How to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter in 5 Easy Steps in 2024?

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cleaning chainsaw air filter in 5 easy stepsTo ensure the effective functioning of the carburetor the air filter needs to be cleaned to properly flush out the air by removing the dust particles from it.

The air filter keeps the chainsaw safe and secure by allowing clean air to reach the carburetor and engine.

Dirt can cause wear and tear in your equipment. So, you need to clean your chainsaw air filter to keep it apt for fruitful performance.

On average, a chainsaw inhales air more than humans. To prevent its combustion chamber from failing, adequate air filter cleaning is vital to eliminate particulate matter that can clog chainsaws.

It’ll be undoubtedly a major inconvenience when you find grimy and dusty filters without knowing how to go for a suitable cleaning process. Spotless and dirtless air filters offer reliable performance without costing much for maintenance.

So, the question is how to clean chainsaw air filters? Read this article thoroughly to protect your tool better and keep it for a prolonged period.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter in 2022?

The chainsaw air filter is not exposed. It’s well-protected to provide its importance to the whole saw. What to do when dirt accumulates on it? Obviously, go for cleaning.

Tools you’ll require:

  • Two buckets of water.
  • Hand bristle brush/toothbrush.
  • Soap
  • Access to hot and cold water.

Steps to Follow to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter

Step 1: Locate the air filter

Every affordable chainsaw is constructed differently. You’ll usually find an air filter on the top of the equipment or behind the engine. Just locate the raised region on the chainsaw’s body that has openings for optimum air circulation. Remove the screws through the screwdriver from the lid. Take its cover off and put it in a safe place.

Step 2: Eliminate the air filter

Under this cover, you will find another cover beside the rear engine. Through the screwdriver, lose its screws and remove the cap gently. Get the air filter out for cleaning.

Step 3: The cleaning process

Fill the bucket with hot soapy water. Tap the plastic edges of the filter to loosen the dirt particles. Scrub the filter with the toothbrush gently to remove dust particles in the sudsy water. Let the debris settle in the bottom of the bucket.

When you’ve done with the cleaning, put the filter in a bucket of cold water to eliminate soapy residue. Set it aside and let it dry.

Step 4: Get done with the covers.

To save your filter from getting contaminated again, clean the covers as well. Use the hot water bucket to rub the covers. Rinse it with the cold water, then. Set it aside and let it dry.

Step 5: Put the air filter back

If the cleaning process is over and all the pieces have been dried, fasten them back with the battery chainsaw.

Watch the complete step-by-step process of cleaning a chainsaw filter here:

How Do I Know When to Clean My Chainsaw Air Filters?

Just like a human body that needs oxygen to survive, combustion engines in machinery rely on air to operate. A worn-out air filter can make your engine suffer. That leads to intensive problems. Fortunately, filthy air filters are easy to figure out once you know what to look for.

You are injecting more fuel than usual, but still, you’re experiencing malfunctioning. An unhealthy dirty filter might be a reason. It’s time to clean your filters when you notice:

Air filter looks dirty

Brand new filters seem almost white or clean. With time, contaminants turn them black or brown. So, this inspection can be a confirmation of a bad filter.

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This aspect is easy to identify. When you find your equipment is getting hot during regular work, it’s a symptom of the unmaintained air filter.

Performance drop-off

You will receive unsatisfactory performance with poor air filters. This sheer or notable drop-off in functioning signifies that your air filters demand adequate cleaning.

Strange engine noises

As the filters clog up, you’ll hear strange sounds from the engine during cutting or chopping woods. It’s time to give them some TLC.

How Often Should You Clean Chainsaw Air Filters? When Should It Be Replaced?

The rule of thumb is to clean your chainsaw air filter after 10 hours of constant use – it largely depends upon its usage and the type of wood you cut. And Replacements should be done at least once a year or at the beginning of the cutting season. You should consider replacement when:

  1. It lacks power.
  2. It is getting harder to start than usual.
  3. Is it crashing and cutting off more than it should be?

If you notice any of these factors, you should consider replacing rather than cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need to clean chainsaw fuel filters?

As the fuel filters are available at affordable prices. So, it’s better to replace. Cleaning fuel filters can be a bit tricky. Simply, remove the old one and feed a new one into the chainsaw housing.

2. What if the chainsaw filters are left uncleaned?

Conditions will get worse with time. The dirtier air filter reduces the air circulation making it hard to work. It requires more energy which might cost you more money. Clogged air filters result in inadequate performance and excessive heat emission in battery-powered chainsaws. Due to this your equipment will not last long.

3. Should I clean chainsaw oil filters?

Just like fuel filters, oil filters can be replaced easily. You don’t have to spend time cleaning. If you’re not ready to invest, then they do come with the sponge inserted. Remove and clean with it.

Wrapping Up: How to Clean Chainsaw Air Filter?

Take proper care of your home use chainsaw. It will prevent you from spending excessive income on it. Maintained air filters let you do your work uninterrupted, aiding you to perform a task in a challenging situation without hiccups.

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