Holzfforma Chainsaw Review [2024] – Most Powerful Cutting Tool

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Holzfforma chainsaw from Farmertec is already receiving the attention of homeowners who want to carry out heavy duty cutting tasks.

Be it a large maple wood, an extremely thick wood log, or a large fallen tree, this chainsaw cuts everything like a charm.

That’s probably because it comes with a powerful 92cc engine. Mind you that it’s called a “Clone Saw” as it’s been assembled in China.

Moving forward, today’s Holzfforma chainsaw reviews are based on what my first impression of the tool looked like.

We’d also carry on with describing positives and negatives along with expert opinions and reasons to buy this powerful cutting chainsaw.

All in all, let’s have a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Holzfforma Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

If you want my honest views, then I must say that it’s a bit exaggerated.

I mean, there’s no point in getting this tool until and unless you want to get involved in cutting large and thick trees every then and now.

With that said, Holzfforma chainsaw does come with a 92cc engine and a large enough bar with a chain that has spiky teeth.

To put that into perspective, it can slice wood logs of a diameter ranging from 20” to 30” without any hassle.

On top of that, its long enough bar allows it to penetrate deep inside and offers smooth slices in a single go.

These are all the reasons that make Farmertec G660 a standout among other gasoline chainsaws. One could also that it’s one of the top-notch milling chainsaws out there.

Now, let’s barge on to what I experienced while using this gasoline chainsaw on some of the fallen trees and wood logs:

Our Review of Holzfforma G660 Chainsaw in 2024

First things first, I received the head of the chainsaw only in the package along with a user manual. Holzfforma 92cc chainsaw

I had to purchase a separate Oregon chainsaw bar along with a chain from the same brand and it cost me around $140 extra.

Coming towards the assembly, it was easier than I expected. The bar and chain fitted accurately and without causing any problems.

Secondly, I filled up the fuel and oil windows with what was available in my garage.

The good thing about the chainsaw was that it took no more than 4 kicks to start. The choke had some issues pulling down but it got tucked with few struggles.

Coming towards the overall shape and design, I didn’t like the handle of the tool. It was too congested and I faced difficulty controlling it while cutting large trees.

Furthermore, the recoil thing was way too weak. I had to change it within a single use of the chainsaw. So, that’s THAT!

Moreover, the performance was solid enough as the tool helped me make slices of extremely thick maple wood with convenience.

I also cut down a large pine tree with Holzfforma G660 and it was simply phenomenal.

A good commercial chainsaw overall. However, I won’t suggest it to homeowners who want a cutting tool for their backyard only.

Get yourself either a battery-operated chainsaw or a gasoline one with a size that you can hold easily.

Major Technical Features About Holzfforma Gasoline Chainsaw in 2024:

Anyways, let’s now take a look at some of the technical aspects of the G660 offered by Holzfforma:


The 92cc two-stroke engine works like a charm in producing torque that’s too hard to handle.

It can slice wood logs, trunks, fallen trees, and almost everything placed in its way.

The engine also produces less emissions and improves the overall cutting efficiency of the chainsaw.

That’s one of the reasons many customers trust it for commercial uses.

Minimum and Maximum Speed:

Talking of speed, the moment you start this chainsaw, it offers a speed of around 2,500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Similarly, the engine produces a speed of around 13,500 RPM when you press the trigger to its full extent.

That much speed from a chainsaw makes it one of the most powerful cutting tools in the market without any single doubt.

Bar and Chain Suggestions:

As the tool doesn’t come with a bar or chain, you have to purchase it separately.

I recommend getting the Oregon 36” Power Match Bar as it has got a durable construction and offers superb cutting performance.

For chain, I recommend Oregon 72EXL114G PowerCut. It easily gets wrapped around the Oregon bar and has spiky teeth that cut different wood materials with precision and accuracy.

Weight of the Chainsaw:

The tool, without bar and chain, weighs around 8kgs. That’s way too much if we compare it with the likes of Poulan Pro PR5020 or Husqvarna.

So, yeah, you’ll face issues moving it around from one place to another. More than that, your hands will feel pressure and fatigue while you use it to cut wood materials.

However, that’s what you have to bear if you want to finish heavy-duty tasks in a single go.

Fully Automatic Oiler:

Last but not least, there is a fully automatic oiler installed in the tool that helps the bar and chain to remain lubricated.

In doing so, it enhances the overall speed of the chainsaw. To be more precise, it keeps the chain away from any damage.

Some of the positives and negatives about the Holzfforma chainsaw are as follows:


  • For commercial use only.
  • 92cc two-stroke engine.
  • Offers immense power and cutting efficiency.
  • Cuts large maple trees, wood logs, and trunks.
  • Makes smooth slices like a charm.


  • Way too overpowered.
  • Not recommended for small home tasks. (Better get a mini chainsaw)
  • Too weighty.
  • Choke is bang average.
  • Weak recoil system.

Customer Ratings: Out of 10

The customers who’ve got this chainsaw have rated it as follows:

Power and Performance: 10/10

Handling: 7/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Maneuverability: 6/10

Overall Ratings: 9/10

Ben from Carving a Path has got his views about the chainsaw as follows: “I’ve been using this tool since 2020, and it has worked quite perfectly for me. Some minor tweaks, such as pulling the choke, weak recoil, and weighty design are there. Regardless of that, I’ve used it to slice a 25” thick wood log and it didn’t cause any problems.”

Why do We Recommend Holzfforma Gasoline Chainsaw?

The only reason I recommend this chainsaw is if you are in dire need of cutting large and extra thick wood logs.

It’s a better tool when utilized for commercial purposes.

Other than that, better options are available if you want a tool for your backyard only.

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