How to Put a Chainsaw Together in 10 Easy Steps? A 2024 Guide

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how to assemble a chainsaw in 10 easy stepsYou have brought a new chainsaw and now you do not know how to put it together? Or are you looking to reassemble your chainsaw? And for this, you need proper guidance, so I am here to guide you on how to put a chainsaw together.

Putting together a chainsaw is a difficult task if it is for the first time you are doing so. However, if you get trained by knowing how to do it, you can do it easily. The same task might take a lot of time but after practice, it becomes a matter of minutes.

There are two essential things that you need to assemble in a chainsaw. They are chainsaw bars and chainsaw chains. Rest, there are other parts as well but the most essential and the basic are these two and I will be paying attention to them only.

How To Assemble a Chainsaw in 10 Easy Steps? A 2024 Guide

Things you would be having for assembling are the motor, bar, chain, manual guide, and a scrench. Typically, you will get these things if you buy a new chainsaw.

In another case, you might need to reassemble the chainsaw because of many reasons. Even in that case, commonly chainsaw chains and bars are subjected to assembling.

Hopefully, you have understood the orientation and now it is time to move forward to the procedure part. I will guide you in detail regarding how to assemble chainsaw. Be with me and learn easily! 

Attaching Bar to a Chainsaw

When you buy a new chainsaw I have already told you what parts you will be getting. Based on that you would have understood that you only need to attach the chainsaw bar and the chainsaw chain and then start working.

Therefore, let me tell you the steps that you need to follow for attaching the chainsaw bar to the main motor. Make sure you are wearing safety goggles and gloves before you start working on the assembling of chainsaw parts.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to loosen the bolt to remove the case. While you do so, make sure that you release the chain brake. Loosen the screw and take off the clutch cover from the main motor.

Step 2

Secondly, you need to lubricate the bar before you place it. If your version of the chainsaw has the system of auto lubrication then you can skip it. Or else, you need to lubricate the bar with bar oil from the area which will rotate on the motor.

Step 3

Before moving ahead make sure that the tensioner, which is usually on the clutch cover, is loosened.

Step 4

Place the chainsaw bar on the motor. Be careful regarding the exact positions. You will find holes in the bar and from there you will pass it through the bar nuts.

Step 5

Once you place the chainsaw bar, you would not put the cover back. You need to fit the chain on the bar before you put the covers back.

Putting a chainsaw chain is also technical work that you must do carefully. In the next section, I will tell you in the next steps how you can put a chainsaw chain on the bar. Follow the steps carefully to do it perfectly.

Putting a Chain on a Chainsaw

Step 6

Once the bar is settled on the chainsaw, pick the chainsaw chain and arrange its orientation. The pointed teeth of the chainsaw chain should be facing in the forward direction. Otherwise, it will not cut the wood properly.

Step 7

Place the chain on the bar in a way that the drive links of the chain are inserted in the bar grooves. Done with placing the bar? Good. Let us move forward to the next step.

Step 8

Then, you need to work on the chain tensioning. The chainsaw chain should be properly tensioned, not too tight or loose. In such a case, the chainsaw chain will get damaged, and eventually, it will break or get stretched.

Tighten the chain by moving the tensioning screw in the clockwise direction. Tighten it until the drive links do not completely leave the bar groves. For checking tightness, pull the chainsaw chain out of the grooves, if it comes out a bit, it is perfect.

Step 9

After you successfully put the bar and chain on the chainsaw, you need to lubricate it. Oil the chain and the bar properly. Then, move the chain with a hand over the bar to distribute the oil evenly.

Step 10

Put the clutch cover back on the chainsaw. Check the working by starting the chainsaw. If it runs properly, you have successfully put a chainsaw together and now you can work with it. 

How to Assemble an Electric Chainsaw?

I have provided you with general guidelines regarding how to put a chainsaw together. Let me now tell you how you can do that for an electric chainsaw. The procedure of assembling a battery-operated chainsaw is not much different from that of a gas-operated chainsaw.

Remove the side cover by loosening the main bolt. Pick the chainsaw bar and attach it to the main motor. Follow the above-mentioned steps for attaching the chainsaw bar to the motor unit.

Then, place the chainsaw chain over it. Likewise, follow the same advice regarding the tensioning of a chainsaw as I have told you earlier. Once you are done with putting the chain and bar, it is time to put back the cover.

Fill the chain oil in the oil reservoir and test the chainsaw by running it. If you have to save it for later use, cover it with the chain cover. If you have to use it, find a suitable and secure connection to supply power to your chainsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you reattach a chainsaw?

Reattaching a chainsaw is a hard job until you are not having practice. Remove the side cover, and put the chainsaw bar first. Follow the position of the bar according to the bar nuts. Bring the bar through the nuts and then put the chain on it.

Gradually, move the tensioning screw in the clockwise direction to tighten it. keep tightening the chain until you reach the optimum point, which is neither loose nor too tight. Once the chain is properly tensioned, put the cover back and it is ready to be used.

Is there a right or wrong way to put a chain on a chainsaw?

Yes, of course, there are right and wrong ways of putting a chainsaw chain on a chainsaw. Let me tell you the correct position. The right way of putting a chain is that the teeth of the chain should face the forward direction. If the teeth are facing a backward direction, they would not cut and it would be the wrong way of putting the chain on a chainsaw.

How do you put a chainsaw bar on?

Putting the chainsaw bar on the chainsaw is so easy. The real trick comes when you have to attach the chain to it as well. Putting the bar is simple because you just need to hold the bar and attach it to the motor unit. For your guidance, there are bar nuts and you will find holes in the bar. Simply cross the bar nuts through holes in the bar, and you have got the right position.  

What are the main parts of a chainsaw?

There are three main parts of the chainsaw on which it works. The motor unit or engine generates the power on which the chainsaw works. The second unit is a chainsaw chain. It is essential because it has the specifications for cutting. The third important part is the chainsaw bar. It is the part over which the chain moves. All these three parts are interdependent and collectively they make the chainsaw perform the duty.

Final Takeaways

This was all about how to put a chainsaw together. I gave you all the basic and necessary information that will help you in assembling a chainsaw. Also, I have told you how you can assemble an electric chainsaw.

These were the general guidelines. You can skip or add steps according to the requirement of your chainsaw model. For instance, if your chainsaw has an auto lubricating system, then skip that step and so on.

For further information, you can check your user guide manual. It will help you as it will directly address the model of chainsaw you are having.  

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