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Richard McMann

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best chainsaw tested and compared“The best chainsaw is not the one that offers the most power but the one that ensures an easy woodcutting experience!”

Says Richard McMann, aka the person talking to homeowners today.

As per my findings and experience, “A chainsaw that ensures enough power, is durable, can be held without any tiredness, and could ensure easy ignition is the one you should look out for.”

When push comes to shove, there’s nothing better than trusting your guts.

Hence, after careful consideration and years of testing different cutting tools, I’ve come up with an updated list of some of the top-rated saws available in the market.

For that, I tested about 30 different tools including the gas, battery-powered, and of course corded types.

Not only that, but I also considered the budget factor and made sure that you guys can get the best deal here.

Not to mention, my nephew, Patrick helped me a lot in testing some of the updated saw tools under harsh conditions!

In this Article

How We Picked the Best Chainsaws?

Richard McMann crafted and compiled the guide with his daughter Rudy Richard and nephew Patrick McMann. Richard qualifies in testing out dozens of chainsaws personally. Not only that, but he also takes advice and suggestions from his fellow homeowners who tend to use the beastly machines on a daily basis. Along with that, the insights from Patrick have helped make the guide even more informative and filled with deep insights. Considering the fact that chainsaws run through the veins of the McMann family, it’s fair enough to trust Chainsaw Guru when it comes to reviews and problem-solving guides related to these tools.

Top 10 Best Chainsaws [Gas/Cordless/Electric] Tested in 2024

1. Husqvarna 120 Mark II – Best Chainsaw Tested in 2024

Husqvarna 120 Mark II

There is a reason why I’ve put the 120 Mark II model of Husqvarna above all and it comes down to the fact that it’s an “All Rounder Chainsaw”. Whether it’s the power, compactness, durability, ease of use, or easy handling, you can expect them all in the latest Husqvarna 120 Mark II. Besides, unlike the expensive 455 or 460 Rancher models, 120 Mark II is priced at no more than 300 bucks, which makes it the best chainsaw there is in the market.

Let’s quickly get started with some of its technical features and benefits:

Talking of its immense power, the machine offers 2.1HP power, which helped me cut medium-sized trees like a piece of cake. Thanks to its 32.22 cc gas engine, I was also able to cut firewood and large logs into lumber.

Considering my age, I do not like machines that are too much heavy to handle. For that specific reason, I love the 120 Mark II as it has a lightweight design and it doesn’t weigh more than 4.22 pounds. It will surely be easy for you to carry it around from place to place.

You can also expect almost all safety features intact in the best-rated chainsaw. For instance, the safety chain brake as well as the ergonomic grip handle can help you enjoy all your woodcutting tasks without worrying much about any injury.

The brand offers this tool with a 16” long bar, which means it can penetrate deep wood logs and trunks like a charm. For reference, I’ve cut down thick logs of 14” with it and the tool never got stuck even once.

In the end, I would like to discuss the X-Torque option that could help homeowners save extra fuel and gas emissions. Husqvarna has done a splendid job in making sure that the 120 Mark II can be as eco-friendly as possible.

One of the downsides that I’ve felt with the 120 Mark II is that even with X-Torque, the gas emissions can still make you cough, just a pun though. Besides, it takes a lot of time to start and this is where I would give an edge to electric and battery saws.


  • Compact and lightweight gas power tool.
  • Powerful 32.22 cc engine cuts small and medium trees easily.
  • Easily transportable from one place to another.
  • X-Torque technology reduces gas emissions.
  • Durable and reliable power tool for homeowners.
  • An All Rounder option.


  • Not as eco-friendly as electric type.
  • Takes a lot of time to start.

Why Consider Husqvarna 120 Mark II?

I usually like machines that are the jack of all trades and Husqvarna 120 Mark II ticks all the requirements of being an all-rounder option. If it’s your first time buying a home use saw, better get this one before it’s too late.

2. Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher – Runner Up Option for Commercial Jobs

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher

A robust machine made available by Husqvarna that allows you to handle ultimate thick wood materials without raising your eyebrows. Rancher gas chainsaw provides extreme power to the chain bar that cuts through in quick time with complete ease. Whether you need to deal with thick trees or get some firewood, this best chainsaw machine wouldn’t disappoint you.

