Can a Chainsaw Cut Metal? Detailed Answer [2024]

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can you cut metal with chainsawIt is not ideal to cut metal with a chainsaw but yes, if we talk about the ability, then a chainsaw can cut metal. Also, not every chainsaw is capable of cutting through the metal.

Chainsaws are typically used for cutting trees and firewood therefore cutting metal with a chainsaw is not a perfect match.

Moreover, if you want more answers regarding ‘can a chainsaw cut metal’ then know that it doesn’t work like you grab your old chainsaw and start cutting metal.

To cut the metal, there are special chainsaws that are powerful. Also, it depends upon the type of metal you are planning to cut with a chainsaw.

The chainsaw should also be powerful enough and should possess blades that can be considered as a metal cutting saw.

Can a Chainsaw Cut Through Metal? Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the answer to what a chainsaw can cut through? Or can a chainsaw cut through metal? Then, you might have a specific situation in your mind for having this question.

The question might arise because there are metal nails stuck in trees. A good quality chain can be considered a metal cutting chain because it can cut through metal. But then you have to deal with consequences as it can damage the teeth of the chain and engine of the gas chainsaw. Now, the choice is yours, how you deal with your chainsaw.

Also, there are other hard objects that you might come across while cutting a tree/wood. Mostly, a chainsaw can cut through such objects. You might face a little trouble like chainsaw kickback while dealing with such material. However, you can eventually cut it.

Should I Cut Metal with a Chainsaw?

The next question then arises whether it is fine to cut metal with a chainsaw or not. So the answer is NO. If you want to cut metal with a battery chainsaw, then you should have a metal-cutting chainsaw chain.

Cutting metal with a wood cutting saw will bring a lot of damage to the chain blades. If your chainsaw accidentally cuts through some metal object that is stuck in wood, the teeth of the chain will become blunt. Also, it can cause accidents such as kickback, Push-In, and Pullback if the chain hits some hard object.

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Types of Chainsaws

Let me tell you about the types of chainsaws and which type of chainsaw can cut through metal. Typically, there are two types of chainsaws, ones that are used by homeowners and they use occasionally and for themselves. The other type of chainsaws are professional and they are more powerful than others.

Home Grade Chainsaws:

A home-grade Chainsaw has a weaker engine and motor and cannot cut through hard objects/metals. These chainsaws are mostly used for making firewood, cutting the small branches of trees, cutting hedges, pruning, and other such sorts of tasks.

If you are planning to cut wood with a chainsaw that has some nails in it, then you must remove them first. Because a home-grade chainsaw is not powerful enough to cut through metal. Even then, if you try to do so, it will harm the engine of the chainsaw and will also damage the chainsaw chain.

Let me tell you the other reason why you should not use a home-grade chainsaw for cutting nails. It is because the chainsaw chain does not have metallic reinforcement and therefore they cannot cut through the metal.

Professional Chainsaws:

Some chainsaws are used for professional purposes and they can cut through metals. But, not everyone can have one nor everyone can operate it. These chainsaws can be super dangerous and they look scary too.

These chainsaws are specially built and are more powerful than those, used for household work. You will be surprised to know that the chains of those chainsaws are made of diamond. This is the reason they can easily cut through metal.

Now coming to the point that what can a chainsaw cut through? You have got the answer that some chainsaws can cut through metal such as nails. But it will damage the chain and 18″ chainsaw. However, metal cutting proposes there are different chainsaws with greater efficiency.

Risks Involved in Cutting Metal With a Chainsaw

Let me tell you now what the risks of cutting metal with a chainsaw are. Before we proceed further, let me clear to you that we are talking about the risks of cutting metal with home grade chainsaw. We are not talking about professional or commercial chainsaws here because of course they can easily cut through metal.

There are two types of risks while cutting metal with a chainsaw. One is that it can harm the chainsaw and its parts. Secondly, doing so can injure you by different means. Let us have look at these risks specifically.

Risks Associated With Damage to the Chainsaw

If you try to cut metal using home grade chainsaw then it will damage the engine of the chainsaw. It is because the engine is not strong enough to make it capable of cutting through metal. Moreover, this will also make the teeth of the chainsaw chain dull. Consequently, you might need to replace the chain.

Apart from these two common damages, the chainsaw chain can break if it is subjected to hard objects. This is not only damage to your chainsaw chain but it can hurt you as well. A breaking chain can get out of control and it can hit you anywhere.

Risks Associated with Injuries While Cutting Metal with a Chainsaw

Now, let me tell you what type of injuries it can cause if you try to metal with a chainsaw. Firstly, when the chainsaw chain hits a hard object, it can cause kickback. As a result of kickback, you may lose your balance and fall. In a worse situation, a moving 14″ chainsaw can fall on you as well and can cause severe injury.

Secondly, friction is created when the metal chain contacts another metal while it is rotating at full speed. This friction can cause a fire. Thus, a burning risk is also there. Lastly, this contact between metals can also generate sparks that can also harm you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a chainsaw hits metal?

When a chainsaw hits metal, it can cause a fire due to friction that can harm you. Also, it can break the chainsaw chain or dull it out to the extent that it will be of no use. Moreover, there is a great chance of chainsaw kickback that might hurt you badly. In short, it can cause very dangerous consequences if a chainsaw hits the metal.

What kind of saws can cut metal?

Generally, professional chainsaws, having high-powered engines can cut metal. However, the cutting of metal depends upon the type and thickness of the metal. The metal can also be a thick met pipeline and it can also be a metal nail.

A home-grade chainsaw with good efficiency can cut through metal nails but it will damage them. Therefore, it is never recommended to cut the metal nail with home grade chainsaw. But a professional chainsaw can easily cut through nails.

Can I cut metal with a wood saw?

No, you cannot cut metal with a wood saw. If you are having a high-powered engine-based chainsaw, it might cut through small metal objects such as nails. But doing so will damage the engine and chainsaw chain. In the worst scenario, you might end up breaking the chainsaw chain and injuring yourself.

What can a chainsaw cut through?

A home-grade chainsaw can cut through wood only. You can perform different tasks associated with wood cutting with it. However, a professional chainsaw can cut through metals such as iron, steel, and even concrete. It is because these chainsaws have an efficient engine and their chains are made of diamond.

Last Words: Can a Chainsaw Cut Through Metal?

This was the complete guide regarding can a chainsaw cut through metal. After reading this article, I hope now you know what your chainsaw can do and what it cannot. Also, you must have got an idea of what it may cost you if you try to cut metal with a chainsaw that you use for cutting wood.

Therefore, never forget the risks that are associated with cutting metal with a low-powered chainsaw. Otherwise, you will end up causing great damage to yourself and your chainsaw.

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