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I gotta admit one thing here, “Cordless/battery-operated chainsaws have come a long way with some updated and advanced technologies.”

Although you cannot expect them to offer you same power as gas chainsaws, the tools do ensure premium performance and are ideal for occasional wood cutting work.

One brand that has caught my attention as well as other homeowners in 2024 is Worx. Its line of electric chainsaws has got the attention of customers across the globe.

So, today in Worx 40V chainsaw review, we’ll analyze its cutting interface, performance, and handling. More than that, we’ll also see whether the WG384 gives a tough job to Greenworks DigiPro or Pro Max tools.

Have a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Worx WG384 Chainsaw a Standout in 2022?

First off, the electric tool offers minimum noise while you cut thick wood logs with it. Its super quiet working operation already gives it an edge over gas-powered chainsaws.

On top of that, I pretty much liked the automatic chain-tension system included within the chainsaw. It doesn’t let the chain go loose even if you cut thick oak trees with it.

The tool uses power of two batteries that get adjusted on each side conveniently. Not only does it improve running time of the chainsaw, but it also offers enough power.

That makes Worx 40v chainsaw a standout among other brands for sure.

Getting back to the review section, let’s talk about my first-hand impression and cutting experience with this cordless tool.

Have a look:

Our Review of Worx 40v Chainsaw for 2024

The box I received included an already-assembled chainsaw wrapped with plastic. Plus, the bar was also secured with a chain guard. Worx 40v chainsaw

I also received two 2 Ampere Hour batteries along with a standard Worx charger. It was super fast and helped me charge the batteries within an hour.

My first impressions were pretty much smooth. One thing I must say here is that the design is sleek, smooth, and unique at the same time.

Plus, the tool is light in weight and portable enough. You can easily carry it around from one place to another.

Anyways, I filled out the oil box with standard box and chain oil up to the recommended mark. Don’t forget that the window ain’t transparent, so you’ll face issues while filling it out.

Everything else seemed pretty much the same as an electric chainsaw. However, I did notice that the battery adjustment was same as that of Makita cordless chainsaw.

Right after the batteries got charged completely, I tucked them to the tool, pulled out the locker, and pressed the safety button to make the chainsaw operational.

Not to forget, the speed trigger was quite smooth, responsive, and impressive.

I started out cutting an old oak tree with a hollow trunk first. The chainsaw didn’t lose a single battery point and it made around 5 to 6 cuts conveniently.

Secondly, I used the tool to cut a fallen tree that was causing hindrance in one of the ways that I usually drive too. As usual, Worx electric tool performed pretty well and cut all thick shrubs in a single go.

Finally, I did test the saw on a 12” thick oak tree’s log and this is where things got interesting.

The chainsaw made first two cuts quite easily. However, when I tried cutting the wood log from bottom, the chain loosened.

I tightened it again and repeated the process, but the results were same.

So, I’d suggest not to use it from bottom if you don’t want to face any problem while using the chainsaw.

In a nutshell, this cordless Worx chainsaw did impress me in terms of performance and power. Although there were some problems, I don’t think it would halt your wood cutting tasks.

Major Technical Features Worx 40v Chainsaw Offers in 2024:

Have a look at the technical specs of Worx electric WG384chainsaw as follows:

Brushless Electric Motor:

Thanks to the installation of a brushless electric motor, the chainsaw offers optimum performance with more torque and power.

Worx uses a dynamic brushless motor that also increases the overall rotation power of the chain.

Hence, the cuts are smooth, convenient, and accurate at the same time with no kickback issues.

The tool won’t even get stuck while cutting a thick wood log and that’s one of the reasons I love it.

Chain Brake:

Worx makes sure that homeowners remain on the safe side while using the WG384.

For that purpose, it has introduced a quick chain brake option. Right after you apply it, the chainsaw won’t even start, thus keeping you away from injuries or accidents.

