Poulan Pro 18 42cc Gas Chainsaw Reviews [2024]

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As it turned out, I needed a gas chainsaw for some normal woodcutting work and I simply could not use the typical large chainsaw I had again and again. While exploring the market, I found out that Poulan Pro 18 PR4218 was getting attention from homeowners and woodcutters.

I decided to give it a try and boy oh boy, it works like a charm. I felt like cutting a piece of cake with a sharp knife while cutting down some thick trees.

The question here arises why did I choose it instead of other gas chainsaws? For starters, it features an extremely sharp stainless steel 18” blade powered by a 42cc dual-stroke engine.

Furthermore, it’s compact, portable, and easy to handle. All these basic specs compelled me to get this version of Poulan Pro and it’s aging like a fine wine for me up till now.

Enough with the praise!

Today, we are going to have the Poulan Pro 18 chainsaw review up our sleeves. I’ll analyze some of its basic and major features with proper details. Besides, I’ll also quote people who’ve been using this chainsaw for a long time.

Let’s get down to the main discussion:

What Makes the Poulan Pro 18 Gas Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

Let me explain it a little bit more. This gas-powered chainsaw comes with a 42cc engine, so the power is simply impeccable.

Adding to that, the kick-start chain requires no more than 3 pulls to make the chainsaw operational.

With an easy-to-hold handle, compact shape, and an extremely sharp 18” steel blade, you could expect it to cut literally anything placed in its way.

The chainsaw didn’t stick for once while I was testing it out on different wood materials.

All these features ensure the long-lasting efficiency of the chainsaw, which makes it a standout among other options available in the market.

The story doesn’t end here!

Let us now get back to the main review section where I will discuss each of the features and benefits of this portable gas-powered chainsaw.

Have a look:

Our Poulan Pro 18 Gas Chainsaw Review 2024

As soon as I took the chainsaw out of the box, I felt that it was light in weight and had vibrant colors. poulan pro 18 42cc chainsaw

Furthermore, I unpackaged it and felt the quality of blade, which is sublime and well up to the mark.

With the right fuel oil ratio of 50:1, I filled it up to the recommended mark and closed the lid tightly.

The chainsaw got operational at around 3 to 5 kicks and I tested it on some of the random wood materials laying around me.

It cut each and everything placed in its way quite efficiently and didn’t get stuck even for once.

The speed control option was quite handy as it allowed me to increase the speed while I was cutting some thick wood trunks.

On top of that, handling the saw was super easy. I mean, its ergonomic design allowed me to hold it for a long time without facing any fatigue or tiredness.

That’s what I observed after getting my hands on Poulan Pro 42cc gas chainsaw for the first time.

Let’s now get back to discussing some of the most important features it offers:

OxyPower Technology:

First things first, one of the reasons this chainsaw cuts through the wood so easily is that it uses the patented OxyPower technology.

That is, the manufacturer has embedded a special technology that offers enough power to the blade and chain to cut the wood without any hurdle.

The interesting part is, that it does so by reducing fuel consumption as well as harmful emissions.

The imminent result? You get to slice wood with less fuel while keeping the environment eco-friendly.

Sounds pretty much interesting, isn’t it? Well, you’d surely enjoy the power it offers and that’s something I could guarantee you.

Automatic Oiler

Secondly, the best chainsaw for firewood also comes with an automatic oiler to keep you away from the hassle of maintaining the blade.

Just fill up the oil can with durable engine oil and forget about maintaining it again and again.

It will automatically lubricate the chain to make sure that it’s working without any wear and tear.

Blade Mechanics:

Moving along, the 18” blade that comes with this chainsaw machine is quite sharp and durable enough.

Built with a stainless steel alloy, it can resist harsh wood materials without causing any problem.

Furthermore, the chain has sharp spikes that help to cut down literally anything you place in the saw’s way.

As per my experience, I’ve used the Poulan Pro 18” chainsaw for cutting some of the thick wood trunks and it didn’t get stuck.

Later on, I also used it to fall a large tree and it worked like a charm for me. Not even once did I face any problem with it, which made me realize that the manufacturer has done one heck of a job while introducing this chainsaw.

EPS (Effortless Pulling System)

It took me only three tries to make the chainsaw operational. Thanks to the spring-assisted pulling cord system that allows the machine to get started with a couple of pulls.

