Top 10 Best Chainsaw Reviews in 2022 | Corded + Cordless

Getting a chainsaw for yourself is easier said than done. Hitting the deck hard with full force isn’t the right strategy always. Similarly buying a chainsaw with an extensive length chain bar or a heavy weight machine isn’t smart work.

Also, many of us are clueless about the right chainsaws that would have high performance delivery rate as per their descriptions. To help you out, we jumped right into the extensive list of chainsaws available out there and carefully evaluated their features.

We checked out their features must meet the needs of most of the users and have great performance reliability patterns. All the machines mentioned in our recommendations have great user intuitiveness, safe mechanical operations, and are quite effective in getting the job done within their size limits.

We have put down best chainsaw reviews and buying guide to help you figure out what products you can buy and the factors you should consider. Along with the review of their features, their pros and cons have been outlined so you can have the right set of expectations from any chainsaw model you intend to buy.

Our 10 Best Chainsaw Reviews [2022] (Updated List)

Bar Length
1. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V [Editor's Choice]
6 lbs
2. BLACK+DECKER 20V [Best for Home Use]
7.2 lbs
3. Husqvarna 24 Inch [Best Gas Chainsaw]
25.7 lbs
4. Makita XCU03PT1
22 lbs
12 lbs
6. Remington 14" Electric Chainsaw
6.2 lbs
7. CRAFTSMAN V20 Chainsaw
14 lbs
8. Dewalt 20V Chainsaw
9 lbs
9. Blue Max Gas Chainsaw
15.5 lbs
10. OppsDecor XP2300 58cc

1. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V – Best Chainsaw 2022

greenworks 40v cordlessA real powerful tool to have for your cutting tasks to be made simpler and easier. You have got the luxury of cordless operation and on a single charge, you can perform 75 cuts. A 40 V GMax battery delivers ultra-reliable performance with no power fading occurrence as the charging declines.

The cutting performance is remarkably sharp and instant with a 12 inches steel chain bar causing minimum tension while usage. It gets the job done with super easiness and you get extra maneuverability while operating this Greenworks 12 inches chainsaw bar.

The commanding control which you get with this machine is excellent and you have great portability due to its lightweight. High-performance delivery is ensured during its entire runtime and it makes minimum noise during cordless operations.


  • Commendable power during the entire run time
  • Comes with Auto oiling accessory
  • Instant electric start
  • No tools required for chain tensioning


  • Delicate handling of the chain wheel
This Greenworks chainsaw machine is really a super fit for your sharp cutting needs and makes you more resourceful. It is lightweight to carry and increases the overall maneuverability with great command and control. The best thing about this one is that you have a commendable consistent battery power performance during single charge drainage.


2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX – Best Chainsaw for Home Use 2022

Black+Decker cordless chainsawFor moderate usage, you have got a great reliable chainsaw machine with a 10 inches long chain bar. The chain comes with a premium Oregon low kickback bar that enables smooth and fast cutting experience.

For chain tensioning needs, you can conveniently adjust with the hands without deploying any tools. It is a cordless machine with a 20 V reliable battery and it can be conveniently changed over a period of time.

You also aren’t getting into much hassle for the machine oiling needs as this comes with a convenient oiling system for both chain and the bar. With a weight of only 7.2 pounds, you can have great maneuverability while roaming around your home garden cutting out unnecessary woods and other materials.


  • 5 times better battery performance
  • Easy adjustments for blade without tools
  • Fast cuts allowed with low kickback bar
  • Convenient lubrication system


  • Not suitable for thick wood
An amazing performance within its limitations. Although the chain bar is not much in size, you can conveniently handle your home-based cutting needs. It is extremely lightweight to carry around and the battery performance backs up really nicely to get the complete job done..


3. Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher – Best Chainsaw for the Money [2022]

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460A robust machine made available by Husqvarna that allows you to handle ultimate thick wood materials without raising the eyebrows. Rancher gas chainsaw provides extreme power to the chain bar that cuts through in quick time with complete ease. Whether you need to deal with thick trees or get some firewood, this best chainsaw machine wouldn’t disappoint you.

