How To Chainsaw A Tree in Simple and Easy Steps in 2024?

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chainsaw tree falling techniques explainedIf you are planning to cut a tree then you should keep certain things in your mind. It is not an as easy task as you might be thinking. It requires a lot of techniques and calculations in order to avoid any problematic situation.

In this article, I will provide you the complete information regarding how to chainsaw a tree.  Before you start, there are some aspects that you should be careful about. Let me tell you first about those aspects

Look for the possible obstacles that might come along and create any problem for you. It includes your safety, which means inspect before operation if there is anything that can harm you.

Firstly, Look for the dead sections of the tree that might fell on you while cutting. So, if there is any dead section, remove it from the tree first and then start your work. The other possible harm could be caused by large branches of the tree, also remove them if there is the risk of falling.

Secondly, check the leaning of the tree, either it is leaning on the back, front, or sides. Then, look for the area where the tree will fell. The area should be clear and you have proper planning for your rescue when the tree is felling.

If the tree is not leaning towards the desired angle in which you want it to fell. Then, compensate for the leaning by using a rope. This aspect is really important because if the tree falls on an unpredicted area, it can harm you.

How to Chainsaw a Tree in Simple Steps in 2024?

Cut A Tree With Chainsaw:

It is one of the most commonly asked questions that how to fell a tree with a chainsaw? Before you start cutting a tree first acknowledge the tree cutting techniques with a chainsaw. So let me tell you about these techniques.

If you are planning the cutting of a tree through a chainsaw, there are some precautionary measures that you should know.

Prepare your chainsaw first. Look if your chainsaw chain needs to be tightened or sharpened. Also, check if the chain is properly working on the chainsaw or not because it might need oiling.

Then, grab your precautionary gadgets such as gloves, eye protection glasses, chainsaw pants, work boots, hard hat, and face screen. You can also take a rope if your tree is not leaning in the desired direction, you need a rope for adjusting the falling direction.

Once you are done with preparations, it is time for cutting. Again there are some steps and tricks that you need to follow as it is not like holding a chainsaw and start cutting the tree. If you go like this, you will create huge problems.

You need to understand that where and how you need to make cuts. So, let’s move forward to the type of cuts that you need to know and apply.

Types Of Tree Felling Cuts:

There are three types of cuts for cutting a tree especially when it is a tall tree. If you are cutting a tall tree all by yourself then keep in mind these three types of cuts that  you will be using for felling a tree:

1. The Front Cut

The front cut is made in the same direction in which you have planned the tree to fell. As this cut is on the felling side of the tree therefore we call it a front cut. Keep in mind that the front cut is vertical and downward.

Let me tell you how you will do this first front cut. Initially, mark on the spot from where you have to cut. Then make a second mark that reaches about 1/3 diameter of the tree.

After that start cutting the tree with making the angle of 110 degrees right or 70 degrees left. Keep cutting the tree in the direction until you 1/3 diameter spot mark on the tree.

Here you are done with the first or front cut.

2. The Under Cut:

The second cut is made by starting from the front side and ends where it meets the front cut. This Undercut is horizontal and when you are done with first to cuts it seems that you have removed a slice from the tree.

These two initial cuts will weaken the tree by 70% to 80%. After that, you only need a final cut and your tree fells.

3. The Back Cut:

The last and back cut is started from exactly the same location from where you started the front cut. It is just that undercut was made from the front while this cut will be from the back.

This cut will be also like the front cut, starting vertically and in a downwards direction with the same angle as that of the front cut. It will seem like a V shape.

Keep cutting until there is just an inch or half-inch gap is left between the undercut and back cut. The moment you reach this point you will feel that free is leaning in front side.

It’s time to move towards the rescue direction that you have already decided on and see how it falls. That’s it you are done with cutting a tree by using a chainsaw.

Removing Trunks:

Once you are finished with cutting a tree, you will still be left with its trunk. So, I have a remedy for this problem as well.

For this, you need a stump removal chemical, a drill, warm water, and safety glasses  for safety.

Start making holes on the upper layer of the stump with a 2 to 3 inch gap. Then make holes from the sides of the stump. These side holes should be slightly sloped in the downward direction.

After making holes in the stump, add Stump removal chemical into holes. Then add some warm water to the holes. Keep adding warm water for some days and gradually it will turn out soft.

After then you can easily cut it either by using an ax or even a chainsaw because a chainsaw as well can dig a trench.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you cut a tree with a chainsaw?

There are three basic steps for cutting a bamboo tree with a chainsaw. Make one front cut on the 110 or 70-degree angle. Then make a horizontal undercut that meets with the front cut. And the last cut is to be made on the back side with the same angle as that of the front cut. That’s all, you are done with the process.

2. How do you make a tree fall where you want it to?

To make a tree fall on the desired point, make sure your front cut is exactly in the same direction in which you want the tree to fall. If the angle of the front cut is not right, you cannot get the desired falling point of the tree.

Moreover, you can use a rope to tie the trunk of the tree to lean it in the desired direction when it is falling.

3. How do you properly saw a tree?

You can properly saw a tree by using all the techniques prescribed in the article. Also, adhere strictly to the safety measures and rules of cutting a tree.

Final Takeaways: How to Chainsaw a Tree?

I hope this article is helpful for you and you have got the answer to the question “how to chainsaw a tree”. Additionally, you have got to know about the complete removal of the tree.

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