7 Best Lightweight Chainsaw for Not SO STRONG Hands Tested

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lightest chainsaw reviewsIf you have seen chainsaws in movies or videos, you might think you need muscles to handle them properly.

Well, that is not the case. There are plenty of chainsaws in the market that are designed in compact and lightweight shapes.

You might be surprised to know that the best lightweight chainsaws can be easily handled by women, old people, and even people with arthritis.

They are compact, easy to handle, and have minimum weight which ensures great comfort for the user.

Being a chainsaw user myself, I have used dozens of lightweight chainsaws in my life.

Picking the best out of them and compiling them into a list was no easy task. However, for my fellow chainsawers and homeowners, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

Here is a list of my top 7 lightweight chainsaws that I have selected after extensive testing and analysis.

Top 7 Best Lightweight Chainsaws Tested

1. Echo 14-Inch CS-2511T Gas Chainsaw—Best Lightweight Chainsaw in 2024

Type: Gas Powered | Bar Length: 14 inches | Engine: 25cc | Weight: 5.2 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

Echo 14-Inch CS-2511T Gas Chainsaw

Top of the list we have one of the lightest chainsaws that you can find on the market. With a weight of just 5.2 pounds, Echo 14″ Gas Chainsaw beats all the competitors.

This chainsaw is exceptional not only in weight but also in terms of its features. It has a two-stroke 25cc professional-grade engine which ensures all the power you need to cut down trees and firewood.

I absolutely loved the clutch-driven adjustable oiler which is a clear upgrade from the automatic chain oiler. It ensures that your chain is only lubricated when it’s running. So, the upgrade resolves bar and chain oil leakage issues.

Adding to this, the advanced filter technology provides extended filter life. It prevents debris and large dust particles from entering the air vent and hence your filters will have a longer life.

Easy maneuverability and comfortable control are prime features of this firewood chainsaw. With its lightweight design and textured grip, even women and older people can easily handle this chainsaw.

However, the chainsaw is expensive compared to many of its competitors. The lightweight and compact design justifies the price but many users still find it out of budget.

What We Like

  • Two-Stroke Powerful Engine
  • Clutch Driven Adjustable Chain Oiler
  • Extended Filter Life
  • Easy Maneuverability and Control
  • Textured Grip
  • Lightest Chainsaw
  • Easy Starting Technology

What We Don't Like

  • Expensive
  • No Other Cons

Why Consider Echo 14-Inch Gas Chainsaw?

Those who are looking for the best lightweight chainsaw cannot find a better option than Echo Gas Chainsaw. It is the lightest chainsaw with advanced features to make the cutting experience much easier than expected.

2. WORX 40V WG384.9 Cordless Chainsaw—Best Battery-Powered Lightweight Chainsaw [2024]

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 14 inch | Power: 40V | Weight: 10.4 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

WORX 40V WG384.9 Cordless Chainsaw

Second, on the list, we have a battery-powered chainsaw that comes at an affordable price and provides equivalent power to a gas chainsaw.

The chainsaw weighs around 10 pounds with double batteries attached, which is very easy to carry and handle.

Enhanced protection and safety are ensured with an upgraded chain brake handle that can be pulled to bring the chainsaw to an instant halt. Hence, it is easier to stop the chainsaw in case of an accidental slip.

The brushless motor offers more power and speed for less battery consumption. With a speed of 26ft/s, you can cut through wood smoothly.

To ensure maximum power, you can attach two batteries to the tool at the same time. With 40V battery power, you will have the chainsaw performance of a gas chainsaw.

One of the most common complaints you get about battery-powered chainsaws is the absence of a battery level indicator. That’s why I have selected this chainsaw because it has an accurate battery indicator that tells you how much charge is left and when to recharge.

The dual port charger will charge both of the batteries in about an hour. You don’t have to charge them separately.

However, the battery and charger are not included in the tool. So, you will have to purchase them separately.

What We Like

  • Double Batteries Attached
  • Brushless motor
  • Enhanced Safety and Protection
  • More Power and Speed
  • Equivalent Performance of Gas Chainsaw
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Dual Port Charger

What We Don't Like

  • Battery and Charger are Not Included
  • Only Works with Power Share Batteries

Why Consider WORX 40V WG384.9 Cordless Chainsaw?

