Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Review [2024] – DCCS620P1 Light 12″ Tool

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Dewalt is one of the renowned brands when it comes to discussing different home tools including chainsaws, drills, screwdrivers, and home kits.

That said, its 20V Max XR chainsaw has already got the “#1 Seller” spot on online marketplaces. It was enough for me to order it and try it out for my readers.

I ordered the complete chainsaw kit so it cost me around $290. However, if you have the other accessories available, then I’d advise you to get the tool only.

All in all, let’s get right into the Dewalt 20V chainsaw review and see whether it can compete with brands like Greenworks or Blue Max.

What Makes Dewalt 20V Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

I’m not sure about others, but I for one loved the extremely compact design of this tool.

Besides, the lithium-ion battery it uses works out for the best and helps the chainsaw cut different wood materials without any hassle.

Handling Dewalt Max XR is also extremely easy, thanks to its padded handle that goes all way down. You could hold the tool both vertically and horizontally this way. Dewalt 20V chainsaw

Plus, the bar and chain oil window have a transparent gauge available that would allow you to keep a track of the lubrication process.

Dewalt also claims that this chainsaw comes with tool-less maintenance. You can tighten or loosen the chainsaw without using any tool.

All these features and options in such a compact battery operated chainsaw make it a standout among other brands and tools.

The story doesn’t end here!

Now’s the time that I check it out as per my criteria to see whether it could pass cutting tests or not.

Have a look:

Our Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Review [2024] – First Impressions and Testing

I took the tool out of the box as soon as I received it and it was all packed up. Not only that, the bar and chain were preassembled and protected with plastic housing.

First impressions: The chainsaw looked lighter compared to the likes of Greenworks 40v and 60v chainsaw. It was even lighter than some other chainsaws that I reviewed such as  Milwaukee M18 and Makita 36v.

Moreover, the bar and chain window had a transparent gauge that I filled up to the fullest. Didn’t face any spilling issues though. Dewalt 20V chainsaw cutting test

The tool-less maintenance claim was true. For that purpose, the brand offers a clockwise rotating knob installed on the right side of the chainsaw. Just move it clockwise or anti-clockwise to either tighten or loosen the tool.

As for the bar, it was 12” long and I wasn’t sure whether it could penetrate inside thick wood logs.

The battery gets adjusted at the backside of the tool. So, once you adjust it, you can focus on cutting the wood rather than keeping a check on battery again and again.

Beginning with the normal test, I started the chainsaw after adjusting a 5Ah battery (included within the package). I began the testing with a 10” falling tree. The chainsaw penetrated right through it without any hurdle.

Next, I had a 12” wood log available in my backyard. So, I tested Dewalt 20V chainsaw on it. To my surprise, the tool didn’t even slow down for once and sliced it real good.

Furthermore, I also tried cutting two middle-sized trees with the tool and it didn’t disappoint.

Throughout the testing, I didn’t feel any fatigue or tiredness. In fact, the battery drainage wasn’t too much.

Kuddos to Dewalt for introducing one of the lightest battery-operated chainsaws in 2024. It was lighter than all other battery chainsaws I’ve used up till now.

That’s all about my review of Dewalt Max XR chainsaw.

Need an even smaller and lightweight chainsaw than this one? Try out the Saker Mini Chainsaw and you won’t regret your decision.

Technical Features Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Offers in 2024:

Let’s move on to some of the major technical features that this chainsaw offers:

Brushless Motor:

Dewalt 20V Brushless chainsaw
Credits: Bruce Alan Reviews + Repairs

Powered by a brushless electric motor, the tool produces immense power and is efficient enough at the same time.

To be honest, I didn’t think that it would penetrate through a 12” wood log, but it surprised me a lot.

With the inclusion of a brushless motor, the chainsaw offers improved torque and gives a powerful cutting performance.

Thanks to the electric motor, it can, therefore, penetrated deeper wood logs and trunks without any worries.

Low Kick Back Interface:

The kickback is little to none especially when we talk about Max XR. It’s been loaded with a bunch of powerful technologies that ensure improved efficiency and that too with proper safety and protection.

You’d, hence, enjoy cutting random trees or doing outdoor cutting applications without facing any extreme kickbacks compared to other chainsaw brands.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

The bar being made up of stainless steel measures only 12”. However, it’s durable and rugged enough to slice medium wood logs real good.

