Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

I remember when I used to get the firewood by myself or cut around the tree branches for getting the yard a neat and clean outlook, we used to operate chainsaws that were powered by the gas input. This was the best solution we thought we could have for the love of our garden and firewood needs.

I was one of the early adopters when electric chainsaws were rolled out in the market. Initially, they didn’t offer much power but as the demands surged for environment-friendly gas chainsaw alternatives, the power factor was dealt with too.

Being involved with various electric chainsaw models from different suppliers, I have been able to figure the best-performing chainsaws available out there. 10 best electric chainsaw reviews in 2022 have been personally combined and their features with their pros and cons are listed without any biases.

A buying guide has also been formulated to help you make a personalized decision based on your own evaluation of the different factors involved. So, let’s get going with our best electric chainsaw reviews to give you a profound roadmap to your buying process!

The 10 Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews of 2022

Bar Length
1. DEWALT DCCS690B [Top Pick for 2021]
18.7 lbs
2. WORX WG303.1 [Runner Up]
11 lbs
3. Oregon Self-Sharpening Chainsaw
12 lbs
4. Earthwise CS33016
9.9 lbs
5. Makita UC4051A
14 lbs
6. Greenworks 18 Chainsaw
12.1 lbs
7. WORX WG304.1
11.3 lbs
10.4 lbs
9. Ivation Electric Chainsaw
13.27 lbs
10. Remington RM1645
6.25 lbs

1. DEWALT DCCS690B – Best Electric Chainsaw Cordless [2022]

About Seller: Dewalt is a professional tools and equipment gear company supplying hundreds of reliable products within this domain with great performance reliability.

This is remarkably a powerful electric chainsaw that comes with a 16 inches chainsaw bar and provides ultimate user protection. The chain bar is a low kickback Oregon one that ensures you get a real smooth cutting experience with no hassle at all.

A 40 V battery runs effectively to rotate a brushless motor and you would absolutely love its environment friendliness. The chainsaw operates with the minimum noise level and your neighborhood would not be disturbed much with this best Dewalt electric chainsaw machine.

Machine maintenance requires minimum human input and it comes with an auto oiler for best mechanical performance. The chain tensioning is adjusted with a knob and requires no external usage so it remains completely flexible for dynamic usage.

The best aspect of this electric chainsaw machine is that you can have variable speed triggers according to your requirements. It is a great option to have for your cutting needs and comes with great protection mechanisms and superior user controls.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Decent chain bar length
  • Great user intuitiveness and safety measures
  • Variable speed triggers provided


  • High priced chainsaw

Bottom Line

A bit high priced chainsaw machine but makes you in complete control of your situation with great user controls available. You can set the motion of the motor to rotate at your preference and things get eliminated with ultimate sharp and smooth performance without raising an eyebrow.


2. WORX WG303.1 – Best Corded Electric Chainsaw 2022

About Seller: With the orange theme colored machines, you get a great outlook and versatile set of features with Worx. Reliable mechanical performance results in great customer satisfaction.

When you want to compete with the gas-powered chainsaws, you can surely rely on this chainsaw model. A powerful 14.5 Amp motor runs effortlessly to deliver great powers needed to make the cutting smooth and sharp.

A 16 inches chain bar adds to the versatility with which you can handle the varying lengths of wood and other similar materials. An auto oiling system ensures the accessories operate with great functional smoothness and users are indicated about the oil levels continuously.

The auto chain tensioning system makes this chainsaw machine a great preferable choice. It also prevents the over tightening so that you don’t get things stuck for yourself while trying to fix things in a hassle. It also requires low maintenance with these operational mechanisms in place.

The safety measures include chain brakes to prevent kickback in case of a mechanical failure. The rubber rear handle adds to the user-friendliness while operating this chainsaw and you get much less fatigue while doing work with this one due to lightweight and ergonomic design.


  • Durable chainsaw for long term use
  • Extended utility with 16 inches chain bar
  • Limited fatigue with the lightweight design
  • Prevents chain over-tightening


  • Chain adjustment knob a bit oversized

Bottom Line

This is one of the most reliable and durable chainsaws available within a low budget range. You get great smooth cutting experience and lightweight ergonomic design puts more weight for buying this one. Mechanical failures and chain kickbacks are prevented to a great extent so you can always rely on this one to be completely safe while operating.


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3. Oregon Self-Sharpening Chainsaw – Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw in 2022

About Seller: In the forestry and garden niche, Oregon stands out with a great set of machines and their accessories kits in moderate price ranges.