An ideal chainsaw for those who prefer quiet chainsaw operation while working. It has got all the power you need for bringing down even the toughest of trees with easy and comfortable handling.

3. WORX WG322 Chainsaw—Best Budget Lightweight Chainsaw [2024]

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inch | Power: 20V | Weight: 6.19 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

WORX WG322 Chainsaw

While WG384.9 offers higher power and efficiency, it is considered a bit heavier by some users. Because of the dual battery attachment, the chainsaw’s weight is increased.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that comes with a smaller bar size and has lesser weight with a battery included, then Worx WG322 is a perfect option.

A cordless chainsaw with all the power you need to cut firewood and trim tree branches in your backyard. An ideal chainsaw for old homeowners and women with a passion for gardening.

The patented automatic chain tensioning system of this chainsaw reduces maintenance to a bare minimum. The chain will adjust itself appropriately without hindering your work

The automatic bar and chain oiler keeps the chain lubricated at all times. You can keep the oil levels in check with help of the transparent indicator on the reservoir.

Not only the chainsaw is lightweight, but also it offers amazing cutting performance and speed. You will be able to perfectly manage all your gardening, home maintenance, and construction needs.

The only downside is the bar size which is 10 inches only. So, the chainsaw is not preferred for taking down thick trees. Aside from that, it is a flawless chainsaw.

What We Like

  • Budget-Friendly Option
  • Cordless Chainsaw
  • Ideal for Home Owners and Women
  • Patented Auto Chain Tensioning System
  • Auto Bar and Chain Lubrication
  • Amazing Cutting Speed and Performance
  • Oil Level Indicator

What We Don't Like

  • Smaller Bar Size
  • No Brushless Motor

Why Consider WORX WG322 Chainsaw?

If you are running a bit low on budget and looking for a good quality small chainsaw, then Worx WG322 is an ideal option for you. It has all the power you need to manage your day-to-day wood-cutting tasks.

4. Echo X Series 12 In. Chainsaw—Best Lightweight Chainsaw for the Money

Type: Gas Powered | Bar Length: 12 inches | Engine: 25cc | Weight: 6.61 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

Echo X Series 12 In. Chainsaw

Next, we have another variant of our top pick, the Echo 12-Inch Chainsaw, which comes for almost the same price but is considered the best lightweight chainsaw in North America.

Echo 12-inch chainsaw is also considered the best small gas chainsaw because it comes in a compact and lightweight design and provides beastly power to the user.

Due to its lesser weight, the chainsaw is easier to control. The handling is made easier with an ergonomic two-handed handle which allows you to control the chainsaw comfortably.

You can bring the chainsaw to an instant stop with the upgraded chain brake system. You have easier access to the breaks to instantly stop any accidents.

The chainsaw comes with easy start technology which guarantees that the tool will start within the first three pulls.

Clutch-based lubrication system resolves the oil leaking issues and only lubricates the chain when it is being used.

Last but not the least, the chainsaw provides you monstrous power of 5.3hp which can cut through the toughest of woods with ease.

However, the chainsaw is wildly expensive. Also, you have to deal with noise and fumes just like any other chainsaw. But there is no competitor in terms of power in a such lightweight design.

What We Like

  • Best Small Gas Chainsaw
  • Lightest Chainsaw in North America
  • Instant Chain Brake System
  • Easy Start Technology
  • Auto Clutch Based Lubrication System
  • Monstrous Power and Cutting Speed
  • Ergonomic Handle

What We Don't Like

  • Very Expensive
  • Noise and Fumes

Why Consider Echo X Series 12 In. Chainsaw?

With the Echo 12-inch chainsaw, you get the best power and cutting performance in the lightest body with easy control. So, you can cut wood much faster and with much more ease.

5. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw—Best Cordless Lightweight Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 10 inch | Power: 20V | Weight: 6.8 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes


One of the most affordable battery-powered chainsaws on the list comes with a battery and charger included. The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 chainsaw is an ideal tool for perfect and smooth cuts.