A 24-inch chain bar allows you to get through the cutting jobs in one go most of the time. The engine is activated with a chain brake so that it is safe to operate for gardeners and woodcutters. A decent amount of fuel capacity is also provided so you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues for a considerable period of time.

You have got the chain adjustment system on the side of the machine that doesn’t require any tools to operate. You can get things quickly adjusted in no time while doing the hard part outdoors. It also comes with an air filter so that it remains an environment-friendly machine for the users.


  • Ultimate engine power
  • Commendable length of the chain bar
  • Quick and easy chain tension adjustments
  • Automatic chain oiler provided


  • Little bit heavier in weight
  • Expensive

Why Consider Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

A commendable power to deal with the things around you that aren’t easy to crack. It is a bit harsh on pockets with premium pricing but when things aren’t easy out there, you need to have better and more powerful equipment. The performance remains reliable and user safety precautions are also recommended as the use of gloves and helmets.

3. WORX WG322 PowerShare Chainsaw – Best Battery Chainsaw for the Money

WORX WG322 PowerShare Chainsaw

Nope, don’t expect the Worx WG322 to cut large trees for you because it isn’t designed for this purpose. What it’s designed for is to prune trees maintain a backyard or maybe cut small branches or trim hedges. The WG322 is a mini power tool that I adore a lot for its robust design. Moreover, it’s just so easy to operate. All you gotta do is tuck in the battery, turn on the chainsaw and cut whatever you want with it.

Checking out some of its technical specs,

The bar length is only 10” and that means you cannot go deeper than an 8” thick wood log. If you are still adamant about cutting a medium-sized log, better try cutting half of it from above and half of it from the bottom with the WG322.

Fast and powerful, the 20V small chainsaw offers a 3.1HP power that ensures clean cuts without any stoppage issues. What’s even better is that the chainsaw could also be used for carving wood into different shapes including bears, roosters, hawks, etc.

Worried about the chain tensioning every time you want to do some maintenance job on your lawn? The Worx battery chainsaw takes care of that with its automatic chain tensioning system. The black knob available on the tool can be used for adjusting the tension as per your will and wish.

An automatic oiler is also included, which I think can keep the users away from worrying about chain and bar lubrication again and again.

Even with such a small design, Worx has added all safety features into its WG322 including the safety brake as well as an easy-to-handle grip.

Cut the long story short, I’ve used the WG322 many times and although it cannot match the power of gas tools that I tested, it’s still better than many other cordless saws available on the market.


  • 5 ft/s fast chain speed for clean cuts.
  • Small machine weighing barely 6.19 pounds.
  • A reliable option for older people as it’s easy to use.
  • Automatic chain adjustment via a knob.
  • 10” bar can help cut small wood logs easily.
  • Perfect for maintenance of yards and gardens.


  • Works only with Worx original batteries.
  • Battery drainage would bother you sometimes.

Why Consider Worx WG322 Chainsaw?

Compactness, lightweight design, built-in safety features, and ease of use are some of the reasons to consider this amazing power tool. The price isn’t too much either. So, get it before it’s too late.

4. Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw – Best Electric Chainsaw Machine in 2024

Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

Out of so many reasons to love and adore Oregon CS1500, the one I like the most is its self-sharpening technology. You heard that right. Oregon is, in fact, the first brand to integrate the PowerSharp technology that can sharpen the chain of its machines in no time. Besides, with a powerful motor, the CS1500 can cut and penetrate thick wood logs without any hassle.

Discussing some of its major features:

Oregon CS1500 comes with a 15Amp motor and that means you can turn it on in no time. Just plug it in, press the Ignition button and you are good to go.

Already discussed above, using the self-sharpening technology, the electric corded saw can sharpen itself within 3 to 5 seconds to help you cut medium and thick logs without facing any problems.

A bit bulky though, the CS1500 weighs about 12.6 pounds which is 2x more than the WG322 I compared above. Even with this bulkiness, I liked cutting trees with it due to its long 18” bar and pointy chain teeth.

One of the reasons why you should trust the CS1500 is that it’s UL certified. The certification is awarded due to the presence of multiple safety features as well as a robust cutting performance.

One shortcoming that I would want to address is that the tool requires a nearby power source. If you do not have it, you cannot start it and that could get problematic if you own a large area. I’d recommend getting a power extension in that case though.


