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what type of oil for chainsaw

Ever found yourself staring at the array of oils in the hardware store, wondering which one is right for your trusty chainsaw?

Whether you’re a seasoned logger or just getting into the wood-cutting game, finding the right oil can be a daunting task.

Maintaining and operating a chainsaw is not as handy as it might seem to be.

There are many aspects that you must keep checking and they require huge care.

Using a quality oil that is most suitable for the chainsaw is yet another task that you should be careful about.

You might be wondering: What type of oil should I use? Is there a difference between oils? And what if I can’t find the recommended oil?

Well, fear not, because I’ve been there, done that, and I’m here to guide you through it all.

From the most suitable oils for your chainsaw to viable alternatives when your preferred oil is out of stock,

I’ve got the lowdown on the best oils for your chainsaw. Join me as we dive into the world of lubrication, explore your options, and ensure your chainsaw stays revved and ready for action.


Answering Shortly: List of Oils to Use and Not to Use for a Chainsaw:

Note: Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of oil to use in your chainsaw to ensure optimal performance, safety, and longevity.

Oils to Use:

  • Bar and Chain Oil:

Specifically designed for chainsaws, it provides the necessary lubrication to the chain and bar, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging the life of the equipment.

Oils Not to Use:

  • Motor Oil:

While motor oil may seem like a viable alternative, it lacks the tackiness and viscosity required to properly lubricate the chain and bar of a chainsaw. Using motor oil can lead to increased friction, wear, and potential damage to the equipment.

  • Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is not suitable for chainsaws as it lacks the necessary properties to provide adequate lubrication. It can quickly degrade and fail to protect the chain and bar during operation.

  • Cooking Oil

Similar to vegetable oil, cooking oil is not designed to withstand the high-speed and high-temperature conditions encountered during chainsaw operation. Using cooking oil can result in poor lubrication, increased wear, and potential damage to the equipment.


Let’s Discuss More: What Kind of Oil is Suitable for Chainsaw?

1. 2 Stroke Oil for Chainsaw:

Yes, you can use 2-stroke oil for chainsaws. In fact, it’s necessary for most chainsaws, as they typically use 2-stroke engines. This type of oil is specifically formulated to mix with gasoline at the correct ratio for 2-stroke engines, providing lubrication and protection to the engine’s internal components during operation.

When using 2-stroke oil in your chainsaw, it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the type of oil to use and the mixing ratio. Using the wrong type of oil or mixing it at the incorrect ratio can lead to poor engine performance, increased wear, and potential engine damage.

Always use high-quality, reputable brands of 2-stroke oil that are specifically labeled for use in chainsaws to ensure optimal engine lubrication and performance.

2 stroke oil is good and can be used for chainsaw oil as a good option. However, not all 2 stroke oils can be used for chainsaws because some of these oils are not suitable for the engine of the chainsaw.

Thus, it can damage the engine and you may have to pay large for a small mistake.

Let me tell you what 2 stroke oils can be used in a chainsaw. It actually depends on the type of engine. You have to check first if your chainsaw engine is water-cooled or air-cooled.

2. Specialized Bar and Chain Oil:

Let’s talk about the unsung hero of chainsaw maintenance, bar and chain oil.

This specialized lubricant is designed to keep your chainsaw’s chain and bar operating smoothly by reducing friction and heat buildup during use.

It’s thick, tacky, and designed to cling to the chain even at high speeds and temperatures, ensuring continuous lubrication as you slice through wood like a hot knife through butter.

Personal Tip: When I first started using my chainsaw, I made the mistake of using motor oil instead of bar and chain oil. Let’s just say it didn’t end well and  I ended up with a smoking chainsaw and a lot of frustration. Lesson learned: always use the right oil for the job!

3. Why Not Just Use Motor Oil?

You might be thinking, “Can’t I just use motor oil instead?” After all, it’s readily available, right? While it may seem like a convenient alternative, motor oil is not formulated to withstand the high speeds and temperatures that chainsaw chains and bars are subjected to. Using motor oil can result in poor lubrication, increased wear on your chainsaw, and potential damage to the engine.

Personal Experience: I once tried using motor oil in a pinch when I ran out of bar and chain oil during a project. Let’s just say it was a rookie mistake – my chainsaw struggled to make it through even a small log, and I ended up having to replace the chain sooner than expected.

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Also, never forget to use a perfect composition mixture of oil and gasoline. Knowing the perfect ratio of oil‒gasoline mixture for the engine is equally important as knowing what kind of oil for the chainsaw can be used. Therefore, you should consider both things and make your oil choices accordingly. I would still recommend using only the best bar and chain oil for chainsaws though.

4. Use of Vegetable and Cooking Oil:

Using vegetable oil for the chainsaw bar is a good option because vegetable oils are thinner and lighter in viscosity.

However, for the engine of a chainsaw, you should always use the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer with a perfect mix ratio of oil and gasoline.

5. Using 10W30 Oil for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

Yes, 10W30 oil can be used for the bar oil but not an ideal option. As a substitution, you may use it. 10W30 oil has multi-weight which makes it good for use in summer as well as in winter.

When 10W30 oil heats up, it becomes thicker and when it is cold it is thinner therefore, it can be used in both seasons. However, you may face some problems as the chainsaw may drop and it might get difficult for you to tackle it.

This disturbance is because the oil is not ideal for the bar so when you are using alternatives then obviously problems are there.

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6. Using 10W40 for Chainsaw Bar Oil?

Yes, it can be used but not a good option for bar oil. 10W30 and 10W40 motor oils are almost similar and both can be used as an alternative for chainsaw bar oil.

However, it is never an ideal or a good option.

A good option among substitutions is vegetable oil. While the ideal option is the one that is meant for a chainsaw bar. Also, you should never forget that these alternatives are only for the chainsaw bar not for the engine or as a substitution to “Mix oil”.

What Oil for Electric Chainsaw?

As I have told you about the substitutions of oils for the chainsaw. Also, I told you about the good substitution and also which oil can never be used as an alternative. So, for electric chainsaws, there is no substitution.

The electric chainsaw should only be given the type of oil that is recommended by its manufacturer. Even for a Chainsaw bar, there is no better alternative option as the vegetable or motor oils are harmful to an electric chainsaw.

These oils can damage the chainsaw and its engine. So, you should never try looking for alternatives to your electric chainsaw.

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The article was about what kind of oil for chainsaws can be used as an ideal. While we have discussed substitutions of oils, let me remind you once again that there is no good substitution for engine oil. 2 stroke oil can be used but it depends upon the type of chainsaw and the type of oil as well.

Though the oil is similar to 2-stroke oil for using it as a substitution, you must check the configurations. After checking the configuration of your chainsaw as well as the oil, if it matches you can use it as an alternative.

The perfect oil for the engine is the one recommended by the manufacturer. However, vegetable oil is a good substitute for bar oil as compared to other available options.

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