This chainsaw comes in a lightweight design and provides you with everything you need to take care of all your wood-cutting tasks.

The wrap-around handle ensures perfect horizontal and vertical cutting performance and gives you complete control of the tool.

A simple, side-mounted chain tensioning system doesn’t require any tool for adjustments. You can instantly adjust the tension of the chain during the operation.

Also, an automatic bar and chain oiling system keeps the tool lubricated at all times. So, you don’t have to worry about manual oiling or friction.

Adding to this, a transparent side of the oil reservoir helps you keep bar and chain oil in check. So, you will always know the oil levels and when to refill.

A low kickback chain on the tool ensures smooth cutting performance. It provides a perfect grip on the wood while cutting and reduces the chances of slipping or accidents.

Some users have reported bar and chain oil leaking issues when the chainsaw is stored. Other than that, this cordless battery-powered chainsaw is completely flawless.

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What We Like

  • Battery and Rapid Charger Included
  • Bar Cover Included
  • Smooth Cutting Performance
  • Wrap Around Handle
  • Simple Tool-less Chain Tensioning
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Transparent Oil Reservoir

What We Don't Like

  • Some Users Reported Bar and Chain Oil Leaking Issues
  • No Extra Battery Included

Why Consider BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw?

Overall, this is one of the best cordless battery-powered chainsaws that comes in a lightweight design and provides you with perfect control over every cut.

6. DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw—Best-Rated Lightweight Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 12 inch | Power: 20V | Weight: 8.8 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw

One of the top-rated carving chainsaws on online marketplaces with a 4.6 rating and over 10,000 positive customer reviews. Dewalt DCCS620B offers exceptional cutting performance at an affordable price tag.

This chainsaw comes with a low-kickback function which ensures a perfect grip on the wood while cutting. The tool has a wide range of wood-cutting and construction applications.

With a compact and lightweight design, the chainsaw ensures maximum user control. Batteries included, the chainsaw weighs less than 9 pounds and can be easily handled by beginners.

High-efficiency brushless motor guarantees double the torque with less battery consumption. Hence, you will have more power in your hands and the battery will last a lot longer.

Adding to this, the tool-free chain tensioning system makes maintenance a lot easier. Also, the bar tightening knob is simple to use. You don’t require any tools.

During our tests on trees, the chainsaw provided over 100 cuts on a single charger. It truly exceeds every expectation of a veteran chainsaw user.

However, the battery and charger are not included with the chainsaw. So, you will have to purchase them separately.

What We Like

  • Low Kickback Function
  • Exceptional Cutting Performance
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning System
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Bar Tightening Knob for Proper Clamping
  • Top Rated option

What We Don't Like

  • The battery and Charger are sold separately
  • Bar Cover Not Included

Why Consider DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw?

Dewalt DCCS620B is a top-rated chainsaw for semi-professionals and homeowners. It provides exceptional cutting performance and is equipped with efficient features to ensure ease of use. Personally, I consider it the best bang for the buck.

7. Worx Nitro WG385 Chainsaw—Best 16-Inch Lightweight Powerful Chainsaw

Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 16 inch | Power: 40V | Weight: 15.3 Pounds | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes

Worx Nitro WG385 Chainsaw

Last but not least, we have considered a bit heavier option for homeowners and professionals with intense construction-related requirements and cutting down whole trees.

Worx Nitro WG385 provides greater power, performance, and battery life because of the amazing 40V battery compatibility.

Yes, you can attach 2x 20v batteries and get performance equivalent to a gas chainsaw without any of the noise of fumes.

The brushless motor ensures 25% more power and lasts for 50% longer. This is a chainsaw for life. Also, because of the advanced motor, the battery lasts a lot longer.

Worx Nitro only uses Power Share advanced intelligent batteries. These batteries not only last longer but also charge faster. They have a built-in indicator that lets you know how much juice you have left.

The ergonomic design provides you with complete control of the chainsaw. With an easy chain brake lever, you have all the safety and protection you need to work comfortably with this tool.