A 24-inch chain bar allows you to get through the cutting jobs in one go most of the time. The engine is activated with a chain brake so that it is safe to operate for the gardeners and woodcutters. A decent amount of fuel capacity is also provided so you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues for a considerable period of time.

You have got the chain adjustment system on the side of the machine that doesn’t require any tools to operate. You can get things quickly adjusted in no time while doing the hard part outdoors. It also comes with an air filter so that it remains an environment-friendly chainsaw machine for the users.


  • Ultimate engine power
  • Commendable length of the chain bar
  • Quick and easy chain tension adjustments
  • Automatic chain oiler provided


  • Little bit heavier in weight
A commendable power to deal with the things around you that aren’t easy to crack. It is a bit harsh on pockets with premium pricing but when things aren’t easy out there, you need to have better and powerful equipment. The performance remains reliable and user safety precautions are also recommended as the use of chainsaw gloves and helmets.


4. Makita XCU03PT1 – Chainsaw with Electric Start [2022]

Makita cordless chainsawWhen the situation demands the best preparedness, then worthy investments are surely required on the best chainsaw and this Makita model seems to be a perfect choice. A 32cc gas engine provides remarkable power input for the machine to operate.

The best thing about this chainsaw is that you can have variable speeds that allow you to synchronize your cutting performance. This also comes with a tool-less chain tension adjustment system so the users don’t feel any difficulties at all while doing some intense work out there in the middle.

A built-in lock-off lever exists so that well safety precautionary measures are in place to prevent any damage caused by mechanical failure. You can conveniently check oil levels through a check bar oil level and a really large-sized oil filling port is provided. The battery life is extended as the machine automatically turns itself off when there is no work done for a specific time.


  • 4 set of reliable batteries provided
  • Variable chain speeds can be managed
  • Large oil filling port
  • Superb battery-saving procedures in place


  • An expensive chainsaw machine (But with quality)
This is a bit expensive chainsaw machine to have but it truly unlocks your cutting potential with immense power input. The most appreciated aspect is that it offers variable speeds according to each of the user’s requirements. Great battery saving techniques are also put together like an auto power-off function to have extended product life.


5. BLACK+DECKER (CS1518) – Best Corded Chainsaw 2022

BLACK+DECKER Electric ChainsawUnder a decent budget, this is a quite versatile chainsaw machine that comes with an 18-inch chain bar. Its performance is backed by the low kickback bar to have decent cutting speed and maneuverability.

With corded connection, you have a reliable 15 Amp motor that supports even the most demanding cuts. As the case with most of the machines, this one also doesn’t require any tools to adjust the chain tension systems.

A convenient oil filling system is ensured that you always enjoy remarkable chainsaw performance out there. Oil visibility is provided through a clear window so you can be timely aware of the machine’s lubrication needs. It can be a great partner for your home gardening needs as it comes with nice versatile features.


  • Long-chain bar size
  • No tools needed for Chain tensioning adjustments
  • Chain break feature provided
  • Reliable electric motor performance


  • No cordless connection
With this corded electric machine, you can get the cutting tasks done with super easiness without causing much trouble to yourself. The combination of an 18-inch chain bar and 15 A motor delivers great cutting performance and a convenient automatic oil filling system ensures it doesn’t get damaged due to any maintenance negligence.


6. Remington 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw – Lightweight Chainsaw for Home Use in 2022

Remington Electric ChainsawA jet black chainsaw machine within the best economical range and won’t disappoint you even in the middle. It is an extremely lightweight machine with weight just lurks around 6 pounds so you can conveniently carry along wherever you feel like. Compact product design is ensured so that you can handle even the smallest of objectives with complete ease.

The trimming cuts are produced by a reliable 8 Amp motor and it produces enough cuts per minute so that small branches or saplings can be dealt with in a quick period of time. It also comes with a quick tensioner to conveniently adjust chain tensions for ultimate user-friendliness.

The safety precautions are enforced by the provision of a wraparound handguard so that your hands would stay away from the flying debris. The oiling task is super easy with a push-button oiler and you are able to pour in the right amount of required oil only.