  • Powersharp Self-Sharpening for chain maintenance.
  • Large 18” bar with a spooky chain ensures deep cuts.
  • Perfect for taking down trees and for cutting firewood.
  • Could be used to cut a medium wood log.
  • UL certified with a 2-year warranty.
  • Ensures instant startup with 15 Amp motor.


  • Bulkier than WG322 and 120 Mark II.
  • Requires a nearby power source to operate.

Why Consider Oregon CS1500?

As I said, you can expect sheer power from this electric saw with fewer gas emissions and no money spent on fuel. Just make sure that you have a nearby power source available to keep this tool up and running.

5. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Chainsaw – Best Cordless Chainsaw for the Money

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Chainsaw

A really powerful tool to have for your cutting tasks to be made simpler and easier. You have got the luxury of cordless operation and on a single charge, you can perform 75 cuts. A 40 V GMax battery delivers ultra-reliable performance with no power fading occurrence as the charging declines.

The cutting performance is remarkably sharp and instant with a 12 inches steel chain bar causing minimum tension while usage. It gets the job done with super easiness and you get extra maneuverability while operating this Greenworks 12 inches tool.

The commanding control which you get with this machine is excellent and you have great portability due to its lightweight. High-performance delivery is ensured during its entire runtime and it makes minimum noise during cordless operations.

Learn More: Greenworks 80V Chainsaw Detailed Review!


  • Commendable power during the entire run time
  • Comes with an Auto oiling accessory
  • Instant electric start
  • No tools are required for chain tensioning


  • Delicate handling of the chain wheel

Why Consider Greenworks 40V Battery Chainsaw?

This Greenworks chainsaw machine is really a super fit for your sharp-cutting needs and makes you more resourceful. It is lightweight to carry and increases overall maneuverability with great command and control. The best thing about this one is that you have a commendable consistent battery power performance during single-charge drainage.

6. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Chainsaw – Best Battery Chainsaw for Trimming and Pruning


For moderate usage, you have got a great reliable chainsaw machine with a 10 inches long chain bar. The chain comes with a premium Oregon low kickback bar that enables a smooth and fast-cutting experience.

For chain tensioning needs, you can conveniently adjust with your hands without deploying any tools. It is a cordless machine with a 20 V reliable battery and it can be conveniently changed over a period of time.

You also aren’t getting into much hassle for the machine oiling needs as this comes with a convenient oiling system for both chain and the bar. With a weight of only 7.2 pounds, you can have great maneuverability while roaming around your home garden cutting out unnecessary wood and other materials.

Just In: Detailed B+D 40V Review


  • 5 times better battery performance
  • Easy adjustments for blades without tools
  • Fast cuts allowed with a low kickback bar
  • Convenient lubrication system


  • Not suitable for thick wood

Why Consider Black+Decker 20V ?

An amazing performance within its limitations. Although the chain bar is not much in size, you can conveniently handle your home-based cutting needs. It is extremely lightweight to carry around and the battery performance backs up really nicely to get the complete job done.

7. Makita XCU03PT1 Battery-Powered Chainsaw – Best Makita Chainsaw [2024]

Makita XCU03PT1 Battery-Powered Chainsaw

When the situation demands the best preparedness, then worthy investments are surely required in the best chainsaw and this Makita model seems to be a perfect choice. A robust electric engine provides remarkable power input for the machine to operate.

The best thing about this chainsaw is that you can have variable speeds that allow you to synchronize your cutting performance. This also comes with a tool-less chain tension adjustment system so the users don’t feel any difficulties at all while doing some intense work out there in the middle.

A built-in lock-off lever exists so that well safety precautionary measures are in place to prevent any damage caused by mechanical failure. You can conveniently check oil levels through a check bar oil level and a really large-sized oil filling port is provided. The battery life is extended as the machine automatically turns itself off when there is no work done for a specific time.


  • 4 sets of reliable batteries provided
  • Variable chain speeds can be managed
  • Large oil-filling port
  • Superb battery-saving procedures in place


  • An expensive machine (But with quality)

Why Consider Makita Battery Chainsaw?

