How Does a Heated Chainsaw Handle Work? A 2024 Guide

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heated chainsaw handle and its working explainedBefore telling you how does a heated chainsaw handle work, let me tell you what it is:

“A heated chainsaw handle is a useful extension/accessory for the chainsaw. It is attached with a regular chainsaw to make it better in terms of performance and handling.”

In cold areas or during the winter season, it is difficult to use heavy machines. This heated handle is a good choice to make your cutting tool lighter in weight. Also, there are many benefits that a heated handle of a chainsaw can provide to the user.

For a heated chainsaw handle to work, you need to attach it to your chainsaw, whatever the type or model you use. But the handle must fit on your model/brand of chainsaw accordingly. Once you successfully fit the handle, it is ready for use.

Follow the article further to know the detailed process.

How Does a Heated Chainsaw Handle Work in 2024?

It is a device that is a sort of extension for your gas chainsaw to make it more efficient in terms of usage. It is a must thing especially when you are living in a cold area. For cold weather, heated chainsaw handles are no less than a blessing for the user.

It has got many advantages such as it will replace your hand gloves. If you are working in winter and you are having a grip issue due to cold, then using this heated handle will solve your problem. Also, installing this heated handle into the electric chainsaw is really easy.

The handle has fewer parts to be connected to the small saw to make it work. Also, there is no need for maintenance to this. Moreover, it is not expensive so you can easily buy it on a low budget. All these features of this useful tool make it worth buying.

Handle Heating System:

First, let us start with knowing the system of the heating handle, and then we will talk about the rest of the things. There are heating elements in the handlebar such as a battery that help in warming up the handle and rear handle. Then by using a switch, those heating elements are connected to the generator.

Finally, the handle is heated by the heating material and then the heated chainsaw handle transfers heat to your hands. Thus, your chainsaw gets quite handy for you to work during winter. There might be a gauge for regulating the temperature of the handle according to your desire.

You must be concerned about the cost of maintenance and might be you are thinking that it will also add up to your work in terms of maintenance. So, let me surprise you that the whole system of heating does not need any maintenance so it is a plus point.

What is the Construction of a Heated Chainsaw Handle?

A chainsaw is comprised of an engine that rotates the bar. Over the bar, there is a chainsaw chain that has sharp blades which rotate on the bar. All this process results in cutting wood. The handles were typically used to be attracted to the end of the bar through welding or clamps.

With the advancement, this has changed. Now, a handle is attached to the chainsaw by using high-strength bolts. However, fit rings are also being manufactured and they are used for attaching a handle to a chainsaw. These fit rings are easier to use than all the other available options.

Types of Heated Chainsaw Handles:

Mainly, there are three types of heated handles based on what material is consumed to heat the handle. We have; Battery Powered heating system, a Propane-Powered heating system, and an In-Built Fans heating system.

1. Battery Powered Heating System

In this type of heating, the temperature of the material is raised by some heating elements that get energy from the batteries. There are further two types such as Battery Operated and Plug-in type.

For a battery-operated system, you do not require to have an electrical socket nearby to heat up the handle. However, for a plug-in type system, you need to provide electrical energy directly to heat up the material. Battery Operated system is a bit more expensive than a plug-in type but it is more convenient to use.

2. Propane-Powered Heating System

This type of heating system utilizes propane for heating the material inside the handle and ends up heating the chainsaw handle. For this, propane containing box is attached with a handle. When you turn on your chainsaw, the propane cause heating in the handle by flowing through the heating material.

It is good because you can make it work without looking for an electric socket. However, there is another inconvenience of keeping the propane tank with you all the time.

3. In-Built Fans Heating System

This is the advanced way of heating the chainsaw handles. In this type of heating system, the handle is heated by hot air. You must have dried your hair with a hairdryer and that’s how In-built fans work inside a chainsaw to heat the handle.

The hot air causes the handle to heat up and it transfers heat to your hand and fingers. The result is that you can easily work in winter with a good grip on the handle.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Heated Chainsaw Handle in 2024

Before you buy a heated chainsaw handle for cold weather, read this so that you can make a good choice.


The first and most important thing to look upon is that check the compatibility of the handle with your chainsaw. It means the model should match and the handle complements the chainsaw.

Type of Heated Handle You Need

Next, you should know that some models keep the handle warm for hours while others might last up to a few minutes. Therefore, you need to know what type of handle you want in terms of heating duration and choose accordingly.

Temperature Adjustment

Then, there are some handles that can provide you with a gauge for adjusting the temperature. This type of handle is best because you can set the temperature as much as you want. While for others they might be too hot for you or slightly warm only.

Intended Use

Lastly, you must consider your usage and in what type of climatic conditions you will use it. If the climate of your area is cold, then you should consider buying a heated handle that has multiple setting options in terms of heat. However, if you have to use it at a moderate temperature and not frequently, then you can buy a single-model heated chainsaw handle.

Let’s take a look at what Rocky Mountain Chainsaw has to say about the heated chainsaw handles:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a heated chainsaw handle worth buying?

If you are living in a moderate region where you have to operate your cutting tool then there is not much need of buying a heated handle. The same is the case if you rarely use a chainsaw. However, a heated chainsaw handle is worth buying if you are a constant user and working in a cold area.

You should buy a heated handle because it will give you a good grip on the handle and you can work easily. Also, it makes the weight of the chainsaw lighter and you do not need to wear gloves.

How much does a heated chainsaw handle cost?

The price of heated chainsaw handles varies according to the function and quality of the product. There are multiple types of heated handles available for the chainsaw which also affect the price. Hence, there is no accurate or absolute answer to this.

However, you will find the price starting from $50-60. If you want to buy a good quality heated handle that has heat regulating options then it will cost you more than $100.

What is the function of a heated Chainsaw handle?

A heated chainsaw handle is comprised of heating material that warms up the handle and then the heat is transferred to your hand. The function of this is to provide warmth to your hand and fingers. This will help you to have a good grip over the handle and you can work efficiently during the cold weather.

Final Takeaways:

This is all about how does a heated chainsaw handle work and I hope I have explained it to you in detail. Now you can easily deal with your heated handle and can work with comfort.

Moreover, you know what the conditions are in which buying a heated handle is worth it. Other than that, you can skip it. Also, you know about the different types of handles. Now I am sure if you need to buy one, you will consider all the tips and make the best choice accordingly.

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