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best chainsaw chaps 2022You probably don’t want to lose your legs, right? But being connected to horrifying machines (chainsaws), the risk of getting hurt and injured is way more than operating any other tool.

Therefore, lifesaver equipment ‘chainsaw chaps’ takes the responsibility to protect you from creepy and scary chainsaw blades that run with no mercy.

Chap’s tough and high-quality material, i.e., polyester and ballistic fibers, clogs the chainsaw and stops it immediately right after one contact.

Moreover, to help you find the best chainsaw chaps, we searched a bundle of products, short-listed the top 10 chainsaw chaps, and tested them rigorously.

Our testing process started with a basic discussion on the material, style, and weight, and then we checked its competency by running a chainsaw over chaps.

So, let’s get ready to dig deep in reviewing the top chainsaw chaps to ensure your protection firsthand.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Chaps for Ultimate Protection

1. Husqvarna 587160704 Apron Wrap Chap – Best Chainsaw Chaps on the Market 2024

Husqvarna 587160704 Tech Apron Chap

Chap Layers | 5

Weight | 3.75 pounds

Manufacturer | Husqvarna

Style | Apron

Starting our best chainsaw chaps 2024 review section, we have selected and tried Husqvarna 587160704 Apron Wrap Chap first. Husqvarna is a renowned brand for producing highly efficient products to improve woodworkers’ lives.

Consequently, Husqvarna 587160704 is one of the best chainsaw chaps that ensure woodworkers’ safe working experience. With its wrap-around coverage, adjustable waist size, and 36 to 42 inches long, you get a full safety pack.

Moreover, its five-layered material, including PVC coating, TEK Wrap, and denier polyester up to 1000, provides ultimate protection from the chainsaw’s sharp blades.

After tying the chaps with a plank of wood, we tested the robustness of the Husqvarna 587160704. Surprisingly, as the chainsaw blade touched the upper layer of the chap, a strong fiber burst out and stopped the chainsaw instantly.

We find Husqvarna 587160704 more durable and quality chaps with water and oil resistance that allows you to wash them easily. Also, with authentication and certification from ANSI Z1331, UL, OSHA 1910-266, and ASTM F1897, these chaps deserve first place.

While wearing Husqvarna 587160704 chaps, we had a somewhat comfortable experience, but its weight is 3.75 pounds, which is higher than standard chaps.

With the integration of five layers and other materials used, it’s pretty shocking to have such quality with an increased weight range but still comfortable.

Subsequently, the wearing experience of Husqvarna 587160704 chainsaw chaps was quite flexible and breathable. We didn’t find air blockage while pruning trees and cutting logs.

However, the only drawback as far as we find is its inability to maintain optimal temperature. In hot weather, it gets extremely warm and doesn’t allow a convenient working experience.

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What We Like

  • Robust quality
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Flexible size
  • 2 large pockets
  • 5 multiple layered protection

What We Don't Like

  • No heat proofing

2. Forester Chainsaw Chaps with Pocket-Runner-Up Option for Safety 2024

Forester Chainsaw Chaps with Pocket

Chap layers | 4

Weight | ‎3.11 pounds

Manufacturer | ‎Forester

Style | Apron

Next product for the best chainsaw chaps review, we tried Forester safety chainsaw chaps. These chaps are the most likable ones among woodworkers. So, we thought reviewing apron-style Forester chaps would be great.

But before sharing our practical review about the Forester chainsaw chaps, we discovered that these chaps are water and oil resistant and cover the front area of the legs, which means you only get protection for the front leg area.

Moreover, Forester is highly effective in ensuring safety and protection. With safety certificates from OSHA 1910-266 and ASTM F1897 (UL Tested), these chainsaw chaps offer you ultimate safety.

Talking about its material, it has fewer layers than Husqvarna 587160794, and the weight is also reduced up to 3.11 pounds. Thus, along with four-layered material, these pairs of chaps are the lightest ones.

