Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews 2022 | Our Top 5 Picks

top echo chainsaw reviewsAs the industry of chainsaw keeps blooming, one thing homeowners have to consider while choosing a chainsaw is to check whether it’s reliable enough or not.

And when we talk about reliability, the only brand that comes to our mind is Echo.

Made with a premium finish, offering top-notch cutting performance, and ensuring a long-lasting working capability, the best echo chainsaws today are selling like hot cakes.

Based on my experience of using, testing, and experimenting on different chainsaw brands, it’s time to review some of the professional Echo chainsaws available in the market.

The list I’ve picked consists of the models from Echo that ensures reliability, durability, and an improved sharpness.

Let’s, therefore, discuss the best Echo chainsaw reviews in 2022 as follows:

Top 5 Best Echo Chainsaws Compared and Tested in 2022

Bar Length
Expected Price Tag
1. Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf [Editor's Pick]
13.2 lbs
2. Echo CS-400 [Runner Up]
10.1 lbs
3. Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw
8.8 lbs
4. Echo CS352 Gas Chainsaw
8.8 lbs
5. Echo CS-271T Chainsaw [Best Small]
6 lbs

Best Echo Chainsaw Reviews in 2022 – Tested by Richard McMann

After working so hard on researching the best echo chainsaws, we come up with some cool products from Echo which will make your life easy. They’re known for their high quality and smooth performance. Hope you’ll find your dream echo chainsaw with our guide that we’ve prepared for you.

1. Echo Chainsaw Timberwolf CS-590 – Top-Rated Echo Chainsaw [2022]

Echo Timber Wolf Chainsaw Review

You are talking about some power with this one of the best echo chainsaws that comes with a heavy-duty 59.8 cc 2-stroke engine. You would be dealing with the hardest of woods with quite an ease and this one is though expensive, but a long term solution for your wood cutting needs out in the middle.

It comes with a 20 inches chain bar length that rips apart the materials and objects with no hassle at all. Genuine OEM Echo Part delivers outstanding performance for a longer period of time. This also can be used for milling.

It also offers great accessibility features such as an automatic oiling system with the convenient oil lid at the left side of the chainsaw. With the gas input, you can get going when you are able to pull the rope. A decompression valve is provided so you can start this Timber Wolf chainsaw conveniently.

G-Force Engine Air Cleaner makes this a top priority echo chainsaw and you won’t be causing many problems to the environment and surroundings around you while operating this beast. Three different handles at the front and back are attached so you can carry around this echo chainsaw easily and try out different cutting positions.

The Good

  • Superb Cutting Power
  • Incredible Long Term Performance
  • Environment friendly
  • Super Easy to carry

The Bad

  • A bit costly

Bottom Line

Although a bit expensive, it seems like a perfect solution for the woodcutting job. You have an incredibly powerful engine with a 20 inches chain bar length and varying handle positions, nothing can beat the features on-offer with this echo chainsaw model.


2. Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw – Best Echo Chainsaw for Carving [2022]

Echo CS-400 Gas Chainsaw Review

A bit of sacrifice on the engine power but no questions raised to the performance reliability. The versatility on offer is the same with a lightweight and an ergonomic design. A 2-stroke 40cc engine delivers splendid performance while working around with an 18 inches chain bar length.

It comes with an i-30 starting system so you experience no problems while trying to ignite this echo chainsaw. It needs to be connected with a gas power source and delivers smooth cutting performance throughout its operating time.

The overall design aesthetics remain the same with the previous model, it is lightweight than the previous one though. Engine oil can be conveniently refilled and the chainsaw takes care of its internal maintenance itself. You just need to keep a check on the oil levels so that it can remain viable for a long period of time.

The CS-400 chainsaw comes fully assembled along with the inclusion of engine oil so that you can get going immediately after you get hands-on this Echo chainsaw model. A great choice for your outdoor woodcutting jobs and comes with built-in Genuine OEM Echo Part.

The Good

  • Lightweight and portable chainsaw
  • I-30 Starting System
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Sharp cutting performance

The Bad

  • Lesser Engine Power on offer

Bottom Line

With this chainsaw falling slightly in the moderate level budgets, you need to make a bit compromise on the engine power. Be rest assured about the reliability of other sets of features. You get super convenience commute and performance reliability and an 18-inches chain bar deliver a smooth cutting experience.


3. Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw – Best Echo Chainsaw for Firewood [2022]

Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw

As we move down our list of the best Echo chainsaw, there is a decrease in both the price and engine power. With this one, you get a 30.5 cc stroke engine that can be ideal to deal with small branches and less dense wood materials.

The CS-310 chainsaw bar length stands at 14 inches but the cutting performance remains sharp and smooth. It includes an automatic oiling system so that you aren’t worried much about the internal maintenance issues. Keep note of the engine oil levels so you can assure that the performance delivery isn’t compromised over a period of time.

This echo chainsaw model comes with an anti-vibration handle so that you don’t experience much fatigue while operating. The pull cord system is also convenient to get along with and overall mechanical reliability is quite satisfactory too.

The Good

  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Budget-friendly

The Bad

  • Not ideal for hardcore cutting jobs

Bottom Line

This is a perfect solution for small gardens where trees and branches are not much dense and thick. It is extremely lightweight and offers quite useful utility features for the operators. The performance reliability goes unquestioned within its limitations so you can always prefer this one where you need to deal with things occasionally.


4. Echo CS-352 Gas Chainsaw – Best Echo Top Handle Chainsaw [2022]

Echo CS-352 Gas Chainsaw

CS-352 is a refurbished machine but it has gone through all necessary testing to be able to be used all over again. It can be an ideal solution for commercial wood cutting needs when there are budget constraints.

