Top 5 Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews 2022

If you are frustrated with storing a gasoline canister and mixing fuels, every time you have to cut some wood, or tired of working around your way with a power cord that never gives you enough space to maneuver efficiently, then the power-tool that you are looking for is a battery chainsaw.

The best battery chainsaws are a great upgrade on the traditional wire operated and gasoline-powered variants. An increasing amount of people are getting rid of their traditional gasoline-powered chainsaws not only because they generate a lot of harmful emissions but also are extremely noisy, and difficult to maintain for most operators.

Whether you are a domestic homeowner, that needs a constant supply of firewood too for weekend barbecues, or a professional wood-supplier, getting your hands on a modern tool that packs the power of innovation and is in-short the best, is important.

Nobody wants to grip a chainsaw that offers them an unsavory cutting experience, which is why we have compiled a list of the best battery chainsaws. After painstaking research and product evaluation, our recommendations will equip you with all the necessary information before getting the right product. To condense our research and make it more beneficial for you, we have also included a buying guide. So, its time to get your gloves on and get sawing.

Top 5 Best Battery Powered Chainsaw 2022

Bar Length
1. Makita XCU02PT1 [Top-Rated Pick]
18.5 lbs
2. DEWALT DCKO667X1 [Best Combo Kit]
11 lbs
3. Earthwise CS33014 [Best for the Money]
15 lbs
4. Black and Decker LCS1240
10.4 lbs
5. Greenworks G-MAX 40V
10.36 lbs

1.  Makita XCU02PT1 – The Best Battery Powered Chainsaw of 2022

Makita Battery Powered Chainsaw

Makita, established in 1915, is a company that has redefined innovation. The unmatched durability and quality of its power tools is driven by a strong commitment to research and development, that is reflective in the performance of its products. Its battery powered chainsaw is an extension of this performance-based legacy.

If you’re looking for the best battery operated chainsaw that offers ease-of-use, efficiency, and productivity, this is it. The Makita XCU02PT1 is a battery-operated chainsaw that offers the innovative spirit of Makita, and the dependability of a sturdy tool.

Not only does it cut wood up to 12 inches thick, but it also weighs just over 10 pounds with two batteries attached. This weight value is fantastic for a tool of this caliber, making sure that you do not endure the excessive strain of carrying a heavy power tool. The best part, however, is its battery timing.  This machine can last for two full hours of cutting, with the purchase of the extended 4-battery kit. The batteries take a mere 20 minutes to charge.

A 2-battery charger comes with the base package, so you still get a convenient 1 hour of cutting time. Upgrade to the 4-battery charger to have everything fully charged in under half an hour.

What makes this power tool distinct from its competitors is the Automatic Oiler for bar and chain lubrication. This is the most convenient and efficacious type which self-lubricates while allowing you greater control over the oiling process, making sure your machine stays in top-notch condition.


  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • 12 guide bar for increased capacity
  • Great battery timing


  • it weighs just over 15 pounds with batteries attached


For a wide assortment of residential projects, like trimming jobs, cutting down small trees, clearing brush, etc. this is the best battery chainsaw to use, because of its reliability features. The tool-less chain adjustment saves you time, while the battery timing is great. Perfect for the domestic do-it-yourself gardener.


2.  DEWALT DCKO667X1 – Most Powerful Battery Operated Chainsaw [2022]

Dewalt Battery powered chainsaw reviews

Millions of house-owners and professionals all around the world use DEWALT power tools to power through their daily tasks. Using the latest technology, the products made by this company guarantee you an increase in efficiency, productivity and aid you to get the most out of your buy.

If you are on the lookout for a chainsaw that packs the punch of a conventional fuel-guzzling machine, while working on batteries, then the DEWALT Brushless Chainsaw is for you. It is powered with a brushless motor, that is efficient and provides sufficient torque for efficient cutting.

Equipped with a low kick-back 16’’ bar, there is a lot of cutting that you can get done, that too swiftly. The chain brake addition provides you with added protection for the kickback operation. What makes it reliable is its powerful 40V Lithium-Ion battery, which has enough juice to power this machine for a generous one hour of cutting.