This is a bit expensive chainsaw machine to have but it truly unlocks your cutting potential with immense power input. The most appreciated aspect is that it offers variable speeds according to each of the user’s requirements. Great battery-saving techniques are also put together like an auto power-off function to have extended product life.

8. BLACK+DECKER (CS1518) Chainsaw – Best Chainsaw with 18″ Guide Bar

BLACK+DECKER (CS1518) Chainsaw

Under a decent budget, this is a quite versatile chainsaw machine that comes with an 18-inch chain bar. Its performance is backed by the low kickback bar to have decent cutting speed and maneuverability.

With a corded connection, you have a reliable 15 Amp motor that supports even the most demanding cuts. As is the case with most of the machines, this one also doesn’t require any tools to adjust the chain tension systems.

A convenient oil filling system is ensured that you always enjoy remarkable chainsaw performance out there. Oil visibility is provided through a clear window so you can be timely aware of the machine’s lubrication needs. It can be a great partner for your home gardening needs as it comes with nice versatile features.


  • Long-chain bar size
  • No tools needed for Chain tensioning adjustments
  • Chain brake feature provided
  • Reliable electric motor performance


  • No cordless connection

Why Consider Black+Decker CS1518 Chainsaw?

With this corded electric machine, you can get the cutting tasks done with super easiness without causing much trouble to yourself. The combination of an 18-inch chain bar and 15 A motor delivers great cutting performance and a convenient automatic oil filling system ensures it doesn’t get damaged due to any maintenance negligence.

9. CRAFTSMAN V20 (CMCCS620M1) Chainsaw – Best Chainsaw with 12″ Guide Bar

CRAFTSMAN V20 (CMCCS620M1) Chainsaw

A superb red outlook chainsaw machine that becomes a great assisting tool for your wood-cutting needs. It is a cordless machine and moderately lightweight so you don’t have any problems carrying around. The 20 V battery once charged delivers super easy 60 cuts.

4 batteries are provided along in the kit so you can have a really nice time out there being a craftsman. It comes with a 12-inch chain bar and performs really well in small spaces too. The chain tension adjustments require no tools so you can adjust quickly according to the requirements.

Continuous lubrication of the chainsaw parts is ensured by the auto-oiling system. For the purpose of straight horizontal cuts, a bubble level is also provided. This Craftsman machine allows you to handle thick wood up to 10 inches without causing any problems or stress at all.


  • Attractive outlook
  • Continuous lubrication ensured
  • Extend battery timings provided with a complete kit
  • Compact design and reliable mechanical performance


  • Takes a bit long time to cut through

Why Consider Craftsman Battery Chainsaw?

This is a really powerful machine, its size, and effectiveness can not be questioned. You can have extremely precise cuts with the help of a bubble level and the auto-oiling system ensures that the chain doesn’t get worn out due to dryness. No tools are even required for chain tension adjustments and extended battery timings are a very useful feature to have for yourself.

10. DEWALT 20V MAX XR – Most Affordable Best Chainsaw


A full powerhouse chainsaw machine that comes with an incredible 40 V lithium-ion battery to provide a reliable source of constant power. These batteries run a brushless motor that is attached to a 16 inches bar and chain to provide remarkable cutting performance.

A chain brake is provided for you to have kickback protection due to mechanical failure and a low kickback position is ensured for fast and smooth chainsaw performance. This machine also comes with a bar tightening knob and adjusting the chain tensions won’t require any mechanical tools.

A great aspect of this Dewalt power tool is that you can trigger variable speeds for yourself according to which you want yourself to operate. It is an ideal option for neighborhood areas where you can’t be creating too much noise as it is not that much harsh on the ears. Instant machine ignition with trigger pull also puts in weight on its user intuitiveness.

Read the Detailed Dewalt 60V Review Here!


  • Ideal for tough-cutting jobs
  • Super easy bar tightening knob
  • Toolless chain tension adjustments provided
  • Minimum maintenance is required with electric batteries


  • An expensive chainsaw machine

Why Consider Dewalt 20V Brushless Chainsaw?

Dewalt is a brand that you can trust especially when it comes to chainsaws. The model described above can help you maintain your yard as this tool can easily prune branches, cut hedges, and even cut small trees with impeccable power. Check it out before it’s too late.

Buying Guide

Let’s discuss some of the concerns a homeowner can have while choosing a saw tool in 2024 as I’ve compiled this buying guide to address all such problems.

