the quality and performance of its tools. Their customer support is very responsive if you face any quality issues. You can’t find a better mini chainsaw for your household or gardening use.


2. RLSOO 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw— Runner Up Best Mini Chainsaw for the Money 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 24 Volts | Weight: 2.4 Pounds | Batteries Included: 2 

RLSOO 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw

Second, on the list, we have the RLSOO chainsaw which comes in an even smaller design and provides monstrous power to cut through the toughest of wood with ease.

While I absolutely loved the KIMO 6, it didn’t come with enough accessories. So, I had to purchase many things later on.

For people who like to purchase the whole bundle the first time, RLSOO provides the perfect opportunity.

The chainsaw comes with two batteries, two chains, a charger, tools, a hard carrying case, and protective chainsaw gloves included. So, you definitely don’t have to worry about purchasing any gear later on.

With an even smaller design, the chainsaw will easily move through the branches of your trees and cut down unwanted branches with maximum precision.

The pure copper motor ensures powerful performance and high-speed cutting. The chainsaw provides quieter operation but with monstrous speed and power.

I was most amazed by the cutting speed this chainsaw provided. It can cut 5 meters in one second, which is mind-blowing for such a small motor.

The chainsaw doesn’t overheat, even after running it through a full charge. The efficient heat dissipation technology prevents the chainsaw from overheating.

With two included batteries, you don’t have to worry about the charge running out on you while working.

However, the smaller blade size also limits your application to smaller branches. You won’t be able to cut down thicker branches in a straight cut.

What We Like

  • Two Batteries Included
  • Pure Copper Motor
  • High Chain Speed
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Quiet Operation
  • Safety Lock
  • LED Light

What We Don’t Like

  • Smaller Blade Limits Application
  • Manual Chain Tension

Why Consider RLSOO 4-Inch Mini Chainsaw?

An ideal chainsaw for pruning and cutting branches. For those who want a whole package with all the accessories, this is the best option to get. It ensures safety while providing you with high cutting speed and power.


3. BEI & HONG Mini Chainsaw – Most Reliable Mini Chainsaw for Beginners in 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 6 inch | Power: 80 watts | Weight: 0.7 KG | Batteries Included: 2 

Bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw


Well, if you are not so sure whether to choose Saker or the RLSOO mini chainsaw, then take a look at this ultimate beast from BEI & HONG. Yeah, I am talking about the mini chainsaw from B&H that has been making rounds in the industry with its prolific design, a large 6” bar, and an efficient cutting system.

You would be surprised, but this specific mini chainsaw takes no more than 4 seconds to cut a 6” thick wooden log. I’ve tested it several times to cut small branches and it never disappointed me.

A 3000 mAh battery means only one thing: You can use this mini chainsaw all day long and it still won’t get turned off. B&H also adds two batteries to the package to ensure that homeowners can get the best out of this saw.

Extremely light in weight, the tool barely weighs 700 grams. That makes it an ideal choice for people with not-so-strong hands including me. Yeah, I’m about to touch my 70s too so you can understand how easily I can get tired. Not the case when I was testing this awesome mini chainsaw though.

With reliable copper winding, the motor ensures smooth cutting performance without making any weird noises.

What I loved the most about this saw is that it has got the necessary safety features. Functions like a switch lock, baffle, as well as the inclusion of safety goggles make it one of the most safest and reliable mini chainsaws in the market.

Only one downfall though, the chain may sometimes get loose. Plus, the extra items included in the package are not up to the standards. I’d rather recommend you take a look at getting the best chainsaw gloves and safety goggles for immense protection.

What We Like

  • Powerful copper winding motor.
  • Ensures smooth and hassle-free cuts.
  • Suitable for yard maintenance.
  • Takes around 4 seconds to cut a 6” thick wooden log.
  • Safety switch lock prevents accidental starts.
  • Batteries don’t take much time to get charged.

What We Don’t Like

  • Accessories provided are not high-quality.
  • Chain gets loose instantly.

