Greenworks 80v Chainsaw Review [2024] – The Bigger The Better

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I’ve recently been testing out some of the battery powered chainsaws that Greenworks offered.

Earlier we talked about the 40v Greenworks chainsaw, which was light in weight and offered a good cutting interface.

However, it wasn’t as powerful as compared to the likes of gas-powered chainsaws.

So, here we are with the Greenworks 80v chainsaw review, which I think is capable of beating some mainstream chainsaws.

As a reference, I’ll compare it with one of my old Stihl gas chainsaws and see whether Greenworks Pro manages to outperform it or not.

Let’s, therefore, get right into the detailed review of Greenworks 18” battery operated chainsaw:

What Makes Greenworks 80v Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

The fact that this battery operated chainsaw has an electric motor equivalent to a 45cc gas chainsaw makes it a standout among other chainsaws.

Better bar and chain mechanics also ensure more power and performance while keeping the portability intact.

Compared to the mainstream Stihl gas chainsaw, it was extremely lighter in weight. I was able to maneuver it around easily from one place to another.

All in all, a long and sophisticated bar, ultra-sharp chain, ergonomic handle, and powerful performance makes Greenworks Pro a chainsaw worthy of trying.

Our Greenworks 80V Chainsaw Review [2024] – GCS80450 Model

As I already mentioned above, I decided to put the Greenworks Pro in same bracket with that of a Stihl 56cc gas chainsaw. Greenworks Pro 80V chainsaw with a brushless electric motor and a powerful battery.

I received Greenworks Pro all assembled and of course without any battery or charger. I already had my 2Ah battery available at my garage. So, I ordered the tool only.

Packaged in a fine box, the bar was protected with a plastic cover to ensure safety. Plus, the package also contained chain maintenance tools as well as a user manual.

I took it out of the box, and before doing anything, I checked out its oil box. Thankfully, Greenworks has adjusted it at an ergonomic position. Unlike the 40v chainsaw model, I was able to fill it up without any spilling issues.

Going along, I placed the fully charged 2Ah battery and locked it down.

For reference, I got a thick 16” wood log to cut down. I first tried the Greenworks Pro GCS80450 and it made around 4 full cuts until the battery died out.

Compared to that, Stihl gas chainsaw made around 5 and a half cuts until the fuel got emptied.

What I felt was that there were no issues from the battery operated chainsaw while penetrating inside a thick wood log.

On the other hand, Stihl gas chainsaw stuck once or twice and I had to use the sudden brake to get it controlled.

Thanks to the Steel Bucking Spikes, it took me no more than 5 to 6 minutes to make one cut in a 16” wood log via Greenworks 80v chainsaw. Although the chain was loose after 3 cuts, I used the maintenance tools to tighten it respectively.

To conclude, I wasn’t expecting that a battery-operated chainsaw will perform almost same as a gas chainsaw. Greenworks Pro surely left me in awe and I’d absolutely recommend it to homeowners who want to get rid of noisy gas chainsaws.

So, that’s how I compared both tools simultaneously.

Technical Features of Greenworks 80v Chainsaw You Should Know

Let’s now head towards some of the major technical features that Greenworks Pro offers:

Latest Brushless Electric Motor:

For those who don’t know, the 80v model uses a special DigiPro brushless electric motor, which produces more torque, and hence more power.

That said, it ensures impeccable cutting performance and that’s what I experienced while cutting down thick wood logs with the chainsaw.

Not to forget, the electric motor installed in Greenworks Pro is equivalent to a 45cc gas motor, which is simply exceptional.

It’s one of the reasons, this chainsaw was able to compete with the likes of Stihl gas powered saw.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Up next, the bar is 18” long and it’s extremely durable at the same time. The manufacturer uses a special stainless steel alloy in constructing the bar of the chainsaw so that it can last longer.

Furthermore, we’ve got the Steel Bucking Spikes in the chain to ensure smoother and deeper cuts.

On top of that, the chain is extremely sharp and properly lubricated, thanks to the automatic oiler.

Hence, an improved RPM rate would mean that it can do the cutting work faster than expected.

