Best Chainsaw for Milling Reviews 2021 – Top Picks

Milling lumber is considered quite an important technical task if you have been into woodcutting jobs. It has been a painstaking process in the past where few people used to get involved in wood milling.

Heavy tree logs are to be converted into planks and beams to make the most out of wood that is collected. This milling job requires a bit of expertise and training out in the middle so that you are able to execute wood cutting delicately. The modern-day mechanical solutions have made it quite super easy to handle this type of work and Chainsaw mill is one of the best-fit solutions.

Which Type of Chainsaws Are Best Fit for Milling?

Having a dedicated chainsaw for milling purposes would provide ultimate convenience to handle lumber. Some evaluations are always necessary to finalize a product model for yourself. You need to study your own needs and then determine what type of features would suit well to you.

Size and Thickness of Lumber

The first thing that we need to put into consideration is the size of tree logs that you have in your backyard. If they are bigger and thicker then obviously it has to be matched by a high powered chainsaw that can cut through. For this, you need to evaluate engine power on offer as it will determine the force that can be exerted.

For small to medium-sized lumber, even a small chainsaw is able to handle things for you. You would be able to cut through easily but the time required may differ depending upon the size and thickness. Then you can put into consideration the length of the chain bar required.

Chain Bar

It mostly counts on one’s own preferences. Shorter lengths provide better-operating angles and the longer ones are able to deal with more wood at a single time. If you have been using any other chainsaw then you might have discovered your own preferred length of chain bar. But, don’t forget to determine the lumber thickness levels you have to deal with as it has quite a say in what chain bar length should be preferred.


Price considerations are a bit irrelevant when you need to buy the best chainsaw for milling. You are intending to deal with lumbers to be converted into boards for commercial purposes, then there is a dire need to invest in the right product. Also, engine power and size are larger than normal so you need to have a budget than can get you the machine with these attributes.

7 Best Chainsaws For Milling: No Need to Blink An Eye

While you are looking for a perfect solution to handle lumbers, we have come up with the best chainsaw prospects that you can get for yourself. An in-depth overview is done with their pros and cons and you can always rely on our honest review of these chainsaw mill models.

Bar Size
Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf
13.3 lbs
Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher
25 lbs
Husqvarna 20 Inch 455
12.8 lbs
SALEM MASTER Gas Powered Chainsaw
20 lbs
Poulan Pro 2 cycle
17 lbs
COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC
18.4 lbs
Greenworks 16-Inch 40V

Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw

A powerful and industry-leading chainsaw tool that would provide remarkably smooth cutting performance even for the thickest of woods. It comes with a professional-grade 59.8 cc 2 stroke engine that provides reliable performance over long periods of time.

The chain bar length provided is 20 inches with this chainsaw and remains the best fit for lumbers that have large diameters. It is super convenient to get started with this one as it has a built-in decompression valve that reduces the hassle of rope pulling.

You get great comfortable handles to carry around although it is a bit heavier in weight as compared to the electrical chainsaws. The gas input provides extra leverage of power so you are able to deal with things effectively.

An automatic oiling system and built-in filtration systems ensure that you get ultra user convenience while operating. You won’t be getting into much problems with this Timber Wolf chainsaw for a long period of time for sure, just need to buckle up a bit regarding its price.


  • Superb engine performance reliability
  • Large-sized chain bar length
  • Can deal with Multiple layers of wood
  • Minimum operating vibration experienced


  • Plastic build material


Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

A premium-priced chainsaw that comes with extra utility features as compared to the Timberwood. Husqvarna has been existing since ages manufacturing top-notch chainsaws that provide ultimate operating reliability out in the middle.

A 60.3 cc gas-powered engine combined with a 20 inches chain bar length makes lumber milling a sophisticated task and you can handle any thickness levels without any problems. The operating safety levels for the users are also quite appreciable as inertia activated chain brake comes into play in case of a mechanical failure.

The power speed of 9000 rpm ensures that you get the milling job done in no time and it features x-torque that leads to lesser consumption of power and reductions in emissions. The chain can be conveniently adjusted as it has a built-in chain tensioning system mounted on the side of it.

The users are not much into maintenance work as the machine keeps itself lubricated on its own using an automatic oiling system. Just ensure the right levels of oil and rest the chainsaw remains viable for long term usage. The chainsaw remains quite user friendly and you can carry it around as it as an ergonomically designed chainsaw.


  • Commendable Safety Features
  • Fast cutting performance
  • Environment-friendly chainsaw
  • Toolless chain tensioning system provided


  • A bit costly chainsaw


Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

We have got another Husqvarna chainsaw for you as they deliver the best performance when it comes to heavy-duty lumber cutting jobs. You have the luxury to choose between 18 inches and 20 inches chain bar length as both work really fine with a 55.5 cc gas-powered engine.

This chainsaw also comes with an engine chain brake that gets activated due to inertia caused by mechanical failure. A cycle engine ensures that the chainsaw doesn’t get out of functioning and is preferred for long time usage.

The automatic chain oiling system and toolless tension adjustments eases the time constraints required for milling. You get along in the middle without causing any operating hassles. The chainsaw keeps itself maintained on its own if the oil levels are kept at the required levels.

To store the machine safely, chainsaw bar cover is provided and premix fuel is also given so that you can get started in no time to test the effectiveness. Chainsaw sharpener can also be purchased with this one so that the cutting performance remains optimized and things do not get slowed down.