Why Consider BEI & HONG 6” Mini Chainsaw?

The mini saw did a splendid job whenever I tried it out. Plus the price tag is way too affordable. All these qualities considered, you should give it a shot, especially if you don’t need a large chainsaw these days.


4. POTENCO Mini Chainsaw—Best 4-inch Mini Chainsaw 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 21 Volts | Weight: 1.65 Pounds | Batteries Included: 2 

POTENCO Mini Chainsaw

Next, we have the POTENCO mini chainsaw which is considered one of the best portable mini chainsaws for small homeowners.

The chainsaw takes into account safety, portability, and efficiency like no other. It has upgraded features that ensure that you can use it for wider applications.

First of all, the chainsaw comes with two included batteries. Each battery provides a longer run and allows you to cut for 50 to 60 minutes.

So, you can make up to 80 cuts on a single charge. Plus the extra battery would come in if your work is still not done.

A highly efficient and reliable fast charger is included. I was amazed by how much POTENCO has focused on the fast charger and battery.

It prevents overcharging, overheating, fast discharge, short circuits, and current leakage. So, you don’t have to worry about the battery losing its potency.

Adding to this, the small and compact chainsaw can be easily used with one hand and provides a smooth cutting experience.

As for safety, the security lock prevents accidental start, the baffle will protect splinters, and the auto shutdown feature prevents overheating.

Also, the chainsaw comes with included pair of protective gloves, cleaning gear, an extra chain, and two extra guide bars.

On the downside, the batteries do not have an indicator on them. So, you don’t know how much charge is left. Better to keep the extra battery fully charged.

What We Like

  • Longer Battery Life
  • Efficient Fast Charger
  • Safety Lock
  • Auto Shut Down Feature
  • All Accessories Included
  • Two Extra Guide Bars
  • Easy to Assemble

What We Don’t Like

  • No Battery Level Indicator
  • Requires Assembly Out of Box

Why Consider POTENCO Mini Chainsaw?

POTENCO chainsaw is highly recommended for old people and women who want to prune branches and shrubs and cut wood at home. A perfect tool for gardening and DIY applications.


5. MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw—Best Budget Mini Chainsaw in 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 21 Volts | Weight: 2 Pounds | Batteries Included: 2

MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw

The last mini chainsaw that made it to our list is MKSENSE 4-inch chainsaw which is a second-generation upgraded mini-chainsaw.

This chainsaw ensures additional safety features and also features a small built-in light to assist you while cutting dark woods.

No need to purchase an extra battery, chain, or accessories afterward. The chainsaw comes with everything included, which also includes an extra chain, battery, safety glove, and hard case box.

So, you can easily take the chainsaw on outdoor tours and keep it safe while storing.

You can make the chainsaw ready for use literally seconds after opening it. Just tighten the chain using the tool, attach the battery, and Viola!

Adding to this, the chainsaw ensures efficient cutting performance. You can cut through the toughest of woods with ease.

Even with a small bar size, the chainsaw can cut through woods of 6 inches in diameter in less than 10 seconds.

The built-in LED light allows you to work safely in the dark. Also, the security button prevents accidental start and protects you from harm.

The only downside mentioned by some of the users is that the home use chainsaw is a bit difficult to fit in the case it comes with. The case can be easily dented because of its thinness. However, it’s durable and will keep the chainsaw safe.

What We Like

  • Extra Battery Included
  • Efficient Cutting Performance
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Built-in Micro LED Light
  • Safety Lock
  • Comes with Extra Chain
  • Large Capacity Battery

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit hectic to fit properly in the case
  • No Extra Guide Bar

Why Consider MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw?

If you often need to work in the garden in the evening or at night time, then this chainsaw is perfect for you. Besides efficient cutting performance, the built-in light really comes in handy.

6. DEWALT DCCS620B Small Chainsaw—Overall the Best Small Chainsaw in 2023

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 12 inch | Power: 20 Volts Max | Weight: 9 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes 

Dewalt DCCS620B Small Chainsaw

Now, for the best small chainsaw, we have selected the most amazing product in terms of both price and quality.