Chainsaw Features: What are the 10 Safety Features?

One of the first things that worries the mind of a chainsawer is their safety while using a power tool.

No doubt, it’s not a toy and it can do much more than just cut trees if not handled with care. For reference, I would like y’all to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Cutting right to the chase, when purchasing a saw, make sure that it comes with most of the safety features I’m mentioning below:

Chain Brake

When it comes to a saw, it can cause a kickback, which means it can pull backward when its tip comes in contact with wood logs.

This can cause head injury, especially when homeowners are not wearing any safety helmets.

To prevent this issue, many brands including Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Poulan Pro, and Troy-Bilt offer a chain brake.

The brake when applied can stop the running chain within a fraction of a second thus allowing the homeowners to remain safe even if it kickbacks.

Throttle Lock

A throttle lock when utilized can prevent a machine from any accidental throttle advance.

It’s another safety feature that we now see in modern models as it can help control the throttle speed and can keep the machine in control when homeowners are using it.

Chain Catcher

A chain catcher keeps the homeowner away from getting injured with a flying chain when it derails or gets detached from the bar.

Although you can avoid this problem in the first place by properly maintaining the chain of your saw, if not maintained properly, it can hit your face and cause some serious injury.

Just to be on the safe side, a chain catcher can catch the derailed chain to keep your face away from getting an injury.

Right-Hand Guard

Considering that most people in the world are right-handed, many models now come with a right hand guard that ensures keeping your fingers safe in case the chain derails or breaks from the bar.

If it’s not available within a chainsaw, then I would recommend getting yourself a pair of protective gloves to keep your hands safe while working with these powerful tools.

Top Hand Guard

Mostly available in top handle type, a top hand guard is present on top of the machine, just in front of the handle. It’s also used for the same purpose, i.e. to keep your hands away from getting injured while operating the tool.

Dead Man’s Switch

Connected to the throttle, when activated, the dead man’s switch actually activates the chain brake and can help stop the tool in no time.

Centrifugal Clutch

Centrifugal clutch properly disengages the throttle when the tool has been sitting idle with its engine on.

When that’s the case, the chain will stop moving until you squeeze the throttle again to operate the tool and to cut down trees.

Different Color Caps for Fuel and Oil

Many brands now focus on tools that have differently marked color caps for fuel and gas.

That is helpful in the sense that sometimes a user may mix up the oil and fuel caps and it could be disastrous for the tool as a result.

Therefore, these different color caps can help users easily pour down the fuel and oil in their designated tanks.

Anti-Vibration Technology

I’ve mostly seen this technology in Husqvarna and I’d like to pay my regards to them for focusing on this matter.

Excessive vibration in power tools, especially these machines can cause serious health problems including hand-arm vibration syndrome as well as vibration white finger.

To avoid these consequences, one should get a machine that offers low vibration and how’s that possible? With the inclusion of Anti Vibration technology.


Having a muffler in a gas machine is a must is it can direct the fumes away from the face of the operator while they are busy cutting firewood or maintaining the yards.

All features being explained briefly, I’d recommend y’all to get a machine that has at least a chain brake, muffler, top hand guard, and a throttle lock installed in it.

Safety: Is a Chainsaw the Most Dangerous Tool?

Yeah, for quite some time these machines used to hold the title of “The Most Dangerous Tool” out there.

It was justified because those bulky gas types with powerful dual-stroke engines could get out of the hands of an operator anytime soon and that could break havoc.

However, with the advancement in technology, brands have now focused on producing lightweight gas tools.

Not only that, but the electric saws, i.e. the corded and cordless types are easy to handle and can help the users get the cutting task done without any hassle.

Not a big fan of electric machines? I’ve tested mini and small chainsaws recently and they are so small and compact that even a kid can use them. (Of course, it’s only a pun).

Cut the long story short, chainsaws aren’t dangerous anymore, especially when we take a look at the list of tools that I have mentioned above. When a 60-year-old, aka I can operate them, you can too without facing any problem.

Size: What Size Chainsaw Do I Need?

The size directly depends on the type of work you demand or require.

A general rule of thumb goes as the size of the machine should be 2” more than the thickness of the wood you want to cut.