More than that, you can also pull it while the tool’s working in case it gets out of hand.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Moving along, the WG384 showcases a 14” long bar made up of stainless steel alloy. It has also got a powdered coating finish from the manufacturer.

Hence, you can use the tool to cut damp wood or use it in harsh weather conditions without worrying about anything.

On top of that, the chain has got proper spikes and it’s also rugged enough. Automatic oiler does the job perfectly while keeping the chain lubricated enough.

All in all, the bar and chain combined ensure smooth and accurate cutting with deep penetration. It’s one of the reasons you could expect the saw to cut thick wood logs without any hassle.

Tool-less Chain Tensioning:

You’d see a knob on right with a moveable lid that helps keep the chain tightened enough.

Move it clockwise to adjust the tension of chain as per your preferences.

So, with this interface, the chainsaw does ensure tool-less maintenance. That is, you won’t have to use any ranch for tightening the chain at all.

That’s a good option considering the struggle while using a ranch again and again before cutting wood materials.

Battery Timing:

Worx WG384 utilizes two 2Ah batteries. They get tucked in on each side and improve the running time of the chainsaw as well.

For instance, while I was testing it out, the chainsaw cut a softwood log 5 times. It cleared a fallen tree with 6 to 7 cuts and penetrated a thick oak tree with like 5 cuts.

That’s quite an impressive stat considering the fact that this tool is battery-operated.

On top of battery timing, the chainsaw also comes with a combined battery indicator installed just behind the handle.

It will keep you in check of current battery level while you are busy cutting firewood material.

Easy to Handle:

The last thing I wanna discuss about WG384 is its portability. The handle helps you to control the tool easily.

Besides, you can hold it from sides or from top to cut down wood as per your will and wish.

Easy portability and handling make this battery-operated chainsaw a perfect option for occasional wood cutting work.

Have a look at some of the pros and cons Worx 40v max chainsaw offers:


  • Powerful brushless motor.
  • Long-lasting battery timing.
  • Ensures efficient and accurate cutting performance.
  • Cuts soft and hardwood with ease.
  • Penetrates deep inside thick wood materials.
  • 14” bar with spiky chain.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning management.
  • Ideal for cleaning out storm damage.
  • It helps keep the backyard clean enough.


  • Chain loosens when you try to utilize chainsaw upside down.
  • No transparent oil filling window.
  • Random shutdowns would make your job difficult.

What Do You Get with Worx 40v Chainsaw in 2024?

The box includes a saw, of course. Moreover, you’ll receive a user manual that would help you figure out solutions to different problems.

Along with that, the box also includes a chain protecting guard or housing or whatever you call it.

2 batteries along with a standard Worx charger would make things easier for you as you’d be able to use it the moment you take the tool out of the box.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

Here’s what customers across the globe think about Worx 40v WG384:

Ease of Use: 9.5/10

Maneuverability: 9.4/10

Power and Performance: 9.6/10

Durability: 9.4/10

Overall Ratings: 9.4/10

Expert Opinions:

Jeff from Land to House reviews Worx WG 384 as follows: “This is quite impressive. Believe me, I wasn’t expecting this tool to pass heavy-duty tests, but it has proved me wrong. This cordless electric chainsaw is the need of almost every homeowner who’s looking out to clean out their backyard from some thick wood stuff.”

Richard G. Nettles, on the other hand, says “My first wood-cutting project went pretty much smooth with WG384. I cut down two 8” to 10” trees and made around 20 different cuts before the battery drained out. Solid performance with a compact and lightweight design is what makes it a standout for me.”

Why Purchase Worx 40v WG385 Chainsaw in 2024?

Worx, compared to Greenworks, offers a tool that comes with a long-lasting battery.

Besides, it’s easy to use, handle, and control. Plus, the cutting efficiency is well up to the mark.

All these qualities and features make it one of the finest electric chainsaws of 2022 and you should check it out if you aim to get a NEW cordless tool for your home.

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