What is Chain Pitch on a Chainsaw and How to Calculate It?

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what is chain pitch on a chainsawChain pitch is the word commonly used by mechanics, bikers, and workers that use machines with chains.

The term is used to measure the size of a chain and has slightly variable definitions.

Some say it is the distance between two roller-pin or rivet centers in a chain.

According to others, chain pitch is the distance between three consecutive rivets divided by 2. The latter seems more accurate, but both answer the question, “What is Chain Pitch?”

Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you are a regular user of a chainsaw, and its chain wears out or is broken.

If you are not aware of what chain fits the best to your chainsaw and how to know it without having to use it, you are misusing it.

As a result, your chainsaw gets damaged very soon, or it no longer performs the way it did.

In this case, you need a chainsaw chain pitch guide, especially if you know little about this machine.

Let us get started with it as follows:

What is Chain Pitch on a Chainsaw and How to Calculate It in 2024?

Roller Chain 

Roller chain is the most commonly used type of best chainsaw chain and whenever someone thinks about a chainsaw chain, this is the one that comes to mind. This is because it is used in our vehicles and we very often see it. Like any other chain, you need a pitch to buy a roller. So if you have the question, what is a roller chain pitch, it is simply the pitch of a roller chain. 

How to Calculate Chain Pitch in 2024?

Before you calculate your pitch, you should be aware of two things. First is the roller pin, which is the pin that attaches the entire chain. The other one is the sprocket, the part on which the chain is fixed. When the sprocket moves, the chain moves, and the mini chainsaw works. 

To explain to you these two things is because if you don’t know what they are, you cannot find the pitch. Chain pitch is the distance between two consecutive roller pins of a chain. So you can use a measuring tape to calculate the distance. To make the results more efficient, use a caliper to measure the distance between the centers of two teeth of a sprocket. You can also try a pitch calculator and provide some details about your chain to calculate the pitch 

This is because the chain is to be fixed on it, and by tallying the result of both these measurements, you can buy a chain that fits your sprocket. The pitch is measured in inches, so if you buy a chain with a 0.250 pitch, it means the distance between two roller-pin of that chain is 0.250 inches. The chain pitch in mm for this case would be 6.35. 

Pitch Range 

Pitch RANGE starts from 0.250 inches or ¼ inches and goes above 3.0000 inches in roller chains. If your sprocket is large, then you have to buy a chain with a broader pitch. The purpose is to find a chain that fits well on your sprocket so that it does not slip or wear off quickly as it moves. While we talk about pitch, one more thing is connected to it that ensures its fit for the sprocket. That is a chain gauge.  

What is Chain Gauge? 

Chain gauge is the measure of the thickness of the drive link. Now, what is a drive link? Drive links are the parts of a chain that fits on a bar gauge of machines like a chainsaw. For the chain to work properly, the thickness is measured. The range of the chain gauge is from 0.043 to 0.063 inches.

Chain Pitch Calculator

You can easily calculate the chain pitch on a chainsaw using the chainsaw pitch calculator. Just add the relevant values into the boxes mentioned below and press the calculate button to find the exact chain pitch of your chainsaw.

Different Sizes of Chains and Their Pitches 

To make it easier for the customers to buy chains easily, pitches of all sizes are measured and charts are made available. Because remembering a chain size is easier because it is like 40 chains, or 60 chains, etc. This also saves people from measuring the chain gauge every time before they buy a chain for a firewood chainsaw

Different sizes of chains have been measured with highly accurate instruments for users’ ease. So if you are going to buy a new chain, do not forget to go through it like a 60 chain pitch is 0.750 inches. 

This helpful guide put by Oregon on their official YouTube channel could also help homeowners trying to figure out pitch on a chainsaw:


How do I know what pitch my chain is? 

You take a clipper or any measuring device and measure the distance between two roller-pin in your chain. That is your pitch.

What is pitch in chain drive? 

A chain drive is a system of chains and sprockets which transfer energy for a successful operation of a machine. Pitch here is nothing but the pitch of the chain used in the system.

What is pitch on a roller chain? 

The pitch of the roller chain is the distance between the two rivets in a roller chain.

What is chain pitch and gauge?

pitch is the distance between two consecutive roller-pins in chains. The chain gauge is the thickness of the drive link, which is a plate. It fits on the board of a chainsaw. To fit properly, the chain gauge should be checked too.

Final Takeaways

As we understood, pitch helps us choose suitable chains for our battery chainsaws. It is the distance between two rivets of a chain or between the centers of two teeth of a sprocket. Selecting the right chain pitch allows your chain to fit correctly and work fine. Otherwise, it may wear out quickly. Understanding the importance of chain pitch is essential as it saves your machine which ultimately means keeping yourself away from spending a lot of money. 

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