Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw Review [2024] – WG305 Pros and Cons

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Worx has made it easier for homeowners to enjoy cleaning their backyard or cutting medium-sized wood with convenience.

That said, I must admit, “The 14” WG305 chainsaw is extremely affordable yet efficient and rugged enough.”

So, that already makes it one of the tools that many homeowners should take a look at.

Today, the Worx 14 electric chainsaw review will involve breaking down its qualities and features.

Moreover, I’ll also try it out on different wood materials to see whether it could do the job or not.

Take a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Worx 14” Electric Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?


That’s what makes Worx 14 corded chainsaw a standout. More than that, it comes with a compact shape and a portable design, overall.

It also resembles the design of WG384 that we discussed a few days ago. In this aspect, it does offer tool-less maintenance and is easy to control at the same time.

I did like the 14” bar with a sharp chain wrapped around it. Plus it’s a corded tool, so you won’t have to worry about the battery while using it.

All these qualities in the tool make it one of the most portable and compact electric chainsaws in the market with stupendous cutting performance.

Here’s what I think about this 14” WG305 electric tool:

Our  Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw Review in 2024:

First things first, the box I received was completely wrapped to offer enough safety and protection. This is where I’d praise the manufacturer. Worx 14 Electric chainsaw

I opened it and found the tool that was already assembled. The bar and chain were protected with a guard to keep everything smooth enough.

I took out the tool and it felt lighter than most of the electric chainsaws I’ve used up till now. More precisely, its weight was similar to that of Greenworks DigiPro.

With only 7.9 pounds weight, it became easier for me to carry this saw around almost anywhere I wanted.

Filled out the automatic oiler box up to the recommended mark, plugged it into a nearby extension, and it got operational, without any hassle.

As things turned out, the backyard of my house recently got hit by a storm. So, it was a good opportunity to test it out.

Starting with a thin fallen tree, the 14” chainsaw cut it with smoothness and efficiency. I made around 6 to 7 cuts without facing any issues.

Moreover, I also utilized the chainsaw while cutting some hanging shrubs and thick limbs. To my surprise, this small tool was able to penetrate and cut them down quite easily.

Finally, I did try it out on a 10” thick wood log, and it made around 3 to 4 cuts before the chainsaw heated up.

Throughout the cutting process, I faced chain loosening issues. However, I was able to adjust its tension with the automatic knob.

My takeaway regarding the chainsaw is that it offers enough performance to keep a backyard maintained at a reasonable rate.

Technical Features of WG305 Electric Chainsaw:

Have a look at some of the major technical features Worx 14 electric chainsaw review offers:

Electric Motor:

Worx’s affordable electric tool comes with a low-duty motor that produces somewhere around 8 amperes of power only.

However, it’s more than enough to cut small and medium-sized shrubs and limbs without any hassle.

As far as wood logs are concerned, you could expect it to penetrate at least a 10” thick wood log without any hassle.

Considering the price tag, this kinda power is more than enough for homeowners who cannot work with powerful gas chainsaws all the time.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Moving on, the tool comes with a 14” bar that has a rugged and sturdy construction. The stainless steel alloy used in it keeps the tool durable enough, plus it could easily penetrate wood materials.

The chain, in addition, is also made up of stainless steel. It has got mandatory spikes and a sharp cutting interface.

Therefore, you could expect the chainsaw to rotate at a higher speed with an easy-cutting interface at the same time.

Not to forget, the chain gets properly lubricated while moving, thanks to the automatic oiler that comes with the tool.

Automatic Chain Tension System:

Furthermore, the Worx 14 electric tool does feature an automatic chain tension adjustment system.

That is, just like WG384, this chainsaw comes with a moving knob. Push it clockwise if the chain gets loose and enjoy hassle-free cutting at the same time.


There’s no need for a battery as the tool comes with a corded working interface. It uses 120 volts of electricity and converts it into 8 amperes of power for taking out occasional wood-cutting tasks easily.

However, with the corded interface, you have to invest in a long electric extension. It will cost you a few bucks more, but this way, you’d be able to enhance the maneuverability of the chainsaw.

Lightweight and Compact:

Well, it’s a fact that Worx has worked a lot on making this tool as lightweight as possible.

I mean, it barely weighs 6 pounds without filling the oil. With oil filling, however, the weight will rise to somewhere between 7.5 to 7.9 pounds.

That’s quite impressive as you can hold the chainsaw for a long time and enjoy fatigue-free cutting respectively.

Cost-Effective than Gas Powered Chainsaw:

One of the plus points of keeping an electric tool at your disposal is that it cuts the costs in half.

Compared to the gas-powered chainsaw, you can utilize this electric tool to full extent without facing any outstanding electric bills.

Plus, there’s no fumes emission while using it so, Worx WG305 already becomes eco-friendly.

It, however, doesn’t change the fact that you have to use gas chainsaws for heavy-duty work. That is, to cut extremely thick wood logs, thick trees, and other wood stuff.

Overall Specs:

Worx corded chainsaw comes with a 4 fl. oz. oil capacity. Its chain movement speed is around 28 feet/second. Plus, the voltage it uses is 120 volts with a power output of 8 Amperes.

Some of the pros and cons related to Worx 14″ WG305 chainsaw are as follows:


  • Compact powerhouse with sublime performance.
  • 14” bar with a sharp enough chain.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Uses 120 volts of electricity.
  • Suitable for cleaning storm wreckage.
  • Could handle some medium-sized wood logs as well.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Oil level indicator available.
  • Perfect for small cutting tasks.
  • Extremely affordable.


  • You have to use a long extension to move it around the backyard.
  • Not for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  • Cord could pull out from extension quite often.
  • Chain gets loose with continuous working.
  • The tool gets heated up with consistent cutting.

What Do You Get with Works 14 Electric Chainsaw?

The package includes a preassembled tool. Besides, Worx 14 electric chainsaw manual is also included for getting info about the tool.

Other than that, it does come with a chain guard to offer protection. All other accessories are assembled already.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

Based on consumer feedback, the customer ratings of Worx chainsaw review go as follows:

Ease of Use: 9.5/10

Power and Performance: 9/10

Maneuverability: 9/10

Lightweight: 9.7/10

Overall Ratings: 9.4/10

Expert Opinions:

John from JohnVH Life calls the chainsaw a “Compact Powerhouse.” Furthermore, he says that “For that much cheap price, this chainsaw is simply a steal. I got it from a local dealer as a backup and so far it’s been performing superbly. I’d definitely want my fellow homeowners to give it a chance if they want to keep their backyard clean enough.”

Philip, another homeowner from nearby says that “This chainsaw helped me remove a 15 year old maple tree from my backyard. So, I’m quite happy with it. Although I’ve seen people complaining about the leakage issues, I haven’t faced any as of now. That’s probably because I keep the oil level already lower than the recommended mark.”

Why Get Worx 14 Electric Chainsaw in 2024?

All in all, the chainsaw does offer a perfect cutting interface when it comes to small limbs, tree branches, or pruning.

It could help you maintain your lawn or backyard with ease. Although it’s a corded tool, you can use an extension to increase its portability.

Finally, a reasonable price tag is what compels most homeowners towards this saw, and rightly so.

Check out the Worx 14 electric chainsaw review before it’s too late!

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