The DEWALT DCCS620B is a 12-inch cordless chainsaw with a wide range of construction and wood cutting applications.

You can call it the best bang for the buck because the chainsaw has everything you need as a homeowner or a construction worker.

It has got a lightweight design, beastly power with low kickback, and reliable battery life.

The high-efficiency brushless motor ensures powerful cutting performance with maximum torque on the blade. Brushless motors are more powerful, provide higher speed, and have a longer life.

The high-capacity battery provides you with up to 90 cuts on a single charge. During our initial testing, a full charge even lasted more than 100 cuts.

The best part is, that you don’t require a tool to tighten the chainsaw. Dewalt features a tool-less chain tensioning system. So, no more worrying about where to keep the screwdriver or wrench.

However, you have to purchase the battery separately as it doesn’t come with the chainsaw. Dewalt chainsaws work specifically with Dewalt batteries, so you will have to place an order for them as well when you purchase the tool.

What We Like

  • Wider Application
  • Perfect for Homeowners and Construction Workers
  • Small and Compact Chainsaw
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Maximum User Control
  • Tool-free Tensioning

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery and Charger are not included
  • No Extra Chain or Accessories

Why Consider DEWALT DCCS620B?

If you have to cut down trees, thicker branches, or logs, then a mini chainsaw won’t suffice. So, you can purchase a Dewalt chainsaw as it is the next best thing and provides beastly power with maximum user control.


7. Gekufa 25cc Gas Chainsaw—Best Small Gas Chainsaw 2023

Type: Gas Powered | Bar Length: 12 inch | Power: 25cc | Weight: 9.78 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

7. Gekufa 25CC chainsaw - The Best Small Gas Chainsaw

Although electric and battery-powered chainsaws are very efficient, they can never match the power of a gasoline-powered chainsaw.

Hence, when you need powerful cutting performance with unmatched portability and runtime, there is no better choice than the Gekufa 25cc gas chainsaw.

Even though the chainsaw comes in a small 12 inches design, it can take down limbs and even small trees with ease.

Hence, when you need to do some cutting, pruning, trimming, or sawing in the backyard, Gekufa 25cc small chainsaw is the perfect tool to go with.

To improve user comfort, the tool is equipped with a wrap-around handle. The handle has a soft grip and allows for comfortable two-handed operation.

Starting a gas chainsaw has never been easier. The built-in steel bar spring features flexible and fast rebound which considerably reduces starting resistance. Hence, the chainsaw can be easily started even by women and elderly people.

Adding to this, the tool also features a tool-less chain tensioning system. Hence, you can make adjustments between cutting operations easily.

Moreover, the chainsaw comes with all the accessories included. You have a complete set of tools that help you store and maintain the chainsaw efficiently.

On the downside, some users did complain about the chainsaw brake being a little finicky, but that’s a rare problem and easily solvable. Other than that, it’s one of the best small chainsaws for the price.

What We Like

  • Powerful performance
  • Comfortable Wrap-Around Handle
  • Easy Starting System
  • Ideal for Women and Older People
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning System
  • All Accessories Included

What We Don’t Like

  • Chain Brake is a little finicky
  • Some users complained about the quality of the guide bar

Why Consider Gekufa 25cc Gas Chainsaw?

Gekufa 25cc is a gas-powered chainsaw that ensures powerful cutting performance with unmatchable portability and cutting speed. You can’t find a better gas-powered tool within this price range.


8. Makita XCU06Z Small Chainsaw—Best Brushless Small Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inch | Power: 18 Volts | Weight: 7.2 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes 

Makita XCU06Z Small Chainsaw

Coming back to the battery-powered chainsaws, our next pick Makita XCU06Z is a powerful cordless chainsaw that comes with Torque Boost mode.

