Top 10 Best Bar and Chain Oil for Lubricating Chainsaws

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top-rated bar and chain oil for chainsawBar and chain oil is a crucial lubricant required for the efficient and safe operation of a chainsaw. It prevents the chainsaw chain from derailing or premature wear and ensures top-cutting performance.

The basic purpose of bar and chain oil is to keep the bar, chain, and sprockets properly lubricated to prevent corrosion, reduce the build-up of debris and increase tackiness.

Hence, you must get the best bar and chain oil to increase the efficiency and performance of your chainsaw.

The lubricant will reduce the friction generated from the chain running against the bar which increases the motor’s efficiency and delivers higher cutting performance.

However, with hundreds of options available, it can become quite difficult for a chainsawer to choose a single bar and chain oil.

So, to help you out, I have tested dozens of good quality bar and chain oils and reviewed them in my top 10 list below.

Ranking these lubricants was no easy task, but after detailed research and extensive testing, I was able to compile the following list.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to the details.

Top 10 Best Bar and Chain Oil Options for Chainsaws

1. Oregon Bar and Chain Oil—Overall the “Best Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil in 2024”

Liquid Volume: 1 Gallon / 128 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

Oregon Bar and Chain Oil

Oregon is one of the top chainsaw and hardware brands in the world. So, their premium grade bar and chain oil were destined to be one of the best.

The reason I placed it on top of my list is that it is a universal bar and chain oil that is compatible with all chainsaw brands.

Not only chainsaws, but this lubricant can also be used with pole saws, hedge trimmers, and any other equipment that uses bar and chain gear.

The oil has been prepared with a unique formula that ensures extra tackiness on the bar and chain. Hence, the oil won’t just throw off even in winters.

The best part is, Oregon bar and chain oil is an all-season product. So, you won’t have to worry about getting a different oil for winter.

Adding to this, the amazing lubricant increases the lifespan of your bar and chain by resisting the buildup of gum, sap, and resins. So, you will be able to cut through trees smoothly.

Moreover, the high-film strength perfectly coats every part of the chain and prevents wear or scuffing. So, the chain and bar will be resistant to corrosion and rust.

However, due to the less viscosity of the oil, your chainsaw will require more of it during hot weather. As a rule of thumb, fill the reservoir each time you fill the gas tank. For electric chainsaws, you will have to keep an eye on the reservoir.

What We Like

  • Premium Grade Lubricant
  • Ideal for All Seasons
  • Wide Compatibility Range
  • Resists Debris Buildup
  • Smooth Cutting
  • High Film Strength
  • Resists Corrosion and Rust

What We Don't Like

  • Less Viscosity
  • Requires More Refilling in summers

Why Consider Oregon Bar and Chain Oil?

An ideal lubricant for all types of chainsaws and even other tools that have bar and chain gear. You can use this oil every season and it will ensure maximum performance of your battery chainsaw.

2. Husqvarna X-Guard Premium—Best Bar and Chain Oil for Husqvarna Chainsaw in 2024

Liquid Volume: 1 Gallon / 128 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Bar and Chain Oil

Husqvarna is also one of the most popular chainsaw brands that have manufactured some of the most reputable professional and commercial chainsaws.

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium bar and chain oil is not just for Husqvarna chainsaw but can be used with any carving chainsaw. The brand ensured that lubricant has universal compatibility for all types of chainsaws.

So, whether you have an electric chainsaw or a gas one, this oil will perfectly lubricate the bar and chain and ensure superior performance.

The lubricant will increase the bar, chain, and sprocket life by lubricating them properly and preventing premature wear.

You can use this oil in both summers and winters, so a gallon will last through both seasons, depending on your use of the chainsaw.

The lubricant has additives that increase the tackiness of the oil and reduces oil throw-off. Hence, it will remain longer on the bar and chain and will reduce the debris buildup.

Also, the reduced friction will increase motor efficiency, ensuring longer motor life and performance.

