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Ending up with a worn-out appliance or an ineffective one at the time of utilization is one of the worst experiences one can face. There are certain manufacturers that you always doubt about their performance delivery assurance.

With regards to chainsaws, one of the most renowned and trusted suppliers is Stihl. You can always count on them to get the promised quality delivered to you for long periods of time. Stihl chainsaws offer the most versatile features and they are quite comfortable to work around with.

With various chainsaws to select from, we did an in-depth review of each one to shortlist the best prospects available. The factors evaluated can be checked out at the end of these individual reviews and surely you would be in a better position to make a decision after going through this best Stihl chainsaws review. So, let’s get cracking!

Top 5 Stihl Chainsaws Reviewed and Tested in 2023

MSE 170 C-B Corded Stihl Chainsaw

One of the best options you can have in terms of power and durability while looking to buy a Stihl Chainsaw. It delivers extreme power with ultimate smoothness and you get things sorted out nicely in no time. It runs on electric power input providing a commendable power output of 1.6kW.

The bar length you can avail ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches and they never disappoint with regards to sharp performance delivery. A wide trigger switch inclusion makes it quite convenient to operate and 200cc chain oil capacity offers this chainsaw to be used for a considerable period of time without any maintenance.

It is an environment-friendly machine that comes with Reduced Emission Engine Technology that tends to produce zero exhaust emissions while being operated. A quick chain brake adds to the user safety levels and that stops the chain within a second once the rear handle is released by the right hand.

The powerhead weight of around 8.5 lbs provides enhanced portability and you can easily carry it along while ensuring electrical corded input. It delivers superb performance with a high-quality chain bar and a highly efficient electric motor that produces zero exhaust emissions.


  • Long-term viable performance
  • Enhanced User Safety levels
  • Convenient usage with Quick Chain Adjuster
  • Powerful electric motor performance


  • Frequent chain adjustments require

Bottom Line

This Stihl chainsaw model operates with ultimate power and you always have some extra bit of reserve to use against harder materials. Effective motor performance delivers commendable chain-cutting power and its lightweight offers great convenience too. It comes with Reduced Emission Engine Technology and a quick chain brake that makes it quite safe equipment to play around with.

MS 261 C-M Chainsaw with M-Tronic Technology

When you are required to have a chainsaw that delivers extensive performance in challenging situations, then this 261 C-M Stihl chainsaw wouldn’t disappoint you. STIHL M-Tronic™ technology makes sure the right power is executed by automatically adjusting with the help of a digital monitor.

The advanced technology automatically adjusts the factors related to temperature, octane levels, air filter levels, and fuel quality. It requires minimum manual adjustments and maintains optimized levels of performance throughout in varying conditions.

An extensive fuel capacity of 500 ccs is provided and the chain oil capacity stands at 270 ccs for a longer period of single usage. It can be accommodated with decent chain bar lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches. The ergonomic design and power-weight ratio adjustments are made superbly to have better convenience in carrying it around.

The chain tensioner exists at the side of the machine which is quick to access while you are doing the workout in the middle. The inclusion of the anti-vibration system and pre-separation air filtration system puts much weight on why this Stihl chainsaw should be considered.


  • Minimum manual adjustments required
  • Easy to access side chain tensioner
  • Minimum chain bar vibrations produced
  • Digital monitor to check maintenance levels


  • No chain brake included

Bottom Line

A nice machine with a decent set of features that will allow you to handle diversified cutting tasks without much hassle. You experience great luxury with the deployment of STIHL M-Tronic™ technology that automatically adjusts the power and other aspects. While being powered with gas, it comes with a pre-separation air filtration system and Reduced Emission Engine technology making it an environment-friendly chainsaw.

MS 271 FARM BOSS Fuel-efficient Chainsaw

MS 271 FARM BOSS® is a preferred choice when you are looking for a fuel-efficient chainsaw. The engine produces 20% more runtime as compared to the previous model and also emissions are halved too. This is made possible with the deployment of an effective pre-separation air filtration system.

The air filter provided for this gas-powered chainsaw lasts 5 times longer than the standard ones so you know you would be doing good with this efficient fuel consumption. The engine power stands at 2.6 kW and can work perfectly with chain bar lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches.

The chain tensioner for this one is also provided at the side so you can quickly tighten the screws while looking to cut things down. The installation of the anti-vibration system delivers extraordinary smooth performance and you feel comfortable all the time.

The powerhead weight is 12.3 lbs that are slightly above average but still can be handled conveniently due to an ergonomic design. Overall, the smooth engine performance and fuel efficiency make it a superior choice to get things done out there in the middle.


  • High Fuel Efficiency
  • Long-Lasting Engine Performance
  • Quick Chain Tensioner provided
  • Anti-vibration system installed


  • Chain bar a bit less strong

Bottom Line

You get a long-lasting solution for your chainsaw needs. High fuel efficiency and commendable levels of environment-friendliness overcome major resistance levels for the buying decision. A convenient chain tension adjustment system and installation of the anti-vibration system add even more to the smooth performance levels while operating.

