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Earlier, we reviewed the Poulan Pro 18 inch gas chainsaw, which was perfect for small tasks as it had got a small chain with a compact body.

However, when I talk about getting big tasks finished with ease, the only thing that comes to my mind is Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw.

This gas-powered chainsaw has got a whopping 50cc two-stroke engine that makes it quite powerful. More than that, it comes with a long enough bar to cut down some large and thick wood trunks without any hassle.

Today, we’ll have the Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw review up our hands and we’ll see whether it meets our demands or not.

All in all, let us get right into the detailed discussion, without any further ado:

What Makes the Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

As I already mentioned above, this chainsaw is all about delivering immense power and efficiency.

Thanks to the long stainless steel blade, it can penetrate inside thick wood logs as easily as you’d imagine cutting butter with a sharp knife.

Moreover, the fuel efficiency in this latest model is much better than the earlier model we discussed.

Finally, it all comes down to cutting down the bigger stuff and there’s no worthy competitor of the PR5020 in this aspect.

All these new updates with some minor tweaks is what make Poulan Gas Chainsaw a standout among others.

Enough with the praise!

Now, let us get down to what I experienced after ordering this beast of a chainsaw a couple of months ago:

Our Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaw Review in 2024: First Impressions and Tests

Compared to the Poulan Pro 18 inch, this chainsaw came in a sturdy black box made up of ABS plastic. poulan pro 20 inch chainsaw review

Besides, the blade and chain were thoroughly covered with ABS plastic housing to keep the chainsaw as protected as possible.

I opened the case, took out the chainsaw, and unpackaged it accordingly. The first impressions were quite smooth as usual.

Plus, I also noticed that the Scrench tool replacement was modified so that you could reach it without any hassle.

Right in the box, I also received 2.6 ounces of 50:1 fuel mix that was more than enough to keep the chainsaw operational for a long time.

The brand had also given a complete user manual on how to use the Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw.

Next up, I took the chainsaw out, filled it up with the ideal 50:1 fuel mix, and pulled out the choke a little bit.

I pressed the throttle 10 times as it was mentioned on the chainsaw. The good thing is that you’ll also get to see the important instructions on the chainsaw itself.

Furthermore, it took me around 5 to 6 tries to start the chainsaw and I left it as it is for around 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, I used it to cut down some small stuff and it didn’t disappoint me. Next up was a wood log and I was surprised to see that how easily this chainsaw penetrated in it.

From what I experienced, Poulan Pro PR5020 has done a splendid job making sure that you cut down anything placed in your way with this powerful chainsaw.

That was my first-hand experience!

Let’s now discuss some major features that this gas-powered chainsaw offers:

Important Features of Poulan Pro 20-Inch Chainsaw Review in 2024

Powerful 50cc Engine:

Talking of the engine first, it’s powerful, efficient, and has an improved fuel consumption compared to other gas chainsaws available in the market.

Plus, Poulan Pro has used the latest OxyPower engine technology in this chainsaw to improve its power while consuming less fuel.

That said, out of 100, the chainsaw consumes about 20% less fuel and has 70% less emission percentage, which is simply exceptional.

Combined with superb performance and quite a powerful engine, you could expect the Poulan Pro 20 inch 50cc chainsaw to cut anything you place in its way.

Effortless Pull Starting System:

Next up, we have the latest EPS system installed in the chainsaw, which makes it easier to pull the cord.

Compared to the previous model, the Poulan Pro 20 Inch chainsaw has a soft and smooth cord pulling interface, which reduces the effort 30% less than a normal chainsaw.

It took me around 5 to 6 tries to make it operational for the first time.

However, with regular use, you can kick-start it in no more than 3 tries.

Another thing quite worth mentioning here is that the chainsaw is resistant to harsh weather conditions. No matter if the weather’s cold or freezing, it would not take more than 5 tries to start the Poulan Pro PR5020, which is really astonishing.

