IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw Review: [Fast, Compact, Lightweight]

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After getting my hands dirty with mini chainsaws from Saker and Stihl, it was time to try something new!

And, what’s better than a saw that’s been powered by a 700W motor, a 3.0AH powerful battery, is fast enough to cut at a speed of 32 FT/S, and is lightweight at the same time?

Yeah, you heard that right! I am talking about the latest 6” mini chainsaw from IMOUMLIVE that has caught my attention. 

After getting my hands on it for less than $120, I decided to try it out with some of the trimming work that was left in my yard. 

Let’s, therefore, get on with the basics of this cordless mini tool as under; 

IMOUMLIVE mini chainsaw

Unboxing the IMOUMLIVE 6” Mini Saw

Right after opening the package, I was astonished and quite impressed by the compact size and the inclusion of a variety of useful accessories within the tool. It came complete with 2 chains (one already installed), 2 new batteries, a charger, a brush, a pot of lubricant, and safety goggles. Pretty much everything included that was missing when I ordered the Stihl GTA26 garden pruner.

Upon holding the tool in my hands, its ergonomic design made it feel comfortable and easy to maneuver. With the kind of weight it has got, I am certain that seniors, women, and even teenagers can use it without getting tired. The chainsaw itself is powered by a 700W brushless motor and has a remarkable chain speed of 32 FT/S, making it a mighty powerhouse in its small form. The automatic chain tensioner and the lubrication system are some of the other areas that impressed me a lot.

Accessories with the mini saw

However, while the mini saw is quite powerful, some users have reported that the chain falls off sometimes during use. As far as I tested it, the chain never fell off because I was adjusting it continuously. So, that’s a subjective enough disadvantage and if you are a beginner, you may face a bit of difficulty at first. But you will get accustomed to using the tool within a few hours. 

Overall, the unboxing experience cannot get better. I mean I got pretty much all the accessories from the brand that are required to operate a mini cordless chainsaw. So, that’s that about the unboxing of IMOUM 6” saw. 

First Impressions with Cutting


Fast and Powerful Cutting

After unboxing and charging it was time for me to test how good the tool is at trimming and pruning. This 6-inch chainsaw boasts a 700W output and a motor speed of up to 32,000 rpm, which helped me clear off some small shrubs and limbs without any hassle. I also tried it out on a small tree and the tool cut it off without much hassle. 

The automatic oiler kept me away from manual oiling. Not only that, it also prevented chain rust and jamming, increasing overall productivity. 

Adding to that, the provided 2 x 3.0Ah batteries allowed for a solid 120 minutes of continuous use. I was able to remove much of the mess from my yard including small branches and shrubs. 

Fastest Cutting

The compact and handheld design made this chainsaw very easy to maneuver, and I found it especially suitable for seniors, women, and left-handed users. Nevertheless, its versatility and compatibility with make it an excellent choice for trimming and pruning trees. Overall, a powerful and convenient tool for a variety of garden tasks.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

The mini tool from IMOUMLIVE is ergonomic and easy to use. Extremely comfortable while holding, I did not feel tired even once while utilizing this amazing tool. The time, I remember I used it for pruning and trimming was about 3 straight hours. 

Battery Timing

Equipped with two 3.0Ah batteries and a 1.5A quick charger, the mini chainsaw provides 120 minutes of continuous use, allowing me to complete outdoor tasks without interruption.

The good thing about the battery feature is that you can charge the 2nd battery while using the tool with the first one. 

Versatility in Your Hands

The Versatility of the tool is already impeccable. One can use it for multiple projects including tree trimming, pruning, carving, or cutting medium to small wood slabs

One of the things that stood out to me was the automatic chain tensioner, which allowed me to quickly and easily adjust chain tension without any tools. 

Automatic Tension Adjustment

While the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw is undoubtedly powerful and versatile, it’s worth mentioning that it’s only compatible with the upgraded IMOUMLIVE rotated pole, which can extend up to 16.5ft for reaching higher tree branches. The chainsaw comes ready to use out of the box, with no installation required – a definite plus in my book!

Overall, this mini chainsaw is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently handle various cutting tasks in their garden, offering versatility and power right in the palm of your hand.

Pros and Cons of the Mini Saw

What We Like

  • Incredibly fast and powerful
  • 700W output and 32,000 RPM chain speed. 
  • Brushless motor minimizes friction and ensure smooth cutting. 
  • Automatic chain tensioner for automatically adjusting the chain.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system to prevent rust and jamming. 
  • Two 3.0Ah batteries included within the package with a charger.
  • Ergonomic design and easy to handle. 
  • Suitable for seniors, women, and left-handed people.

What We Don't Like

  • Chain keeps falling off according to some users. 
  • Compatibility with only IMOUMLIVE batteries. 
  • Saw head is compatible with IMOUMLIVE rotated pole only. 
  • Not suitable for cutting large trees. (One can’t expect it from a mini saw)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the IMOUMLIVE Mini Saw?

It has a powerful 700W output and can reach a motor speed of up to 32,000 RPM, which results in extremely fast cutting – up to 32 ft/s! This tool is not only fast but also incredibly clean with its high-quality brushless motor, enabling a quick start and stop without jamming, even when cutting medium wood slabs. The automatic chain tensioner and lubrication system make for an easy-to-use saw with minimal maintenance required. Plus, it comes with two 3.0Ah batteries and an ergonomic design, making it a convenient and user-friendly tool for various tasks.

How compatible is this tool with DeWalt batteries?

Unfortunately, the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw is not compatible with DeWalt batteries. It uses its brand-specific, FCC & CE-certified 3.0Ah batteries. However, the chainsaw does come with two of these batteries and a 1.5A quick charger, allowing for up to 120 minutes of continuous use.

Can the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw be used as a pole saw?

Yes, the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw can be converted into a pole saw. To do this, you’ll need an upgraded IMOUMLIVE rotated pole that extends up to 16.5 feet. This additional accessory allows users to trim higher tree branches easily. Please note that the pole is not included with the chainsaw; it must be purchased separately.

What is the maximum cutting diameter that this saw can handle?

Based on my experience using the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw, I found it quite efficient at cutting branches and limbs up to 6 inches in diameter. It is suitable for trimming softwood, as well as tree branches and bushes.

Are replacement parts readily available?

While there wasn’t a need for replacement parts during my use, the product comes with two chains, one pre-installed, and the other as a spare. For any other specific replacement parts, I suggest contacting the manufacturer, IMOUMLIVE, for more information.

How does its performance compare to well-known brands like STIHL and Dewalt?

As a reviewer, I found the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw to offer impressive performance for its size and price range. It has a powerful motor, fast cutting speed, and convenient features such as automatic chain tensioning and lubrication system. While it may not have the sheer power or brand recognition of STIHL and Saker chainsaws, it is an excellent choice for users seeking a compact, lightweight, and affordable tool for various cutting and trimming tasks around their yards.

Why Consider IMOUMLIVE 6″ Mini Chainsaw?

In my experience, I can certainly say it’s a solid choice for tree trimming and pruning. It’s lightweight, so holding it for extended periods doesn’t strain my arms. The 32FT/S cutting speed combined with the brushless motor makes it powerful enough for most tasks around the yard. One of the highlights is the package: it comes with 3.0Ah batteries, a charger, two chains, safety glasses, and even a carrying case!

On the negative side, some users noted that the chain may occasionally fall off. While this can be a frustrating issue, it might be preventable with proper maintenance and ensured slack adjustment. Overall, the IMOUMLIVE Mini Chainsaw provides excellent performance for the price, and I’ve been pleased with the results in my yard work. If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use chainsaw, this one is worth considering.

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