What is a Chainsaw Used for in 2024? Different USES Explained

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what is a chainsaw used forIf you are concerned about “what is a chainsaw used for”, you probably know what a chainsaw is, right? If not, let’s get some quick insight about the machine!

Chainsaw: A Quick Overview

A chainsaw is a machine that compromises a set of sharp teeth-shaped edges used to cut any wood and other materials. This portable machine utilizes electrical charging, battery-power, or gasoline filling. Its rotating chain, along with sharp edges, works best in the following activities;

Now let’s come to some of its extra uses as below: 

What is a Chainsaw Used for in 2024?

Like animals and humans, you can say chainsaws have also been revolutionized. Sounds weird? But hear us out. History has documented the chainsaw as a tool used in the medical field for operating during childbirth.

The concept and ideas are similar to today’s models you see in the market. However, the old models were smaller and less dangerous than the current tools.

At the beginning of the 20th century, people started to think of other uses for the chainsaw. Therefore, in 1926 first-ever electric chainsaw was developed to fell redwoods.

In contrast, to today’s tool, these electric chainsaws were quite large and required two persons to process cutting tasks. Shouldn’t we Thank God for these portable chainsaws that are way easier to operate than those in the past, right?

Some daily-life uses of the tool are as follows: 

Uses of Chainsaw in 2024

There’s one common purpose of this tool in 2024: ‘firewood cutting.‘ However, the difference depends on its utility in different areas or fields. We’ll find some conventional fields where it is used.

Woody Woods

As the name suggests, the wood industry uses these tools more than other industries. It can perform all the work, from cutting large trees to medium-sized trunks.

Workers use chainsaws to cut firewood, trees felling, furniture wood, etc. Consequently, specific tools turn logs into lumber, making them suitable for manufacturing.

Moreover, depending on the type of wood, the handyman uses high-powered machines or less, respectively.

Domestic Use

People around the globe use chainsaws to maintain their green lands. And gardening becomes even easier if you use professional tools (obviously, not high-profile ones).

Consequently, they can help for pruning on lower levels as well as sculpt foliage. Depending on the resource available, you can use an electric, gas, or cordless tool for trimming and cutting purposes.

Agriculture Industry

Isn’t it obvious? Of course, you are right chainsaws also perform their cutting duties in agriculture works. From cutting crops to short wood pieces for agricultural uses.

In the agriculture industry, the chainsaws are elongated with an exclusive bar that runs the chain for cutting purposes.

All Rounder Cutting Gadget

Chainsaw can cut a variety of materials, including;


Cutting stones with your chainsaw might be alarming as it reduces the life span and makes the machine dull. However, special versions of the tools, such as compact and highly powered, can chop bricks and concrete drywalls.


In cold areas, where weather condition gets worst, the chainsaw help cuts the ice blocks or sculpture. People living in places where glaciers are profound also use these powerful tools.

Meat and Bones

Based on the later use , it can still be used for cutting meat and animal bones.


Although, you are not restricted to cutting metal with it. But using standard tools might cause trouble. However, you can use circulating and reciprocating saws (with hard metal cutting edges) to cut tough metals. And don’t use a regular saw for cutting metals.


It can also cut plastics, including; Polyethylene, Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Acrylic, and Lexan. Subsequently, a particular machine named a pneumatic chainsaw should be used for cutting plastics.


You can cut glass with circular or special glass cutting saws. Otherwise, using any other tool type might lead to experiencing unhealthy situations.

FAQs: Solving Your Concerns

Is a chainsaw used for cutting wood only?

As a general assumption, the tool is used to cut wood. However, this robust machine has more potential than that. It can easily cut through metals, plastics, concrete, drywalls (without metal wiring), floors (without plastic and metal integration), roofing, glass, meat, and bones.

Only the right tool can cut the respective things despite a range of materials. For instance, you cannot cut concrete with a standard chainsaw. You’ll need a more professional option.

Can anyone use a chainsaw?

These tools can be as fatal as death and even cause severe injuries. Therefore, it’s necessary to train yourself before handling a dangerous machine. The more you practice and handle it carefully, the easier it will be to use a chainsaw. So, make yourself competent enough to avoid any injuries or mishaps.

Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?

Yes, you can. You might be surprised to know that wet wood does not affect the tool’s chain or its cutting potential. And it doesn’t dull the chainsaw as intensely as other types of wood. You can even use it in rain given that you are wearing safety equipment.

Do you need a license to use a chainsaw?

Not at all. There’s no obligation to have a license or training certificate to get this tool. However, don’t use it without prior practice, as this could lead you to face serious issues.

How long can you use a chainsaw?

The runtime of its different types varies and differs. For instance, a small chainsaw can only be use for 15 – 40 minutes. While a battery-based model could only work for two hours straight. However, more powerful and high-capacity gas options run for hours.

Can you use a chainsaw in the dirt?

A big no. You shouldn’t use it in the dirt. While cutting, the dirt links or gets stuck causing wear and tear to the chainsaw chain. It also damages the sprocket present on the bar. Thus, your device can be dull in no time.

Wrapping Up

From shocking chainsaw’s old use to cutting different materials, you might be ready to gather strength and do some work.

If so, you can also check our guides on chainsaws and kickstart your cutting journey.

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