  • The best value for money
  • Extremely lightweight chainsaw machine
  • Well lubricated and low kickback bar provided
  • Fully assembled and ready to use machine


  • Only suited for small branches cuts
This is the least expensive chainsaw machine and it can fulfill the purpose nicely too. It’s lightweight and compact design ensures that you get great portability and handle complex cutting jobs with no hassle at all. The low kick chain bar and profound oiling system ensure that you have a long term durable performance with this Remington Chainsaw machine.


7. CRAFTSMAN V20 (CMCCS620M1) – Best Cordless Chainsaw in 2022

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless ChainsawA superb red outlook chainsaw machine that becomes a great assisting tool for your wood cutting needs. It is a cordless machine and moderately lightweight so you don’t have any problems carrying around. The 20 V battery once charged delivers super easy 60 cuts.

4 batteries are provided along in the chainsaw kit so you can have a really nice time out there being a craftsman. It comes with a 12-inch chain bar and performs really well in small spaces too. The chain tension adjustments require no tools so that you can adjust quickly according to the requirements.

Continuous lubrication of the chainsaw parts is ensured by the auto oiling system. For the purpose of straight horizontal cuts, a bubble level is also provided. This Craftsman Chainsaw machine allows you to handle thick woods up to 10 inches without causing any problems and stress at all.


  • Attractive outlook
  • Continuous lubrication ensured
  • Extend battery timings provided with complete chainsaw kit
  • Compact design and reliable mechanical performance


  • Takes a bit long time to cut through
This is a really powerful machine within its size and effectiveness can not be questioned. You can have extremely precise cuts with the help of a bubble level and the auto oiling system ensures that the chain doesn’t get worn out due to dryness. No tools even required for chain tension adjustments and extended battery timings are a very useful feature to have for yourself.


8. DEWALT 20V MAX XR – Best Battery Chainsaw in 2022

DEWALT 40V 4AH Lithium Ion XR BrushlessA full powerhouse chainsaw machine that comes with an incredible 40 V lithium-ion battery to provide a reliable source of constant power. These batteries run a brushless motor that is attached with a 16 inches bar and chain to provide remarkable cutting performance.

A chain brake is provided for you to have kickback protection due to mechanical failure and a low kickback position is ensured for fast and smooth chainsaw performance. This machine also comes with a bar tightening knob and adjusting the chain tensions won’t require any mechanical tools.

A great aspect of this Dewalt Chainsaw machine is that you can trigger variable speeds for yourself according to which you want yourself to operate with. It is an ideal chainsaw for the neighborhood areas where you can’t be creating too much noise as it is not that much harsh on the ears. Instant machine ignition with trigger pull also puts in weight on its user intuitiveness.


  • Ideal for tough cutting jobs
  • Super easy bar tightening knob
  • Toolless chain tension adjustments provided
  • Minimum maintenance required with electric batteries


  • An expensive chainsaw machine


9. Blue Max Gas Chainsaw – Best Gas Chainsaw for Home Use 2022

Blue Max Gas ChainsawThis is a gas-powered chainsaw machine that comes with a 52 cc power engine. An exceptional bar length of 20 inches allows you to handle diverse cutting tasks without much of a hassle. You really get efficient engine performance than the other available options out there.

The great aspect of this Blue max chainsaw machine is the safety measures that are in place for the users. The anti-Kickback chain brake is included so that you don’t have to face any accident because of any mechanical failure. The idling speed remains between 2700 to 3400 RPM and the maximum speed you can get during cutting is 10500 RPM that is quite extraordinary.

You won’t be worrying about the chain lubrication schedules as it comes with a built-in automatic bar chain oil feed system to provide better user intuitiveness.  A quick start ignition system is what gets this machine rolling out for you and you don’t need any additional tools for handling chain tensioning.


  • Excellent safety measures in place
  • Dual Chain Bars provided
  • Comes with Anti Vibration handler
  • Reliable and efficient engine performance


  • Requires constant gas input
You surely are at a luxury when it comes to engine power and superb chain quality with dual blades of varying lengths provided. If you feel that you can ensure constant gas input in the usage area then you can definitely go with this Blue Max Chainsaw machine. The anti-kickback chain breaks and anti-vibration handler do put in some weights to getting this one for yourself.