For instance, if you want to cut an 8” wood log, you will need a 10” machine for it.

Talking further about bar sizes, the power tools are available in different lengths such as:

6” Bar Size

The bar is extremely small and these chainsaws are mostly used in pruning or for lightweight wood cutting.

10” Bar Size

Usually called battery-powered chainsaws, the 10” size can help the users get along with cutting small trees. Worx WG322 is an example here.

14” Bar Size

Machines with a 14” bar size are mostly used for medium-duty work. It may fall either in a corded or cordless category and is utilized for cutting firewood.

16” Bar Size

The most common bar size is 16 inches and these chainsaws could be used for a plethora of applications including pruning, carving, trimming, cutting, and falling large trees, etc. Husqvarna 120 Mark II is a prominent example here.

18” Bar Size

Larger bar means larger and deep cuts. 18” chainsaws can easily handle a 16” wood log and can cut it into small pieces without any hassle. Oregon CS1500 is an example here.

20” Bar Size

Mostly used for milling purposes, these long chainsaws can get adjusted into Alaskan mills and used to mill long and thick trees.

24” Bar Size

24″ Chainsaws with such a large bar are utilized for commercial purposes. You can use them to remove a large stump too. Husqvarna 460 Rancher is an example.

36″ Bar Size

Such tools are extremely powerful and are only used for hardcore cutting jobs that would include taking down extremely large and thick trees. The engine power of such saws ranges from 90 to even 110 CC and they are not recommended for regular use.

Price: How Much Should a Chainsaw Cost?

Prices began from as low as $50 and as high as a few thousand bucks.

Depending on the type of work you require, the price categories are as under:


You can get a mini/small machine in this price range. Furthermore, you can explore the latest guide on the cheapest chainsaws under 100 by Patrick too.


Getting a corded, cordless, or even a gas type is possible in this range.


Users can get their hands on some powerful tools including the gas models from Husqvarna and Echo especially in under 200-dollar budget. Moreover, the $300 budget can ensure chainsaw machines capable enough of cutting large trees and logs.


Commercial machines are readily available at this price tag. A notable mention is Husqvarna 460 Rancher.

$600 to $1000

The higher you go with the prices, you can enjoy more power with a larger bar size. However, I don’t think you should spend more than $600 on a tool especially if you do not have to clean up a large forest or require a tool for commercial use.

$1000 and above

In this range, one could expect to get a commercial chainsaw that has a pneumatic engine. Other saw types such as those meant for cutting concrete and metal also fall into this category.

Brands: What are the Best Chainsaw Brands?

I think I could get a bit biased but here is how I rate some of the brands as per my experience:


Literally the best brand out there especially if you need a gas machine at an affordable rate.


With its self-sharpening technology, sharpeners, and other top-of-the-line products, Oregon is already winning a lot of hearts including mine.


Definitely, a top-top brand as I’ve used many of its saws including the WG 305, WG 303, and WG322.


There is no one parallel to Greenworks when it comes to battery-operated tools and I’m not even exaggerating.


Dewalt has a reputation in power tools and its DCCS620B is one of its best-selling cutting tools in 2024.


I like this brand so much that I have tested two of its machines in this guide.


Makita is the only brand close to Greenworks when we discuss the battery-operated tools in 2024.

Poulan Pro

A relatively new brand but its PR5020 and 42CC Gas models are currently two of my favorite power tools.


How can we forget the OG of the industry? Stihl is in a league of its own and not even Husqvarna is able to match its class yet.


I’ve extensively used both gas and cordless tools from Echo and I think this manufacturer is going to give a tough time to the likes of Stihl and Husqvarna in near future.


DEREAL is also getting the hype with some of the most versatile saws available in the market. The brand is actively producing gas-powered models and is challenging manufacturers like Husqvarna and Stihl out there.


Not so famous yet, but the brand is focusing on producing commercial gas saws in the market. What’s even more impressive about the maker is that it has also introduced small top-handle saws for lightweight yard and maintenance work.


Ryobi also makes it to the list of one of the best brands available. The battery saws that this manufacturer has introduced are second to none and a fierce competitor of Greenworks. Ryobi has also introduced gas-powered saws but they are not as popular yet.