MS 251 C-BE Powerful Lightweight Chainsaw

A gas-powered chainsaw that is also similar to the 271 Farm Boss in terms of fuel efficiency and reduced levels of emissions. The best aspect related to this one is it is super convenient to ignite with the advanced starting system. A quick pull to the cord without much force will start things rolling for you in no time.

It also comes with a Master control lever that allows operators to deal with choke positions, starting throttle lock, and an on-off switch. No tools are required for chain tension adjustment as it has a built-in quick chain tension adjustment knob.

The recommended chain bar lengths for this Stihl chainsaw model range between 16 inches to 18 inches. Engine power of 2.2kW with a fuel capacity of 390 ccs and chain oil capacity of 198 ccs, you get a decent and balanced chainsaw performance throughout.

The overall design is quite user-intuitive and portable with the inclusion of a strong grip large starting handle and a front handle. It also comes with Reduced Emission Engine Technology that eliminates exhaust emissions to the maximum possible extent.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Quick Start with easy to pull cord
  • Comes with Quick Chain Tensioner
  • Built-in Master Control Lever


  • A bit less engine capacity

Bottom Line

The comfortability and user intuitiveness on offer with this Chainsaw is quite amazing. You don’t have any eyebrows raised with smooth and long-lasting engine performance and the inclusion of Reduced Emission Engine Technology adds up to the smoothness levels. An advanced Easy starting system will make you roll out there instantly without any problems and quick chain tensioners increase the cutting speed.

MSA 200 C-B Lithium-Ion Powered Chainsaw

When you need to deal with the best Stihl chainsaw, MSA 200 C-B tops our priority list as it brings you a cordless experience. The batteries with this one you can choose for yourself are provided in the AP series that provide varying runtimes.

With this cordless chainsaw operating for you, you have zero levels of emission and minimum noise produced adding extensively to the aspect of environmental friendliness. You get extraordinary user safety with the inclusion of a quick-stop chain brake that prevents kickback in case of a mechanical failure.

The electric brushless motor requires minimum maintenance as was the case with gas power sources. An additional benefit with this one is that it has a built-in Coast-down Brake that prevents chain rotation when the trigger is set to release. The chain tensions are also quickly adjusted with the use of an adjustment knob provided.

Even though powered with batteries, you experience top-notch cutting-speed performance and ultimate reliability out there. The bar length can be chosen by the users themselves as it can work perfectly with the complete range. Quite stable performance is delivered throughout making not much difference to the environment around.


  • Best in terms of environment-friendliness
  • Versatile chainsaw with cordless operation
  • Extensive operational safety measures
  • Interchangeable batteries and bar lengths facilitated


  • Expensive Chainsaw

Bottom Line

You are able to diversify your cutting performance extensively and things don’t remain that complex out there for you with this Stihl chainsaw model. The use of interchangeable batteries can provide extensive runtime and there is no compromise on power. You just need to select your battery and chain bar lengths correctly to get things rolled out perfectly for you.

How To Get The Most Suitable and Best Stihl Chainsaw in 2023?

Undoubtedly, the versatility and diversity on offer with Stihl Chainsaws is extraordinary. You are able to select some features of your chainsaw on your own, such as chain bar length. For each of the chainsaws, the manufacturer has outlined a specific length range of the chain bar and you can choose whatever fits your needs most.

Still, we need to evaluate the rest of the factors that can specifically help you in getting the most suitable Stihl Chainsaw. The great aspect of this is that there are a set of common features that you would be getting with each of the available options. So, let’s consider the features that can be considered to complete your decision-making process:

Power Source:

It is the debate between battery power, gas-powered, and electric chainsaws that you need to decide between. The Stihl chainsaws mostly come with Reduced Emission Engine Technology that keeps exhaust emissions to a minimum level so environment friendliness remains somewhat the same.

You need to evaluate the power source that is conveniently and cheaply available in your surroundings. After this only, you would be able to decide which Stihl chainsaws you need to shortlist and then finalize one of them.

Engine and Motor Capacity

The engine and motor power determine how effectively you are able to deal with things around you. The cutting performance largely depends on the built-in engine power capacity. Do check out the motor output it will play a great role in determining the chain bar speed at which you are going to operate a chainsaw.

User Safety Mechanical Precautions

One added feature you can look to get is the chain brake system so that any kickback is prevented after a mechanical failure. This can protect you from any type of injury and some are really serious about this safety feature being included in the machines they operate.

Evaluating Convenience Features

When looking to evaluate the convenience a particular chainsaw would be offering, you need to consider its powerhead weight, chain tension adjustment system, and how frequently manual maintenance will be required.

The quick chain adjustment knob will not require any external tools so you would be quickly doing things with your chainsaw and adjusting the speeds. The chain oil capacity and detection mechanisms will determine how convenient it is to maintain a particular chainsaw.

Final Takeaways: The Best Stihl Chainsaws of 2023

Stihl chainsaws mostly end up on the expensive side but you should be knowing that you are surely going to have a reliable machine for yourself. The luxury of customization for each of the chainsaws you can order is a unique aspect of Stihl.

So, we got your back by providing the best Stihl chainsaw review and some useful evaluation methods to buy on your own. Mastering your every move regarding cutting is essential and a Stihl chainsaw can deliver exactly that with the right application of chain bar length and effective power output.

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