  • Ideal Operating Safety
  • Quick chain adjustments provided
  • Professional grade engine quality
  • Lighter in weight to carry


  • No decompressing valve for rope pulling


SALEM MASTER 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

salem master milling chainsaw

The Salem Master was an amazing discovery for the chainsaw milling tasks. A 62cc gas-powered engine truly unlocks your potential of dealing with things with no problems at all. The engine runs while maintaining environment friendliness standards and reduces the emissions to a drastic level.

The safety mechanisms in place are also commendable as chain brake and handguards are provided. You can operate without any stress as no injury would be caused in case of a mechanical failure. This Salem Master chainsaw can work with various lengths ranging between 16, 20, and 24 inches.

It comes with 2 chains of 20 inches so that users can operate this machine for extended periods of time. A carrying bag is also provided so you conveniently store and carry them along yourself.

It is also fitted with a decompressing valve as it was in this Chainsaw so that you don’t experience the starting problems. The power capacity at which the engine operates and chain bar cuts through make it the one best chainsaws for milling and other related heavy-duty tasks.

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  • Extensive cutting power
  • Dual chain bars provided
  • The convenient pull cord system
  • Automatic oiling system and chain tensioner provided


  • Chances of high power consumption


Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

This is a beast in itself and does not hit the price charts even. You get a perfect solution in a mid-level budget for lumber milling. The engine is equipped with an OxyPower technology that provides that extra boost to the power provided when you are dealing with the thickest of woods.

The starting mechanism is quite user friendly and you have to exert 30% less force than normally experienced with other chainsaw models. It has a strong grip back and front handles so that you can operate Poulan Pro with ultimate firmness. Engine flooding is prevented with the integration of stop control and also facilitates quick start.

A built-in air filtration system is of superb quality and ensures that surroundings experience much fewer emissions. The fuel consumption also remains comparatively low as compared with the engine power it provides.

The chainsaw is integrated with a 20 inches chain bar length which is quite a decent length to deal with all varying thickness levels. Chain tensioning system is mounted on the side so the milling doesn’t get halted out in the middle while you quickly adjust things for yourself using this chainsaw.


  • Ultimate power supported by OxyPower Engine Technology
  • Quick Start System
  • Superb Air Filtration System
  • Built-in Choke/Stop Control


  • Frequent chain tension adjustments required


COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 20″ Powerful Gas Chainsaw

Another budget-friendly chainsaw which you can opt for your wood milling needs. This Coocheer chainsaw is equipped with a 62cc engine and a 20 inches chain bar that provides great overall performance.

The engine operates at a speed of 8500 rpm which is quite sophisticated and it can endure high outdoor temperatures even. The inclusion of rope big wheel halves the resistance at the time of starting. It also comes with a throttle switch so you can deal with things ensuring optimal safety levels.

The chain bar offers much better resistance to wear and tear so you can be relying on its long term reliability. The air filtration system also delivers a commendable performance so you don’t see much emissions around you while operating. Maintenance requirements are minimal as automatic oiling system of the chainsaw takes the care of its parts.

This Coocheer chainsaw model is designed ergonomically with each part perfectly placed offering smooth and balanced maneuverability for operation. The handles are slip-free to provide extra firmness and tackle the vibrations produced with the running of the chainsaw engine and chain bar.


  • Price friendly Chainsaw
  • The convenient rope starting system
  • Comfortable and Long term usage ensured
  • Reliable chain bar performance


  • Not much sturdy


Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312

An electric-powered chainsaw that comes with various pricing options. It offers much less power than the ones discussed before but it is an ideal chainsaw for home-based milling jobs where you are dealing with mid thickness levels.

A 10 inches chain bar length and cordless operations mean that you have ultimate portability for this one. You can try out various operating angles and carry wherever you feel like. Along with the milling, you can also use this chainsaw for various cutting jobs available at your lawn and garden.

The build quality is spectacular as the Oregon chain bar is provided which convinced us to consider this Black+Decker cordless chainsaw. The tool-free chain adjustments can be made as you operate along with this chainsaw so you are covering up with the power deficiency.

You have various battery options to increase the power and battery timing too to ensure the job is done out in the middle in a single go. Lightweight design and automatic oiling system add to the convincing points why one should prefer this one and also comes with a wrap-around bale handle.


  • Meets versatility needs
  • Super chain bar build quality
  • Tool-free chain tension adjustments provided
  • Much light in weight
  • Budget-friendly chainsaw


  • May require an extra pair of batteries to complete heavy lumber milling


Why Use a Chainsaw for Milling?

If you have seen the size of the lumbers that are to be milled, you might be aware of the logistic problems to get it to transport to a location where it can be dealt with. There are labor and rental costs attached to this purpose and you get the lumber converted into useful boards by a nearby lumber mill.

All this hassle can be reduced by a Chainsaw Mill that can deal with lumber for milling purposes cutting down all the expenses. It can be done in a perfect manner if you get used to this type of work then chainsaws are able to cut through in the desired patterns.

No transportation and labor costs will then be added to the costs of boards and planks that are to be extracted from heavy sized lumber. You are able to deal with lumbers at your own space and convenient time. Apart from the initial investment in machinery, there would be additional costs apart from your time.

Time To Get Going

We have covered in-depth the best chainsaws for milling and provided price comparisons also along with the description of their features. We outlined already how a chainsaw offers convenience and helps immensely in cutting down the costs associated with lumber milling.

Causing any further delay to get a chainsaw for yourself would keep the costs of boards and planks quite high. Tackling all those will require a bit of Chainsaw usage training and things will get quite easier and less costly once gone through this phase. It is high time that you get going now!

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