Is There Such a Thing as a Left-Handed Chainsaw?

Rudy Richard

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Chainsaws are of great importance when it comes to cutting wood. In the regions where the winter is extremely cold, almost every home has a chainsaw. They use the tool for chopping firewood, cleaning their backyard, and many other such tasks.

The traditional chainsaws were manufactured and designed for right-handed users only. That’s where left-handed people find difficulty in operating a right-handed chainsaw. So, they started wondering if there was such a thing as a left-handed chainsaw. 

Watching the situation, some of the chainsaw manufacturers started making left-handed chainsaws. So, yes we do have left-handed chainsaws available in the market but they are very limited and you will hardly find one. 

why is there need of left-handed chainsaw

Yes, there are left-handed chainsaws designed for left-handed users, offering improved comfort and control. These specialized tools are crafted with reversed blade rotation for easier handling.

Understanding the Need for Left-Handed Chainsaws:

As I have already told you the traditional best chainsaws were designed for right-handed people. Thus, it became left-handed operators performing tasks with a right-handed saw. Following are some of the points that highlighted the need for the feature of the left hand on the chainsaw. 

Control Issues:

Regular chainsaws have the placement of handles that are only suitable for people who operate them with the right hand. For lefties, it becomes difficult to control the chainsaw. For instance, if you are a right-handed person, you can realize how difficult it is even to use a spoon while eating with a right hand.

With this example, you can better understand how much the feature of a left-handed chainsaw was required. After all, working with a chainsaw is a challenging job. It requires a lot of care and attention along with proper control over the tool.

Safety for Left-Handed People:

Since it is difficult for left-handed people to control the chainsaw, they will likely have less grip over the chainsaw. In such a case, it is likely to come across any sort of accident that could be a fatal one. Thus, to ensure safety along with ease in working, a left-handed chainsaw was needed.

Lack of Judgment and Accuracy:

Also, if you are a leftie, cutting with a right-handed saw, you will be likely to have judgment issues. For instance, you may not realize the cutting measurements and can end up reaching the blade to your hand. 


Last but not least, cutting with a right-handed chainsaw is extremely tiring for left-handed people. Though chainsaw operation is itself a tiring exercise the difficulty you will be facing being a left-handed person, will cause more fatigue.  

Are Left-Handed Chainsaws More Comfortable?

For those who use their left hand like normally people use their right one, it is much more convenient than others. However, if you are not a leftie but still want to use a chainsaw with your left hand, then here are some of the reasons for using a left-handed saw.

Left-handed chainsaws are considered easier to cut especially if the wood is placed on the ground. There is a reduced risk of kickback as compared to right-handed chainsaws. Moreover, some people find it easier if they have a handle on their left. The position may allow them better balance and stability.

Other than that, for some people it is reliable to use the right hand for pulling the cord instead of moving the saw. In such a case, a left-handed chainsaw could be more comforting for them. So, based on personal choices, a left-handed chainsaw can be more comfortable than a regular right-handed chainsaw.  

Ambidextrous Chainsaws:

Ambidextrous chainsaws are designed in a way that can be used by both right and left-handed people, efficiently. There is a small number of people who are left-handed as compared to right-handed ones. So, some manufacturers thought of making a chainsaw that can be used by both.

These chainsaws are good as they will be convenient to be used by any user. You can have your priority of using any hand depending upon the task you are performing. These are some of the benefits of Ambidextrous chainsaws they provide you flexibility whether you are left-handed or not.

Safety Measures for Using a Left-Handed Chainsaw:

Whenever you are working with a chainsaw, no matter what type it is, you need to be careful. For your safety, you must take all the precautions and safety measures while operating a chainsaw. 

The safety measures include proper training and education regarding the chainsaw and its usage. Also, make sure you are wearing safety gear when you are working with the saw. Safety gear includes gloves, helmets, eye and ear protection, and chainsaw-resistant clothing. 

Moreover, you should have a good grip over the chainsaw with a suitable position. Be mentally and physically attentive while dealing with chainsaws. 

Last Words:

If you were looking for the answer to “Is there anything as a left-handed chainsaw”? So yes, there are some left-handed chainsaws available in the market to facilitate the use of left-handed people. 

Chainsaws are useful tools and many people want to have a chainsaw to carry out their routine tasks. In such a situation, it was quite difficult for left-handed people to use traditional chainsaws since they were all suitable for right-handed people.

Now if you are a left-hand person, this article would have surely helped you in learning about left-handed chainsaws. Not only this, I have also told you about Ambidextrous Chainsaws which are suitable for all users. 

Rudy Richard