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Dewalt, a manufacturer that would never let any homeowner down with its sublime chain of products has introduced a 60v electric chainsaw this time.

Utilizing a 3Ah battery, the special DCCS670X1 chainsaw features a 16” bar with an extremely sharp chain.

That said, its performance well up to the mark as you can use it to cut down thick dead trees, clean your backyard, or slice thick wood logs without any hassle.

Good thing is that its battery timing is more than what I’ve experienced with the likes of Greenworks, Milwaukee, or even Makita chainsaws.

Today’s Dewalt Chainsaw 60V review, therefore, involves unbiased testing along with some of its positives and negatives.

Let’s have a look, without any further ado:

What Makes Dewalt 60V Chainsaw a Standout in 2024?

Dewalt, first of all, uses a brushless electric motor that works like a charm and offers better performance with improved cutting efficiency.

More than that, it’s quieter as compared to gas-powered chainsaws. Not to forget, the tool offers an ample amount of power to cut down large trees without any hassle.

It uses a standard Dewalt lithium-ion battery with a 3Ah capacity that runs for a long time and could help you cut wood logs for an hour continuously.

Apart from that, this tool has impressed homeowners in terms of durability, and lightweight design. That is, you can easily carry it around from one place to another.

All in all, such qualities do make Dewalt 60V chainsaw a standout among other brands.

My first-hand impression of the DCCSC670X1 along with some random cutting experience is as follows:

Our Dewalt Chainsaw Review of 2024

Just like the Dewalt 20V chainsaw, I received the 60V model in a thick box and it was already protected with a plastic chain guard. dewalt 60v electtric chainsaw review

Apart from the tool, I did get a 3Ah battery and a user manual. I plugged in the battery so as to charge it completely.

Meanwhile, I took the chainsaw in my hands and it felt lighter than ever. Dewalt’s choice of using premium materials has paid off well as the tool doesn’t make any burden on the hands.

Moving along, the 16” bar with a wrapped chain looked solid enough. Plus, the tool also came with a chain adjustment knob just like we saw in Worx electric chainsaws, i.e. Worx WG305 and Worx  WG384

Apart from that, I liked the transparent oil window with oil indicator. It was easy to fill and keep check of the current oil level.

Right after I tucked in the battery, I pulled the Chain Brake backward and made the saw operational. It didn’t produce any noise as I started it.

Starting with some random cutting work, I tested the tool on a dry 10” wood log and it simply performed exceptionally well. Made around 3 to 4 cuts and checked the battery level, which was still full.

Secondly, I was looking out to take down a long and thick 12” tree for some time. So I used the Dewalt 60v chainsaw to do so and it cut in a single go. I didn’t face any chain loosening or stretching issues even though the wood seemed pretty much harsh.

I can say firmly that the manufacturer has made this tool only for heavy-duty tasks. The battery drainage was too low as I used the tool to cut down many shrubs, limbs, and firewood material for like an hour.

Update after One Month of Use:

Flexvolt from Dewalt is still working like a charm and it seems as new as I first bought it.

I use it often to cut down thick wood logs without tiring my hands too much. So, overall a solid 10/10 from my side. Kudos to the manufacturer for producing such an amazing battery-operated chainsaw.

Some of the major features you need to know about DCCSC670X1 are as follows:

Major Technical Features You Should Know About Dewalt Chainsaw 60V:

Brushless Electric Motor:

The chainsaw comes with a brushless electric motor. This latest technology from Dewalt has evolved a lot.

It allows more torque and keeps heat resistance as low as possible. Besides, the chain moves with more speed compared to the previous 20V model.

Moreover, the electric motor improves the cutting efficiency of the tool. It, therefore, cuts the trees, wood logs, and wood trunks with rather ease and convenience.

Thanks to the installation of an advanced electric motor, the tool won’t produce too much noise. You can cut large wood materials without even wearing earplugs.

Bar and Chain Mechanics:

Dewalt Flexvolt also features a 16” long and thin bar, made up of steel and aluminum alloy. Plus, it has also got a powdered coating finish that keeps the bar away from rust and corrosion.