You can even deal with the thickest levels of wood with this 16 inches chain bar that delivers ultimate sharp performance. Since it is designed for heavy-duty tasks, you can rip through small branches and fallen limbs quickly.

It is a lightweight chainsaw and doesn’t create much disturbance around while you are working with this echo chainsaw out in the middle. Great power is on offer as compared with the other gas-powered chainsaws pricing so it can top your preferential list of the best eco chainsaw.

The Good

  • Fast cutting chain bar
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for thick wood cutting jobs
  • Environment Friendly

The Bad

  • No Blade cover provided

Bottom Line

Although a refurbished one carving chainsaw but gone through all the testing and performance viability has been ensured quite rigorously. It delivers super fast and sharp cutting performance even for the thickest of woods which you can’t miss out on in the given price range. If you observe thicker woods around you then you can opt for this Eco Chainsaw refurbished model.


5. Echo CS-271T 12 Inch Chainsaw – Best Small Echo Chainsaw [2022]

Echo CS-271T 12 Inch Chainsaw

Last on our list is the compact Echo chainsaw that’s already making rounds in the market. The CS-2511T model features a 12” bar, a robust design, a top-notch engine, and the ability to cut wood logs like a piece of cake. As mentioned already, it’s one of the lightest chainsaws you’d find right now in the market.

Starting with the obvious, CS-271T features a small 12” bar, which means it would be difficult for the small chainsaw to penetrate extremely thick logs. However, it’s still capable of going right between 10” logs without any hassle.

Talking of its power, the strong 26.9 CC gas engine equipped with it allows the chainsaw to slice limbs and shrubs just like a hot knife goes through butter.

One of the problems chainsaw owners face with gas saws is that they are too heavy. That’s not the issue when we discuss this compact Echo chainsaw. Weighing no more than 6 pounds, the chainsaw is light in weight and capable of carrying out multiple cutting jobs in a single go.

With the kind of weight that this Echo chainsaw possesses, it’s easier to say that women can also use it for cleaning their lawns and gardens daily.

As an avid chainsaw user, I did realize that its handling is top-notch with an ergonomic grip. No matter how many logs I cut, my hands did not get tired even once while I was holding the CS-271T.

One minor issue with the chainsaw is that it has relatively a smaller gas tank (8.1 oz) compared to the other Echo chainsaws I reviewed above. If you are okay with this problem, I’d recommend you to get this model and you’ll thank me for it later.

The Good

  • Light in weight.
  • Powerful 26.9 CC engine ensures improved sharpness.
  • Could be used singlehandedly.
  • Suitable for women to utilize for cleaning their gardens.
  • 12” bar penetrates inside medium logs easily.
  • Durable and reliable.

The Bad

Bottom Line

Echo CS-271T is, in fact, one of the lightest chainsaws available in the market in 2022. Consider getting it if you do not like the average power and sharpness of electric chainsaws much.


Buyer’s Guide: Buying the Best Echo Chainsaw in 2022

There are not many things to consider before buying an echo chainsaw as most of their models cover the basics well. The common features you would see around with them are attractive color design, automatic oiling system, portable, and many internal mechanical features. The things that you need to ponder upon are discussed below:


The engine power differs quite well with different budget ranges. The higher the price, more engine power you would have at your disposal. For instance, Timber Wolf Chainsaw has been the most expensive one but engine power is unmatchable. You can work around with great performance reliability in all budget ranges, still, the engine power has its role to play out in the middle.

Chain Bar Length

This factor decision depends upon the surroundings that you would be working in. Some have their own preferences of chain bar lengths as it affects the angles and positions you can work in. Shorter the length, better maneuverability you have to try out varying positions. If you are dealing with straight thick woods then higher lengths of chain bar are preferred.

Weight Preferences

All the echo chainsaw models differ in their weights. Some might like to work around with heavy machines to have a better exhaustive feeling out of their work. While some are happy with the lightweight chainsaws. Echo chainsaw models differ in their weights and you always have to put this factor under consideration as carrying along comfortably is quite important.

What Makes an Echo Chainsaw Worth Money?

The eco chainsaws are quite the talk of the town which wood crafters belong to. The echo brand has been existing since 1972 so there is something in their supplied products that has caused their sustenance for above 50 years.

While we consider the echo chainsaw strengths, they are specifically more powerful and reliable in terms of cutting speed and performance. The best echo chainsaw models are gas-powered which means there is no compromise on the engine’s powerfulness.

While they may seem a bit off the budget, they have proven to be a long term solution for the users. Overall design aesthetics are quite attractive and you aren’t required much for maintenance purposes. Just keep a rigorous check on the oil levels, rest work will be done on its own.

They are definitely worth the money and their positive reviews speak volumes about their customer satisfaction levels. You can always look to buy an echo chainsaw so you can experience a hassle-free woodcutting experience out there in the middle.

Here is what the guys from Ledgemere Heritage Farm have to talk about Echo Chainsaw Reviews:

Final Takeaways:

You get no below the par product quality standards with the chainsaws provided by the Echo brand. Mostly found orange-colored chainsaws are attractive on the eyes and they are super convenient to carry along with multiple handles inclusion that hold firm to the hands.

You just need to decide about the budget, engine power, chain bar length, and you would be doing all good out in the middle. Let’s not wait around any longer as unshaped woods do not present a pleasant picture at all as the Echo chainsaw models present a perfect solution to all your need.

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