For achieving ultimate performance reliability, you need to extend your budget range and this Oregon Chainsaw will not cause any disappointment. A high rate of performance delivery is ensured by an efficient brushless motor that operates at 40 V.

You can cut down the trees and limbs with much ease as the chain bar operates at great sharpness levels. The PowerSharp system enables this chainsaw to provide ultimate smoothness even if you are dealing with the thickest of objects out there. The chain dullness is prevented and remains viable for a great period of time.

A 16 inches bar length adds to the utility as you can handle objects with better diversity. The Lube-Tech built-in oiling system reduces the chain friction to great levels and ensures you get the best user experience over a considerable time period.

The machine’s environmental friendliness is also commendable as you get much-needed silence between the cuts. No pull cords are required to operate this one and lightweight design provides additional comfortability in this one of the best chainsaws.


  • Chain sharpens at the pull of a lever
  • Super Comfort level usage
  • Auto Oiling System for frictionless mechanisms
  • Great motor efficiency and reliability


  • Frequent turn offs to save power loss

Bottom Line

A real powerful chainsaw that maintains its mechanical efficiency and chain bar sharpness on its own. You just need to plug and play to handle the thickest levels of wood with great ease and comfort levels. Environment friendliness and ease of operations puts weight into its user intuitiveness and surely you would be having a reliable performance delivery over long periods of time.


4. Earthwise CS33016 – Best Electric Chainsaw Under 100

About Seller: Earthwise always comes up with environment-friendly machines and you can always count on them to cause minimum disruptions during the operations out there in the middle.

The green-colored chainsaw machine gives us the impression that it would be easy on the environment from the word go. With a machine operating through 12 Amp electric motor, you get no fumes created and really no mess at all for yourself and the surroundings.

The combination of a 16 inches Oregon bar and the chain comes with a protective bar and chain cover also to provide added levels of user safety. The tool-free adjustment system for chain tensions provides great flexibility to maintain speed while making an effort to complete the cutting job.

This Earthwise chainsaw also features an auto oiler that keeps feeding the chain bar for great mechanical smoothness. With the use of an oil level window, you can keep a keen eye so that your chainsaw remains viable for a considerable period of time.

The comfortability is extended with the deployment of rubber over-molded grip and a fairly large loop assist handle makes life even convenient. You literally are on top of your gardening game and this corded Earthwise chainsaw would not fail to amaze you.


  • Environment friendly chainsaw
  • Hassle-free cutting performance
  • Tool-Free Chain adjustment system
  • Built-in Oil Level Window


  • Chain separation issues

Bottom Line

A great choice if you are considering creating less mess around your surroundings and things get done in a much simpler manner. It comes with nice protective accessories for the users and a much better convenience is on offer for carrying it around. The mechanical functioning remains smooth and you surely would love having this one under your belt.


5. Makita Chainsaw 16 Inch (UC4051A) – Best for Lightweight Cutting Tasks

This Makita chain saw adds commendable diversity and flexibility to your cutting skills. It is for sure a heavy-duty machine that handles thickest of woods with great efficiency and sharpness levels. The 16 inches chain bar cuts through in no time causing much less fatigue to the mind and body.

The chain speed of 2900 FPM powered by a 110 V motor delivers an ultimate smooth cutting experience. A larger metal spike bar is provided for you to have extended productivity while using this one of the best chainsaws available out there.

The chain adjustments require no tools and the automatic chain oiling system ensures that the cutting performance remains consistent throughout. An electric chain break adds to the convenience offered by this electric chainsaw.

Operating and starting this machine is no problem at all with a large trigger switch provided. The handle grip is made with rubber for you to be in total control of your cutting motions. The machine’s internal safety mechanisms include the current limiter that makes sure it doesn’t get burned out because of the heating effect.


  • Extremely powerful cutting performance
  • Fairly large oil reservoir provided
  • Fully zero-emissions ensured
  • Current Limiter increased durability


  • Heavy cuts get disturbed with overcurrent protection

Bottom Line

When you want to exercise power out there in the middle, go get this one without bringing second thought. You would rip through the objects with the support of a powerful motor and greatly sharp chain bars. The chainsaw is a long term investment and internal safety mechanisms ensure that it doesn’t get out of order because of an electric failure.


