How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost in 2024? Detailed Answer

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chainsaw cost explainedAn average fuel-operated chainsaw costs around $200 – $400 whereas an average electric chainsaw costs around $100 – $250. An extensive power-loaded one costs $1000 or more; however, a cheap low-power chainsaw that has day-to-day usage can even come in less than $100 at retail price.

If the quick answer is not enough and you want to get deep into details regarding ‘how much does a chainsaw cost’, keep reading!

Chainsaws come in many shapes and sizes. Many factors play distinguishing roles in its functioning such as weight, bar length, price, durability, and whether it is electric or gas operated.

But the question before the budget is, which chainsaw is best suited for you? Over time, new types of chainsaws have started appearing in the market and it has become difficult for people to find the right model on their own.

How much does a Gas Chainsaw Cost?

Based on the power source there is a significant cost difference between the types of chainsaws. The main factor which differentiates a gas chainsaw from other variants is its motor engine which requires a specific gas-to-oil ratio.

A good gas-operated chainsaw can cost about $349. It is a STIHL ms180 with a 32cc engine and a 12-inch bar length.

Husqvarna 135 is a great medium-duty chainsaw fit for homeowners costing $240.

How much does an Electric Chainsaw Cost?

An electric chainsaw is best for homeowners because they are low maintenance, carries low noise and there is no extensive mechanical handwork included, such as mixing oils and etc. They are usually small in size and have smaller engines.

Furthermore, an affordable electric chainsaw for small usage can cost up to $105 such as an IMOUMLIVE brushless with a six-inch bar powered by a 21 volts battery.

A better electric chainsaw can cost under 200 bucks such as WORX wg384 which comes with a 14-inch bar and two 40 volts Li-ion batteries.

If you want to invest in an electric chainsaw then Dewalt flex volt brushless is for you. It comes with a 16-inch bar length, two 60 volts batteries, and a three-year warranty.

How much does a Battery Chainsaw Cost?

With the ease of carrying around and free of cord limitations, battery chainsaws are evolving more and more.

Depending on power and quality a Stihl battery-operated chainsaw can cost about $250 up to $1000.

Only at $270 EGO 56-volt Chainsaw comes with a 2.5Ah Battery and 14-inch bar which is no less than a bargain.

How much does a Stihl Chainsaw Cost?

Stihl is one of the most renowned names in the chainsaw market and they offer a huge variety distributed among six categories; battery, homeowner, professional electric, in-tree, and farm & ranch. All the categories offer different price range

  • Professional Saw: $600 – $2,000+.
  • Battery Saw: Under $300 – $900+.
  • Electric Saw: $200 – $500.
  • Homeowner Saw: $200 – $350+
  • In-Tree Saw: $500 – $700.
  • Farm and Ranch Saw: $350 – $600+.

How much does a Husqvarna Chainsaw Cost?

One of the top names in the chainsaw market, Husqvarna offers chainsaws in five different categories; gas, battery, residential, professional, and top handle. All these categories come in different price ranges.

$299.99 at the lowest featuring 120i a 14-inch battery powered with Li-Ion battery extremely lightweight and easy to use.

For efficient results, you have a gas-powered HUSQVARNA 450 rancher. It has a chain length of 20 inches, 50cc displacement, and 3.2 horsepower. It costs $430.

A heavy-duty 390 XP® W with a 36-inch bar length and a 13,000 rpm motor costs $1,399.99.

How much does an Echo Chainsaw Cost?

Japanese-based ECHO Chainsaws are always in the top listings in the chainsaw market. They offer two main categories; Chainsaw and Top-handle Chainsaw. Top-handle is usually the lightweight one but not light in performance compared to its competitor. All of them combined range from $220 – $1100.

Coming at $219.99 there is CS-310 with a 30.5 cc professional-grade two-stroke engine, 14-inch bar, and i-30™ starting system.

CS-7310PW ranging from $1049.99 – $1079.99 based on chosen bar lengths 20, 24, 28, and 32 is a professional heavy-duty tool for field professionals.

How much does a Greenworks Chainsaw Cost?

Greenworks offer chainsaw starting at $80 and up to $400. With low prices, this brand offers quite a variety. From corded to cordless you can find multiple options catering to your needs.

Model 2000102 – 24V cordless mini chainsaw coming only at $79.99 with a 10-inch bar, Li-Ion battery, and three years warranty.

Model 20332 – 14.5 AMP corded 18″ chainsaw comes with an 18-inch bar, automatic oiler, and 3 years warranty at $99.99.

How much is a Poulan Pro chainsaw?

Poulan Pro is another popular brand famous for its heavy-duty, low emission but heavy-weight chainsaws. They offer variety in all three power sources; gas, electricity, and battery starting at $250.

The well-known heavy-duty POULAN PRO 5020 costing $297 has a 50cc engine, a 20-inch chain, and a two-year warranty.

PL3314 with a 33 cc, 2-cycle stroke engine, and a 14-inch bar comes around $150. It is lightweight and perfect for homeowners.

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Many factors play a significant role in the cost of a chainsaw. All brands offer a range of variety at different price points.

In short, there are many variables that you should keep in mind before buying a chainsaw. For example, you should not buy a heavy-duty chainsaw if you’re only going to use it to clean branches at one given moment because that would be a total waste of money.

The question to be asked is what are the requirements of your task? And what is your budget? With these questions answered hope this extensive guide will help you find the right piece in your range

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