Why Does My New Chainsaw Has Gas in It? [Probable Reasons]

Rudy Richard

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You have bought a new chainsaw and after assembling you get to know that there is gas in it ‒ the situation might surprise you. You will start having multiple thoughts regarding the credibility of your chainsaw by this discovery. But let me tell you that there is nothing to worry about. 

There could be many reasons for it and I will be discussing with you some here. But let me assure you that it has nothing to do with the idea that you have a used chainsaw instead of a new one.

In this article, I will be telling you in detail why it is normal to have gas in a new chainsaw. Therefore, if you are having this question “Why does my new chainsaw have gas in it”, read this till the end’;, and you will get a satisfying answer. 

Yes, it’s normal for a new chainsaw to have gas in it due to pre-testing at the factory and to prevent rust during storage. This helps ensure the chainsaw’s functionality and longevity.

Do I Need to Worry if There is Gas in My New Chainsaw?

No, not at all if your best chainsaw looks new and there is not any other fault. It is completely fine to have gas in a new chainsaw. The reason is that chainsaws, like other products, go through a long process of inspection. For such a reason, the new chainsaws might have a little gas in them.

A little gas is filled in chainsaws by manufacturers for different reasons. I will be discussing those reasons in detail with you. So, let’s get started.

reasons why new chainsaw has gas in it already

Possible Reasons for Having Gas in a New Chainsaw:

If you are getting a new chainsaw already filled with a little gas in it, either it is from the manufacturer or your retailer. However, the reason for both places is to test if the chainsaw is working properly. Moreover, it can also benefit you if have to perform a task right away.

Below are some of the reasons that I would like to demonstrate before you. It will clarify the purpose of having gas in your new cutting tool.

Pre-Testing at the Factory:

When appliances or electronics are manufactured, the manufacturers test if the product is working properly. Similarly, chainsaws are checked at the company by the manufacturers before they reach the market. 

To check, they need to start the chainsaw and check if the engine is working properly. Also, they may perform a little task to make sure it is working smoothly. 

To start the chainsaw, gas is required. So, the producers fill gas in the gas tank to make the cutting tool functional. Hence, when you buy a new chainsaw, you might get a little gas-filled in it already.

Regulatory Compliance:

Industries and companies have to follow SOPs and manufacturing protocols. In the case of chainsaws, it can be environmental protocols by which the chainsaw must not emit a certain amount of harmful gases.

Based on the emission ratio after checking, the quality control department generates an approval report. All this process is carried out to make the sale legal and authorized in the market. For doing this, the chainsaws are filled with gas so you can expect some gas in the chainsaw when you buy it.

To Prevent Rust and Corrosion:

Like all other metal tools and machinery, there is the danger of erosion and rust in chainsaws. It takes some time for a chainsaw to be shipped to the market and then reach the buyer’s hand. Meanwhile, in the shipping process and storage at the warehouse, there is a potential risk of a chainsaw being rusted.

To ensure the safe reach of the tool at the buyer’s hand, companies fill the gas tank with a special type of gas. It keeps the chainsaw safe from rust and erosion during the transportation and storage process. 

Retailer Assembling and Inspection:

Another reason could be that the retailer may fill the gas in the chainsaw. It is probably because the customers should be satisfied when they leave the shop after buying. To show them the proper working condition of the chainsaw, the retailer may fill a small amount of gas in the tank. 

Is it Good to Have Gas in My New Chainsaw?

Yes, there are some benefits of getting a chainsaw with gas filled in it. First of all, it ensures that the chainsaw has been kept in good condition during the storage phase. I have already told you how the gas filled in the chainsaw is crucial for keeping the machine rust-free.

Moreover, when the company fills the tank for you, it is good because they use high-quality gas. Also, the method and filling operation is safer than getting your gas tank filled by some local shop.

From these technical aspects, it is a good sign if your tank is a little bit filled before reaching you. However, you must be careful with the fraudulent retailers by making sure that it is a new chainsaw. 

Last Words:

I hope that you have got the answer to the question “Why does my new chainsaw have gas in it? Also, now you would know that having a little gas in a new chainsaw is of no harm but beneficial. 

I have explained to you some of the possible reasons to clarify your concerns regarding having a little pre-filled gas tank. From this, you also have to understand some technical aspects of keeping your saw healthy. 

So, now even if you are storing your chainsaw in the off-season, keep the gas tank a little filled. It will keep the tool away from rust and corrosion.

Rudy Richard