Before trying its safety features, we tried putting it on, and it’s pretty comfortable with adjustable waist, breathability, and pockets that make the cutting process even easier.

Similar to Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, these chaps’ fiber stuff also blocks the chainsaw blade and prevents injuries. However, the few flaws that we experienced were its short length that does not protect ankles, and its belt gets loose sometimes, so you might need to use some extra support. And it’s only gas-powered chainsaw-compatible chaps.

What We Like

  • Four layered material protection
  • Lightweight
  • Liquid resistance (water and oil)
  • Flexible

What We Don't Like

  • No protection for ankles
  • Loose belt

3. Husqvarna 587160705 Tech Apron Chap – Best Husqvarna Chaps for Safety 2024

Husqvarna 587160705 Tech Apron Chap

Chap Layers | 5

Weight | 4 pounds

Manufacturer | Husqvarna

Style | Apron

You might be thinking, why do we add another chap from Husqvarna, right? Well, this chap pair comes with certification from ULC, ANSI Z133.1, OSHA 1910-266, and ASTM to guarantee a hundred percent protection. And there’s no doubt about its protection feature.

The moment we made contact between the chainsaw blade and the chaps, the retardant stuffing in the cloth came out and clogged the chainsaw chain and instantly stopped its rotation.

Moreover, Husqvarna 587160705 tech apron style chap covers the front of the legs. Consisting of PVC, TEK WARP, and polyester, up to 1000 denier Husqvarna ensures excellent protection.

With adjustable straps and waist sizes up to 40, these are the most convenient chaps that perfectly fit according to your size. It also has large pockets that allow you to hold your gears and phones safely. Husqvarna 587160705 chainsaw chaps are highly flexible, allowing you multiple motions while wearing.

However, weighing around four pounds, these chaps are the heaviest till now, and of course, your experience in hot weather will be worst. But if you manage to work in cool hours, Husqvarna 587160705 works best in offering safety as well as convenience.

What We Like

  • Durable
  • High-quality six-layered material
  • Multiple certifications
  • Exact fitting
  • Integration of large pockets

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy
  • Gets warm

4. Oregon Protective Chaps – Best Budget Chainsaw Chaps 2024

Oregon Protective Chaps

Chap Layers | 8

Weight | 3.35 Pounds

Manufacturer | Oregon

Style | Apron

Next, we have the best budget chainsaw chaps from Oregon. These chainsaw chaps are certified by UL, ensuring 100% protection during woodcutting with a chainsaw. However, it is only certified from a single source compared to other chains or chaps.

Moving to the detail of its features, the Oregon chainsaw chaps come in Apron style (meaning they only protect the front of the legs).

The chaps consist of breathable eight-layered wrap knit with oxford shells up to 600 deniers. In contrast to other chainsaw chaps, Oregon chainsaw chaps contain more material layers but less denier intensity.

Moreover, being a chainsaw manufacturer, Oregon has truly added value to woodworkers’ life by producing high-quality chaps for maximum protection.

You can also adjust Oregon chainsaw chaps up to 36 inches in length and 46 inches in the waist. But make sure you order the right size; otherwise, you’ll not get any protection for your ankles.

Apart from the multiple benefits of these chainsaw chaps, the only flaw we found is its leg buckles that don’t seem to hold the chaps during tough work. Otherwise, it’s a full value-added product that ensures your leg protection within a limited price tag.

Explore the latest Oregon Chainsaw Review and get started with cutting thick wood logs easily.

What We Like

  • Highly flexible
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • 8 layer quality material
  • Adjustable length and waist

What We Don't Like

  • No pocket
  • Loose buckles

5. Notch Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps—Best Chainsaw Chaps for Frontal Protection 2024

Notch Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps

Chap Layers | 5

Weight | 2.8 Pounds

Manufacturer | Notch

Style | Apron

Notch apron-style chainsaw chaps offer superior-grade frontal protection from ankle to waist.