The chainsaw comes in a compact top-handle design and a lightweight tool body. You can easily handle the chainsaw while on top of tall trees and cut down branches with ease.

When cutting tougher wood or denser logs, you can instantly turn on the torque boost mode with the press of a button. The advanced mode boosts the chain speed and cuts through wood with higher efficiency.

High-capacity battery performance allows you to make up to 175 cuts on a single charge. So, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying on you during work.

The chainsaw gives strong competition to the gas chainsaw we reviewed above. The powerful brushless motor provides equivalent performance to a 22cc gas chainsaw without any of the fumes or noise.

Also, to ensure safety, the chainsaw comes with a built-in lock-off button and an automatic shutdown feature.

On the downside, it has a nut-based chain tensioning system. So, you will have to keep a wrench with you for adjusting chain tensioning.

What We Like

  • Compact Top Handle Design
  • Torque Boost Mode
  • 175 Cuts on a Single Charge
  • Performance of a Gas Chainsaw
  • Quieter Operation
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Increased Durability

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery Not Included
  • Requires Tool for Tension Adjustment

Why Consider Makita XCU06Z?

Compared to the Dewalt chainsaw, the Makita chainsaw has a smaller bar size. However, the torque boost mode makes it superior in terms of power. Moreover, it’s much lighter in weight so easier to handle.


9. Ryobi P546 Small Chainsaw—Best Cordless Small Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inch | Power: 18 Volts | Weight: 5.8 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: No 

Ryobi P546 Small Chainsaw

Ryobi P546 is one of the most affordable online chainsaws that you can find on different marketplaces. This battery-powered chainsaw comes with a rear handle and has a vast reach.

So, you can trim the branches on trees while standing as the rear handle increases your reach.

This cordless electric chainsaw is fully packed with efficient features. The push button bar and chain oiler allow keeping the tool lubricated for efficient functioning.

You can also keep an eye on bar and chain oil levels through the transparent side of the reservoir.

The side access chain tensioning system allows for easier chain adjustment. Hence, the chainsaw is easy to maintain.

Furthermore, maximum user control is ensured as the chainsaw is extremely lightweight. It is also recommended as the best small chainsaw for beginners.

Even while working on ladders, the chainsaw has easy maneuverability and can be used with just one hand.

However, the chainsaw works with only a limited series of battery packs. So, you will have to keep that in mind while purchasing the battery.

What We Like

  • Efficient Control with Rear Handle
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Transparent Oil Reservoir
  • Side Chain Tension Adjustment
  • Maximum User Control
  • Lightweight Design
  • Efficient Battery Life

What We Don’t Like

  • Works with Limited Battery Packs
  • Some Users Reported Minor Leakage

Why Consider Ryobi P546?

An ideal chainsaw if you want to increase your reach while cutting branches. Even with a small bar size, the rear handle really stretches your reach. Moreover, it is one of the most lightweight small chainsaws that you can find.


10. Greenworks 24V Small Chainsaw—Best Budget Small Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inches | Power: 24 Volts | Weight: 6 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes 

Greenworks 24V Small Chainsaw

If you are running a bit low on budget and don’t wanna compromise on power, then you should definitely check out Greenworks 24V small chainsaw.

Without a doubt, Greenworks manufactures some of the best chainsaws, and this particular model comes with a battery and fast charger included at such a low price.

The 10-inch bar size and efficient power of the brushless motor allow you to cut through trees, branches, and limbs with ease.

You can make quick adjustments to chains with a tool-less chain adjustment system on the side. Hence, you will be able to work without much delay for adjustments.

Also, the transparent bar and chain oil reservoir allow you to keep an eye on the bar and chain oil. With an automatic bar and chain oiler, you will no longer have to worry about manually oiling it.

Hence, with automatic lubrication, your tool will have more life and higher efficiency.

Moreover, the triple safety design protects your hands and prevents the chainsaw from accidental startup.

However, the chainsaw provides a limited battery life, so you will have to keep an extra battery with you.