Apart from beautiful illumination and graphics on the bar, it’s wrapped with a spiky and sharp chain.

Automatic oiler ensures keeping the chain lubricated enough to keep it away from wear and tear. So, you could expect it to perform without causing any jamming or burning up issues.

Tool-Free Maintenance System:

Not going to lie but I like this option in electric chainsaws these days. I mean I don’t love getting a ranch and then using it to tighten the chain as is the case with gas-powered chainsaws.

Anyways, the Dewalt 60V electric tool is free of all that “Ranch Mess”. That is, it comes with a rugged knob, which you can move clockwise to adjust the chain tension without any hassle.

Although I didn’t face such issues while testing out the tool, it’s pretty cool that you can just turn the knob to tighten the chain without facing any hurdles.

Transparent Oil Window:

One of the features that I loved a lot. A transparent oil window is installed to help you fill the oil up to the recommended mark without spilling it.

You can use any standard bar and chain oil although I prefer using Husqvarna specifically for this purpose.

Sudden Chain Brake:

The chain brake is available to avoid kickback issues at all costs. You can pull it forward so as to keep the chainsaw away from accidental starts.

Moreover, you can also use the brake to stop the chain instantly in case the chainsaw gets out of your hands.

Long-Lasting Battery:

The dewalt battery-operated chainsaw does come with a 3Ah battery with 60V power. That said, it offers 60 to 70 cuts on one full charge.

However, the number of cuts depends upon the type of wood you cut. For instance, you could only go as much as 13 to 14 cuts if it’s a thick enough wood log.

The 60 to 70 cut count is only for 6”x6” wood sizes.

Bar Retention Knob:

Last but not least, the tool comes with one additional option, i.e., the bar retention knob.

You can adjust the bar’s retention when you feel like it isn’t penetrating deep enough. Simply move the knob clockwise and it will keep the bar in its place as long as you are cutting wood logs.

Some of the positives and negatives about the chainsaw are as follows:


  • Offers powerful cutting performance.
  • Cuts 12” to 14” wood logs with ease.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • 16” long bar with a sharp enough chain.
  • Automatic oil with transparent oil window.
  • Long-lasting battery. (60 to 70 cuts on 6×6 wood materials)
  • Bar retention knob involved.
  • Tool-less maintenance.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Oil might leak out if you overfill it.

What Do You Get with Dewalt 16” Electric Chainsaw Tool?

The package includes chainsaw already preassembled with bar and a chain wrapped around it.

Apart from that, it also includes a chain guard, a user manual, a Flexvolt 3Ah battery, and a standard Dewalt charger.

Customer Ratings: (Out of 10)

Have a look at how customers rate the Dewalt 60V electric chainsaw:

Ease of Use: 9.7/10

Power and Performance: 9.5/10

Durability: 9.6/10

Battery Timing: 9.7/10

Portability: 9.7/10

Overall Ratings: 9.6/10

Expert Opinions about Dewalt Electric 60V Chainsaw

Matt from Battle of the Tools has tested DCCSC670X1 on many wood materials. According to him, “It works pretty smooth. I’ve cut a thick 10” wood log and a fallen tree with the tool recently and I have not faced any issue with it. Overall it’s a perfect choice for homeowners who want to carry out heavy-duty cutting tasks without any hassle.”

Scobie P. says, “Cool saw! You can avoid oil leakage issues if you only refill the oil box up to the recommended mark. Otherwise, I liked the overall working interface of this heavy-duty electric tool. It has worked up to my expectations up till now.”

Why Purchase Dewalt 60V Chainsaw in 2024?

You can rely on this battery-operated chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks easily.

Moreover, it’s easy to use, has proper battery optimization, comes with a lightweight design, and is easy to handle at the same time.

On top of that, it can handle cutting wood and cleaning out shrubs and limbs for a long time.

So, that’s all the reasons to believe in Dewalt’s supremacy and to choose this tool over other manufacturers.

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