The high-vis orange color makes it ideal for commercial use while the front Velcro pocket makes it easier for you to access your tools and accessories while working with the chainsaw.

Notch chainsaw chaps are available in three different sizes for the length from waist to ankle. You don’t have to worry about waist size, as the chaps come in a single adjustable waist length that ranges from 28 to 48 inches.

As for safety, this personal protective equipment is UL-certified ASTM F1897-20 standard and meets OSHA 1910-266 leg protection standard. So, you have ultimate frontal protection against chainsaw blades.

Although the chaps are lightweight, they are equipped with a 5-layered chain-stopping protective material which includes a polypropylene blend with 100% durable Polyester 600D Oxford Shell.

Not only it protects you against chain blades, but also is resistant to water and oil.

The chaps easily fit your legs with 1” adjustable leg straps that have quick fasteners. Although you have to wear it on your pants, it won’t feel heavy, and being open from the back makes it more comfortable.

Adding to this, the Velcro wedge pocket is a really handy feature. Personally, I was really annoyed when I had to take something out of my pocket while working. With these chaps, I can have instant access to things I need.

However, the chaps are not machine washable. Notch strictly instructs them to wash them with hands and hang them to dry. The use of detergents or bleach is strictly prohibited.

What We Like

  • Adjustable Waist Belt
  • Lightweight Design
  • Superior Frontal Protection
  • Water and Oil Resistant
  • Front Velcro Pocket

What We Don't Like

  • Only Frontal Protection
  • Not Machine Washable

6. Pfanner Gladiator Extreme Protection Pants – With 100% No Tear Guarantee

Pfanner Gladiator Extreme Protection Pants

Chap Layers | 2 (class)

Weight | 4.6 Pounds

Manufacturer | Pfanner

Style | Pants

Like Portwest workwear trousers, Pfanner Gladiator pants offer full-leg coverage with no straps and buckles. Its design allows you to wear and carry these pants easily.

Pfanner Gladiator pants come with a 100% no tear and wear guarantee during your work course. And it is highly resistant to water, oil, and heat. Its quality material makes it a perfect fit for environments such as dense forests (where getting cuts from thorns is more common).

Moreover, the Pfanner Gladiator pants consist of a KlimaAir thermoregulator that keeps the legs cool and warm according to the outside temperature. Its vent lets the airflow through the trousers to ensure comfortable working.

The gladiator extreme refers to materials used in the manufacturing of the pants. These include a combination of VE yarn, polyamide, Elastane, and polyurethane with polyester lining.

For protection purposes, the Pfanner Gladiator consists of Dyneema, ensuring maximum protection of the legs during tough wood cutting and pruning.

Pfanner Gladiator also comes with another integrated StretchAir technology that offers an easy, convenient, and comfortable wearing experience.

With its large sizing options from medium 33 inches to 2 XL 41 inches, you can choose the right fit for yourself. However, you might find these pants heavier than ordinary chaps.

What We Like

  • Quality material combination
  • Easy to wear
  • Effective airflow
  • Manageable temperature extremes
  • Oil, heat, and water resistance

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy
  • No ankle protection

7. WoodlandPro Safety Chaps – Best Lightweight Chainsaw Chaps 2024

WoodlandPro Safety Chaps

Chap Layers | 4

Weight | 2.95 pounds

Manufacturer | WoodlandPro

Style | Apron

The best chainsaw chaps for the money you’ll spend to ensure your protection is WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps. These are considered more casual than other professional chaps. But they amazingly reduce the risk of getting injured during woodcutting processes.

WoodlandPro chaps are apron style, protecting the front leg area only. It has four protective layers, two of Dupont Kevlar and two of polyester with 400 deniers and nylon covering.

Regarding the WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps adjustability feature, you get only two inches for waist adjustment and one inch for leg fastening straps. So, it’s pretty much adjustable for your causal wood-cutting works.

For protection assurance, the WoodlandPro chaps are verified by ASTM and UL in Canada and the United States. Thus, there’s no doubt in chaps compatibility to combat strong chainsaw blades.