Easy Maintenance:

The brand also offers an easy way of keeping the gas-powered chainsaw maintained every once in a while.

For that purpose, it has readjusted the special combi handle on the rear handle to make it more accessible.

It’s, therefore, easy to keep the chainsaw maintained.

Compared to the earlier model, the Poulan Pro PR5020 comes with a protected purge bulb, which ensures starting the chainsaw in fewer pulls. It also keeps the carburetor away from getting debris or dust, etc.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

A long 20” bar is there to make sure that the chainsaw penetrates deep inside thick firewood materials.

Plus, the chain is way too sharp. That said, the brand warns to never touch it without gloves even if it’s static. Tells you about how sharp the chain is.

A powerful combo of chain cum bar ensures cutting falling trees, wet wood trunks, thick wood logs, and firewood without any hassle.

You can also use it to make way for building a house in the woods by cutting thick trees from their bases.

Choke Control:

Choke control helps the homeowners to start the Poulan Pro PR5020 with fewer pulls.

Just pull it for a while and kick-start the chainsaw. Leave it for a few seconds as it is and push the choke back in.

An easy choke control helps the gas chainsaw to get started even if it’s freezing cold outside.

Easy to Handle:

I must admit that this model is a bit bulky compared to the Poulan Pro 18 inch chainsaw.

However, thanks to its ergonomic design, you can hold the padded handle for a long time without tiring your hands at all.

Instant Brake Handle:

The chainsaw also features an instant brake handle that you can use in emergencies.

For instance, when you think like the chainsaw is getting out of your hands, then simply pull the handle brake and it will jam the chain within a few seconds.

The breakdown of Poulan Pro 20 Inch chainsaw review in video mode is as under:

Here is a breakdown of the features and benefits along with some cons that the chainsaw offers:


  • Powerful 50cc engine with OxyPower technology.
  • 20” long bar with extremely sharp chain.
  • Cuts small and large wood logs without any hassle.
  • Ideal for cutting thick trees from bases.
  • Easy maintenance with combi tool.
  • Choke control for easy start-up.
  • Sturdy and durable enough.
  • Perfect for cutting firewood.


  • A bit bulky. (Still a lot easier to handle)
  • A bit expensive. (Compared to the previous model)
  • Chain gets sloppy when you use it for the first time.
  • Not easy to transport.

What Do You Get with the Poulan Pro 20 Chainsaw in 2024? 

You’ll get a sturdy case to keep the chainsaw safe and protected enough. Along with that, a bar housing is also provided. You’ll also get a 2.6-ounce 50:1 fuel mix plus a user manual is also added within the package.

Consumer Ratings: 

Keeping the customer feedback in mind, here is how they rated this chainsaw:

(Ratings out of 10)

Sheerness: 9.3/10

Portability: 8.7/10

Easy to use: 8.3/10

Safety Features: 8.2/10

Overall Ratings: 9.2/10

Expert Opinions:

Jay and Virginia, the 50 years old couple who run Almost Homestead YouTube channel, have got some exquisite views about this chainsaw.

According to Jay, “I don’t know why people rate this chainsaw too low. I’ve been using it since 2018 and its quality is still up to the mark. I’ve used it to cut 22” wood logs within few minutes and that should tell you about how durable, sturdy, and powerful this chainsaw is.”

Texas Fat Guy, on the other hand, has his views about the chainsaw as follows, “Took this bad boy out of the box and used it for a 2-hour limbing project straightway. It didn’t stick even for a while. Had some issues starting it again with Choke Procedure, but I got assistance from the brand and now it’s working like a charm for me.”

Why Purchase Poulan Pro 20″ Gas Chainsaw in 2024?

The chainsaw is all about power, durability, improved efficiency, and less fuel consumption.

Furthermore, you could use it to cut wood logs no matter how thick they are or cut falling trees in a single go.

Although the price is a little bit expensive compared to the previous model, I assure you that you won’t regret the decision to purchase one of the best gas-powered chainsaws available in the market.

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