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Following with the FTC guidelines, please note that this disclosure applies on all pages, posts, photos, links, and text that you generally see on Chainsaw Guru!

Let us now meet some formalities as per our operating agreement with Amazon.

Amazon Operating Agreement is taking part in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program intended to enable them to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon websites (including .com, .ca,, .de, .it, .es, and .fr) and any other websites that may have an association with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program., Inc. or its affiliates own the trademark for Amazon and the Amazon logo.

How Chainsaw Guru Earns Money?

Chainsaw Guru is dedicated to offering authentic and unbiased reviews while testing out the beastly machines.

However, it is important for the readers to know the means by which the website is operational.

Not only that, but readers have the right to know how the website generates revenue to keep up with updates or to buy latest chainsaw models for reviewing purposes.

This affiliate disclosure is, therefore, made to maintain clarity between the CG team and its readers.

Let’s have a look right away:

Affiliate Disclosure Details

Chainsaw Guru is a proud affiliate of the Amazon Associates Program and is working for it since 2021.

Got confused?

Don’t be as I am about to share the whole process of how everything works here:

Amazon offers uniquely generated links to its affiliates that they can embed in their content.

Whenever a reader clicks on any specific link, they will be redirected to the sales page of Amazon for that specific product.

Upon arriving, if the reader likes a specific product and buys it, Chainsaw Guru will get paid a small commission as an incentive from Amazon.

Please note that you won’t be getting charged anything extra. You will pay the exact amount mentioned on the sales page of Amazon.

Just like that, upon every qualified sale, Chainsaw Guru will get a commission that will be used further to improve the user experience, user interface, and overall review section of the website.

This is how things work at Chainsaw Guru.

What about Sponsored Content?

Chainsaw Guru ensures the authenticity of reviews and other information it offers to maintain integrity and trustworthiness with its valuable readers.

That’s one of the reasons we are strictly against writing sponsored content. We do not get sponsored by anyone while explaining or discussing different products.

The only means of earning money is through affiliate links and we have already discussed it above.

It’s our pleasure to serve homeowners all across the world with problem-solving content to help them out in every possible situation.

That’s all from Chainsaw Guru!