How to Oil a Mini Chainsaw in 5 Easy Steps in 2024? A Guide

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oiling and lubricating a mini chainsawThe way mini chainsaw machines are getting popular these days, it’s the need of the hour to explain how to maintain them properly.

That said, in today’s episode of resolving chainsawer queries, I am going to answer ‘how to oil a mini chainsaw’ in 5 easy steps.

You will, therefore, not only learn the whole process but also get yourself acknowledged with some other basics of oiling a mini chainsaw.

Let’s start, without any further ado:

How to Oil a Mini Chainsaw in 5 Easy Steps? [2024]

There are two types of chainsaws among mini chainsaws such as mini electric saws and gas-powered mini chainsaws. Both types require lubrication to work efficiently. However, there is a bit of difference in the type of oil for both chainsaws that I will tell you about it later.

For now, let me tell you how to oil a mini chainsaw. It is not difficult but you should oil it properly. I will be telling you in five easy steps how you can oil a mini chainsaw.

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Step 1

The very first step is to identify whether you need to oil your chainsaw bar and chain or not. Now you must be thinking that all chainsaws need oil, yes you are right. But I am talking about manual lubrication.

Many chainsaws these days come with an automatic oiling system. So, you do not need to oil them. Thus, first, you need to check whether your mini chainsaw requires manual lubrication or not. If it does require, then follow the next step.

Step 2

The next step is to find suitable oil for your mini chainsaw. This is important because you need different oil in different seasons. In winter you need to lubricate your chainsaw with a thinner chainsaw oil. However, in summer you need a thicker density of chainsaw oil.

Step 3

The third step is to find out oil hole in the chainsaw bar. These days many chainsaws do not have a bar oil hole because of an auto lubricating system of the saw. In this case, just oil the chain so that it can work properly. Oiling also prevents the chainsaw chain from rusting.

Step 4

Now, add a few drops of oil to the chain. Then, run the chainsaw so that the oil spreads throughout the chain. Do not try to spread oil on the chain with your hand because the chain has sharp blades that can cause injury.

Step 5

If your mini chainsaw has an oiling hole in the bar then oil the bar as well. Simply put a few drops of oil in the hole and leave it to absorb. There is one tip for you that is either do not oil the chainsaw bar or if you do then do it frequently, like before every use.

Do Mini Chainsaws Need Oil?

Yes, like all chainsaws, mini chainsaws also need oil and lubrication. Though electric chainsaws do not work on the mixture of oil and gasoline as we see in the case of gas-powered chainsaws. Yet, electric chainsaws need oil for bar and chain lubrication.

Thus, a mini chainsaw that is battery-operated needs oil for the lubrication of the chainsaw chain and bar. And a gas-powered mini chainsaw requires oil for its work along with the oiling of the chain and bar.

How necessary it is to Oil a Mini Chainsaw?

Oiling a chainsaw is of great importance due to the type of work chainsaws do perform. The working of chainsaws is based on continuous wear and tear and thus a lot of friction. This can damage chainsaws to a greater extent.

Therefore, if you are having a chainsaw, you need to keep it lubricated. The oil on the chain prevents the chainsaw chain from rusting, keeps it healthy, and protects it from overheating. Similarly, bar lubrication makes the surface smooth for the chain to rotate easily over it.

Can Alternative Oils be used in Mini Chainsaw?

It depends upon the purpose for which you are using alternative oil. Oil is used in chainsaws for two purposes. The first is to run a chainsaw in case of gas operated saw. While the other purpose is to lubricate the bar and chainsaw chain.

Alternative oils are not recommended to be used for operating the chainsaw as they can damage the engine of the saw. Therefore, you should never use an alternative oil for operating it. However, using an alternative oil is way better than using a chainsaw without lubrication because it is more harmful to your cutting tool.

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What Alternative Oils Could be Used?

As an alternative option, you can use motor oil, vegetable oil, or WD‒40 oil. The problem with these replacement options is that either they do not lubricate fully or they cause damage to the engine and rubbers of the saw. Also, among these options, motor oil is less recommended than the other two options.

Are Mini Chainsaws Safer than Regular Chainsaws?

Technically, you can say that mini chainsaws are safer as compared to regular chainsaws. Yet, it is not the case that you think there is no danger associated with using a mini chainsaw.

They are easy to handle and therefore there are fewer dangers associated with them. However, you need to be fully attentive while operating a mini chainsaw as it can also kickback. Also, there are injuries reported while using mini chainsaws due to the less attention being paid to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do you put oil in a mini chainsaw?

You will find an oil-filling hole with a cap. Place your chainsaw on a dry and clean surface and unscrew the cap. Add oil to the reservoir and avoid overfilling. Always use recommended chainsaw oil and never let the reservoir dry.

2. Do I have to oil my mini chainsaw?

Yes, certainly you need oil for bar and chain lubrication and in the case of a gas-powered mini chainsaw, you also need oil for operation. A mini chainsaw also goes through the same experience of facing friction as that a regular chainsaw. Thus, you need to oil it properly.

3. How do you lubricate a Saker mini chainsaw?

Saker mini chainsaw does not have an auto lubrication system. Thus, you will not find an oil reservoir in it and you need to lubricate it manually. Place the saw in a way that the chain is in an upward direction.

Then, add a few drops of oil and move the chain a bit. Again, add a small amount of oil to the next part of the chain. You can do it in three rounds and then you are done with completely lubricating your Saker electric mini chainsaw

4. What kind of oil goes in a mini chainsaw?

Firstly, there is no special oil for mini chainsaws. Secondly, always use the oil that your chainsaw brand recommends for the saw. However, generally speaking, Oregon 54‒059 bar and chain oil is the best product to be used for lubricating chainsaw bars and chains.

5. How often should I oil my mini chainsaw?

The more often you are using your mini chainsaw, the more often you need to oil it. Oiling the chainsaw depends upon the usage of the saw. However, if you are having an automatic oiling chainsaw you need to keep track of the oil reservoir. When you see that reservoir is running short of oil, add it.

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Final Takeaways:

So, I gave you a detailed guide regarding oiling a mini chainsaw and other related aspects. Such as which oil should be used and the alternate options you do have for oiling your mini chainsaw.

Now you have learned how to oil a mini chainsaw, it will surely help you with your day-to-day use of a mini chainsaw. Also, I hope that you follow the guidelines and never take your safety for granted while operating a mini chainsaw.

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