Easy Handling:

The chainsaw also comes with a rugged and ergonomic metal wrap handle. It’s properly padded to ensure easy gripping.

While I was holding the chainsaw, I didn’t feel any fatigue or tiredness as I made around 3 to 4 cuts at once through a thick wood trunk.

Other than that, the oil box is also placed in an ergonomic position. To keep that into perspective, there won’t be any spilling issues while you try to fill it up with motor oil.

Electronic Chain Brake:

Although I didn’t use this feature, it works quite well especially when you think that the chainsaw is getting out of hand.

Just present besides the handle, you can use electronic chain brake option to stop the chain immediately.

It will maintain your control over the chainsaw and will offer peace of mind for sure.

Battery Timing:

Battery timing is good enough.

I used the 2Ah standard Greenworks battery with the firewood chainsaw and was able to cut down a large and thick wood long into 4 pieces before the battery died out.

To put that into comparison, the gas powered Stihl chainsaw was able to pull out only 2 cuts more than the Greenworks Pro.

The brand also advertises that you can perform up to 150 cuts per single charge. However, it works only when you’ve got thin limbs or bushes to cut.

One more thing! The 80v battery takes less time to charge. It took me around 30 minutes to charge the battery while using the standard Greenworks charger.

Lightweight Design:

I’m pretty impressed with the way Greenworks maintains power, efficiency, durability, and compactness in a single tool.

That said, compared to the 17 pounds Stihl gas chainsaw, Greenworks Pro only weighs 10 pounds without the battery

With the battery, however, it weighs around 13 pounds, which is still quite less than that of mainstream gas chainsaws.

The light in weight design would help you carry it around anywhere you want to cut down wood logs, falling trees, or small firewood pieces, etc.

Variable Speed Trigger:

Last but not the least, a variable speed trigger included within the chainsaw keeps you in control of whatever you are cutting.

Just lock in the battery, fill up the oil box, and start using the chainsaw without any hassle.

That’s how convenient and easy it is to make the Greenworks 80v tool operational.


  • Brushless motor produces immense power.
  • Long 18” bar with Steel bucking spikes chain.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Pre-assembled from manufacturer.
  • Durable, rugged, and compact.
  • Weighs only 10 to 13 pounds.
  • Penetrates deep inside thick wood logs easily.
  • Improved battery performance.
  • Perfect for falling trees and cutting wood trunks.
  • Automatic oiler and variable speed trigger.
  • Sophisticated design.


  • Battery drains fast while cutting rough wood logs.
  • Some parts could go missing during the shipment.
  • Only tool available. (You have to purchase battery and charger separately)
  • A bit expensive compared to Greenworks 40v chainsaw.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

As per customers, the chainsaw is rated as follows:

Easy to Use: 9.5/10

Power: 9.6/10

Maneuverability: 9.6/10

Safety Features: 9.5/10

Lightweight: 9.2/10

Overall: 9.6/10

Expert Opinions on Greenworks 80V Chainsaw in 2024

Marvin Simms looks quite happy with Greenworks 80v chainsaw purchase as he says that, “This is probably the best and affordable chainsaw purchase I’ve made in recent years. The customer response is well up to the mark and the 4-year warranty that Greenworks offers works like a charm. On top of that, the tool didn’t bother me even for once and I’ve been using it since 2017 without facing any hurdles.”

Eric Koperda, on the other hand, wasn’t so impressed with the weight of the chainsaw. According to him, “The brand claims that this chainsaw is equivalent of a 45cc gas chainsaw, which is true. However, the weight is a little bit more than that of conventional battery operated chainsaws. I’ve been using it to cut down thick wood logs and make some firewood cuts and it’s working just fine.”

Why Purchase Greenworks 80v Chainsaw in 2024?

It’s basic math. If you want to replace your conventional gas chainsaw with a powerful battery operated tool, then Greenworks 80V Pro is your go-to choice.

The exceptional performance it offers is similar to that of a mainstream gas chainsaw and that’s what makes it one of the best tools in the market.

Other than that, it’s light in weight, durable, rugged, and covered by a 4-year warranty. So, you can purchase with your eyes closed.

Worth every penny you’d spend on it. Check it out before it’s too late.

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