How to Start a Stubborn Chainsaw in 2024? A Guide

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starting a stubborn chainsaw

Chainsaws are incredible tools for cutting up firewood, falling trees, and pruning branches. It cuts with the set of teeth attached to the rotating chain.

Besides it, many chainsaws specialize in cutting concrete during construction and for cutting ice. However, like other tools, they can sometimes be a little stubborn and don’t show startup.

There are many reasons for stubborn chainsaws, but fortunately, they are easy to fix. The excellent way to diagnose the problem is to start with the essential issues and eliminate each possibility one by one.

Maybe, the chainsaw housing is damaged, or the starter assembly is stuck. Use fuel amount accordingly. Otherwise, the excess can forbid the tool to proceed. 

Cut the long story short, let’s answer ‘how to start a stubborn chainsaw’ in detail below:

How to Start a Stubborn Chainsaw in 2024? Simple and Easy Steps

Always read the manual before starting a chainsaw. It is frustrating to see chainsaws becoming stubborn and not working. It happens when you use your chainsaw after ages or when the engine temperature is freezing. 

The chainsaw needs to tune up in that case. Use fresh gasoline after prolonged storage or when filling a chainsaw. Let’s take a look at some methods to start a stubborn chainsaw.

Look at the pulley system

The pulley system is an essential factor because it helps take back the starter rope. A broken pulley system will not work correctly and will make it hard to pull. There are two places to look for a broken or not functioning pulley. Check for the pulley first as the rope goes to it. Then, the pulley goes to the pawl and spring. See, whether the spring is functional without rust on it. There needs to be some tension in it because it causes all the systems to spin up. If the spring and pulley are not working correctly chainsaw will remain stubborn and hard to pull.

Check it has fresh fuel

Your carving chainsaw should have fresh fuel in it. Gasoline doesn’t last long. It will start to deteriorate if gasoline is sitting in the chainsaw for over one month. After that, liquid particle starts evaporating leaving sticky goo. Remove old gasoline from your chainsaw, clean it, add fresh gas and try again.

Check the air filters

The air filter has to be cleaned. If the air filter is clogged or dirty, it will affect the air-to-gas ratio and may prevent the engine from firing up. Check the air filters and start it again.

Check the engine

The worst problem to have is with the engine. If there is an issue with the engine itself, the starter assembly may not be able to work properly, and the engine will not start. Likewise, if the engine is seized entirely, the rope will be difficult to pull.

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Blocked or Clogged Spark Arrestor

The spark arrestor is a screen that doesn’t spark from flying out of the home use chainsaw while it is being used, and it also affects the fuel-air mixture. It is blocked with time and used if not cleaned properly. It needs to be cleaned daily. If your chainsaw isn’t working you should check the spark arrestor.

Ignition Coil

If you have checked everything and still haven’t found the reason, the next possibility of its stubbornness is the ignition coil. The ignition coil is located next to the carburetor. It sends voltage, causing a spark in it, and if this is not happening, your chainsaw may not be able to function properly.

To check if the ignition coil is to blame, you need to use an ignition coil tester. If you find out this is the reason your chainsaw won’t start, you’re only left with the option is to replace the ignition coil.

The Starter Housing is damaged

Another common problem that can make the cheap chainsaw hard to pull and work is that the starter housing gets damaged. The housing can break and may impede the path of the rope, or pieces may fall inside and get wound up and stuck in the pulley and starter and make it harder for the chainsaw to work.

This is the thing that you are likely to need to completely replace. However, if it is only a small piece, you may be able to repair it with epoxy or tape.

Maintenance of chainsaws can decrease the likelihood that you need to deal with this kind of issue.

Troubleshooting a chainsaw

To start the chainsaw, it must have an “ON” position and set the choke properly. Do check the owner’s manual and adjust the carburetor according to the directions labeled to avoid roughness in the engine. Keep in mind, it should never overheat. The most common cause of smoking is lack of lubrication.

Reasons for clogging of chainsaws

The carburetor might be damaged or old and needed to be replaced. To test the carburetor, pour a tablespoon of fuel into it. If it stops abruptly after starting, there is a problem with the carburetor for sure.

Also, there might be problems with the air filter. Do check it.

Check this video tutorial on starting a stubborn chainsaw by Chickanic:

Frequently asked questions

How do you start a stubborn chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a tool that starts after priming the carburetor, as it won’t work depending on engine design only. To start it, activate the choke by moving the lever to the full choke position and pulling the starter rope 3 to 4 times.

What’s wrong with my chainsaw?

If a chainsaw doesn’t start rough, one can think that carburetor is out of whack, it can be a neglected air filter. It can lead to a spark plug if the filter is clogged and the ratio of air to gasoline in the carburetor will be off.

What makes a chainsaw hard to pull?

If the pulley system was snagged or stuck, the housing was damaged, or the starter assembly was found sticky, it can lead the chainsaw hard to pull.

Conclusion: How to Start a Stubborn Chainsaw?

Keep checking fuel and the presence of dirt particles from time to time. Use fuel amount accordingly as its excess can forbid the instrument to proceed. The carburetor must be keenly checked after every use to avoid hotness in the instrument.

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