Despite the amazing features of this oil, some users consider it a bit overpriced. However, in my opinion, you definitely get the superior performance for paying a bit extra.

What We Like

  • For Use with All Small Chainsaws
  • High Tackiness
  • Reduces Oil Sling
  • All Season Performance
  • Enhances Chain and Bar Life
  • Less Friction
  • Wear Resistance

What We Don't Like

  • A bit overpriced
  • Not Eco-Friendly Based

Why Consider Husqvarna X-Guard Premium?

This premium-grade bar and chain oil are highly recommended for professional chainsaw users who require higher performance. Husqvarna X-Guard ensures superior cutting performance and motor efficiency.

3. Dewalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil—Best Non-Toxic Bar and Chain Oil 2024

Liquid Volume: 16 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Plant-Based Oils

Dewalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

A high-performance, non-toxic, and eco-friendly professional lubricant that is much safer for both animals and the environment compared to petroleum-based products.

Dewalt biodegradable chainsaw oil is made from North American-grown plant oils, hence it is much safer and environmentally friendly.

It’s an all-season bio-based commercial oil with excellent temperature stability and performance. The oil has a flash point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a pour point of -15 degrees. So, it can perform really well in extreme weather conditions.

The oil doesn’t contain any petroleum-based or metal additives. It is 100% green which means it is safer to use around waterways and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Adding to this, the supreme-grade bio-based oil offers superior wear protection for your tools. Moreover, it has excellent lubricity and high tackiness to reduce high-speed oil sling.

During our tests, the oil proved much more effective than petroleum-based oils. After we had used Dewalt chainsaws for hours, the chainsaws using Dewalt biodegradable oil were cooler in temperature.

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Hence, in long-term use, the oil ensures high-cutting performance and speed with low wear and tear on the chainsaw’s engine.

However, biodegradable chainsaw oils are more expensive when compared to petroleum-based products. When considering their impact on the environment, I would say it’s worth the price.

What We Like

  • Non-Toxic Biodegradable Oil
  • Safer for Environment
  • High Performance and Efficiency
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Outstanding Lubricity
  • Superior Wear Protection

What We Don't Like

  • A bit expensive
  • Tackiness isn’t very high

Why Consider Dewalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil?

This oil is made from 100% biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients which means it is safer for you, your pets, other animals, and the environment. With this high-performance oil, you will get the best results without damaging nature.

4. STP Premium Oil—Best Bar and Chain Oil with Anti-Wear Technology 2024

Liquid Volume: 1 Quartz / 32 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

STP Premium Bar and Chain Oil

Not every lubricant for the chainsaw is formulated in the same fashion. While one provides superior protection against wear, the others increase the functionality of your chainsaw under specific conditions.

So, it becomes quite difficult for one to choose a perfect lubricant for the bar and chain. However, several options include a bit of both.

STP premium oil is engineered with Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate which is a highly efficient anti-wear agent. This agent ensures extra protection on your chain and bar for superior performance under all conditions.

The lubricant is ready for use right out of the box, so no mixing is required. It will increase the overall performance of your chainsaw.

Additives include a Tackifier agent which increases the tackiness of the oil. So, the chainsaw will cut through wood efficiently without any oil thrown off.

Moreover, the high-quality lubricant also reduces the debris and resin buildup, allowing you to cut through trees smoothly.

However, the bottle only contains quartz, so you will need to purchase more bottles if you want to make it through the season. But, a smaller bottle makes it easier to carry it around with you.

What We Like

  • Premium Oil
  • Enhances Chainsaw Performance
  • Tackifier Agent
  • Better Protective Layer
  • Reduces Resin Buildup
  • No Oil Throw off

What We Don't Like

  • Higher Volume required in summers
  • Only Available in Quartz Bottles

Why Consider STP Premium Oil?

The premium oil enhances both the protection and functionality of your chainsaw. The lubricant is engineered with unique additives that enhance the overall performance of your chainsaw.

