Is it Bad for a Chainsaw to Run Only for a Short Period of Time?

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If your chainsaw does not run long while on idle, it does not necessarily mean that the chainsaw is bad. There could be multiple reasons for the chainsaw to run for a short period of time. Also, there are multiple explanations for the process that causes the chainsaw to shut down quickly.

Thus, in simple words, it is not necessarily bad for a chainsaw to run for a short time. In this article, I will explain to you the mechanisms of chainsaws and the possible reasons for their quick shutting down. For instance, it can be due to safety features, so it is of no harm or something to worry about at all.

Before we proceed, let me clarify that the different type of chainsaws have different processes. Also, the way your chainsaw is set, it affects too. Therefore, you must understand the type of chainsaw you are using and the exact reason why it runs for a short time.

mechanics of running chainsaw for shorter intervals

Do Frequent Breaks/Stops Affect Negatively on Chainsaw?

When you are working with a saw machine it is normal to have frequent breaks while cutting. More specifically if you are cleaning the yard or cutting some defined branches, then breaks are usual. Though it does not affect the tool much, it can still bring a little harm.

Other than that, in longer it is advised to take short breaks if you are continuously cutting with the chainsaw. Moreover, to let the chainsaw engine run idle or turn it off while working during short breaks is a completely personal choice.

I would suggest to keep the chainsaw running if the break is for 10 to 20 seconds. However, for longer breaks, you should turn the chainsaw off and arrange things to avoid longer breaks and restart it frequently.

Why Chainsaws Shut Down After a Short Time?

As I have mentioned earlier, there could be multiple reasons for shutting down a chainsaw after a short time. Depending upon the reason, one can decide if it is ok or not. Normally, for chainsaws to not run for a long time is natural and possibly it is because of safety features.

Other than that, there are other aspects such as; how chainsaw is set up, what type is of chainsaw, and whether it is pumping bar only or it pumps bar oil as well. For some cheap chainsaw models, you usually have a messy experience of pumping bar oil when idling.

Warm-up and Cool-Down Feature:

When you turn on the chainsaw, you let the engine run for a while so that the engine gets warmed up and ultimately assists you in better cutting. But you also know that when a chainsaw runs for a long time, the engine gets overheated. This overheating is quite a lot dangerous and must be prevented.

Therefore, to avoid accidents that can be caused by overheating, there are safety features in some chainsaws that do not allow chainsaws to run for long. Thus, your chainsaw might get shut down within one minute due to this feature.

For this reason, the chainsaws that do not have this feature, are advised to be turned off for short intervals. You must take small breaks by yourself and shut down the chainsaw if your chainsaw does not have this feature.

Frequent Restarting of Chainsaw:

If you are continuously turning off and restarting the chainsaw even for short intervals, then it does affect the tool badly. The reason is that it takes some time for the chainsaw to activate the lubrication system. If you turn it off and restart it quickly, the system may not properly lubricate the engine.

The chainsaws work on the lubrication system and the well-being of them highly relies upon proper lubrication. Failure of proper lubrication causes great wear and damage to the engine and other parts. Thus, too frequent turn on and off is not good for the chainsaw.

For How Long You Should Allow Chainsaw to Run Idle?

To run the chainsaw idle means you are just letting the engine start without performing and potentially working the chainsaw. The idle running of a chainsaw is never recommended for a longer duration. Running the engine idle for a long time can be very harmful.

It can cause overheating of the engine which is harmful for the engine components. This ultimately affects the overall lifespan of the chainsaw. Moreover, idle running for a long time is a waste of fuel. You are using energy but not getting any work done by the cutting tool.

Other than that, idle running of a chainsaw can build up carbon in the combustion chamber of the engine. This accumulation causes reduced airflow in the system. As a result, you will be having frequent engine issues and will end up with having less efficient chainsaw.

Last Words:

This was the whole description for “Is it bad for chainsaws to run for a short period of time?” Thus, the simple answer is it can be bad in certain conditions for instance if the reason is an engine issue or something else.

However, in routine, it is not a bad thing as most chainsaws have a safety system that is responsible for their shutting down. In other situations, it can be even good because if your chainsaw runs idle for a long time, it can damage your cutting tool.

Moreover, as far as the question of whether or not you should turn off and on frequently while working is concerned, I have already told you the answer. If the break is shorter than 10 to 20 seconds, then you may let it keep running.   

Rudy Richard