These chaps are around 2.95 pounds, making them the most lightweight and comfortable chaps that are easy to wear for long working hours.

Along with a bundle of amazing features, WoodlandPro chainsaw chaps fail to offer ankle protection and have a loose belt that leads to an unstable chap’s experience. And so, you have to use your own belt to ensure a firm chaps grip.

What We Like

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Improved quality material
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable waist and leg straps
  • Resistant to water and oil

What We Don't Like

  • Unstable belt position
  • No ankle protection

8. YARDMARIS Technical Wrap Chap – Best Chainsaw Chaps for Electric Chainsaw 2024

YARDMARIS Technical Wrap Chap

Chap Layers | 8

Weight | 4.12 Pounds

Manufacturer | Yardmaris

Style | Apron

Yardmaris technical chaps are apron-style chainsaw chaps with varying cuts that cover the full leg from the front and half from the back. You can tie the chaps using three straps on each leg side which firmly hold the chaps on the legs.

With its divided and somewhat loose-fitting, you get airflow and optimized temperature throughout your working hours. Surprisingly, with this cut style, Yardmaris has integrated two pockets to carry multiple stuff such as your mobile phones and other working tools.

Moreover, these chainsaw chaps are verified by UL and meet standards, including ASTM F1897-20, OSHA Regulation 1910-266, and ASTM F3325-20. Therefore, these chaps are safe to use during logging, pruning, and tough wood cutting.

Moving to its material details, Yardmaris chainsaw chaps are made up of polyester and polyurethane. It has eight layers (two layers provide cushioning, and the other six are made of anti-cutting fabric) integrated with Sweden technology that protects against chainsaw works.

Additionally, near the base of chaps, we find attached reflecting stripes that provide assistance to woodcarvers in the nighttime. These chaps come in two different size options (from 36 inches medium to 42 inches large) for male/female foresters and loggers.

On the contrary, a few features of Yardmaris chainsaw chaps, such as size adjustability and quarter-half coverage, might not fit your needs making it a less effective chap pair (but it was quite bearable for us).

What We Like

  • Certified from various sources
  • Breathable
  • 8 layered protection
  • Durable
  • Water and stain resistance

What We Don't Like

  • Non-effective size adjustability
  • Improper covering

9. STIHL 0797 Protective Chaps – Best Stihl Chainsaw Chaps 2024

STIHL 0797 Protective Chaps

Chap Layers | 6

Weight | 1.95 pounds

Manufacturer | STIHL

Style | Apron

STIHL 0797 chaps are ULF, OSHA 1910-266, and ASTM Standard F1897 verified, ensuring you 100% protection guarantee. It comes in six protective layers of cut retardant material and 400 denier nylon.

Moreover, its Engtex material makes STIHL 0797 chainsaw chaps more breathable and lightweight. Thus, you get better protection without carrying a load or experiencing extreme weather conditions.

The STIHL 0797 chaps are oil and water-resistant, making chaps durable and effective in protecting your legs. Also, these chaps are only suitable for gas-powered chainsaws. So, make sure you don’t wear them while using electric chainsaws.

Another feature of STIHL chainsaw chaps is the integration of Pro-Mark apparel that works best in protecting professional woodcutters, loggers, and woodworkers during their tough work.

Additionally, while we checked the STIHL blocking process, it works in two ways, i.e., pad resistance and fiber blocking. In some cases, the pads resist the chainsaw blade and try to stop it, whereas the stuffed fibers spring out from the pad and clog the chainsaw blade instantly.

STIHL is one of the best professional chainsaw chaps manufacturer and thus maintains high-quality products. However, one drawback of this chainsaw chap is its inaccurate sizing and limited fitting options. You have to be careful before ordering your sized chaps, as they might come in a little shorter version.