What We Like

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Safety Lock
  • Triple Safety Design
  • Tool-less Easy Tensioning
  • Battery and Charger Included
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Easy Start Button

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 30 cuts on a single charge
  • Bar and Chain oil reservoir is very small

Why Consider Greenworks 24V?

If you want to get a good chainsaw with a high-performance motor at a budget-friendly price, then Greenworks 20V is an ideal option for you. It comes with a battery and charger included.


11. WORX WG322 Small Chainsaw—Best Small Chainsaw with Auto Tension

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inches | Power: 20 Volts | Weight: 6.19 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes 

WORX WG322 Small Chainsaw

Last but not the least, we have a 20V cordless chainsaw that is both fast and powerful. WORX WG322 is a battery-powered chainsaw that offers fast cutting speed with long battery life.

The lightweight and compact tool provides easy user control and can be used by weaker individuals easily.

The power Share feature allows you to expand on the same battery to increase the power.

The WH322 comes with an auto chain oiler and auto chain tensioning system. So, the chainsaw will require little to no maintenance. You can focus on the task at hand without worrying about the chainsaw adjustments.

Get the smoothest chainsaw cutting experience with super-fast speed. The chainsaw will cut through the toughest of woods with ease and provides a gas chainsaw equivalent performance without any of the noise or the fumes.

Large oil tank capacity and battery level indicator are bonus features that you can’t overlook.

What We Like

  • Fast Cutting Speed
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Auto Chain Tensioning
  • Smooth Cutting Experience
  • Large Bar and Chain Oil Reservoir
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • No Noise or Fumes

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users reported bar and chain oil leaking issues
  • Blade Cover is not included

Why Consider Worx WH322?

Without a doubt, Worx WH322 is one of the best small chainsaws that covers a wide range of applications. It comes at an affordable price and ensures quality performance. If you are a small homeowner with trees to maintain, you should definitely consider it.


Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Mini/Small Chainsaw in 2023

Now that you have the best choices in front of you, let’s discuss how you can pick one among some of the best chainsaw brands.

You might have liked a couple of options at first sight, but not being able to decide between two or three is the worst feeling one can have.

So, we will discuss some of the most important factors that can help you make the right choice.

Mini Chainsaw or Small Chainsaw

Mini chainsaws provide one-handed usage and are more suitable for trimming, pruning, and cutting smaller branches.

They are also very effective in DIY projects and can be used for a limited range of construction-related tasks.

Small chainsaws are more effective when it comes to maintaining a small property. They help you cut down thin trees 8-10 inches in diameter. Also, you can cut thicker branches, firewood, and construction wood easily.

Small chainsaws are more powerful and come with a higher list of features and wider applications. But, they also cost more.

Electric Chainsaw or Gas Chainsaw

No one can deny the beastly power of a gas chainsaw. They can cut through the toughest of woods like slicing through butter. Their powerful motor provides the highest chain-cutting speed you can get.

However, they do come with some downsides. Especially, the noise and fumes are quite annoying for people who aren’t used to it. Also, gas chainsaws weigh a lot more.

Compared to that, battery-powered electric chainsaws are more effective. They provide you with the performance of a gas chainsaw without any noise or fumes.

Yes, you will have to keep the batteries charged and in check which takes time. Gas chainsaws can be fueled up and started instantly.

Battery-powered chainsaws are lighter, more compact, and easier to handle. Moreover, they come with tons of modern features.

Battery Life

When purchasing a mini or small chainsaw, most users go for the cordless electric option. Hence, battery life is a crucial factor in the selection of the right chainsaw.

Make sure that your chainsaw either comes with an extra battery or you purchase an extra one.

Any battery with 20-24 Volt max capacity is ideally suited for both mini and small chainsaws.

Battery time is also important. If your chainsaw can last anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes, that’s good enough on the battery.

Safety Features

Safety is something you can never compromise on when it comes to chainsaws. Make sure you are fully geared up when using the chainsaw.