10. OppsDecor XP2300 – Gas Powered Chainsaw Under $200 in 2022

OppsDecor XP2300 58ccThis is a budget-friendly gas-powered chainsaw machine that operates with ultimate reliability. The 58cc gas engine produces minimum vibration and works with great efficiency to get things done for the jobs of woodcutting, cutting firewood, and storm cleanup.

The handles are anti vibrating so you won’t feel much of the engine vibrations while using this chainsaw. A lock switch is also provided to ensure safety precautions and the firm grip handles make sure the machine doesn’t get slipped.

The life of this OppsDecor chainsaw machine is extended with a high-quality air filter system and an automatic chain oiling system takes great care of the chain and the bar. You get this machine to roll over quickly with a spring assist pull cord system and fewer cord pulls are required due to easy to use knobs.


  • Budget-friendly gas powered chainsaw
  • Machine vibrations aren’t able to reach you
  • Built-in good quality maintenance systems
  • Instant cord pull machine ignition


  • Plastic build material


What to Look For Before Choosing the Best Chainsaw in 2022? A Guide

Buying a chainsaw is easier said than done. It can be a bit of a painstaking process if you don’t know the factors that you need to evaluate for yourself before getting into buying something. Each penny counts and you want to make a worthy experience so that your craftsmanship skills can become unchallenged. So let’s dive into the factors for buying consideration:

Power Input: Electric(Corded or Cordless) or Gas Powered

These are the factors that totally depend on each person’s usage. If you are going to use the chainsaw outdoors then for sure you need to have a cordless one that relies on the batteries’ performance. Getting gas and electric corded inputs can sometimes be problematic.

If you have got the gas-powered chainsaw, you can experience greater motor powers to cut through amazingly. Still, then you would be counting noise and air pollution factors for yourself because things can get messy when the engine is operating.

For home-based usage, you can try anything out as each of the power inputs can be made available easily. So, it totally counts on the environment and area where the chainsaw is supposed to be used. So, do consider these three power input variations and note down what you would prefer.

Bar Length: Ultimately rests on your needs

Whether you need to take down the trees, collect firewood, or do some furniture craftsmanship, it all depends on your needs what bar length you would prefer for yourself. Usually, it starts around 10 inches and extends up to 24 inches. It has to be backed with a relevant powered motor so that the mechanical works fit the purpose.

Considering Pollution Factors: Noise and Air Both

This is where the personal capacity to bear noise comes into play. The electric and cordless chainsaw machines produce the least pollution and they can be quieter too if they are environment friendly.

The gas-powered engine chainsaw tends to produce some air pollutants and create some vibrations. With these, you need to have an anti vibrator and a high-quality air purifier system. This must be taken care of if you are sensitive to noise and environmental pollution.

User Friendliness: Oil Filling and Chain Tension Adjustments

Along with the weight and color considerations, the technical aspects which make a chainsaw user friendly is how you will be dealing with oil filling and chain tension adjustments. Auto oil fillers immensely help to decrease your involvement in maintenance needs.

The chain tension adjustments must be toolless so you can conveniently and quickly adjust things around for completing the job. If you can get these features for your chainsaw machine, then it will make your life quite convenient out there in the middle.

Conclusive Words

We really hope that you are now out of a clueless situation about the chainsaw buying process. Intense research was carried out and careful evaluation of features was done before we shortlisted them for the individual chainsaw reviews. Their pros and cons can give you the idea of what you can expect from them related to their performance delivery.

To help you out further, a buying guide was also provided so that you also remain aware of what you need to consider for your chainsaw machine. So, we expect that you would get rolling as soon as possible and put things in order around your home and garden.

Richard McMann

Richard lives out in the wild with his other half, Diana Richard. He tests chainsaws based on his personal experience and loves to share their nitty gritty details with his audience. Although Richard does focus on other home improvement tools, his focus remains on cutting fallen trees or maintaining his backyard via chainsaw tools. He pledges to come up with new knowledge about chainsaws every once in a while.