What We Like

  • Easy to wear
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Usage of cut retardant material
  • Breathable
  • Oil and water-resistant

What We Don't Like

  • Not accurate sizing
  • Ineffective length size and fitting

10. Cold Creek Loggers Apron Safety Chaps – Best Wrap Chainsaw Chaps 2024

Cold Creek Loggers Apron Safety Chaps

Chap Layers | 12

Weight | 2.73 pounds

Manufacturer | Cold Creek Loggers

Style | Apron

The last product on the list of best-rated chainsaw chaps is from Cold Creek. This logger’s chainsaw chap comes in an Apron style that only protects your legs’ front and sides.

Cold Creek chaps meet the standards of OSHA 1910.266 and ASTM F1897 and are verified by UL. But similar to STIHL chainsaw chaps, you cannot use this pair of chaps while using electric chainsaws.

Cold Creek chaps are resistant to oil and water, ensuring you a better and more secure user experience. Also, it makes chaps easy to wash so that you can use them for a longer period.

The chap’s sleek design with a large flapping pocket and adjustable belt offers even more convenience during work. You can carry large tools and important things in your pocket during long work shifts. And its adjustable belt allows you to adjust the chaps according to your exact size.

Therefore, even if you buy a bit large size (as we did and also recommend), you’ll be able to easily fit the chaps by folding the belt or getting protection to the ankles.

With 1200 denier Oxford polyester, the Cold Creek chainsaw chaps give more protection, and despite their toughness, the chaps are still lightweight. However, we couldn’t find many flaws in these chaps except their incapability to tackle electric chainsaw blades.

What We Like

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Exact fitting options
  • Foldable belt

What We Don't Like

  • Not suitable for electric chainsaws

How to Select the Best Chainsaw Chaps in 2024? A Guide

Choosing the best chainsaw chaps for your cutting adventure is the foremost thing. Therefore, we have compiled a few important factors that you should consider before buying a chainsaw chaps.


Before buying chainsaw chaps, identify the exact area you want to cover with chaps. The best chainsaw chaps on the market come in two types (Type A and Type C).

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Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps (Type A):

Apron-style chainsaw chaps provide front coverage of legs only. Most chainsaw accidents occur to the leg’s front. Therefore, Type A chaps protect the front side and buckle at the back of the leg. These chainsaw chaps are considered most convenient in keeping legs comfortable, less sweating, and flexible. You can use these while standing on the ground for simple wood cutting.

Wrap Around Style (Type C):

As the name suggests, Type C chainsaw chaps wrap around the leg and buckle at the back of the leg, leaving a small portion without protection. The around style offers full leg coverage lowering the risk of getting hit during wood cutting in different positions (except standing). They might cause more sweating and allow less flexibility during the cutting process.

Authority Certification

Most brands offer chainsaw chaps with certifications, regulations, and standard testing such as ASTM, UL, ANSI, OSHA, etc. Consequently, before buying respective chainsaw chaps, make sure it has a safety certificate and a material guarantee to protect you from various injuries and risks.

Safety Chaps Standards:

  • The cloth or fabric rating should be equivalent to the chainsaw speed, such as;
  • Fabric rating 0 is suitable for 16 m/s chainsaw speed.
  • Fabric rating 1 is suitable for 20 m/s chainsaw speed.
  • Fabric rating 2 is suitable for 24 m/s chainsaw speed.
  • Fabric rating 3 is suitable for 28 m/s chainsaw speed.

Quality Matter Layers

Chaps are composed of different layers that ensure their durability and compatibility to combat strong chainsaw blades. However, to help you identify the chap’s material, make sure you find all the mentioned layers in chainsaw chaps.

  • Strong fabric, either made up of nylon or polyester material, gives more strength to the chaps.
  • Integrated fibers are made with Kevlar, ballistic nylon, or avertic material.
  • PVC made outer coverage of the chaps that slip the chainsaw blade to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • High-quality and strong straps and belts made of spandex and polymer plastic ensure the chaps’ firm and secure grip.