Other than that, the chain comes with sharp spikes, which helps homeowners cut different wood materials with ease and convenience.

Mind you that the chain comes with an automatic oiler. Once you fill the oil window, the chain will lubricate itself automatically depending upon the necessity.

Toolless maintenance is something that Dewalt ensures in this compact and lightweight chainsaw.

The tool features a tool-less rotating knob on the right side that you could use to maintain the chain’s tension easily.

Extremely Compact and Lightweight:

Dewalt Max XR barely weighs around 9 lbs. and that too with the battery intact. Now tell me, have you ever seen a chainsaw weigh so lightly?

Obviously not! This is where Dewalt takes the throne of Number 1 Seller as its tool is efficient, powerful, and extremely compact at the same time.

With compactness comes portability, of course. You can even hang this Dewalt chainsaw around you and climb the tree if you want to cut down some unnecessary limbs.

It’s THAT much portable.

Battery Timing:

Dewalt uses a 20V, 5Ah battery as available in the complete kit. According to the brand, it ensures 40 cuts per charge, but using the original battery is the main condition here. Dewalt 20V chainsaw battery

Battery drainage is low and it’s evenly optimized compared to the likes of Greenworks chainsaws.

I’ve made 3 to 4 cuts in a 12” wood log, 5 cuts in a 10” wood long, and have cut two mid-sized trees with the chainsaw in a single go.

Tells you a lot about how improved the battery timing is.

Easy Handling:

Wrapping up the features section with easy handling. The chainsaw comes with a fully wrapped and padded handle that goes all way down.

You can either handle it vertically or horizontally as per your preferences.

Plus, the tool also offers safety and protection while you control it. Chain brake along with a safety button is included on the chainsaw to avoid unwanted starts.

Let’s weigh down the Dewalt chainsaw in terms of positives and negatives it offers:


  • Extremely compact.
  • Barely weighs 9 lbs. with the battery.
  • Rugged and durable construction.
  • Easily cuts 10 to 12” wood logs.
  • For occasional wood cutting applications.
  • 12” stainless steel bar with a spiked chain.
  • Tool-less chain tension maintenance.
  • Easy to use and handle.


  • Not as powerful as compared to gas chainsaws.
  • Bright yellow color doesn’t look beautiful. (I prefer Greenworks graphics)
  • Chain could jump off while cutting extremely thick wood logs.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work.

What Do You Get with Dewalt 20V Max XR Chainsaw in 2024?

The package includes a fully assembled chainsaw tool along with bar housing that protects it.

Other than that, you’d also receive a MAX 20V battery with a 5Ah capacity. The box also includes a user guide along with some minor accessories that could help you in near future.

Customer Ratings (Out of 10)

People who have bought this chainsaw seem content with how it’s performing. The customer feedback from different perspectives is as follows:

Safety Features: 9.7/10

Maneuverability: 9.8/10

Battery Life: 9.5/10

Lightweight: 9.7/10

Ease of use: 9.8/10

Overall Ratings: 9.7/10

Expert Opinions about Dewalt DCCS620P1 Chainsaw in 2024

Mossman381 recently got the 20V Dewalt chainsaw and this is what he had to say about it, “First impressions look lighter than I thought. The chainsaw comes with a brushless motor which is a big update. Battery is properly optimized. I used Husqvarna bar and chain oil to keep the chain lubricated enough. It helped me cut a whole tree with a 10” diameter without any hassle. Will definitely recommend it.”

Dave Rentz, who works as an Arborist in the United States was also quite amazed at how Dewalt Max XR performed. “I know my way around chainsaws due to my profession and I must say that I’m impressed with this cute little battery operated tool. Although it needs a bar and chain replacement, its battery performs well than what I experienced with Husqvarna or Stihl.”

Why Purchase Dewalt 20V Chainsaw in 2024?

I don’t think there’s any chainsaw that offers a lightweight working interface than what Dewalt offers.

The tool with its brushless electric motor performs way better than other chainsaws. It can easily cut medium sized wood materials without any hassle.

Closing up, you can easily hold the chainsaw and clean out your backyard with some random wood cutting tasks.

All these features are more than enough to invest your hard-earned money in getting Dewalt Max XR chainsaw.

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