How to Cut Firewood with a Chainsaw in 2024? A Beginner’s Guide

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Winter season has everyone gathering firewood to keep themselves warm and comfortable. how to cut firewood with chainsaw

Instead of buying firewood through markets, it is rather easy to cut it yourself. Once you are aware of how, the task becomes less strenuous.

We will be telling you how to cut firewood with a chainsaw for you to get yourself out of the hassle to buy it every time.

You can skillfully safely split firewood by following the guide we will provide below.

Let’s rock and roll with Richard without any further ado:

How to Cut Firewood with a Chainsaw? The Basics

The first thing that needs to be established is the equipment you will be needing to successfully cut firewood with a chainsaw. Firewood cutting basics revolve around the support you give to your log and the technique you use.

Equipment You Need:

The right equipment can make all the difference. For a hassle-free experience and cutting firewood fast, you should be aware of what tools are necessary. You will need:

  1. Firewood Chainsaw
  2. Sawhorse or any support
  3. Safety gear

Firewood Chainsaw:

The high demand in the ever-evolving world of chainsaws has been rightly built. Being the most popular option, a chainsaw is a fast and efficient way to cut firewood. You just need to choose the appropriate chainsaw for your expedition. Your logs determine the size and engine power of the chainsaw you will need.

Husqvarna 440 E-series II chainsaw is one of the best chainsaws to be used to cut firewood. It has a 1.8 kilowatt of power output which is perfect for any kind of firewood cutting. You can choose cutting firewood with a battery chainsaw or a gas-powered chainsaw as well.

Sawhorse or a Support:

You can build your own sawhorse to properly hold your logs while using a chainsaw. Cutting firewood with chainsaw for beginners can be made relatively easily when you don’t have to worry about the log slipping. Logs can be held using 2×4 supports, insulation sheets as well as sawhorses.

You can even build your own brace to hold the firewood as you cut it. A larger wood piece can be used as a cheap and practical substitute.

Safety Gear:

Safety equipment should be your number one priority while cutting firewood with a chainsaw. Especially for beginners, it is essential to be aware of the safety protocols. We highly recommend face protection. Protective eyewear, as well as gloves, should be made a part of your attire on the day you decide to chop firewood.

The gear that will prove useful includes:

  1. Safety glasses or goggles to avoid sawdust and wood pieces from entering and damaging your eyes.
  2. A helmet to protect your head.
  3. Hearing protection or noise-canceling headphones are recommended.
  4. Protective gloves to avoid splinters and cuts.
  5. Chainsaw chaps or thick jeans while cutting firewood with a chainsaw.
  6. Protective boots can prevent broken toes.

Firewood Cutting Guide for Beginner Homeowners

Step 1: Getting Ready for the Task

Cutting firewood with a chainsaw for beginners can be tricky business if not handled correctly. A sawhorse is a right choice to elevate the logs from the ground that need to be cut. You can lift up the firewood to go easy on your back. You can even build your own sawhorse or a sawbuck very simply.

Step 2: Choosing Logs

We recommend you to use smaller 1-meter-long logs so they can be easy to manage. Place the log on the support you have. You need to secure it tightly in order to eliminate any risk of the logs slipping or rolling away.

Step 3: Cutting Firewood into Logs via Chainsaw

Once you have your set up all ready, you can power up the chainsaw. Start at a slow speed and position it at the marked position that you want to cut. Saw about 3-inch deep from each side If you are not using a sawhorse to support your log and have the firewood placed on the ground, this will prevent you from cutting into the floor.

Step 4: The Final Step for Cutting Firewood

Rotate the log as you go about the process. You can use a felling lever to turn the log around or a wedge if available. Claw bars are useful in rolling over large logs as well. You need to have a length in mind which will readily fit into your fireplace. Cut the log into sections of approximately 30cm.

Here’s a video tutorial of the steps we have mentioned above for easy comprehension:

Using Your Firewood:

Different kinds of firewood have different lifespans. Firewood cut from green trees will need approximately twelve (12) months to properly dry and be used. Whereas, logs from deadwood trees can be used within two to three (2-3) months. Those of you after cutting firewood fast would appreciate chainsaws.


Can you split firewood with a chainsaw?

Yes, you can use a chainsaw to split firewood. An 18-inch chainsaw is ideal for all your firewood cutting needs. The size depends on how large or small the log is. For massive trunks, a twenty or twenty-four (20-24) inch chainsaw is recommended.

What is the best way to cut logs with a chainsaw?

The best way to cut logs with a chainsaw is by providing sturdy support to the log. Mark the points where you want to cut. Three-inch-deep cuts are enough. Rotate the log using claw bars or a felling lever. Cut from all sides to split them.

What is the best way to cut firewood?

Firewood can be cut using various kinds of saws. For an easy and fast way, you can use the help of a chainsaw. The logs should be cut into 30cm sections for them to properly fit into your fireplace. The best way to cut your firewood nowadays is through the use of a chainsaw.

Is it better to cut wet or dry wood with a chainsaw?

Wet wood is easier to cut with a chainsaw. Extra moisture on the wet wood acts as a natural lubricant and would not harms your chainsaw in any way.

Dry wood creates friction that makes it difficult to cut. The wood fibers coming in contact with the chainsaw result in more friction. This slows down the chainsaw chain in turn making the task more strenuous.

Conclusion: How to Cut Firewood with a Chainsaw in 2022?

Chainsaws can be effective in providing you with freshly cut firewood for the harsh weather. Just follow the guide mentioned above and you will have snug homes in no time. Remember to wear safety gear to eradicate any chance of accidents and get chopping!

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