How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost in 2022? Detailed Answer

how much does a chainsaw cost

An average fuel-operated chainsaw costs around $200 – $400 whereas an average electric chainsaw costs around $100 – $250. An extensive power-loaded one costs $1000 or more; however, a cheap low-power chainsaw that has day-to-day usage can even come in less than $100 at retail price.   If the quick answer is not enough and … Read more

Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Any Good? A Guide [2022]

are troy-bilt chainsaws any good

Troy-Bilt is a renowned brand famous for its lawn and gardening equipment like lawnmowers, snow blowers, tillers, etc. But the question is, are Troy-Bilt chainsaws any good? “Troy-Bilt chainsaws are lightweight, comfortable to use, and have multiple built-in features that make them a great option for homeowners and beginners. They can be used in a … Read more