Not only that, but the cord doesn’t require much force. Even an adult aged 50 years old could start it without facing any arm pain or fatigue.

With EPS, it’s just easy to take out the chainsaw, start it, and enjoy cutting whatever you want.

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Speed Controlling Button:

Right where you keep your right hand to handle the chainsaw, there’s a speed-controlling button available there.

Use it to control the speed while depending on the type of wood you are cutting.

It’s pretty much obvious that thick stems would require the chainsaw to work on more speed and vice versa.

Hence, it’s up to you that how you want to utilize this option.

Air Filter Cleaning System:

Well, the Super Cleaning Air Filter system helps to control air pollution as it keeps the emissions at low rate.

Moreover, it also keeps the air filter clean enough to help reduce fuel consumption without compromising on power.

It’s quite durable and sturdy at the same time. I didn’t need to replace the air filter in my Poulan chainsaw even after 1 year of using it harshly.

So, that’s THAT.


It’s a no-brainer that Poulan has kept all the ergonomics in mind while designing the best gas-powered chainsaw under 200. That is, the handle is made super-comfy and it’s padded too.

You can, therefore, handle it without compromising your protection.

Other than that, I specifically loved the anti-vibration system as it helped me focus on the cutting part more rather than feeling anything else.


I’d like to end up the major features section with compatibility. Poulan Pro 42cc gas chainsaw is ideal for cutting medium-thick wood trunks.

You could also use it to cut down large trees without facing any problem.

Furthermore, I’ve used it for cutting firewood as well as for storm clean-up and it didn’t disappoint me up till now.

Have a look at the visual demonstration of Poulan Pro 18 chainsaw review on YouTube:

Here are some of the pros and cons of the gas-powered chainsaw after an extensive review:


  • 42cc durable and powerful two-stroke engine.
  • Low emission work with higher efficiency.
  • OxyPower technology reduces fuel consumption.
  • Super cleaning air filter reduces air pollution.
  • Extremely sharp 18” bar with spiky chain.
  • Automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated enough.
  • Suitable for cutting firewood, and falling trees.
  • Ergonomic handle with a padded design.
  • Compact, portable, and not too heavy.


  • Pull action starts to irritate when you use the chainsaw too much.
  • Defected blade in some of the shipments.
  • Spark plug isn’t long-lasting.
  • A bit difficult to get around with it if you are a beginner.

What Do You Get with the Poulan Pro 18 42cc Gas Chainsaw in 2024?

The complete package includes a carrying case, a prebuilt Scrench, an extra chain for maintenance, and special Two-Stroke oil from the manufacturer.

Expert Opinions:

Those who have used the chainsaw know how much power it offers.

Some of the expert opinions are as follows:

Jacob says that “The chainsaw as a whole is pretty much comfortable and gets started even in cold windy weather. So far, I’ve used it to cut down some firewood and it has worked out pretty much well for me. I just use the right mixture of oil and fuel to make sure that it doesn’t give any harmful emissions.”

Stephen Cunningham, an expert in testing home and garden tools has also got a say on Poulan Pro 18 42cc chainsaw. According to him, “There were zero defects in the chainsaw when I took it out from the cover. The Scrench worked quite well for me as I used it to maintain the tension of the tool. Overall it offered a solid 9/10 performance and I’d definitely keep y’all updated about it after a few weeks.”

Customer Ratings About Poulan Pro 18 Chainsaw in 2024

The feedback ratings given to this chainsaw in different aspects are as follows:

Note: Score is out of 10

Light in Weight: 9/10

Value for the Money: 9/10

Ease of transport: 8.9/10

Overall: 9.4/10

Why Purchase the Poulan Pro 42cc 18”  Chainsaw in 2024?

One of the major reasons you should invest all your money in getting this chainsaw is that it offers comfort and ease of use.

Furthermore, it’s light in weight and that means you could easily maneuver it from one place to another.

The 42cc two-stroke engine is efficient enough and thanks to the 18” sharp chain bar, you’d definitely get the value for the money you spend on it.

In a nutshell, the Poulan Pro gas chainsaw will make your cutting work much easier than you’d ever expect. So, check it out if you have the budget and you won’t regret this decision for many years to come.

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