Milwaukee specializes in small battery saws as well as gas-powered tools to help homeowners continue their woodworking tasks without any hassle. The brand is a bit expensive compared to the likes of other brands but the tools it manufactures are long-lasting and durable at the same time.

Type: What are the Different Types of Chainsaws?

Quickly going through some of the main chainsaw types as under:

Gas Chainsaws

Gas chainsaws have been around for a long time and they are widely used in taking down large trees, milling lumbar, and other commercial applications. They utilize petrol or sometimes diesel to work and emit gas fumes while you operate them.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws, in short, are the ones that do not run on petrol or any other fuel. The sub-divisions in this type include:


Corded electric chainsaws require a nearby power source to operate and they are mostly used in lightweight or medium wood-cutting jobs.


Also known as battery-operated chainsaws, they utilize batteries to work and are not as powerful as corded or gas chainsaws. They are also used mostly to maintain gardens and yards or for cutting small tree branches.

Mini Chainsaws

Mini tools have a bar length of 6” to 4″ and they are mostly used for pruning trees and branches. The handheld design makes them a perfect fit for older people and women.

Manual Chainsaws

Inspired by the name “manual”, they are not typical tools because you’ll only get a large chain with two grips. That said, with a manual chainsaw, your hands will become the engine and you can use them to cut trees with the large chain.

Maintenance: What Maintenance does a Chainsaw need?

Just like humans, chainsaws also need proper maintenance or else they could get damaged and rusty over time.

Some of my suggestions to keep them maintained enough include:

  • Proper and thorough cleaning of all parts with gasoline.
  • Removing and adjusting the spark plug.
  • Cleaning the clogged air filter properly.
  • Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor.
  • Replacing the fuel lines.
  • Sharpening the chain.
  • Draining the fuel from the storage tank if you don’t plan to use it for about two months.
  • Hang the chainsaw properly.
  • Oiling the saws manually.
  • Storing them in a place where they remain protected from dust and moisture.
  • Replacing saw chains and bars when they get dulled over time.

Speed Matrics: How Fast is a Chainsaw?

While talking about chainsaws, the focus remains on gas tools because they are more common and popular than other types. In this context, a chainsaw piston certainly goes to and fro in the cylinder 20,000 times in a minute. Talking of the piston ring speed, the tool has a speed of around 2,500 surface feet per minute.

The speed of the chain that rails across the wood log is about 5000 feet per minute. Similarly, the chain of the chainsaw moves at about 50 to 60 miles per hour while you operate it.

When talking about bar sprockets and drive links, you can expect the sprockets to move at least 1 million times followed by the drive links, which have an impact of about 1,300 times per second.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it’s notable that a chainsaw is no ordinary tool. It’s extremely powerful and that’s the main reason I always recommend using proper safety gear before operating it.

Talking of the battery and electric corded chainsaws, they have got brushed or brushless electric motors. Their speed is not comparable to gas saws, but it’s still more than enough to cut and slice through a wood log without any hassle.

Designs: What are the Basic Styles of Chainsaw Chain?

When talking specifically about the design and style of the chainsaw, the thing you should focus on is the design of the chain. Generally, there are four types of chains associated with the cutting tool including full-chisel, semi-chisel, square-chisel, and low-profile.

Some other variations in chains are also there that Patrick has already discussed in detail in the different types of chainsaw chain topic. You can explore it if you want a grasp on understanding the saw chains and their function.

Accessories: What Accessories Do You Need with a Chainsaw?

Only purchasing the machine and operating it isn’t enough. You would also need some of the following accessories to operate your tool in a perfect way:


A chainsaw helmet can keep your face safe from sudden kickbacks or chain derailing. It is a must for every operator.

Noise Protection

I recommend noise-canceling headphones to avoid excessive noise that could potentially damage your ear drums.

Protective Pants

Also known as chaps, the protective pants can keep your legs and thighs safe in case the tool gets out of your control.

Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are a must if you want to protect your hands and fingers from getting injured.

Work Boots

A durable pair of work boots can keep your feet comfy and away from any injury while you operate the tool to cut down a tree.

Forestry Jacket/Shirt

If the environment you are working in is cold enough, better wear a forestry jacket or a shirt to keep your body away from coldness as well as the ruthlessness of the machine.

First Aid Kit

Always keep a first aid kit close to your working space in case of an emergency.

