How Long Does a Chainsaw Chain Last? Chain Life Span [2024]

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chainsaw chain life spanAre you planning to buy a chainsaw chain but you are wondering how long it may last? If this is the case, I will provide information about the average life of a chainsaw chain.

There is not any fixed life span for the chains. How long does a chainsaw chain last depends upon multiple factors. If you are not using your chainsaw too much and handling it with care then it may last up to 5 to 6 years easily.

You should know about the factors that can affect the lifespan of your chainsaw chain and then use them accordingly. One obvious factor is the usage of a chainsaw chain. Much of the life span of the chainsaw chain depends upon how much you are using it.

The other factors may be the way you treat your chainsaw chain and the type of material you are cutting with your chainsaw chain. I will discuss all the factors that can affect the lifespan of your chain  when you need to replace it. Make sure that you read the article till the end and all of your queries will be sorted out.

How Long Does a Chainsaw Chain Last in 2024?

Let’s get into understanding the usage of a chainsaw chain along with insights on how long it may last in different scenarios as follows:


While using a chainsaw for home use the most consuming part is the chain. The engine of a chainsaw might last for years if handled properly but the chain is the part that is consumed the most in every use. Chainsaw chains are made up of iron or other such materials therefore they can last long.

If you are using the chainsaw on a daily basis then the chain can last for more than 5 years. However, if you are an occasional user it can last for decades if it is kept well-maintained. It is because the chainsaw has blades that are called teeth and at every use, they are consumed and get dull after some time.


A blunt chainsaw chain is not waste but it can be sharpened. When you feel that your chain is not cutting properly then it’s time to sharpen your chainsaw chain. Uneven cuts and fine dust of waste are some of the signs that you should consider and sharpen your chain.

You need to sharpen the teeth and depth gauges of your chain so it can work well. After sharpening teeth and balancing the depth gauge many times you may notice that now even sharpening the chain is not working. It is the time when you need to change your chain.

You must be careful while sharpening a chain because wrong strokes of sharpening may ruin it. Therefore, you should follow all the precautions and steps of chain sharpening. It can really affect the chainsaw chain’s lasting time.

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The other factor that affects the duration of the chain is the way you are taking care of its management. If you want your chainsaw to keep working for a longer period then you must be careful about its maintenance. For this, you should service your chain often and take all precautionary measures.

Many aspects are included in the maintenance of a chainsaw chain, they are:


The maintenance includes full sharpening of the chainsaw chain following all the instructions. You should not ignore the signs that your chain gives you as an indication of the need for sharpening.

Be careful of the directions while giving strokes to your chain teeth. Also, sharpen the depth gauges and do not sharpen them more than they are desired. Do not forget to remove the burr from the chainsaw bar after utilizing the chainsaw sharpener.


Oiling your chainsaw is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many aspects that you have to be careful about while oiling. Check for the oil filters if they are clean or if they need to be replaced, replace them. Also, use high-quality and fresh fuel for your chain. As it doesn’t only damage the chain but your chainsaw engine will also be affected by this.


If you are not a regular chain user then you must store it with care. Store it in a dry and clean place. When you are using a chainsaw after a long time then you must check the oil and if it needs to be changed, change it. Check for all the necessary things, done? Good. Now you may start working with it.

Oil-Gasoline Mixture:

You might be thinking that they are trivial aspects and who cares for them. But if you really want the chain to last, then you must pay attention to all the big and small factors.

The oil-gasoline mixture that you will use as fuel for your chainsaw must be according to the calculations. If you are not aware of the exact ratio then check it from the user guide manual. You can also get this information from google. Once you get to know about the exact ratio then move to the next step.

The next step is to make the mixture. Do it properly by using a measuring beaker. Measure the required ratio in the beaker and once your mixture is ready, insert it into your chainsaw.

Air Filters:

Do check for the air filters if they are clean or not. A dirty air filter prevents the flow of air in the chainsaw and thus it affects the engine and the chainsaw does not work properly. Consequently, it also affects the chain because it will cause difficulty in cutting and thus damages the chain as well.


How long does a chainsaw chain last before sharpening?

It depends upon the quantity of time that you are using the chainsaw and the material that you are cutting. If you are cutting hard material with the chainsaw chain then it will dull quickly as compared to cutting soft wood.

Moreover, it varies from chain to chain and the way you are using it. A professional user will get the most out of a chain because he knows how to handle it and it can last for a longer period without sharpening. As soon as the chainsaw starts making uneven cuts and starts producing fine dust of wood, it can be used without sharpening.

Do you need to sharpen a new chain?

Although the new chains are well sharpened and they do not require sharpening for the first few uses. However, after some time it gets dull and then you need to sharpen it for a good performance.

How often should you change a chain on the chainsaw?

You can use a chain for a longer period of up to 5-6 years by sharpening it when needed. But if you notice that your chainsaw is not giving a good performance even after sharpening it, and has no other issue, then it is time for a replacement. At this stage, you should buy a new chain for your chainsaw.

Why does my chain on chainsaw dull so quickly?

If you are using the chain over hard material or accidentally it comes in contact with stone or something then it can cause the teeth to dull. Also, you should use the chain on wood in an appropriate way. The wrong cuts may also be the reason for the chain to dull. The other reason could be mistakes in sharpening a chain. If you do not sharpen the chain perfectly then it will get dull quickly.


This is all the information that I found necessary to provide you regarding how long does a chainsaw chain lasts. I hope it will help you and your queries are sorted out.

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