Are Chainsaws Dangerous? The Dos and Don’ts [2024]

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dangers of using chainsaw unsafelyIf you are having this question “are chainsaws dangerous?” Then let me tell you chainsaws can be the most dangerous machinery that can cause major to fatal injuries if not handled properly.

Therefore, before you start working with a chainsaw, make sure that you have proper know-how of it.

Also, taking complete training on how to use a chainsaw properly is much appreciated.

Many injuries and deaths are reported and the reason for such misfortunes is not following the proper guidelines.

People try to follow shortcuts and in doing so they do not follow safety measures. Consequences of this little time saving can charge you a big penalty of losing your life.

In order to avoid such accidents, you must follow all the safety measures and not try to go for shortcuts. Moreover, before dealing with a gas chainsaw you may attend training for using and operating it. Let us have a closer look at this topic.

Are Chainsaws Dangerous? Possible Dangers Explained

While buying a firewood chainsaw or working with one you must have come across the thought of how dangerous it is. It should be a matter of concern because after all, a fast-moving blade can cause fatal injuries. Here are some of the possible dangers that it may cause you:

Kick Back:

It is one of the most common accidents that can cause really big trouble. If you are cutting wood, and your chainsaw chain gets stuck in some hardwood then it will generate pressure in opposite direction. This sudden opposite pressure of chainsaw is called kickback.

Also, if the blades come in contact with a hard surface or metal then the chainsaw bounce off that material. Consequently, it can reach your face directly because the force is in the opposite direction which is your face’s direction. You can understand now what can happen when a battery chainsaw kick backs.

To avoid such sort of misconduct now the chainsaws are designed to have a kickback mechanism. Though it is a very good step to overcome danger issues yet it is not completely safe. With this mechanism, your chainsaw stops moving in case of kickback. However, still it can hit on your face and steady blades can also cause a great injury.

Pushback and Pull-In:

Apart from kickback, your 18-inch chainsaw can pushback or Pull-In if it is hit by a hard metal. In this case, your cutting tool might get stuck in the wood and pulls you or it can generate a force that moves in the backward direction. As a result of this, you can fall off over the moving blades of the tool.

Using a good quality mini chainsaw can prevent this problem. Also, you should use chainsaw safety gear to ensure your safety from chainsaw injuries.

Chain Slips:

Although chain slips are not frequent and rarely happen yet they can cause great injuries. If your chainsaw chain is loose and you start working with it, it can slip off. As a result, it may hit your face, arms, or on some other body part.

To avoid such incidents, some of the chainsaws are upgraded and now they have a “chain catcher” underneath the chainsaw. It catches the chain as soon as it is slipped from the bar. You should also take precautionary measures by checking the tension of the chain prior to use.

Things to Do for Safety

If you want to keep yourself safe from all these possible troubles then I have some chainsaw hazards and control measures for you. Read them and make sure that you follow these safety measures to keep yourself and others safe.

Chainsaw Chaps:

In case your chainsaw kickbacks or cause any other trouble that may result in an imbalance in body weight and you may fall off. In this case, chainsaw chaps are pants that are made up of special material that keeps your legs safe.

What happens mostly is that the running chainsaw can also fall over you and can injure you. Legs are most commonly subjected to such injuries. To avoid this, you must wear chainsaw chaps while cutting. It has the material that stops the moving chain and also prevents the blade to reach your body.

Protection for Ears:

Whenever you are using a chainsaw for cutting trees, it makes a lot of noise. This unwanted loud sound produces sound pollution and it is harmful to your listening abilities. It can have mild effects on your hearing but it can be as high that you will lose your hearing capabilities.

To avoid this, some people use air plugs but they are not that efficient to block really loud noises. I would suggest you buy earmuffs. Using them is far more protective than air plugs. You can buy one that is specially designed for protection from the huge noises of machinery.

Protection for Eyes:

Protecting your eyes is also a must while dealing with cutting work. You do not need safety goggles to protect your eyes from the chainsaw itself. However, they are needed to protect your eyes from the raw wood that is produced while cutting wood.

Even if a small piece of wood gets into your eyes, it can cause big damage. Also, some splinters may arise from cutting wood and you must protect your eyes from them as well.

If you are not wearing safety goggles, your attention might get diverted to protecting your eyes from scraps of wood. And this can cause some other trouble that can be even bigger.

Protection for Face:

As a whole, you need to protect your face from scraps of wood that arise from cutting and also from any misconduct by chainsaws. In both cases, to protect your face you should wear a protective helmet on your face.

It is not a good option to skip wearing a helmet whether you are working at home or in the woods. There are many incidents of injuries reported that were caused by falling branches from the trees while working in the woods.

Hand Protection:

Wearing safety gloves is also essential to keep your hands safe. Two main things make wearing gloves must. Firstly, after a long time working your hands get sweaty and that can loosen your grip on the tool. As a result, you might face a fatal incident.

Secondly, in case of chain slip or kickback, your hands will be safe. You can buy good quality gloves and make sure you wear them when working with a chainsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common are chainsaw accidents?

Chainsaw injuries often happen and the most common reason is kickback. The other reasons that cause injuries are Pull-In, Pushback, and chain slips. Among them, chain slips are rare. Though chainsaw injuries are common deaths due to such incidents are very rare.

How dangerous is chainsaw kickback?

Chainsaw kickback can cause a mild problem or it can also cause a huge one. For a daily user, it may not be a big problem because he would know how to tackle it. Also, a regular user would be prepared and more attentive. However, a new user might face great danger as a result of kickback.

How many people are killed by chainsaws a year?

It has been reported that annually more than 250 people die because of chainsaw incidents in the U.S. Apart from this, thousands of people have faced great injuries while operating chainsaws. Most of these fatal injuries are caused by chainsaw kickbacks.

Can a chainsaw cut a person?

Yes, of course, a fast-moving blade can easily cut skin. It can also cut bones but with a little difficulty. However, cutting bones might dull the blades of a chainsaw chain but anyhow it can cut bones as well.

Last Words: Are Chainsaws Dangerous?

Hopefully, your queries regarding “are chainsaws dangerous?” have been answered. Also, you have got an idea that how hazardous chainsaws could be.

Therefore, never compromise your safety, and do not try to skip any safety measures. Use chainsaw safety gear and remain fully attentive to your work. Also, examine your chainsaw, especially chain tension before using it.

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