Aiding your convenience, there is an auto-lubrication feature in this battery-operated chainsaw. The LubriLink technology gives you the comfort of having a smooth cutting experience, with little to zero maintenance and greater operating life. It comes with all standard accessories such as a tool-free tensioning system for quick chain adjustments.


  • Powerful brushless motor for seamless cutting
  • Auto-oiling system finishes maintenance worries
  • Reliable Lithium-Ion Battery


  • A little heavy


DEWALT, as a brand, has a huge-consumer base when it comes to offering comprehensive gardening tools. This edition of their battery operated chainsaw is no less. Without the need of picking up another chain saw, you can get done with various tasks such as cutting up medium-sized trees, chopping firewood, clearing bushes, and all landscaping endeavors with ease.


3.  Earthwise CS33014 – Reliable Battery Chainsaw in 2022

Earthwise corded battery chainsaw

Earthwise, as a brand, has tirelessly worked to preserve the planet by providing clean products. These not only appeal to domestic home workers but professionals too, that use Earthwise products to breeze through laborious tasks with ease.

The Earthwise 14-Inch Battery Operated Chainsaw is a true beast when it comes to woodcutting. Its 14 inch Oregon bar and chain gives you the comfort to access small to medium-sized trees with ease. With a serrated cutting blade, you can power through logs and limbs without stopping.

What makes it efficient is the trade-off it offers- it extends the convenience of being a low maintenance battery-operated tool that is simple to use while packing the power of a gas-powered chainsaw.  With a built-in tool compartment on the bottom side of the chain saw, you can safely store the most common chain tools, saving you the hassle of fetching them if there is a downtime.

The motor design is also a salient feature. It is not only brushless but provides high-performance power, efficiency, and durability, making sure that this power tool keeps running for years. It is equipped with a chain brake and handguard to keep its operation safe and has an LED display to keep you aware of the remaining battery.


  • The handguard and chain brake offer secure usage
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Powerful and efficient motor for maintenance-free operation


  • The 14-inch bar does not allow greater cutting leverage


The Earthwise 58V 2Ah battery-powered chainsaw is a great addition to their collection of reliable power tools. It is perfect for small to medium-sized wood cutting operations, such as wood logs, branches, firewood, and bushes. The only slight drawback is its relatively shorter cutting bar, but it is still very efficient. All-in-all a good buy for gardening aspirations.


4.  Black and Decker LCS1240 – Cordless Chainsaw with Battery and Charger

B+D cordless chainsaw with battery and charger

Black and Decker is the world’s largest producer of portable electric tools, electric lawn and garden tools. The products made by this company are engineered to be reliable, while at the same time working sustainably.

When it comes to the 12’’ cutting bar chainsaw variant, then the Black and Decker LCS1240 is the best battery-powered chainsaw. It has a sustained overall working life and longer runtime owing to its 40V MAX Lithium-Ion battery. With an automatic-oiling system, you do not have to endure the hassle of worrying about regular lubrication, making maintenance super-easy.

Use this chainsaw for various tasks such as pruning branches, cutting fallen limbs, and other landscaping. You do not have to worry about the chain dislodging or jamming, because it comes with the standard tool-free chain tensioning feature. This makes chain adjustments very convenient and enables a seamless cutting experience.

What makes this battery-operated chainsaw one of the best is the quality of its charge. With a single charge, it can provide over 60 pine lumber cuts, which is a great quantity for any domestic wood-chopper. Giving you a secure and comfortable gripping experience, it comes with a full wrap-around handle for controlled cutting in different orientations.


  • Great battery for more cuts per charge
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Comfortable and leveraged handling experience


  • Not suitable for large cutting projects like logs


Black and Decker is a reliable company in the realm of appliances and power tools. It’s 12’’ battery-operated chainsaw gives you the power to breeze through pruning applications, owing to its motor. When it comes to large scale cutting applications such as addressing tree barks and logs, then the 12’’ handle might not be the best, but for small scale cutting, it is perfect.


5.  Greenworks G-MAX 40V – Electric Battery Chainsaw

Greenworks Electric Battery Chainsaw

One of the leading companies, providing battery-powered outdoor tools for both DIY-consumers and landscaping aspirants, Greenworks quickly climbed the ranks of being an innovative company. Its diversified range of products offers robust solutions for every job, without the mess of gas-powered tools.