6. Greenworks 18 Chainsaw – Best Budget Electric Chainsaw in 2022

A greatly useful chainsaw when you know you would be working from different angles to get things done with perfection. The most fascinating aspect of this Greenworks electric chainsaw is that you have the luxury of unlimited cuts with plug and play style.

It comes with a 14.5 Amp motor that gets going with an instant electric start and delivers real powerful torque. An 18-inch chain bar is an above-average length on offer and adds to the versatility of this machine.

The machine operational noise is kept to the minimum levels so that it doesn’t cause much annoyance to your neighborhood. The accessories are kept lubricated quite well by auto oiler that keeps consistently smooth mechanical performance.

Chain tension adjustments require no tools for its management and you can get things sorted out in real quick time. A wrap-around handle and moderately lightweight feature provides great user-friendliness and aims to satisfy all customer expectations.


  • Much larger chain bar length on offer
  • Instant Electric start with push button
  • Versatile cutting positions with great comfort
  • Hassle-free maintenance system


  • No chain brakes included

Bottom Line

A sophisticated chainsaw with great versatility on offer for cutting and trimming. Some nice chain bar length is provided and is backed by a powerful 14.5 Amp motor. There are no chain brakes included but a cord lock exists to increase the safety level of this Greenworks Chainsaw. Chain tensioning adjustments and maintenance requirements present no hassle at all.


7. WORX WG304.1 – Most Powerful Electric Chainsaw in 2022

A slight increase in budget from low levels will get you this reliable Chainsaw machine. An extended chain bar length delivers ultra-reliable performance with the backing of a decent powered 15 Amp battery.

The Worx chainsaws come with patented auto chain tension adjustments and it also prevents over-tightening. This prevention really helps a great deal in preserving this machine for a considerable period of time.

For user safety, the chain bar is placed at a low kickback position and also includes a chain brake for preventing kickback in case of a mechanical failure. The large oil reservoir feature is quite loved by most of the craftsmen also comes with window level indicators to keep you aware.

It is ready to use machine as it is delivered fully assembled so you won’t be dealing with much of the setup problems. A great product to have in this least possible range is what you would have wished for and here it is for your garden and yard needs.


  • Commendable chain bar length
  • Patented adjustments of chain tensioning
  • Great safety mechanisms in place
  • Instantly get you going


  • Careful use recommended  due to plastic build

Bottom Line

Surprisingly, this machine delivers a great cutting experience as the chain performance remains sharp and smooth. You need to handle this one delicately to be able to use it for a considerable period of time. Great operational safety mechanisms are there and you would be getting a decent cutting power out there with an 18-inches chain bar.


8. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 – Small Electric Chainsaw in 2022

A powerful cordless chainsaw machine that cuts through the wood with ultimate sharpness and smoothness. It comes with a 40 V battery that provides a decent runtime for you to get things done out there with no hassle at all.

The chain bar length provided is 12-inches and allows added versatility as you are able to carry it along wherever you feel like. You can deal with the pruning branches and fallen limbs with ultimate ease and easy chain adjustments are provided.

Along with toolless chain adjustments, you’ve got a user-friendly automatic chain oiling system that ensures the mechanical operations remains smooth all the time. You get a great number of 60 cuts per single charge and they all deliver powerful blows.

The full wrap-around handle is also provided so that you can conveniently try different positions out there with no difficulty. The cordless and lightweight features allow this chainsaw to be a dynamic and compact set of features that makes this a top preferred choice.


  • Reliable and powerful motor performance
  • Lightweight chainsaw
  • Cordless provides ultimate portability
  • Better user intuitiveness


  • Short-chain bar length as compared to pricing

Bottom Line

This cordless electric machine provides that extra portability that you would be looking for. It is a great tool to carry along and cuts through the wood with ultimate sharpness in no time. Tree branches and fallen limbs are dealt with no problems at all and overall user intuitiveness doesn’t disappoint too.


9. Ivation Electric Chainsaw – Best Electric Corded Chainsaw [2022]

A real attractive outlook provided by this Ivation Electric chainsaw and comes with all great utility features that make you skillful out there. A 15 Amp motor delivers foolproof performance and power similar to gas chainsaws.

A low kickback chain bar and chain brake features ensure you get a smooth and safe operational experience. It doesn’t raise an eyebrow and gets the job done causing no disruptions at all. The highest quality Oregon chain is provided for you to have great operational reliability.

A fairly sized oil reservoir is included with an automatic oiling system so that minimum human input is required for maintenance. A window level indicator keeps giving you a constant check on oil levels so that the machine doesn’t get worn out due to negligence.

