How to Store Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking [2024]

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storing a chainsaw without oil leakingWhat if I could tell you that you can fix your chainsaw oil leaking problem by just using a proper storage method? In this article, I’ll teach you how to store chainsaw without oil leaking.

Nearly every new chainsaw owner shows concern that their chainsaw leaks oil. If you are on the same page, remember, in most cases, there is nothing wrong with your chainsaw except for a few things like improper storage methods.

However, oil leakage should only be in modest quantity, no more than 10ml a day; that’s enough to make a quarter-sized spot. (If it’s more than 20ml, there must be a technical issue with your carving chainsaw)

Reasons Why Chainsaw Leaks Oil When Not In Use Visualized

Before we begin, you should know the possible reasons why your chainsaw is leaking oil when not in use.

reasons chainsaw leaks oil

How to Keep Chainsaw Away from Leaking Oil?

Here are all possible ways to store chainsaw so it doesn’t leak oil;

Check the Oil Reservoir Before Storage

Overfilling the reservoir can result in oil leakage since the oil expands as the temperature changes. Your reservoir should have a maximum fill level marked on it. It’s preferable to remain a little below that level and not top off the oil reservoir when storing a chainsaw.

You can avoid most leakage issues while your saw is in use and while it is being stored if you only fill it when you need to use it.

Secure the Plugs Before Storage

Moreover, ensure that the fill plugs are snug and secured before storage and after every use. Plastic or rubber plugs can deteriorate over time; replacements are inexpensive. However, some fill plug brands are hard to find in the local market.

Store Chainsaw in a Storage Case

It may get a bit costly for you but in my opinion, getting the best chainsaw case can ensure safe and easy storage of your saw without any problems such as oil leakage. The case has the ability to keep the saw protected from unwanted debris, dust, and even moisture thus ensuring peace of mind while you are not using your tool in a specific season.

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Check the Saw’s Inner Body Before Storage

If the leak is coming from the chainsaw’s body rather than the reservoir, you can fix the problem by checking a few mechanical points.

Examine the oil pump, oil tank vent, and outlets near the clutch. If any of these parts become clogged, the oil pressure may build up inside the tool until oil leaks out of the lines. During storage, the oil builds up inside the chainsaw’s body and drips out through unsealed parts of the casing. 

To clean the oil ports, detach the spark plugs, remove the chain and the saw’s outer casing, and slide a wire brush into the oil ports. If the oil pump is clogged, it will need to be removed and cleaned thoroughly, or it will need a replacement.

However, if you find it hard to do, just consult the manual for cleaning and maintenance of your specific model of battery chainsaw.

Hanging Vertical Storage

Many people ask that while storing chainsaws for the long term, can we store chainsaws vertically or not? However, when you store your chainsaws vertically, usually by the handle, the bar and chain oil and gasoline may leak out of the saw and run down the bar.

You can either do one of two things to avoid this. One, you may drain the saw’s fuel, bar, and chain oil, so there’s no risk of it leaking.

Alternatively, you can hang it and return to ‘burp’ the fuel and oil tanks in a few days. The pressure in these tanks will build up over time, causing the liquid to flow out.

You may relieve this pressure and prevent it from spilling out by burping the tank. To do so, simply twist the tanks open enough to allow the gases to escape.

And there you go! you can now store your home use chainsaw vertically.

Hanging by Rear Handle

This is a rather simple and feasible method of storing chainsaws. Simply hang your firewood saw from a wall hook or something similar and hang it by the rear handle, which is the one with the trigger attached, on the hook. how to store chainsaw without leaking

However, If you hang your chainsaw in this manner, there is a potential that the fuel and oil will spill down your chainsaw bar and leak.

Same is the method mentioned above, drain the fluids before storage or burp the tanks after they’ve been hanging for a few days. It will prevent oil leakage.

Hanging by the Brake stop

This is an alternative to hanging your saw vertically by the handle on the back of the blade.

It is less likely that your chainsaw may leak fluids if hung from the brake stop handle (the handle that runs along the top of the saw) than from the rear handle.

On the other hand, brake handles aren’t the most durable items on a chainsaw. That’s why experts recommend you only use this for smaller saws. The brake stop may break or get damaged if subjected to excessive pressure.

Don’t Store Chainsaw on Its Sides

The openings for the fuel tank and oil tank are located on the left-hand side of the chainsaw. On the other side, an oil hole allows oil to drip onto the bar, allowing your chain to remain lubricated while you are using it.

Oil or fuel may leak out if stored on either of these sides. So, it is more likely to leak than if you simply place it on the ground as you would normally.

You can keep your lightweight chainsaw on its side if you have to, but you should empty the oil reservoir (the fuel can stay in) and store it such that the bar is flat against the ground.

Here is a visual guide in which Danyboy73 teaches his apprentice regarding the storage of chainsaw without oil leaking:

Final Verdict: How to Store a Chainsaw Without Oil Leaking?

There’s no better way to store a chainsaw without oil leaking; it just comes down to some careful measures to be taken.

Store your larger chainsaws on the ground or a shelf, and hang the smaller ones on the wall to keep them from being lost. Before storing your chainsaws, always make sure that the oil reservoir is empty. If it’s not, ensure to drain the oil. Must secure the plugs after every use and before storage.

When storing your chainsaw, it’s a good idea to put a towel under it to capture a small quantity of oil. After a few days, you should remove the rag and observe. If there is any additional leaking, your chainsaw has likely been overfilled with oil or requires repair.

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