Most of the chainsaws we have discussed above come with a complete set of accessories, so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

A safety lock on the chainsaw prevents accidental startup. A baffle on a mini-chainsaw protects your hand.

Similarly, hand-guard, chain brake, and other safety features must be considered before you purchase a chainsaw.

Ergonomic Handle and Grip

Handling of the chainsaw mostly depends on the ergonomic handles and grip. So, you should definitely go for the option which is more comfortable to carry.

Make sure that the chainsaw comes with rubberized grip handles that would prevent it from accidentally falling from your hands.

Also, the position of the handle is important. There are rear handles and top handles. Top handles are more suited for one-handed use.

Auto Lubrication and Tensioning

Mini chainsaws do not require lubrication, well most don’t. So, you don’t have to worry about oiling the bar and chain.

However, when it comes to small chainsaws, bar and chain oil must be kept in check. So, make sure that the chainsaw comes with an automatic adjustable bar and chain oiler which will remove the hassle of manual oiling.

A transparent oil reservoir would be a bonus, as it will allow you to keep the oil levels in check.

Explore: How to Oil a Mini Chainsaw?

There are very few chainsaws that come with an auto chain tensioning system. Most chainsaws have either tool or tool-less chain tensioning.

Since it’s a bother to keep the screwdriver and wrench with you at all times, we recommend you go with tool-less chain tensioning.

Are mini chainsaws actually worth it? Here is what DIY on the House has to say about it:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-rated mini chainsaw?

The highest-rated mini chainsaw on our list is Saker Mini Chainsaw which features a swift cutting experience without much battery drainage. The bar of the mini saw is reliable and durable enough coupled with a spiky chain. All in all, it’s one of the top-rated mini chainsaws of 2023.

How do I choose a mini chainsaw?

When selecting a mini-chainsaw, there are three things you must consider. Bar size, battery life, and cutting power. You can determine these factors based on the toughness of the wood you will be cutting.

Are mini chainsaws any good?

Yes, mini chainsaws are very beneficial when it comes to gardening and construction. They are compact and lightweight, so anyone can handle them easily. You can trim tree-top branches and prune the shrubs in your garden with them.

Are small electric chainsaws any good?

Small cordless electric chainsaws are very beneficial in gardening, DIYs, and construction-related tasks. They help you take care of wood cutting, pruning, and trimming branches with ease.

What does brushless mean on a chainsaw?

Brushless is a type of motor which uses magnets instead of carbon brushes. There is less interference from friction in these motors which ensures higher torque, more efficiency, and longer battery life. So, brushless motors are definitely better.

Final Takeaways: Which is the Best Mini Chainsaw in 2023?

Although larger chainsaws are very effective when it comes to taking down large trees and cutting logs, they are difficult to maneuver and are not well suited for small homeowners.

So, you should consider the best mini and small chainsaws that are just as effective in a compact and precise tool size. They help you maintain a small property and take care of your garden efficiently.

We have tested and reviewed a wide range of products in both categories and the best among them made it to our list.

Our top recommendation, Saker Mini Chainsaw is definitely the best choice. It’s lightweight, compact, ensures superfast cutting speed, and comes with a battery and charger included.

Dewalt DCCS620B is the best small chainsaw for homeowners. A high-capacity battery, powerful brushless motor, and tool-free tensioning system are definitely the most sought-after features by a chainsaw user.

For users with a budget, MKSENSE is the best mini chainsaw which comes with 2 batteries and a complete set of accessories. The chainsaw ensures a highly efficient cutting experience and is easy to operate.

Our buying guide will help you pick the best option if you are overwhelmed with too many choices. Good Luck!

Richard McMann

Richard lives out in the wild with his other half, Diana Richard. He tests chainsaws based on his personal experience and loves to share their nitty gritty details with his audience. Although Richard does focus on other home improvement tools, his focus remains on cutting fallen trees or maintaining his backyard via chainsaw tools. He pledges to come up with new knowledge about chainsaws every once in a while.