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Coocheer with an affordable yet extremely powerful gasoline chainsaw is getting the spotlight it deserves from the homeowners.

No matter if you want to cut standing trees, thick wood logs, shrubs, and long branches, the chainsaw can help you achieve all of THAT at a reasonable price tag.

From the start, the tool is easy to use, offers convenience in handling, and helps homeowners to maintain their backyard as well.

All in all, today’s Coocheer chainsaw reviews are focused on what’s inside the box, the testing phase, and customer feedback.

Have a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Coocheer Gas Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

The fact that this tool comes with a 62-cc 2-stroke engine that offers around 3.5HP power is enough to trust this hefty chainsaw.

More than that, it gets started in a couple of kicks, so that’s not an issue.

Portability and compactness go side by side as the chainsaw is easily transferable from one place to another.

Apart from all these qualities, assembling the tool requires no more than 5 minutes. THAT combined with a durable construction surely makes Coocheer gas chainsaw one of the standouts among other brands in 2024.

My personal testing of this 20” gas chainsaw is as under:

Our Coocheer Chainsaw Reviews of 2024

Unboxing: Coocheer Chainsaw

The package arrived in the morning and it was expected that the tool didn’t come preassembled.

True to my expectations, I received everything separately, i.e., a guide bar, a long chain, and the tool-head.

So, it took me a good 5 to 10 minutes to assemble each and every part thoroughly.

In the package, I also got a small ranch for adjusting chain tension. Along with that, a user manual was also included.

First Impressions:

Well, the chainsaw wasn’t designed cheaply. Coocheer gave it a premium look and it was evident when I assembled the tool for the first time.

Moreover, it was a bit difficult to handle as the chainsaw was a bit bulky compared to other models and brands.

I also noticed that the oil and fuel window weren’t transparent. So, it was kinda difficult for me to see whether the chainsaw needs more fuel or oil.

Anyway, it took me around 3 to 5 kicks to make the tool operational. Starting it was much easier as compared to other chainsaws I reviewed before.

Testing Phase:

Right after starting the tool properly, it was time for some random testing. So, I took it out in my lawn and started with a small 6×6 wood.

The slice it made was accurate and smooth enough.

Secondly, I tried it on a 10” wood log, and honestly, the tool didn’t compromise on its power even for a bit.

Time from time, I’ve been using it to cut down long branches, standing trees, and some unwanted shrubs, the tool hasn’t disappointed me at all.

However, it does produce emissions and that’s something you have to live with. Besides, the chainsaw vibrates when it’s on full speed, thus making it difficult for homeowners to hold it perfectly.

Technical Features You Need to Know:

Some of the major technical qualities Coocheer 6200 chainsaw offers go as follows:

Efficient and Powerful Engine:

Well, the 62cc, 2-stroke engine installed in the chainsaw produces around 3.5HP of power.

To put that into context, it offers around 8500 revolutions per minute, thus ensuring high-efficiency cutting work at an affordable rate.

More than that, the brand also claims that the tool doesn’t produce emissions. However, that’s not true as I’ve tested it multiple times and it did smoke at a higher rate.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

The 20” guide bar, made up of durable materials ensures easy and convenient cutting with deep intervening.

Moreover, the chain has spiky teeth and can become quite efficient while you are cutting a thick wood log.

Both bar and chain with a powerful push from the engine can rip apart literally anything placed in their way.

Super Air Filtration System:

Coocheer also uses a quick-release air filter system to keep the engine away from dust and foreign debris.

Thus, the engine remains protected from unwanted mess for a long time.

Good thing about the chainsaw is that it also comes with a three-tier gasoline filter.

In case the temperature gets high, the chainsaw won’t turn off and will keep the engine at an optimal temperature.

You can, therefore, carry on with woodworking tasks without any hassle.

Quick Assembly:

Already mentioned above, the tool takes around 5 to 10 minutes to get assembled properly.

So, it becomes feasible for homeowners to start working with the chainsaw as soon as they receive the package.

Make sure that you use the right ratio of fuel and oil to maintain the longevity of the tool accordingly.

Automatic Oiler System:

Automatic oiling works like a charm and keeps the chain away from friction and overheating.

With a properly lubricated chain, cutting process becomes rather easy and you can clean your lawn or backyard within a short time.

Durable and Sturdy Structure:

No doubt about that!

The chainsaw comes with ABS plastic construction, which is not only durable but lightweight at the same time.

Similarly, the guide bar and chain being made up of durable materials can absorb most of the temperature with ease.

This high-quality structure of the tool allows it to work for many years to come without causing any problems.

Guide Plate Sets Keep the Chain Protected:

Last but not least, the brand does offer a set of guide plates to ensure the safety and protection of the chain.

These plates keep the chain away from rust and corrosion. Plus, the wear resistance is well up to the mark to ensure high-quality cutting, without any hassle.

Some of the positives and negatives about Coocheer gasoline chainsaw are as follows:


  • Powerful yet affordable.
  • Durable ABS plastic structure.
  • Sturdy bar and chain mechanics.
  • Powerful 62-cc engine.
  • 5HP efficiency with 8500rpm.
  • Cuts wood logs, trunks, trees, and shrubs.
  • Guide plates keep the chain safe and protected.
  • Automatic oiler offers resistance against friction.


  • A bit heavier than expected.
  • Produces emissions.
  • Vibration could cause the tool to slip.

Customer Ratings:

The customer ratings for Coocheer 6200 are as follows:

Power and Performance: 9.5/10

Durability: 9.5/10

Handling: 9/10

Assembling: 9.5/10

Overall Ratings: 9.5/10

Expert Opinions:

Beau Chevassus from Beau Review Awesomeness calls the chainsaw “Tiring to use”. According to him, “I’ve ordered this Chinese Coocheer 6200 after looking at its price and it offers splendid power in terms of cutting wood logs. However, I felt quite fatigued after working with it for some time. Overall a good pick at an affordable rate but the brand should work on making this tool as lightweight as possible”.

Why Get Coocheer 62cc Chainsaw in 2024?

For starters, it’s a cheap option for those who cannot afford expensive gasoline chainsaws in 2024.

Everything this tool offers is exceptional and phenomenal. You can use it for maintaining your backyard without much hassle.

Consider it before it’s too late!

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