The length of cutting bar that the Greenworks Battery Operated Chainsaw offers makes it one of the best cordless chainsaws out there. Its extremely leveraged 16-inch cutting bar offers you comprehensive performance, along with a comfortable maneuvering experience. The auto-chain tensioning and automatic oiling system gives you a convenient maintenance experience

With such a long cutting edge, it still weighs a mere 10 pounds making it a powerhouse when it comes to undertaking tedious cutting jobs around the house lawn. The brushless motor powering this machine is also unparalleled in its features. Giving you 30% extra torque for faster cutting, the motor operates on 70% less vibration for your comfort while working.

Greenworks is taking Lithium-Ion Technology to the next level with this power tool. With a single charge, this battery-operated chainsaw can provide up to 150 cuts. You get commanding power with just one charge. Its innovative motor and battery technology guarantee a longer life, greater efficiency, less noise while operating, and more torque for the most grueling cutting operation.


  • The longer cutting bar gives expert maneuverability and leverage
  • Brushless motor is efficient, noise reducing and powerful
  • Automatic oiler and chain tensioning
  • Battery life is great


  • The battery takes time to fully charge


Features to Look For While Choosing the Best Battery Powered Chainsaw in 2022

Now that we have reviewed the best battery operated chainsaws in the market, we know what you are looking for. But amongst all products, there are some common features that are essential and must be present in every Cordless Chainsaw.

After evaluating multiple customer reviews, and taking insights from pro-wielders of power tools, we have compiled a buying guide that enlists and explains the must-have features that should be present in a battery-operated chainsaw, before you consider to buy it.

Bar Length

The physical bar length of a battery-operated chainsaw is the most important operational feature to look for. This length determines the size of trees, logs, branches, bushes, and prunes that your power tool will be able to cut. Depending on your usage, it is important to prioritize the tradeoff as you might be tempted to buy the longest chainsaw out there.

The smartest thing to do while determining the Bar Length you require is to measure the piece of wood that you will be cutting, and get a chainsaw that is two inches longer than that. This not only gives you a comfortable maneuvering experience but the extra clearance also protects from a potential accident.

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning System

Chainsaws are destined to be adjusted frequently when they are operated. The resistance that they receive from thick wood often causes the chain to misalign, whenever you use the power tool. So there is a constant need to readjust the chain on the guide bar several times, and for that, you should look for the tool-free chain tensioning system.

The hassle of using a combination of a screwdriver and wrench can be really fatiguing, so we recommend that you always look for a battery-powered chainsaw that does not require a tool to adjust the tension on its chain, with an adjustment knob.

Battery Life And Charging Time

The whole logic behind shifting to a cordless or battery operated chainsaw is the convenience of getting rid of cords and fuel. But this convenience can quickly turn into a hassle, if the chainsaw you buy has a weak battery life, or takes a lot of time to charge.

If your chainsaw has a short battery life, there is a high probability that it runs out of juice, during work, which means that you have to stall your cutting operation in between which is never feasible. Make sure to look for a power-tool that can deliver significant cuts per charge, and gives you enough time to get the job done.

Another crucial feature is the time it requires to fully charge. If a chainsaw only lasts 15 minutes, then a charge time of 4 hours would never make, sense, because you do not get any advantage of getting rid of wires, if all you can do is watch your chainsaw get charged.

Conclusive Words- Get Chopping With The Right Battery Powered Chainsaw

We have done the hard work of evaluating and recommending the best battery chainsaws in the market and then giving you a metric of judging the most important features that every chainsaw should include.

You, now have sufficient knowledge to cut through the confusion of impulsive buying and make an informed decision of choosing the right chainsaw for you. Getting free of cords is really taking the world by surprise, and the element of pollution generated by oil-guzzling chainsaws also is generally getting outdated.

Picking up speed and getting your hands on the right battery operated chainsaw can equip you with the power to breeze through all your wood-cutting aspirations, that too with efficiency, comfort, ease-of-operation, and durability.

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Richard lives out in the wild with his other half, Diana Richard. He tests chainsaws based on his personal experience and loves to share their nitty gritty details with his audience. Although Richard does focus on other home improvement tools, his focus remains on cutting fallen trees or maintaining his backyard via chainsaw tools. He pledges to come up with new knowledge about chainsaws every once in a while.