Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews 2022 – Our Top Picks

It is a long-settled debate that gas chainsaws are more powerful against their electric counterparts. Still, we do see some electric chainsaw models that promise to deliver the same power as the gas chainsaws.

The gas chainsaw’s power and long term viability remain unquestionable. The concern only lies with which one you can buy for yourself. Falling for an unsuitable set of features can also create problems.

This is the reason why this guide has been published for your assistance to get the best gas chainsaw for your lawn and garden. Cutting down trees and dealing with thick firewood is not much of a problem with the intense gas-powered chainsaws.

It is also not always about power. You can see our list of key features discussed at the end that were the basis for shortlisting any gas chainsaw mentioned below. Let’s quickly jump into our product reviews and help you out in knowing what works against each particular chainsaw model.

Best Gas Chainsaw Listed in This Guide

Bar Length
Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher
12.8 lbs
Remington Full Crank 2-Cycle
15.6 lbs
Himimi Gas Powered
15.6 lbs
Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc
25 lbs
Poulan Pro
17 lbs

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna specializes in chainsaw equipment and you get immensely reliable and durable machines for long periods of time. This one doesn’t fail to amaze even as a heavy-duty and gas-powered chainsaw and provides super smooth 2-stroke engine performance.

A bottle of pre-mix fuel is also included for you to experience the optimized performance levels. Intertie activated chain brake makes this 455 Rancher Gas chainsaw completely safe to operate. The x-torque in this machine leads to lesser fuel consumption and creates low levels of exhaust emissions.

The mechanical performance always remains extraordinary with the presence of an automatic oiler system. It maintains the optimum oiling levels for chain and bar to operate with ultimate smoothness. The machine also has a built-in air injection centrifugal air cleaning system that helps to keep the air filter off the large particles like debris.

The chain tensioning adjustment system is mounted on the side of this chainsaw for you to quickly adjust things while doing the work out in the middle. The installation of the anti-vibration system delivers smooth usage experience and you are in total control of your job without facing much hassle.


  • Comes with a versatile set of features
  • Convenient chainsaw ignition
  • Commendable Power Speed of 9000 RPM
  • Minimum exhaust emissions produced


  • Price varies significantly for different blade lengths

Bottom Line

You get superb power and convenience with this Husqvarna chainsaw. Engine life is improved significantly with the right use of smart features and technologies. The exhaust emission levels are reduced to a minimum level and deliver a quite smooth cutting performance with the help of a built-in anti-vibration system.

Remington Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

Remington has managed to provide quite reliable and budget-friendly gas chainsaws so each one of us can get going. The bar length variations with this one ranges from 14 inches to 18 inches and engine power variations are available too. All these differences exist with minor changes in the cost price of this machine.

A full crank 2 cycle engine ensures you get the right amount of power with the minimum of vibrations while using. A low kickback chain provides top-notch sharp cutting performance and is able to deal with the toughest of woods also with ease.

The lightweight aspect of this chainsaw makes it the best gas chainsaw in this pricing and the polymer chassis ensures you have a long term solution for your lawn. It comes with a quick start technology and gets going immediately at the pull of a cord.

The chain brake installed works with the phenomenon of inertia to get activated and prevent any danger in case the machine goes out while operating. You would experience really low fatigue even after long hours of usage due to an ergonomic design, handle, 3 point anti-vibration system and offers great maneuverability which is not much common among the gas chainsaws.


  • Quick Start Technology
  • High-Quality Anti-Vibration System
  • Various Chain bar lengths and engine powers available
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • Frequent Chain adjustments needed

Bottom Line

You are at the helm of a nice chainsaw which offers great flexibility in much decent pricing. A perfect choice for home usage and engine performance doesn’t disappoint even which is optimized with a high-quality anti-vibration system. Overall, the features like a lightweight and ergonomically designed handle in combination with smooth engine performance makes it a desirable machine.

Himimi Cordless Chainsaw

Himimi has been able to successfully pull over a gas-powered chainsaw that offers cordless operation. The ones who wanted to break free with the gas input chainsaws are now able to have them both with this Himimi cordless chainsaw. It produces 70% fewer emissions than the regular gas chainsaws and consumes 20% lesser power.

The engine performance remains optimized with the presence of a highly effective air filtration system. The built-in 58CC 2-cycle engine delivers commendable power for you to operate with and operates with a pull force system to give minimum levels of strain to the chainsaw operator.

The best part of this chainsaw is that you don’t need to have a special set of tools for maintenance purposes. The air filter and spark plug can be cleaned conveniently without causing any hassle. The chain tensioning system is also accessible right under your hands so you would be operating with maximum cutting speed.

Himimi cordless chainsaw offers great cutting precision due to soft-grip handle and maneuverability. The Auto-oiling system keeps an intensive check on the chain bar and motor accessories oiling needs so you won’t be landing into problems with the use of this best gas chainsaw.


