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Whenever we talk about cordless chainsaws, the things we have in focus are power, compactness, and durability at a justified price tag.

Guess what? Greenworks DigiPro offers all of these features without any hurdle. Ideal for random wood cutting work, you can use this chainsaw for some heavy duty work at the same time.

DigiPro is the last battery operated chainsaw from Greenworks that I’ll review today. As usual, I’ll compare it with the likes of Greenworks 40v Pro and see whether it performs up to the expectations or not.

All in all, let us dive right into Greenworks DigiPro chainsaw review as follows:

What Makes GreenWorks DigiPro Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

First things first, the manufacturer has tried to confine all powerful specs in a compact body. DigiPro is light in weight and can perform some heavy duty tasks without any hurdle.

The presence of brushless electric motor also takes all the spotlight. It produces more torque, which results in improved power and performance. Thus, it gets easier for homeowners to cut medium sized wood logs with ease.

Although the 40v battery power ain’t as much as the 80v model, it still does the occasional wood cutting job pretty much well.

Apart from performance, you’d surely love carrying this chainsaw around from one place to another. It barely weighs 10.2 pounds!

Those were some of the highlights that make DigiPro a standout among other Greenworks chainsaws.

Let’s move on to my firsthand experience with the chainsaw as follows:

Our Greenworks DigiPro Chainsaw Review in 2024:

This time I ordered the chainsaw with complete package. That is, the tool came with a 4Ah, 40v battery along with a standard Greenworks charger. Greenworks DigiPro chainsaw

The box also contained a user manual plus some maintenance tools.

So, I took the tool outside of the box and felt its weight. To be honest, I liked the way Greenworks updates the weight and balance in its newer chainsaws.

The tool felt quite easy to handle. Although the oil window wasn’t transparent as compared to the Greenworks Pro 60v model, I didn’t face any spilling issues while filling it up.

Furthermore, the bar and chain mechanics seemed smooth and sharp enough. I loved the overall construction of the chainsaw.

Right after I placed the 4AH battery and locked it up, the chainsaw kick started.

As usual, I carried out some random cuts on fallen trees with a 14 to 16” thick logs. It did fine enough while penetrating inside the wood logs.

On the other hand, I tried cutting two to three trees with a normal stem size. DigiPro didn’t disappoint me in that venture either.

The battery optimization was top-notch. DigiPro performed better as compared to Greenworks Pro 40v, and Greenworks Pro 60V, thanks to the 4Ah battery included within it.

While testing out the chainsaw, I also noticed that Greenworks has made this tool quiet and improved its vibration. That is, DigiPro chainsaw didn’t vibrate a lot as compared to a typical gas-powered tool.

There were no heating or jamming issues either. Overall a solid performance from DigiPro. Kudos to the brand that is improving its products with every passing day.

Technical Features GreenWorks G-MAX 40v Chainsaw Offers in 2024:

Moving on to the next section, let us breakdown this battery operated chainsaw in terms of technical features as follows:

Brushless Electric Motor:

To start with, Greenworks DigiPro comes with a sophisticated electric brushless motor installed in it.

According to the manufacturer, it enhances the performance of the tool and enables it to penetrate deeper inside thick wood logs.

More than that, it also improves the run-time of the chainsaw. Therefore, there’s less wear and tear with an extended lifespan.

The special DigiPro brushless electric motor also ensures smooth chain revolution with improved torque. This ensures easy and convenient cutting experience at the same time.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Secondly, the chainsaw also comes with a 16” long stainless steel bar. It’s durable and rugged enough.

The chain, on the other hand, has got uprooted spikes, which helps the tool to cut right through thick wood trunks without any hassle.

Thanks to the improved torque and RPM rate, the chain moves faster and gets the wood cutting job done within a short time period.

For those who don’t know, automatic oiler is there to keep the chain moving without any wear and tear. So, don’t worry about that and just start cutting the wood as soon as you receive the chainsaw.

70% Less Vibration Compared to Gas Chainsaw:

The electric brushless motor doesn’t only produce more power, but it’s more about enhancing the tool overall.

That said, DigiPro produces 70% less vibration contrary to a typical gas-powered chainsaw.

What does it mean?

Well, it’s all about the ease of use. Less vibration means better control with more power. So, you’d surely be getting the most out of this chainsaw.

Battery Power:

This chainsaw comes with a 4Ah 40v battery. Lithium-ion cells installed in the battery enhance its power and performance at the same time.

I constantly used the 16” DigiPro chainsaw for like 30 to 40 minutes straight. In that time, I sliced some 16” wood logs, cut some unwanted tree branches, and downed two medium-sized trees as well.

Battery optimization is simply top-class and I must admit, it’s way better than what Greenworks offer in its other battery-operated tools.

Electric Chain Brake:

The sudden electric chain brake ensures safety and protection respectively. Turning it on will keep the chainsaw away from kickbacks.

Plus, you can also use it, in case the chainsaw gets jammed. It’s positioned ergonomically so activating the brake won’t be a problem at all for you.

Lightweight Design:

Finally, DigiPro has a lightweight design and body. To put that into context, it barely weighs 10.36 pounds.

Out of all the chainsaws that I’ve discussed up till now, DigiPro is the lightest of them all. It’s, therefore, easy to handle and control at the same time.

Enough with the features!

Check out the DigiPro’s chainsaw working and cutting efficiency in the video below:

Some of the positives and negatives I’ve experienced with DigiPro battery operated chainsaw are as follows:


  • Light in weight. (Weighs only 10.36 pounds)
  • Equipped with electric brushless motor.
  • Produces 30% more torque compared to other gas chainsaws.
  • 70% less vibration than gas chainsaws.
  • Cuts firewood material with ease.
  • Slices medium sized wood logs easily.
  • Durable and rugged design.
  • Battery and charger included.
  • Universally compatible with Greenworks G-Max batteries.


  • Not suitable for thick wood logs.
  • Chain keeps on getting loose after every use.
  • Oil leakage issues.

What Do You Get with the Greenworks DigiPro Chainsaw in 2024?

The box contains a 4Ah battery along with a standard Greenworks charger. Adding to that, the tool comes in preassembled. You only have to adjust the battery in it to make the chainsaw operational.

Along with battery and charger, you’ll also receive a full-fledged user manual on how to use the chainsaw. Furthermore, maintenance accessories are also included.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

Customers have also given their verdict on what they think about the chainsaw as follows:

Maneuverability: 9.6/10

Safety Features: 9.6/10

Battery Life: 9.4/10

Ease of use: 9.7/10

Handling:  9.7/10

Overall Ratings: 9.5/10

Expert Opinions about Greenworks DigiPro Chainsaw Review:

Dave, a homeowner has got his views about DigiPro chainsaw. According to him, “Received the chainsaw about two months ago and it’s working like a charm up till now. Although the chain comes off sometimes, it hasn’t bothered me a lot. I’ll give a 9/10 to the chainsaw in terms of handling, power, and performance.”

Linda, on the other hand, says that “Being a woman, I’m always in search of a tool that’s light in weight and DigiPro offers just that. I didn’t feel any tiredness or fatigue even for a bit while using it to finish some cutting jobs. Would definitely recommend it to fellow ladies who want to take care of their backyard more often.”

Why Purchase Greenworks DigiPro in 2024?

To sum it up, “The chainsaw is small but it performs like you are using a compact gas powered tool.”

Be it the electric brushless motor, lightweight handling interface, control, or easy operation, DigiPro tops it all.

So, if you want a battery operated chainsaw that can carry out minor or medium cutting tasks, then DigiPro will not disappoint you for a long time.

Get it before it runs out of stock.

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