5. Husqvarna Mineral Oil—Best Premium Bar and Chain Oil 2024

Liquid Volume: 1 Quart / 32 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

Husqvarna Mineral Premium Bar and Chain Oil

Husqvarna is one of the best chainsaw lubricant manufacturers globally and improves the saw’s cutting performance while providing perfect lubrication to extend chain and bar life.

The oil blend is prepared from high-quality base oil that reduces the bar and chain tear all year round. So, you can use this oil in both summers and winters.

Your chainsaw’s cutting performance will be enhanced as the lubricant reduces both friction and heat. Less friction also means higher motor performance.

So, you will have more torque and higher cutting speed with Husqvarna premium mineral oil.

The additives also include a Tackifier agent which reduces oil throw-off even in winters. Hence, the lubricant will last longer and your chainsaw will require lubricant refilling less often.

The best part is, the oil is designed and recommended for use with all chainsaws. So, the usage is not limited just to Husqvarna chainsaws.

However, the Husqvarna premium mineral oil is a bit more expensive than its competitors. Some users complain it is a bit overpriced, but the higher performance and efficiency of the oil surely beat those claims.

What We Like

  • High-Quality Oil Blend
  • For Both Summer and winters
  • Works with All Chainsaws
  • Reduces Heat and Friction
  • Ensures Higher Cutting Performance
  • Reduced Oil Throw off

What We Don't Like

  • Non-Biodegradable Oil Base
  • No Other Cons

Why Consider Husqvarna Mineral Oil?

A premium oil blend with high-quality additives that extend the life of your chainsaw’s bar, chain, and sprockets. The oil ensures superior cutting performance with better wear protection for your chainsaw parts.

6. DGP Pro100—Best Biodegradable Bar and Chain Oil 2024

Liquid Volume: 1 Gallon / 128 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

DGP Pro100 Biodegradable Bar and Chain Oil

The problem with petroleum-based oil is they are not very environment friendly. So, they are not recommended for use in public parks, or near residential areas.

Eco-friendly users today prefer biodegradable oils for their chainsaws, which although expensive, are much safer for both you and the environment.

The DGP Pro100 bar and chain oil are prepared from plant oils which means it is a green and non-toxic chainsaw oil.

You can use this oil every season. It has a high-temperature point of 600 Fahrenheit and a low of -20 degrees, which ensures its superior performance in adverse weather conditions.

The bio-based oil is safe for you, your children, your pets, and the environment. Hence, if you want to reduce environmental pollution, you should definitely go for this product.

Also, in terms of performance, it clearly beats petroleum-based oil. It has high tackiness which reduces oil throw-off while providing perfect lubrication and superior wear protection.

Adding to this, the oil is suitable for usage in sensitive environments. So, whether you are working in public parks or near waterways, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

But, there is a downside. The bio-based oils are extremely expensive. Since chainsaws require constant lubrication, many users do not prefer these oils.

However, if you are environment conscious and want to reduce pollution, you should definitely go for it.

What We Like

  • Eco-Friendly Oil Base
  • No Petroleum or Metal Additives
  • High Tackiness
  • Superior Wear Protection
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Safer for Environment

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • Not Preferred By Commercial Chainsaw Users

Why Consider DGP Pro100?

An ideal chainsaw lubricant for environmentally conscious chainsaw users. The biodegradable lubricant has excellent temperature stability and ensures superior performance and protection to your chain and bar.

7. Stihl 0781 Platinum Bar and Chain Oil—Best Bar and Chain Oil for Stihl Chainsaws

Liquid Volume: 1 Quart / 32 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

Stihl 0781 Platinum Bar and Chain Oil

Stihl is known for manufacturing professional-grade chainsaws and accessories that are used in commercial applications.

So, Stihl Platinum oil is recommended for professional chainsaw users who use chainsaws for longer hours and need lasting lubrication.

Hence, if you need the perfect lubricant for heavy-duty cutting performance, this is the right product for you. An official OEM Stihl product highly recommended for Stihl chainsaws.