  • A long Blade length on offer
  • Easily portable with cordless operations
  • Environment-friendly chainsaw
  • Commendable safety features

Bottom Line

The versatility on-offer is best with this Himimi Cordless chainsaw. With a power source on gas, you still have an environment-friendly chainsaw that minimizes the release of exhaust fumes. Toolless maintenance and pro chain tensioning system makes this a superior choice and the pricing is not too high even.

Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

A variety of heavy-duty cutting jobs can be executed with this powerful Remington 18-inch long chain bar gas-powered chainsaw. It delivers extraordinary power for you to be able to deal with the large trees even without causing much hassle to yourself.

A low kickback chain bar provides great cutting precision and comes with high-quality sprocket tips on the metal bar. The anti-vibration handles are provided both at the front and the back for you to be able to be in complete control of things without causing fatigue to yourself.

It is one of the most reliable gas chainsaws as this comes with electric start offering much better user convenience. A pro-grade crankcase and sprockets add up to the durability and reliability and die-cast chassis are of high quality too.

The machine is kept lubricated automatically with the use of an adjustable auto oiling system and keeps the mechanical performance optimized. Not a bad choice at all to have when you are looking for the best gas chainsaw that is able to meet a variety of needs and offers extraordinary reliability.


  • Electric Ignition System
  • Mechanical parts constantly lubricated
  • Anti-Vibration handles both at the back and front
  • Extremely durable and long-term performance reliability


Bottom Line

A priceworthy chainsaw that provides commendable power and mechanical reliability. The machine parts are made up of high quality and durable materials ranging from die-cast chassis, sprockets, and crankcase. The chain bar length is quite good too so you can exhibit a diversified cutting performance out there in the middle.

Poulan Pro 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Chainsaw

A viable choice with sophisticated engine performance and a chain bar length of 20-inches. The 50cc DuraLife Engine delivers optimized performance for considerably long periods of time without causing much annoyance.

This chainsaw stands out with an extraordinary air filtering system and this leads to a long life for the installed air filters. An automatic chain oiler also minimizes the input of users for maintenance purposes. Each of the aspects is designed in such a way that it provides one of the best user experience levels.

The pull starting system requires minimum efforts and adds to the chainsaw’s user intuitiveness. The ergonomically designed handles minimize the vibrations reaching the operator so he can work for longer periods of time without causing much fatigue.

This Poulan chainsaw machine comes with an onboard locking scrench holder and a carrying case so you can operate this chainsaw with total convenience. A decent choice for a gas chainsaw and it has a moderate weight too for carrying it along easily.


  • A highly effective air filtering system
  • User Intuitive Pull Cord System
  • Carrying case provided
  • Extended Engine Life


  • Manual Chain Tensioning Adjustments

Bottom Line

A long term choice chainsaw in terms of engine performance and mechanical performance. A highly effective air filtering system keeps the dust and debris away from the engine and air filter. Operator fatigue levels are kept minimum due to anti-vibration handles and the quite convenient pull starting system makes it a sophisticated mechanical choice.

Key Features To Evaluate For A Gas Chainsaw

Gas chainsaws offer all the might you need to deal with branches and trees. Still, if you aren’t able to get the right combination of features on the basis of your personalized requirements then it would be totally on you. Let’s go through the key features you need to look into to get the best gas chainsaw.

Engine Power

The chainsaw cutting performance and chain bar operating speed mostly depend on the engine power we have. If you are looking to deal with small branches and twigs, then less power can do the perfect job even. With large trees and thick firewood, a high powered gas engine would be required to get the job done. Mostly gas powered chainsaws come with high power that’s why these are used for milling.

Oiling System

This is important to have an automatic oiling system for your gas chainsaw. You wouldn’t want to have worn-out mechanical parts because of the negligence on the maintenance side. An automatic oiling system keeps the chain bar and other parts constantly lubricated and profoundly indicates its own oiling level.

Air Filtering System

High-quality air filtering systems are a necessity to have in a gas-powered chainsaw. The air filters need to deliver top-notch performance for both environment and human health. You must evaluate the air filtering system and perform regular checks of air filters to ensure that the chainsaw operates with environmental friendliness.

Chain Brake And Low Kickback Chain Bar

As gas chainsaws operate with maximum power, the dangers of personal injury are quite high in case of a mechanical failure. You need to ensure maximum safety levels for yourself or the one who is going to operate a particular chainsaw. Do have a low kickback chain bar to operate with better precision and chain brakes prevent chain kickback.

Chainsaw Safety Gear

This is not specifically related to the machine part, but safety gear is important as you are dealing with both oil and gas. Get chainsaw gloves and helmets at minor costs to do the job with better confidence and ensuring personal safety at extreme levels.

Time For A Gas Chainsaw Now

It was with the utmost research efforts that we came up with this best gas chainsaw buying guide that included top-performing products. The features that we used to perform the evaluation process have also been discussed in detail.

For each of the gas chainsaws we covered, we’ve listed out their pros and cons along with a bottom-line verdict to help you set realistic expectations. It is probably the time to get the chainsaw now that suits you best as your garden or lawn would be feeling missed out.

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