Rightly Sized

You might know how the sizing factor affects the wearing of chaps, either comfortable or extremely painful. If you are a standing person, always choose full-size chaps compared to half-leg protecting chaps that might work for sitting tasks.

Therefore, measure your size carefully and choose your chaps. Usually, chainsaw chaps brands offer 28 to 44-inch waist sizes. You can also buy full-leg to half-leg chaps. But you should always opt for full-leg protection chaps to keep yourself safe from any mishaps.

Layers Thickness

In addition to layer integration in the chaps, finding its thickness is also an important factor. According to a general rule of thumb, chaps with more material layers will have more thickness. Consequently, you can identify the thickness by measuring the fiber threads in the denier (measuring unit for thickness). Chaps with 400 to 1000 deniers are suitable for your routine to professional wood-cutting tasks.

Chainsaw Type Compatibility

As you already know, chainsaws are of two types, i.e., electric and gas-powered chainsaws. Subsequently, before choosing chainsaw chaps, you would need to make sure your chainsaw type and then chaps are compatible with your respective chainsaw. For instance, if you have an electric chainsaw, you would require chaps suitable for electric chainsaws and not gas-powered chainsaws. Otherwise, it will not be as effective as its particular type compatibility.

Snug Fitting

Being a woodworker, you would have to wear chaps for a longer period. Therefore, finding the most comfortable and easy-to-carry chaps is as important as your finest woodcuts. So, while choosing chainsaw chaps, make sure the chaps are lightweight, breathable, nylon-made (for a smooth and convenient experience), and polyester fiber (for working in wet areas).


Last but not least, weight matters a lot in defining your safe and comfortable working experience. If you are wearing heavy chaps, you will end up tired more than usual. Therefore, find chainsaw chaps with one to two pounds only. But make sure you don’t find extremely lightweight chaps, as they won’t be able to offer you protection as compared to heavy ones.

Additional Safety Features Before Working With Chainsaw

Apart from safety pants, you will also need a helmet that can protect your head and eyes from falling branches or debris. Wearing gloves is also recommended as it can keep your fingers safe from being chopped off since a chainsaw can easily amputate a bone.

FAQs: Quick Solution to Your Best Chainsaw Chaps Queries

Are chainsaw chaps worth it?

Working with heavy-duty and life-threatening machines requires more protection and effective precautionary measures. Consequently, wearing chainsaw chaps protect your legs from any hitting up and causing serious damage. Whether you are a professional chainsaw user or just starting, don’t forget to wear them.

Are Stihl chaps good?

Yes, with a wide range of brands selling chainsaw chaps, Stihl has its place. These chainsaw chaps are made with high quality and top-notch material to offer long-term usage (usually for years).

What do chainsaw pants do?

Saw pants or chaps are composed of aramid fibers. The cloth covering closes these ballistic fibers. After chainsaw interaction with the chaps, it causes the fibers to come out of the pants and jam the chainsaw. As a result, the chainsaw stops suddenly and does not cause further damage to the chainsaw user.

How much do chainsaw chaps weigh?

Usually, on average, a chainsaw chap weighs two pounds, making them convenient to use. Being lightweight and super easy to wear, these chainsaw chaps also carry pockets to help you keep gears and instruments to work outdoors easily.

Who makes the best chainsaw chaps?

Among the bundle of options, Husqvarna, Forester, and Stihl produce high-quality, effective, and customer-oriented chainsaw chaps to protect woodworkers, loggers, and woodcutters from chainsaws.

Final Verdict

We understand how vague it is to choose highly efficient and sturdy chainsaw chaps when you are only concerned about your safety. Therefore, we have only reviewed the top brands with outstanding feedback regarding their quality chaps.

However, keeping all your concerns on one page, we have selected Husqvarna 587160704 Apron Wrap Chap as the best chainsaw chaps that give you the ultimate protection and safety experience. You can quickly buy these chaps, but make sure you don’t work in extremely hot weather conditions wearing Husqvarna chainsaw chaps.

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