Not only this oil extends the life of chainsaw parts but also has high tackiness which ensures superior cutting performance and high cutting speed.

The tackiness ensures oil doesn’t throw off at high chain speed.

What We Like

  • Ideal for Stihl Chainsaws
  • High-Quality Base Oils
  • Heavy Duty Performance
  • Concentrated Tackiness
  • Extends Life of Chainsaw Parts

What We Don't Like

  • Not Recommended for Occasional Chainsaw Users
  • Only Available in Quart Container

Why Consider Stihl 0781 Platinum Oil?

Stihl chainsaw oil ensures heavy-duty chainsaw performance. The synthetic petroleum-based oil has concentrated tackiness which reduces oil throw-off even at high cutting speed.

8. Sun Joe SWJ-OIL-GAL—Best Universal Bar and Chain Oil

Liquid Volume: 1 Gallon / 128 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

Sun Joe SWJ-OIL-GAL Universal Bar and Chain Oil

Sun Joe Black is a universal bar and chain oil that provides efficient lubrication for high chainsaw cutting performance.

The lubricant comes at an affordable price and can be used with all chainsaws.

It reduces friction while extending the life of chains, bar, and sprockets.

The best part is, you get a whole gallon for a budget-friendly price. So, the gallon will keep your chainsaw lubricated throughout the season.

The lubricant resists high temperatures and flows freely at low temperatures, so you can use it throughout the year. A reliable option for an affordable price.

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What We Like

  • High-Performance Oil
  • Prolongs Service Life of Chainsaw Parts
  • Prevents Rust
  • Works on All Temperatures
  • Universal Compatibility

What We Don't Like

  • Throws Off Oil in Cold Weather
  • Low Tackiness

Why Consider Sun Joe SWJ-OIL-GAL?

An affordable and reliable choice for year-round use. Sun Joe is a good quality lubricant for chainsaws which ensures high cutting performance and extends the service life of chainsaw parts.

9. EGO Power+ AOL3200—Best Alternative Bar and Chain Oil

Liquid Volume: 1 Quart / 32 Oz | Season: All Seasons | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 

EGO Power+ AOL3200 Alternative Bar and Chain Oil

A unique oil-free formula that outperforms traditional bar and chain oils and ensures superior lubrication and performance.

This lubricant is highly recommended for winter usage. It can be used at -18 degrees Fahrenheit and high tackiness reduces the oil throw-off in winters.

Ego Power oil has universal compatibility. So, you can use it with any of the chainsaws.

The oil will ensure efficient lubrication and will extend the life of chainsaw parts. The oil is dyed brown for better visibility in the reservoir.

The anti-wear technology prevents rust and corrosion on the chain and bar and also increases the service life of these parts.

What We Like

  • Best Alternative to Oil-Based Lubricants
  • Unique Oil-Free Formula
  • Outperforms Tradition Lubricants
  • High Performance
  • Ideal for Winter Usage

What We Don't Like

  • Very Expensive
  • Low Quantity for Price

Why Consider EGO Power+ AOL3200?

Ideal to use with Ego chainsaws. This oil-free lubricant is an ideal alternative to traditional bar and chain oil. It offers higher performance and tackiness.

10. HUSQVARNA FOREST & GARDEN Oil—Best Heavy Duty Bar and Chain Oil

Liquid Volume: 1 Gallon / 128 Oz | Season: Summer | Oil Type: Petroleum Based 


If you are looking for a heavy-duty lubricant for your Husqvarna chainsaw, you won’t find a better option than Husqvarna Forest and Garden oil.

This premium oil is designed specifically for Husqvarna chainsaw models. It provides the chainsaw parts with a protective layer that prevents premature wear.

A premium blend of base oil ensures the high performance of your chainsaw in heavy-duty applications. The lubricant will reduce heat and friction, ensuring high cutting performance.

