Chainsaw Dies When I Give It Gas – Solutions Explained in 2024

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solutions to chainsaw dies when given gas problemLooking for a solid answer regarding the issue, “Chainsaw dies when I give it gas”? I am here to help you out with some updated problems and solutions

There could be multiple reasons why your chainsaw dies. There might be issues with the spark plugs or the issues with the oil that you are using in your chainsaw, problems with carburetors, and unclean filters.

All these factors can affect your chainsaw and it dies after you oil it.

I will give you a proper guide that will surely help you in getting the best out of your chainsaw. So, let’s start with it.

First I will be telling you all the reasons why your chainsaw dies and then the solutions to it. Make sure you read it till the end.

REASONS AND SOLUTIONS: Chainsaw Dies When I Give It Gas in 2024

Some of the reasons along with their solutions regarding the chainsaw are as follows:


Carbon Accommodation:

One could be the problem in spark plugs such as carbon accommodation, the gap in spark plugs, and other related issues. Therefore, before you start working with chainsaws, first check the spark plugs. If they have turned black and you can see the carbon accommodation there, clean it. Because that’s what is causing trouble.

Take a wire brush and gently start cleaning the spark plug. You should be careful while cleaning or else you might end up with other issues. Make sure that you are not disturbing or damaging the insulators around the electrodes. If you feel that the spark plugs are grubby then you may go for replacing them. They do not cost much so you can easily do that.

Gap in Spark Plug:

The other one could be the gap in the spark plug. If the spark plug is not in the line and there is a gap then it won’t work at all. So, you should check it and fix it. You can fix it by using a tool that is used for such a purpose.


Dirty Oil:

The other reason could be problems with oil such as the presence of impurities in the oil. It commonly happens if you are keeping your firewood chainsaw unused for a longer period. When your chainsaw is in storage, the fuel evaporates leaving behind a thick substance that can clog the carburetor and damage the chainsaw.

If such a thing happens, and you take out your chainsaw and start using it without removing the previous oil or cleaning the oil container, it will stall your chainsaw. Therefore, you should empty the oil container before storing it and you should also inspect your chainsaw before using it again after storage.

Imbalance Mix:

The other issue with oil could be an imbalance in the oil-gasoline mixture that you will use as fuel for your chainsaw. This imbalance can cause huge trouble as it may provide over pressure on the chainsaw or may provide less force that will again exert pressure on the chainsaw. In both cases, your chainsaw will be affected as it can damage the engine and your chainsaw might die off when you give it gas.

The solution is easy and you can do it within a few minutes. Take a measuring beaker and add oil and gasoline of the required amount according to the model of your chainsaw. If you don’t know about the perfect amount, you may check it from the guiding manual or you can also get it online. Mix the perfect amount and then install it in your chainsaw.


Dirty Filters:

Also, the dirty filters can cause problems resulting in stalling of the chainsaw. There are two types of filters in your chainsaw and they have different functions. One of the filters is used for filtering the air and keeps the engine working properly by ensuring airflow in the chainsaw. The other filters are to prevent impurities from getting into the fuel.

Both of the filters are of great significance since the dirty filters should be cleaned up often. Especially when you are using the chainsaw, check the filters and spark plugs and necessary things before getting started. These small acts save your chainsaw from dying so they are worth adopting.


Thick Oil

If the oil quality is not good or may be due to the continued combustion of fuel in the chainsaw, deposits a thick layer on carburetors. This can lead to a problem in the circulation of fuel in the chainsaw and thus the engine could not work properly. It also exerts pressure on the engine due to disturbed flow of fuel and consequently, your chainsaw dies.

To prevent this you should keep a check on the fuel tank and ensure that it doesn’t have any dirt or waste that can clog the tank vents. Also, use high-quality oil for your chainsaw. You should also try to use fresh fuel every time you use the affordable chainsaw. These tips will save your chainsaw from stalling.

The other way to solve this issue is that let your chainsaw run for a few minutes on low idle. This will wipe out the dirt from the carburetor and allow the air to pass without resistance.

Let’s take a look at this guide on repairing a chainsaw when given gas by TheRepairSpecialist:


Why does my chainsaw die when cutting?

It happens when your chainsaw is not getting either the proper fuel or the airflow is disturbed because of any reason. The best way to prevent such issues is to keep servicing your chainsaw. This will not only increase the life of the chainsaw but also you would not face any difficulty in the time of need.

Why does my Poulan chainsaw die when given gas?

One of the main reasons for the Poulan 42 cc chainsaw to die is clogged spark arrestors. It happens when you store your chainsaw and over time some components of it evaporate leaving behind a think substance. This sticky thick substance covers the spark arrestor that resists the flow of air and fuel in the engine.

This results in heating the chainsaw because of the extra force on the engine and eventually, the chainsaw dies. The solution for this is to use the fresh fuel for using chainsaws. You should also use high-quality fuel to increase the life of the chainsaw.

Why does my Echo chainsaw die when I give it gas?

Worried about the stalling of your Echo chainsaw? Don’t worry I will tell you why it happens and how to overcome such problems. It happens because the engine does not get enough fuel or the airflow is resisted due to some reason.

The reason for this could be dirty air filters and oil with impurities. You can overcome this issue and prevent chainsaw from dying by sorting out these issues.

Why Ryobi chainsaw dies when given gas?

Let me tell you why your Ryobi chainsaw dies when you give it gas. What happens when you run a machine when there is clogging inside? It will surely put a lot of pressure on the engine and it will stop working. The same is the case with chainsaws. When there is dirt or something that chocks the carburetor and resists fuel and air into the engine then it dies.

The solution to this is simple. Use pure fuel and keep the filters clean. Either it is an air filter or one that filters oil. Clean them so that there will be no resistance and your chainsaw works properly.

Why does my new chainsaw die after a few minutes?

The reason for this is usually some clogging in the carburetor or in some other area that resists the flow of air and fuel. To overcome this you should check the filters and if there is any thick oil deposited on the surface. Clean the filters and oil tank and that’s all. Your chainsaw would not die now.

Why does my Husqvarna chainsaw die when I give gas?

Have you checked the quality of the oil that you are using in your chainsaw? Or are the filters clean? Is there any resistance that can disturb the airflow or fuel flow? Do check for all these things.

Your Husqvarna chainsaw dies when you give it gas but fails to check if it is pure. Also, you do not check if there is anything that can stop it from circulating in the engine.

Yes, these are the reasons why your Husqvarna chainsaw dies when you give it oil. So, check these small things before working using your chainsaw.


This was the full and detailed guideline regarding why your chainsaw dies when given gas. Also, I have provided you with the knowledge regarding reasons and solutions to such issues with some additional care tips. I hope this will help you.

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