Are Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable? Can You Replace Them?

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are chainsaw bars universalWhen you are buying a chainsaw, check if you will find its parts easily if needed or not. Most of the time spare parts are not available.

Let’s talk about chainsaw bars, “are all chainsaw bars universal?” No, they are not.

There are different sizes of bars for different chainsaws. The size of the bars varies according to the model and brand of the chainsaw.

Therefore, we cannot say that chainsaw bars are interchangeable and the answer to the question “are chainsaw bars interchangeable?” is, No.

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Though all chainsaw bars are not fit for every gas chainsaw because of size and model variation you can get a replacement. Let me tell you how is it possible.

You can get the same chainsaw bar for your Husqvarna chainsaw and Stihl chainsaw. This is possible if the size of the bar matches the chainsaw and it is possible to have the same sizes for different chainsaw brands.

Let us have an in-depth look at how to make a mix of different brands and make a hybrid combination of saw and bar.

How to Find a Replacement Bar for Different Saws?

As I told you before, there is no such bar that can be used with every mini saw. This is because of the different sizes and models of chainsaws and bars. Despite this, we can have compatible bars that can be used with multiple saws. Let me tell you how you can find the best match for your saw and bar.

Bar Size:

First of all, if you are looking for a different bar for your chainsaw, then you must check the size of the bar before buying one. Take your previous bar and measure it in length and width. Then, measure the same angles for the new one. If both match, here you go.

But wait, it is not all done yet. There are other aspects that you also need to consider.

Holes and Bolt Slot:

The next thing you will be checking is different holes such as oil holes and tension holes. You must check that these holes are identical to your original bar or the one that you were using previously with the saw.

Also, you should check for oiling holes. However, if you are having a chainsaw that has an auto-oiling function then it can be a relief. Otherwise, there is another option of making holes for oiling but it is a long procedure that requires many precautions.

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Measuring the Perfect Size:

Here are some of the tips that you should consider while measuring the bar or else you might end up getting the wrong bar. Firstly, you must turn off the machine and unplug it. Secondly, start measuring the bar from the point where the casing starts.

Then, measure the bar by using measuring tape till the farthest point extends up to the tip of the bar. Then, there comes taking readings. Keep in mind that you always need to round off your readings to the next whole number.

Now, take the casing off and measure the bar again as a whole. Apart from this, if you think some other details might be needed, take them as well. You are done with the measurements and ready to visit a store for buying a replacement chainsaw bar.

Are Stihl Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

The brand does not recommend using different bars for a Stihl chainsaw. However, based on personal experience, I can say, it is possible. Chainsaw bars are not interchangeable in general but you can find compatibility among the saws and bars of different brands.

Based on this compatibility you can make a hybrid combination and use it. In the case of Stihl chainsaw bars, you can find compatibility among Husqvarna bars. Generally speaking, it is easier to make a Stihl bar useable with a Husqvarna saw. It can be done by making using mount adorations.

Now the question arises what should be the same in the saw and bar of two different brands to make it work? In short, the bar should be of the same length and there should be the same bar mount. Moreover, the chain gauge of the chainsaw should also match the bar and the saw should have the same chain pitch.

Are Husqvarna Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

You can find a compatible match for your Husqvarna bar among the Stihl chainsaw if the size of the bar matches the saw. If we talk about Husqvarna bars, they have two different mounts with 4 gauges and 6 pitches.

The different pitches and mounts are not in mutual harmony therefore a Husqvarna saw will only fit the bars that fulfill the criteria of measurements. Similarly, if we talk about the Husqvarna bars, they have two mounts such as small and large.

Mounts cannot be compromised and it is a must requirement for the bar to match with the saw. Therefore, for using a Husqvarna bar with some other brand of saw, it is required that the mounts must match.

Are Poulan Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

As per my knowledge, Poulan chainsaw bars do not seem to have any compatibility with chainsaws of different brands. It is because Craftsman (Poulan) bars do not have separate oiling holes. The large positioning holes also function for oiling. This is a big reason for the Craftsman bar being incompatible with other brands’ saws.

However, if we consider Husqvarna 435, it can work with a Poulan bar after making some adjustments. This can only be considered if the pitch size of the chain is matched and the thickness of the drive links is also in harmony with the saw.

Apart from this, you can drill holes for the oiling in the bar. If it is not possible then the Poulan bar can be oiled by using its adjuster holes. Thus, it is a case that can be considered for interchange between Craftsman bar and Husqvarna saw.

Are Ego Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

Although I have told you earlier that chainsaw bars are not interchangeable but you make different combinations compatible with each other. If we consider Ego chainsaw bars, they are interchangeable.

For instance, you can use a 14” chainsaw bar manufactured by Ego instead of a 16” bar. This is the replacement of different bars of the same brand.

You might get surprised to know that Ego chainsaw bars can also work with Stihl saw. Yes, it is true. If you are having a gas-operated Stihl chainsaw and a 16” Ego bar. You can combine the two and it will work together. So we can say that Ego chainsaw bars are interchangeable.

Are Echo Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

The way Echo chainsaw bars are designed makes them more compatible than others. Firstly, Echo bars have four mounts, they are A041/K041, A0216, A095/K095, and D076/D176. The order is from smallest to largest.

Apart from this, compared to Stihl and Husky bars, Echo bars have few pitches and gauges. These features make Echo bars more compatible than others. You can use Echo bars with K216 mount with many gas-powered Echo chainsaw models between 45cc and 54cc.

Here is a short video tutorial on basic differences between chainsaw bars from different brands:

Last Words: Are Chainsaw Bars Interchangeable?

Therefore, we are here to conclude that chainsaw bars are not interchangeable. However, you can find compatibility among bars of different saws. Based on this compatibility, you can make combinations of bars and saws of different brands.

I have provided you with a general guideline regarding how you can find a replacement bar for your chainsaw. Also, I have told you about how you can perfectly measure the chainsaw bar to find a good match.

Moreover, based on my experiences, I have provided some examples regarding which bar can be used with which saw. Hopefully, you have got most of your queries sorted after reading this.

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