What is a Brushless Chainsaw? Brushless vs Brushed Explained

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brushless chainsaw and its working explainedHave you ever come across the phrase “Brushless Chainsaw”? If yes, what comes to your mind? You must be wondering where those brushes are in a chainsaw.

And why you have not seen them?  Also, you might be guessing that these brushes are there for some cleaning proposes.

If you are having any such thoughts, then you are absolutely wrong. Let me tell you what is a brushless chainsaw:

It means a chainsaw that has a motor without brushes. There are two types of electric motors that are used in chainsaws such as brushed motors and brushless motors.

The basic working of both motors is the same however there are some differences in their construction.

Let’s talk about the term brushless and compare it with brushed chainsaws in detail as follows:

What is a Brushless Chainsaw? Detailed Answer [2024]

You can say that brushless motors are an advanced form of motors. They have greater work efficiency and are better than brushed chainsaws in many ways. Let us have a closer look at what these brushless motors are and how they work.

Brushed vs Brushless Chainsaws: Construction of Electric Motors

An electric motor has fixed permanent magnets which do not move. Inside the motor, there is an armature that rotates, as a result, an electromagnetic force is generated. Then, we have a copper coil that creates a temporary magnet after getting energized by the electromagnetic force.

This temporary magnet attracts or repels the permanent magnet which generates a force. Then, this force is utilized to move the shaft and that is how the motor works.

We will be having a comparative analysis regarding the working of both types of electric motors. This way, it will be easier for you to understand how they work and which motor is better. So, let us get started.

Brushed Motor:

Thus, the electric current flows through different windings due to which the armature keeps running. This moving of armature keeps changing the poles of the electromagnet in a brushed motor.

Now here comes the actual function of brushes which is to make a contact with spinning electrodes attached to the armature and deal with the changing polarity of the electromagnet.

To cut the long story short, the brushes are there to pass the current from the battery to the commutator from where the winding of the armature is energized. Consequently, the armature spins and remains spinning until the charge from the battery is removed.

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Brushless Motors:

Traditionally, brushed motors were available but now we have brushless motors that have slightly different compositions. The main working of both types of motors is the same. However, there are some differences between having brushes and without brushes.

Let me tell you the composition and working of a brushless motor. In a brushless motor, there are no brushes and in addition, the commutator is also removed. In this case, the copper winding is not attached to the armature rather it is set on the shaft and is fixed there.

Now that if were are short of commutator and brushes in a brushless motor, what is the replacement? A brushless motor works by passing the current to the copper winding through a circuit board. Instead of a commutator and armature, the circuit board is there to flow the energy to the copper winding.

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Are Brushless Chainsaws More Efficient Than Brushed Ones?

If you want to know which type of motor is better in mini chainsaws, then, a brushless chainsaw is much better than a brushed one in many aspects. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of both types and know why a brushless chainsaw is a good choice.

Advantages of a Brushed Motor:

We have very limited advantages of a brushed motor. It is easy to set up and therefore it has a low cost. Also, it can be connected directly to work on Direct Current.

Disadvantages of a Brushed Motor:

The list of disadvantages is longer than its benefits. The first disadvantage is that the brushes can be worn out due to the continuous contact between the brushes and the shaft. Secondly, the brushed motors are likely to have heating issues and they take much time to cool.

The other disadvantage is that the speed of the motor is limited and these motors make a lot of noise. The reason for this is that the brushes are making and breaking the connection with the shaft in a continuous order.

Advantages of a Brushless Motors:

The advantages of a brushless motor include the exemption of the risk of worn-out brushes as there are none. Then, it does not make such loud noises as that a brushed motor. Also, a brushless motor can be easily cooled down.

Additionally, the biggest advantage is the good efficiency of the motor. The reason is that there are no brushes that can manually control the flow of energy. In this case, the energy is adjusted by an automatically monitored computer system which flows energy as per need.

Disadvantages of a Brushless Motor:

There are no advantages of a brushless motor. However, the initial cost price might be considered a drawback as prices are high for brushless motors.

Why You Should Buy a Brushless Chainsaw?

If you are looking for why you should buy a brushless chainsaw? The answer is simple because a brushless chainsaw has a brushless motor which is far better than a brushed one. If this is not sufficient for you, let me give you an example that will make it clearer.

If you are cutting a 3-inch diameter thick soft wood it will require less power than if you are cutting a 6-inch thick hardwood. Right? In this case, a brushless chainsaw motor will automatically adjust to the required amount of current. For a 3-inch diameter, it will draw less current from the battery than for a 6-inch diameter.

Now, what is the benefit? It saves your battery timing allowing it to work for a longer period. Apart from this, a brushless chainsaw is more likely to have a greater life span than a brushed version. You just have to pay a bit more amount but you will get quality in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a brushless chainsaw better?

Yes, a brushless chainsaw is far better than a brushed one because it has a computer-operated energy flow system. It saves the battery and thus it can last longer. Moreover, brushless chainsaws don’t make a huge noise. Also, you do not need to worry about worn-out brushes. These are some of the aspects that make a Brushless Chainsaw better than a brushed variant.

What is the difference between a brushless chainsaw and a regular chainsaw?

The basic difference is the way the motors of chainsaws are composed and work. In a brushed chainsaw, the motor has brushes that pass the energy to the shaft and thus armature keeps rotating. This results in the flow of current and energy by which the chainsaw works.

However, in the case of brushless motor-operated chainsaws, there are no brushes. Also, a commutator is missing in such motors. However, there is the addition of a circuit that is responsible for the flow of current according to need.

Why do homeowners opt for brushless Chainsaws?

Most homeowners choose a brushless chainsaw because it is an electric chainsaw and it does not require special care and maintenance. Moreover, the purpose of homeowners is easily fulfilled by an electric chainsaw rather than a gas chainsaw. Also, brushless chainsaws are efficient and long-lasting.

Are brushless chainsaws eco-friendly?

Yes, brushless chainsaws are eco-friendly as they are operated by electric current rather than petroleum or gas. Petrol-operated chainsaws generate exhaust fumes while brushless chainsaw does not. This not only makes maintenance easy but is friendly to the environment.

Last Words: What is a Brushless Chainsaw?

This article has given you a detailed description of what a brushless chainsaw is. I hope you have got your answers about a brushless chainsaw. I have told you about the basic differences between brushed and non-brushed saws.

Also, you have got to know the working of a brushless chainsaw and its properties. In addition, you are aware of the benefits of buying a brushless chainsaw such as it is eco-friendly and serves you for a longer period.

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