Moreover, the Tackifier additive ensures less debris accumulation and extends the life of chainsaw parts.

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What We Like

  • Premium Husqvarna Lubricant
  • Ideal for Husqvarna Chainsaws
  • Available in Full Gallon
  • Tackifier Agent
  • No Oil Throw-Off at High Speed

What We Don't Like

  • A large gallon makes it difficult to pour directly into a chainsaw
  • Only for Summer Use


The Husqvarna Forest and Garden oil are designed for summer use only. The heavy-duty oil has efficient temperature stability and ensures professional cutting performance.

Choosing the Right Bar and Chain Oil for Your Chainsaws

Selecting the best oil for bar and chain can be a difficult task, especially when you have dozens of options available.

So, I will share some important tips that can help you decide on the right oil for your chainsaw.

Let’s begin:

Oil Base Type

The lubricants have two types of oil bases or blends. You can either purchase petroleum-based oil or plant-based oil.

Petroleum-based oils are traditional bar oils that are both commonly and professionally used. They lubricate the chain and bar and ensure higher performance. Also, they are affordable.

However, these oils are not safe for the environment. So, when they go into land or soil, they increase pollution.

Hence, for environment-conscious users and public places, plant-based oils were manufactured. These oils are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safer to use.

However, these oils are expensive, so they are not preferred by commercial users.

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Bar oils have metal-based additives that ensure high tackiness and better lubrication capabilities.

Additives provide better protection to chainsaw parts and offer higher performance by reducing the temperature and friction.

So, make sure your oil has a Tackifier additive to reduce oil throw-off and ensure better lubricant performance.

Season or Weight

Bar oils are not generally classified in terms of their weight or viscosity. So, all you are gonna know is whether they are for summers, winters, or all-season.

In brief, the all-season bar and chain oil have medium weight and offer optimized performance for both weather conditions.

But if you want better performance, you can choose lighter oils for winter or heavier ones for summer.


You will constantly need to lubricate the chain and bar on your chainsaw. So, I recommend that you purchase the gallon instead of the quartz bottle.

Gallon is much better priced, so on one hand it saves you money and on the other, it gives you stock for a whole season.

Hence, purchasing a gallon will help you keep your chainsaw lubricated at all times without having to keep purchasing quartz bottles again and again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chainsaw bar oil?

Without a doubt, Oregon bar and chain oil is the best of the lot. It has universal compatibility, an affordable price, and efficient features. The unique blend and high-quality additives ensure superior chainsaw performance.

Does it matter what bar and chain oil I use?

The choice of chainsaw oil affects the performance of your chainsaw. You have to select the based oil based on season, chainsaw type, and environmental conditions. Read the buyer’s guide above for detailed insight into this aspect.

Is there a difference between bar and chain oils?

Yes, not every lubricant is the same as the other. Each lubricant is designed for a specific purpose. Some function well in summers while others work better in winters. Some are for higher protection while others are designed for better performance.

What oil can I use for bar chain oil?

You must never use engine oil as an alternative. Although some users have suggested using vegetable oil, I don’t recommend it. If you want your chainsaw to function properly and live longer, always use a proper bar and chain oil.

What grade of oil is chainsaw bar oil?

The grade and viscosity can differ according to season. To avoid these problems, I recommend purchasing all-season bar oil. It will function efficiently in both summers and winters.

Can I use any bar and chain oil?

No, you must take several factors into account before selecting a bar and chain oil. I have shared a detailed buyer’s guide above which discusses the most important factors that you must consider before making the purchase.

Final Takeaways: Which is the Best Bar and Chain Oil in 2024?

Bar oil is a crucial component that ensures the efficient and proper functioning of your chainsaw. Hence, one must not be hasty in its selection and always choose the best bar and chain oil.

I have tested and reviewed some of the best available options, but if I were to recommend just one, my top recommendation would be Oregon Bar and Chain oil. This lubricant has the best blend and ensures the best cutting performance. Also, it comes at an affordable price.

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