What Chainsaw do Professional Loggers Use in 2024?

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chainsaw used by professional loggersIf you are here looking for a professional chainsaw, chances are you might know what precisely a logger does and how a chainsaw works.

But for newbies or beginners out there wondering to be a part of this loggers community anywhere soon, you are too at the right place.

We have answered the “what chainsaw do professional loggers use?” in detail by choosing the top 3 chainsaws available in the market.

Along with that, we have also described some of the things that you must consider before making the last decision.

Let’s have a look at some of the chainsaws used by professional loggers as follows:

Top 3 Best Chainsaws that Professional Loggers Use in 2024

1. Husqvarna 450 Rancher – Top Chainsaw That Professional Loggers Use in 2024

Both novices and professionals recommend the Husqvarna 450R 20-Inch. This is a very powerful saw that’s been built to be used at home or in various settings. It comes with an X-Torq engine, which gives you higher fuel efficiency and emissions reduction during use. This model has been explicitly created for two-cycle gas engines, so it’s the most efficient one can buy – any fuel will work when using this equipment.

The 450R has been built with what’s known as HAVS technology. The HAVS system keeps your motor running at peak effectiveness for longer by shutting down the blade if a severe accident or injury occurs. Also, this saw includes side-mounted chain tensioning, which allows you to quickly tighten or loosen your chain while working without having to stop grabbing tools to prolong your project! This Husqvarna saw also includes an internal air cleaning system keeping dust particles away, all without costing extra money.


  • Compatible with a variety of fuel options like octane, ethanol, aspen, etc
  • Safe to use
  • Air filters are easy to clean and maintain


  • It is slightly heavy
  • If you are a beginner, then it isn’t the right one for you

2. WORX WG384 Cordless Chainsaw – Runner Up Option for Professional Loggers in 2024

Rather than the 40V batteries incorporated by most of the manufacturers, this WORX WG384 cordless chainsaw is featured exclusively with two 20V batteries to power its brushless motors. Also, the charger that comes along is designed mindfully to charge two batteries at a time, so you need not worry about it. Professionals often prefer this fantastic battery chainsaw because of its powerful engine and its saw bar that is sharp enough to cut an 8- inches thick tree conveniently.

The chain oiler and the tensioning system are made automatic here, helping you be more efficient by offering the perfect lubrication, torque, and tension all the time during your job.

Also, the chain brake feature prevents any accidental cutting or any harmful incident if you lose control. Last but not least, this fantastic chainsaw comes with an indicator for the battery level so that you know when to charge your tool.


  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • No issue of tangled wires; cordless machine
  • Charging indicator


  • The automatic chain tensioning system often requires adjustment
  • It uses two batteries that make it somewhat heavyweight
  • The chain comes off, disturbing a consistent functioning

3. DeWalt DCCS670X1 Chainsaw – Best Logging Chainsaw for the Money 2024

The DeWalt DCCS670X1 is a chainsaw with many practical features that make using it easy. The saw does not have any extra, unnecessary features because all it needs is to get the job done well and without a problem. Plus, FlexVolt technology in Dewalt ensures battery performance is maintained with minimal use, making this saw perfect for short-term projects like clearing brush or cutting logs in half in your backyard.

The 16″ low kickback bar and chain should be able to handle whatever project you are planning on doing since they work for just about anything one might come across when needing a chainsaw. This automatic oiling system will keep everything lubricated while you’re working, so there’s no need to worry about constantly checking up on things during usage time either! Safety also doesn’t take a back seat here with an automated safety mechanism used when operating this tool and front handle protection from pesky splinters. Finally, no matter how long your task may take, 60 volts will keep going strong until complete!


  • Less expensive comparatively
  • Safe to use
  • Powerful and smooth functionality


  • Oil change and chain maintenance is difficult

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Characteristics of an Ideal Chainsaw that Professional Loggers Use in 2024

Balance is key

When you are to buy a chainsaw, the first and the most important thing to consider is the overall build-up of the product. Precisely, look out for long and narrow body designs that offer perfect balance for handling. Professional loggers always prefer chainsaws that can be handled easily, even on long workdays.

Powerful engine

The power of an engine decides how efficient the product is. Therefore, when you buy a chainsaw, do not settle for anything less than 40CC and 1Hp engine power. A powerful engine won’t ditch you anywhere in between your job. Here, CC is for piston displacement, and Hp is for horsepower/engine power; which decides how fast the chainsaw will convert logs into lumber.

Top handle design

Professional loggers often have to use their chainsaws at a downward angle to cut the branches or limbs of trees; therefore, the top handle design is always preferred. The top handle position enables the users to use it comfortably and efficiently.

Look out for chainsaws with a warranty

Such power equipment to be used for quite a period every day does not often come with a warranty. Only a few brands offer a commercial warranty on chainsaws. Well, professional loggers often go for chainsaws with a warranty as it gives them reliability and peace of mind that the product won’t fail.

Other characteristics

Professional loggers prefer lightweight machines that are easy to handle, with kickback protection for their safety. Moreover, before finalizing your selection, ensure that the chainsaw you selected has a vibration-damping system for your comfort during the job. Finally, look out for a product that is easy to operate and has easily replaceable parts.

Preferred choices of professional loggers

Among the hundreds of brands available in the market, professional loggers prefer a few of them like Stihl and Husqvarna because of their potent engines, ergonomic designs, reliability, safety features, and many more amazing features offer.

You are in for a treat as the video below shows professional loggers logging lumber in the most dangerous fashion:

Conclusion: What Chainsaw Do Professional Loggers Use?

As per our recommendation the first pick for any professional, and probably anyone else, is the Husqvarna 450 Rancher; because of its power and versatility; it’s also got all the latest technology. It can take a variety of fuel, so you’re never without a way to cut wood when you need to!

Consider it while deciding but, make sure you know precisely about your job type to get results that meet your expectations. Lastly, with regular maintenance performed over time, these professional-grade chain saws allow increased productivity which translates into more profit long-term!

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