This Ivation electric chainsaw is a great choice and its powerful outlook backed by versatile features puts great weight to buying this one. The build materials used are of superior quality and a smooth cutting experience is provided for a long period of time.


  • High build chainsaw quality
  • Powerful Motor electric performance
  • Oil reservoir included
  • Tool-free chain adjustments


  • Complex assembling of parts

Bottom Line

A great utility product to have with diverse outlook and compact features that comes with a superb quality 16 inches chain bar. An oil reservoir and automatic oiler inclusion requires minimum maintenance efforts from the users and is ideal for home gardening needs.


10. Remington RM1645 – Professional Electric Chainsaw

About Seller: Remington specializes in supplying power tools for your home and garden needs. They deliver great products in the minimum possible price range.

In the minimum possible price range, you have a versatile chainsaw machine at your disposal. It is extremely lightweight with weight around just 6 pounds and comes with a really nice compact design for great portability.

An 8 Amp electric motor provides great cutting and trimming experience through a 14-inch chain bar. You can get the branches and saplings dealt with ultimate reliability so it is best suited for gardening needs.

The push-button oiler feature ensures that this machine requires minimum maintenance efforts and the bar is at a low kickback position for better movements. The quick tensioner knob is also provided so that toolless adjustments can be made with not much effort required during the runtime.

The additional safety precaution that you have with this Remington Chainsaw is a wraparound handguard. The hands are kept away from the flying debris with its usage for user safety. This machine arrives fully assembled and ready to use so you get going around your garden or yard instantly with this one.


  • Inexpensive chainsaw
  • Lightweight offers great portability
  • Ideal for tree branches of moderate thickness
  • No tools for chain adjustments


  • Tension screw lacks performance efficiency

Bottom Line

In the minimum possible budgets for a Chainsaw, nothing can get better than this option. You surely have a great luxury while operating this one for moderate level cutting tasks. The mechanical safety measures and user-friendliness are also not bad even so you can surely rely on this one for getting things done in a smart way.


How to Select the Best Electric Chainsaw in 2022? Things to Consider:

Getting an electric chainsaw is not much of a complicated process but still, you can’t miss out on the evaluation of some key factors. Surely you need to get a perfect chainsaw for yourself and each individual’s requirements differ, so lets read through the Buying Guide to help you out.

Pricing: Things not bad in a low price range

The best thing we loved about reviewing different chainsaws that you can get yourself going in low budget range too with not much quality issues. This is not about getting heavy-duty machines as we all are not going out to cut that damn thick tree. For home and gardening, you would do fairly well in a low price range even.

Chain bar Quality and Safety Mechanisms: No Compromise

Things shouldn’t get messy in any situation for yourself. Compromising on safety precautions wouldn’t be recommended in any case so do evaluate that you are playing safe out there. Usually, low kickback chain bar and chain brakes presence ensures that you aren’t harmed due to any mechanical failure.

Chain bar Length and Overall Chainsaw Weight: Decide Yourself

Now, this is where you should look to get your own personal choice counted in. It depends on how you are going to use the machine and the surroundings where it is going to be used. If you need to roam around the garden then do go for a lightweight and a portable chainsaw. Chain bar length also depends on your own personal comfort and easiness.

Corded And Cordless Debate: Power Source Availability Dependency

There is a great debate whether you should go for a corded chainsaw or a cordless one. Simply, it should depend on the power source availability where you are going to use your own chainsaw. If its home-based then surely a corded one won’t hurt. But outdoors, you can’t say anything and a cordless chainsaw is seen as a more suitable option.

Conclusive Words: Is there a need?

We expect that these best electric chainsaw reviews and a follow up buying guide would have placed you at better awareness levels. You won’t be second-guessing about any of them and you can set the right expectations with our pros and cons with a verdict in Bottom Line for each chainsaw included.

So, let’s get cracking out there and we really hope that you would do some cracking and skillful cutting job out there in the middle. Do read user manuals before getting started and hope all goes well with your next chainsaw!

Richard McMann

Richard lives out in the wild with his other half, Diana Richard. He tests chainsaws based on his personal experience and loves to share their nitty gritty details with his audience. Although Richard does focus on other home improvement tools, his focus remains on cutting fallen trees or maintaining his backyard via chainsaw tools. He pledges to come up with new knowledge about chainsaws every once in a while. Explore Details About Richard