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Chainsaw Guru aims to provide different tree-cutting applications using top-of-the-line cutting tools to ensure the beauty of your lawn or garden in the best possible way.

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About us

Richard McMann - Owner at Chainsaw Guru

Founded by Richard McMann, Chainsaw Guru has only one aim in mind, “to help our valuable homeowners, gardeners, and tree professionals the best possible way.” For that purpose, we as a family-owned company offer homeowners services like cleaning the yard, restoring a flooded garden, cutting trees, removing stumps, and other services related to yard maintenance.


What we do at Chainsaw Guru

Tree Removal and Pruning

This includes safely and efficiently cutting down trees, removing branches, and shaping or trimming trees to enhance their appearance and promote healthy growth.


We also provide firewood processing services by using chainsaws to cut and split logs into manageable sizes for firewood. This can include sectioning logs and splitting them into fire-ready pieces.

Storm Damage Cleanup

We have expertise in cleaning up after storms or natural disasters with the help of chainsaws.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Tested at Chainsaw Guru

Land Clearing and Brush Cutting

We offer homeowners to clear their land or property by using chainsaws to remove unwanted vegetation, clear brush, and create open spaces for construction, landscaping, or other purposes.

Sharpening and Maintenance

Richard and Patrick also provide professional chainsaw maintenance, including inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and chain sharpening, to ensure the efficient and safe operation of customer equipment

Troubleshooting Chainsaw

Got a problem with your tool? Contact us right away and we’ll ensure that your tool works in the best possible way for many years to come.

Affordable Chainsaw Services

At Chainsaw Guru, you can explore a diverse range of services related to cutting trees and maintaining home gardens. Below are some of the highlighted ones

Tree Cutting

We are one call away from taking care of that fallen tree that’s been tarnishing the beauty of your garden.

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Firewood Cutting

Want to stock firewood for upcoming winters? Let us take care of that once and for all.

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Chainsaw Troubleshooting

Unable to start a chainsaw no matter how hard you try? Tell us your problem and we’d be happy to solve it instantly.

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Meet Our team at chainsaw guru

Richard McMann


Richard, the owner and founder of Chainsaw Guru has been working with chainsaws from 20 years.

Rudy Richard is Richard's daughter and she helps him out in managing site's content.

Rudy Richard


Rudy takes care of the editorial process at Chainsaw Guru and she helps in tweaking the website on a daily basis.

Patrick McMann - Chainsaw Guru

Patrick McMann

Chainsaw Expert

Being a nephew of Richard, Patrick is a hardcore chainsaw tester and expert who knows the ins and outs of these beastly machines.

Client Diaries

Peter D.

Peter D.

“The chainsaw tree-cutting service was prompt, efficient, and the team handled the job with precision.”

Sean T.

“The tree removal service exceeded my expectations, with the team demonstrating excellent skills in safely and quickly removing the tree.”

Maria E.

“The chainsaw maintenance service was thorough, and my equipment is now running smoothly and efficiently.”

Adam S.

Adam S.

“I was impressed with the pruning service, as the team expertly shaped and trimmed the trees, enhancing their appearance and promoting healthy growth.”

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