However, the chainsaw weighs a bit more than the other picks we have mentioned above. Considering the 16-inch bar size and 2x batteries, I personally think the weight is justified, but some users find it a bit heavy.

What We Like

  • Amazing Power and Performance
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Grip
  • One-Step Chain Tensioning System
  • Efficient Brushless Motor
  • Advanced Intelligent Batteries
  • Battery Level Indicator

What We Don't Like

  • A bit heavy
  • Carrying Case Not Included

Why Consider Worx Nitro WG385 Chainsaw?

For homeowners and professionals who need the best cutting performance and need to cut down whole trees, this is an ideal choice. Although a bit heavy, the chainsaw provides you with all the power you need for professional-grade tasks.

Buying Guide: How to Select a Reliable Lightweight Chainsaw?

Selecting the best lightweight chainsaw can be quite troublesome. You might think you can go with the lightest available option, but in doing so you might be ignoring other important features.

A chainsaw, no matter how lightweight, is good for nothing if it can’t cut through wood. So, there are some important features that you must consider before making the decision.

Here’s what I kept in mind while selecting the chainsaws above.

Power Source

You can find lightweight options in both electric and gas-powered chainsaws. Although gas-powered chainsaws look bulkier, some good options come in a lightweight design.

So, the choice lies with you. If you want more power, you can go with gas-powered chainsaws but the more power you go for, the heavier the chainsaw will be.

Similarly, a single battery-powered chainsaw with a max capacity of 20V is quite light in their weight. However, when you increase power to 40V, the additional battery can increase the weight.

Hence, you do have to compromise on the power to decrease the weight of the chain saw.

Bar Size

I think this factor is quite obvious, the larger the bar size, the heavier the chainsaw. So, if you are considering a mini chainsaw, they are gonna be pretty lightweight.

However, the more size you increase, the heavier the chainsaw is going to be. That’s because it’s not just the bar size that is increasing but also the engine that powers it.

Automatic Maintenance Features

Something that should never be overlooked is the maintenance of a chainsaw. There are two important features to consider here.

Automatic Bar and Chain Lubrication must be available. It is very hectic to manually oil the bar and chain. An adjustable automatic bar and chain oiling system would take the maintenance of the chainsaw to a minimum.

Second, comes the chain tensioning system. I recommend going with either an automatic chain tensioning system or a tool-less version.

The reason is, keeping a tool with you to adjust chain tension can be quite troublesome. Also, it takes more time.

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Ergonomic Handles

No matter how lightweight a chainsaw is, you must always remember that accidents can happen.

So, make sure that the chainsaw has ergonomic handles with a textured grip on them. Not only this feature will allow you to prevent any potential accidents, but will also enable you to control the chainsaw in a better fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw?

Our top recommendation, the Echo X series gas chainsaw is definitely the lightest and more powerful chainsaw. It ensures smooth cutting performance and offers plenty of power with its two-stroke 25cc engine.

Who makes the lightest chainsaws?

When it comes to making the lightest chainsaws Echo and Worx are top competitors. You can also look at options from Husqvarna and Stihl, but they focus mainly on more power and higher performance.

What is the lightest cordless chainsaw?

WORX WG322 is the lightest cordless or battery-powered chainsaw which comes with single battery support. You can also look at alternative options with two batteries for more power, but they will be a bit heavier.

Are lightweight chainsaws worth the money?

Yes, these chainsaws are worth every cent of the price. They are ideally suited for women, older people, and beginners as they are extremely easy to handle. Nonetheless, they don’t compromise on power and provide efficient cutting performance.

Final Takeaways

In conclusion, there are plenty of good lightweight chainsaws that you can find in the market today. These chainsaws are easier to handle and still provide ample cutting power that can take down whole trees.

If I had to recommend just one, I would definitely ask you to go with our top pick: the Echo X Series gas chainsaw which is the lightest good quality chainsaw you can find.

However, if you are running a bit low on budget, you can go with our WORX WG322 which is a cordless battery-powered chainsaw with efficient features.

DEWALT DCCS620B is the best bang for the buck. Although a little bit heavier, it offers the best cutting performance and tons of interesting features.

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