Safety Goggles

Wearing safety goggles/glasses will keep your eyes safe and protected from unwanted debris and dust that may get onto your face while you are busy cutting down large trees with a chainsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best chainsaw in 2024?

The best saw is one that produces enough cutting power but at the same time is easy to handle and maneuverable. As per my recommendation, Husqvarna 120 Mark II is the best overall option as it has all the safety features available in it with a powerful engine. Oregon CS1500 is the best option in the electric category followed by Worx WG322, which is the best battery option available in the market currently.

2. What chainsaw do most loggers use?

Professional loggers mostly use the brand new Husqvarna 460 Rancher as it comes with a large 24” bar followed by a powerful 62cc dual-stroke engine. The 460 Rancher is an expensive pick considering the features it offers to professional loggers.

3. What is the toughest chainsaw?

I haven’t used it yet but sources claim that the Stihl MS881 is, in fact, the toughest machine in the world. The brand made it for hardcore timber and milling jobs and it also has the largest bar attached to it.

4. Is Echo better than Stihl?

No one can beat Stihl be it Echo or any other brand. Stihl is in a league of its own when it comes to chainsaws and I have never seen any power tool more reliable and durable than it. The only brand that comes close to it is Husqvarna.

5. Is chainsaw noise bearable?

It depends upon the type you use. If it’s a gas one, the noise levels are high and you will need ear protection for that purpose. Electric chainsaws, i.e. both corded and cordless tools do not produce much noise and their sound is pretty much bearable.

6. What is the most dependable brand of chainsaw?

If we talk about 2024, then Husqvarna holds the crown of being the most dependable chainsaw brand in the market. Whether the use is commercial or limited to home maintenance only, Husqvarna with its top-notch cutting tools can quench your thirst rather easily. In terms of battery and electric chainsaws, Oregon, Greenworks, and Worx are some of the brands that I think are dependable currently.

7. What chainsaw is better, a Stihl or a Husqvarna?

To be honest, Stihl used to rule the chainsaw market not so long ago. It’s still one of the most used brands in the whole USA. But Husqvarna is slowly and steadily becoming a ferocious competitor of Stihl. In terms of chainsaws, the models from Husqvarna including the 460 Rancher, 455 Rancher, and 120 Mark II are giving tough competition to Stihl chainsaw models. Too early to say, but I see Husqvarna clinging to the top position from Stihl in terms of reliability, durability, and quality.

8. What kind of chainsaw do professionals use?

Professionals mostly have to use cutting tools for commercial purposes or when they have to take down large trees. In that sense, they will look for a saw having an engine of 60cc or above, generating horsepower more than 4HP, and having at least a 24″ guide bar available. All these qualities are found in Husqvarna 460 Rancher which I reviewed recently.

9. Are Husqvarna chainsaws made by Poulan?

It’s certainly the other way around. Husqvarna owns Poulan and both brands share the latest technologies and patents to ensure chainsaw models that can thrive in harshest of the environments without causing much hassle.

10. Are Husqvarna and Stihl the same?

Nope, Husqvarna and Stihl are two different companies owned by totally different groups. Both brands share mutual respect as well as healthy competition between each other though.

Final Takeaways: What is the Best Chainsaw in 2024?

That was all about some of the most versatile chainsaws that I tested and reviewed in 2024 up till now.

Choosing the tool as a beginner may seem a bit difficult because you are unaware of how these machines work.

However, with time, you will understand which chainsaw will suit you the most and which one is just a waste of money.

Being experienced in testing and comparing chainsaws since I was 35, I can surely give you some recommendations as under:

Go for a gas-powered chainsaw, specifically the Husqvarna 120 Mark II, if you want to maintain your yard and cut large trees. You can also use it for making firewood.

In case you only need to maintain your yard with little trimming and pruning, a battery chainsaw, specifically the Greenworks 24V chainsaw would be an ideal choice.

Not a big fan of using battery-powered chainsaws? Buy a large extension cord and switch to choosing an electric chainsaw such as the Oregon CS1500.

In case you only need a saw for small home tasks, a mini chainsaw, especially the Saker Mini Chainsaw would be an ideal option.

Rest I leave it to your conscience. You can scroll above and select any saw that can help you maintain your home, garden, and yard depending on your budget.

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